Youtube video's seem to "freeze" the image while the audio continues playing. Never had that problem with Internet can I fix this?

I used to use a different...server?...Internet Explorer. Before, when I used that, I could watch video's on youtube and they would run smoothly-image and sound in perfect sync. Now that I'm using Firefox per suggestion of a computer savvy friend, I can't watch youtube vid's in the same way. Most of the time, the audio will keep playing, but the image will stop. The only way I've discovered to prevent this is to be playing with the mouse on the side of the screen constantly. (which, when playing music video's for background while cooking dinner in the kitchen, it's rather impractical to be running back and forth to be playing with the mouse)
I'm not a very computer savvy person. I'm using a's an Acer...I think I have either Windows Vista or Windows 7...

Thank you very much.
I scanned my computer and see that it is not a virus problem. The problem lies with not being compatible with the latest Flash Player or plug-in. I can view on-site videos from within Firefox on all sites except FoxNews. It is the only site that has a huge separating space in the middle of the front page. and that displays a large area of code words where it should have an ad: "clicksor_default_url = '';clicksor_banner_border = '#99CC33'; clicksor_banner_ad_bg = '#FFFFFF';clicksor_banner_link_color = "
I ran the super bug-killer "ComboFix" (thinking the code was from the "Clicksor" virus) and was relieved to discover that it wasn't a virus.
I can easily view videos on FoxNews from within Internet Explorer (and there is no "clicksor" code displayed in IE either). The problem lies somewhere within the Firefox version of Adobe's Flash Player /plug-in or FoxNews' incompatible code. Users are being kept up-to-date with the latest Adobe updates, but FoxNews must be using old software and needs to catch up. There must be a lot of people having this problem.

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