6.1 bug

both of my iphone 4 have issues with music stopping when i hit fast forward button.. Music stutters then stops.  Reset the phone.  Re downloaded itunes.  Still not working.  Is this a bug?

What button are you "hitting"? There is not a fast forward button per se, just the play progress bar.

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  • Index with "or" clause (BUG still exists?)

    The change log for 2.3.10 mentions "Fixed a bug that caused incorrect query plans to be generated for predicates that used the "or" operator in conjunction with indexes [#15328]."
    But looks like the Bug still exists.
    I am listing the steps to-repro. Let me know if i have missed something (or if the bug needs to be fixed)
    dbxml> openContainer test.dbxml
    dbxml> getDocuments
    2 documents found
    dbxml> print
    INDEX (just one string equality index on node "value")
    dbxml> listIndexes
    Index: unique-node-metadata-equality-string for node {http://www.sleepycat.com/2002/dbxml}:name
    Index: node-element-equality-string for node {}:value
    2 indexes found.
    setVerbose 2 2
    preload test.dbxml
    query 'let $temp := fn:compare("test", "test") = 0
    let $results := for $i in collection("test.dbxml")
    where ($temp or $i/node[value = ("a")])
    return $i
    return <out>{$temp}{$results}</out>'
    When $temp is true i expected the result set to contain both the records, but that was not the case with the index. It works well when there is no index!
    Result WITH INDEX
    dbxml> print
    dbxml> print

    Hi Vijay,
    This is a completely different bug, relating to predicate expressions that do not examine nodes. Please try the following patch, to see if it fixes this bug for you:
    --- dbxml-2.3.10-original/dbxml/src/dbxml/optimizer/QueryPlanGenerator.cpp     2007-04-18 10:05:24.000000000 +0100
    +++ dbxml-2.3.10/dbxml/src/dbxml/optimizer/QueryPlanGenerator.cpp     2007-08-08 11:32:10.000000000 +0100
    @@ -1566,11 +1572,12 @@
         else if(name == Or::name) {
              UnionQP *unionOp = new (&memMgr_) UnionQP(&memMgr_);
    +          result.operation = unionOp;
              for(VectorOfASTNodes::iterator i = args.begin(); i != args.end(); ++i) {
                   PathResult ret = generate(*i, ids);
    +               if(ret.operation == 0) result.operation = 0;
    -          result.operation = unionOp;
         // These operators use the presence of the node arguments, not their valueJohn

  • Bug report follow-up

    is there a way to follow-up on a bug report that i submitted?  i have the bug number, but would like to see if the report was understood, filled out properly and determine the status of the bug report.

    They comment on bugs if actions were taken. Otherwise - don't expect any feedback.

  • Solaris8 and 9 (possibly 7) /dev/poll driver bug report.

