Why are iTunes Music Videos Censored?

I have recently began to build a collection of music videos. Upon doing so, I thought I had inadvertently purchased a clean version instead of the explicit - Staind, 'It's been awhile'.
Apple graciously refunded the purchase.
However, when I downloaded the explicit version again - it had been censored.
This aroused my curiosity - I then downloaded several other music videos that stated 'explicit', and while they aren't as censored as the 'clean' version - IE the whole explicit word isn't dead space, just half - as in 'fuc*ed up = fu(dead space) up'.
So I started to look around - and found there are artists who have made the majority of their music videos explicit - such as Queensryche - yet iTunes ONLY has clean versions.
And of the artists that have both explicit such as Staind - the explicit versions are almost as edited as the clean.
In other words, out of a over a dozen artists and with the same amount of music videos, the unedited version either wasn't available at all, or was edited.
I then emailed my finding to an iTunes store rep - and he wrote and said, 'if an explicit version is available from the artist, we have it with the clean. Therefore, if we don't have an explicit version, it isn't made available to us from the record label.'
This statement isn't true, you can find ALL of the unedited versions on the web - they just aren't available through iTunes.
Has anyone else noticed this?
I know I have purchased explicit songs on iTunes - heck they even had 'Body Count', the entire album...
However, when it comes to Music Video's, they seem to only have / sell clean or edited versions...
Is this some kind of underground secret? Is it some kind of software bungle?
Does anyone know??

This censored-thing just drive me mad... It's such a childish, irresponsible and, I would say, immoral behavior. I mean, I'm responsible of the education of my kids and if I can't teach them good value it's not a censored-prefabricated-clean world that would help, not even one fraction of a second. And gosh for words like the f-word or the s-word!!! I just can't believe it. What happen with the liberty to choose, the liberty of each individual to make choices? I mean to be able to choose, we most have the choice if we delete part of the choice, there is no choice left. And that, for me, is immoral: choosing for others. Another name for this behavior is manipulation: you manipulate the information so that others can't make a choice, there is no choice left. Oh shi*, I think I'm going to throw up... Beuuuurk.... Ah! That felt good...
Anyway, to be more constructive and to come back to the initial point. It's true that if you have bought a song tagged Explicit, you expect it to be explicit (no matter who did the editing). If it's not the case, than you should be able to get a refund.
I mean it's like buying a pair of shoes in a store where you can't see the shoes itself, you only see the box. And you buy a box that says "Blue suede shoes" with a nice picture. You say great, and you buy them. And when you're home, you open the box and find out that someone have painted the blue suede shoes in black (with a sticky bad smelling substance that make the shoes look ugly) and when you complain about it, the clerk just says: "Well sir, Blue suede shoes refers to Elvis Presley, Elvis was a dirty dancer and the boss of the company is afraid that his 25 years old daughter will loose her virginity if she sees any reference to this dancer, so we had to edit the shoes. Sorry sir, but you've opened the box, no refund but have a nice day, and I was very please to serve you sir. Please come back again!" More non-senses!
As for the Wall-Mart policy, I would say that I'm quite surprise that you (or rather a consumer association) can't fight them. I mean they have edited the song they should clearly state it so that you know what you are buying. I would say that you should be able to get a refund because they did not provide the right information. My guess...

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