    I'd like to report a bug in the solaris 8 and 9 /dev/poll driver (poll(7d)).
    As i do not have a support account with sun or anything like that, there
    seems to be no other way to do that here (which is of course a very sad
    Bug details:
    The /dev/poll device provides an ioctl-request (DP_ISPOLLED) for checking
    if a particular filedescriptor is currently in the set of monitored
    filedescriptors for that particular /dev/poll fd set (open /dev/poll fd).
    A quote from the documentation of the poll(7d) manual page taken from
    "DP_ISPOLLED ioctl allows you to query if a file descriptor is already in
    the monitored set represented by fd. The fd field of the pollfd structure
    indicates the file descriptor of interest. The DP_ISPOLLED ioctl returns 1
    if the file descriptor is in the set. The events field contains the
    currently polled events. The revents field contains 0. The ioctl returns 0
    if the file descriptor is not in the set. The pollfd structure pointed by
    pfd is not modified. The ioctl returns a -1 if the call fails."
    It says that when you query for an filedescriptor which is currently being
    monitored in the set, that it would return 1, and change the events field of
    the pollfd structure to the events it's currently monitoring that fd for.
    The revents field would be set to zero.
    However the only thing which actually happens here, is that FD_ISPOLLED
    returns 1 when the fd is in the set and 0 if not. When the fd is in the
    set, when FD_ISPOLLED returns 1, the events field remains unmodified, but
    the revents field gets changed.
    A small sample code to illustrate:
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <unistd.h>
    #include <sys/types.h>
    #include <sys/stat.h>
    #include <fcntl.h>
    #include <sys/devpoll.h>
    main() {
    struct pollfd a;
    int dp_fd = open("/dev/poll", O_WRONLY);
    a.fd = 0; /* stdin */
    a.events = POLLIN; /* we monitor for readability, POLLIN=1 */
    a.revents = 0;
    write(dp_fd, &a, sizeof(a));
    a.fd = 0;
    a.events = 34; /* filled in with bogus number to show malfunctioning */
    a.revents = 0;
    printf("DP_ISPOLLED returns: %d\n", ioctl(dp_fd, DP_ISPOLLED, &a));
    printf("a.fd=%d, a.events=%hd, a.revents=%hd\n", a.fd, a.events,
    According to the documentation of /dev/poll and namely DP_ISPOLLED this
    program is supposed to print the following:
    DP_ISPOLLED returns: 1
    a.fd=0, a.events=1, a.revents=0
    However it prints the following:
    DP_ISPOLLED returns: 1
    a.fd=0, a.events=34, a.revents=1
    You can take any number instead of '34' and it will simply remain untouched
    after the DP_ISPOLLED ioctl-request.
    I hope it's clear now that the solaris8 and solaris9 (and probably solaris7
    with /dev/poll patch too) DP_ISPOLLED implementation is broken.
    This bug is also easily illustrated by looking at the solaris8 kernel sourcecode:
    <snippet osnet_volume/usr/src/uts/common/io/devpoll.c:dpioctl()>
    case DP_ISPOLLED:
    pollfd_t pollfd;
    polldat_t *pdp;
    if (pollfd.fd < 0) {
    pdp = pcache_lookup_fd(pcp, pollfd.fd);
    if ((pdp != NULL) && (pdp->pd_fd == pollfd.fd) &&
    (pdp->pd_fp != NULL)) {
    pollfd.revents = pdp->pd_events;
    if (copyout(&pollfd, (caddr_t)arg,
    sizeof(pollfd_t))) {
    return (set_errno(EFAULT));
    *rvalp = 1;
    its' clearly visible that the code writes the current monitored events to
    the revents field:
    'pollfd.revents = pdp->pd_events;'
    and that it doesnt set revents to zero.
    It's funny to see that this has been like this since Solaris8 (possibly 7). That means nobody ever used DP_ISPOLLED that way or people were simply to lazy to file a bug report.
    Another funny thing related to this. is that Hewlett-Packard did seem to know about this. Since HP-UX11i version 1.6 they also support /dev/poll. From their manual page i ll quote some sentences from their WARNING session:
    "The ioctl(DP_ISPOLLED) system call also returns its result in the revents member of the pollfd structure, in order to be compatible with the implementation of the /dev/poll driver by some other vendors."
    Hopefully this will get fixed.
    I also like to reexpress my very negative feelings towards the fact that you're not able to file bug reports when you do not have a support contract. Ridiculous.

    Have I mentioned how much i love my playbook now Great job on os 2.0

  • [bdb bug]repeatly open and close db may cause memory leak

    my test code is very simple :
    char *filename = "xxx.db";
    char *dbname = "xxx";
    for( ; ;)
    DB *dbp;
    DB_TXN *txnp;
    db_create(&dbp,dbenvp, 0);
    dbenvp->txn_begin(dbenvp, NULL, &txnp, 0);
    ret = dbp->open(dbp, txnp, filename, dbname, DB_BTREE, DB_CREATE, 0);
    if(ret != 0)
    printf("failed to open db:%s\n",db_strerror(ret));
    return 0;
    txnp->commit(txnp, 0);
    dbp->close(dbp, DB_NOSYNC);
    I try to run my test program for a long time opening and closing db repeatly, then use the PS command and find the RSS is increasing slowly:
    ps -va
    1986 pts/0 S 0:00 466 588 4999 980 0.3 -bash
    2615 pts/0 R 0:01 588 2 5141 2500 0.9 ./test
    after a few minutes:
    ps -va
    1986 pts/0 S 0:00 473 588 4999 976 0.3 -bash
    2615 pts/0 R 30:02 689 2 156561 117892 46.2 ./test
    I had read bdb's source code before, so i tried to debug it for about a week and found something like a bug:
    If open a db with both filename and dbname, bdb will open a db handle for master db and a db handle for subdb,
    both of the two handle will get an fileid by a internal api called __dbreg_get_id, however, just the subdb's id will be
    return to bdb's log region by calling __dbreg_pop_id. It leads to a id leak if I tried to open and close the db
    repeatly, as a result, __dbreg_add_dbentry will call realloc repeatly to enlarge the dbentry area, this seens to be
    the reason for RSS increasing.
    Is it not a BUG?
    sorry for my pool english :)
    Edited by: user9222236 on 2010-2-25 下午10:38

    I have tested my program using Oracle Berkeley DB release 4.8.26 and 4.7.25 in redhat 9.0 (Kernel 2.4.20-8smp on an i686) and AIX Version 5.
    The problem is easy to be reproduced by calling the open method of db handle with both filename and dbname being specified and calling the close method.
    My program is very simple:
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <sys/time.h>
    #include "db.h"
    int main(int argc, char * argv[])
    int ret, count;
    DB_ENV *dbenvp;
    char * filename = "test.dbf";
    char * dbname = "test";
    db_env_create(&dbenvp, 0);
    dbenvp->open(dbenvp, "/home/bdb/code/test/env",DB_CREATE|DB_INIT_LOCK|DB_INIT_LOG|DB_INIT_TXN|DB_INIT_MPOOL, 0);
    for(count = 0 ; count < 10000000 ; count++)
    DB *dbp;
    DB_TXN *txnp;
    db_create(&dbp,dbenvp, 0);
    dbenvp->txn_begin(dbenvp, NULL, &txnp, 0);
    ret = dbp->open(dbp, txnp, filename, dbname, DB_BTREE, DB_CREATE, 0);
    if(ret != 0)
    printf("failed to open db:%s\n",db_strerror(ret));
    return 0;
    txnp->commit(txnp, 0);
    dbp->close(dbp, DB_NOSYNC);
    dbenvp->close(dbenvp, 0);
    return 0;
    DB_CONFIG is like below:
    set_cachesize 0 20000 0
    set_flags db_auto_commit
    set_flags db_txn_nosync
    set_flags db_log_inmemory
    set_lk_detect db_lock_minlocks
    Edited by: user9222236 on 2010-2-28 下午5:42
    Edited by: user9222236 on 2010-2-28 下午5:45

  • Multiple return values (Bug-ID 4222792)

    I had exactly the same request for the same 3 reasons: strong type safety and code correctness verification at compile-time, code readability and ease of mantenance, performance.
    Here is what Sun replied to me:
    Autoboxing and varargs are provided as part of
    JSRs 14 and 201
    See also:
    Multiple return values is covered by Bug-ID 4222792
    Typically this is done by returning an array.
    That's exactly the problem: we dynamically create instances of array objects that would better fit well within the operand stack without stressing the garbage collector with temporary Array object instances (and with their backing store: 2 separate allocations that need to be recycled when it is clearly a pollution that the operand stack would clean up more efficiently)
    If you would like to engage in a discussion with the Java Language developers, the Generics forum would be a better place:
    I know that (my report was already refering to the JSR for language extension) Generics is not what I was refering to (even if a generic could handle multiple return values, it would still be an allocated Object
    instance to pack them, i.e. just less convenient than using a static class for type safety.
    The most common case of multiple return values involve values that have known static datatypes and that should be checked with strong typesafety.
    The simple case that involves returning two ints then will require at least two object instances and will not solve the garbage collection overhead.
    Using a array of variable objects is exactly similar, except that it requires two instances for the components and one instance for the generic array container. Using extra method parameters with Integer, Byte, ... boxing objects is more efficient, but for now the only practical solution (which causes the least pollution in the VM allocator and garbage collector) is to use a custom class to store the return values in a single instance.
    This is not natural, and needlessly complexifies many interfaces.
    So to avoid this pollution, some solutions are used such as packing two ints into a long and returning a long, depacking the long after return (not quite clean but still much faster at run-time for methods that need to be used with high frequencies within the application. In some case, the only way to cut down the overhead is to inline methods within the caller code, and this does not help code maintenance by splitting the implementation into small methods (something that C++ can do very easily, both because it supports native types parameters by reference, and because it also supports inline methods).
    Finally, suppose we don't want to use tricky code, difficult to maintain, then we'll have to use boxing Object types to allow passing arguments by reference. Shamely boxed native types cannot be allocated on the operand stack as local variables, so we need to instanciate these local variables before call, and we loose the capacity to track the cases where these local variables are not really initialized by an effective call to the method that will assign them. This does not help debugging, and is against the concept of a strongly typed language like Java should be:
    Java makes lots of efforts to track uninitialized variables, but has no way to determine if an already instanciated Object instance refered in a local variable has effectively received an effective assignment because only the instanciation is kept. A typical code will then need to be written like this:
    Integer a = null;
    Integer b = null;
    if (some condition) {
    //call.method(a, b, 0, 1, "dummy input arg");
    // the method is supposed to have assigned a value to a and b,
    // but can't if a and b have not been instanciated, so we perform:
    call.method(a = new Integer(), b = new Integer(), 0, 1, "dummy input
    // we must suppose that the method has modified (not initialized!)
    the value
    // of a and b instances.
    now.use(a.value(), b.value())
    // are we sure here that a and b have received a value????
    // the code may be detected at run-time (a null exception)
    // or completely undetected (the method() above was called but it
    // forgot to assign a value to its referenced objects a and b, in which
    // case we are calling in fact: now.use(0, 0); with the default values
    // or a and b, assigned when they were instanciated)
    Very tricky... Hard to debug. It would be much simpler if we just used:
    int a;
    int b;
    if (some condition) {
    (a, b) = call.method(0, 1, "dummy input arg");
    now.use(a, b);
    The compiler would immediately detect the case where a and b are in fact not always initialized (possible use bere initialization), and the first invoked call.method() would not have to check if its arguments are not null, it would not compile if it forgets to return two values in some code path...
    There's no need to provide extra boxing objects in the source as well as at run-time, and there's no stress added to the VM allocator or garbage collector simply because return values are only allocated on the perand stack by the caller, directly instanciated within the callee which MUST (checked at compile-time) create such instances by using the return statement to instanciate them, and the caller now just needs to use directly the variables which were referenced before call (here a and b). Clean and mean. And it allows strong typechecking as well (so this is a real help for programmers.
    Note that the signature of the method() above is:
    class call {
    (int, int) method(int, int, String) { ... }
    id est:
    class "call", member name "method", member type "(IILjava.lang.string;)II"
    This last signature means that the method can only be called by returning the value into a pair of variables of type int, or using the return value as a pair of actual arguments for another method call such as:
    call.method(call.method("dummy input arg"), "other dummy input arg")
    This is strongly typed and convenient to write and debug and very efficient at run-time...

    Can anyone give me some real-world examples where
    multiple return values aren't better captured in a
    class that logically groups those values? I can of
    course give hundreds of examples for why it's better
    to capture method arguments as multiple values instead
    of as one "logical object", but whenever I've hankered
    for multiple return values, I end up rethinking my
    strategy and rewriting my code to be better Object
    Oriented.I'd personally say you're usually right. There's almost always a O-O way of avoiding the situation.
    Sometimes though, you really do just want to return "two ints" from a function. There's no logical object you can think of to put them in. So you end up polluting the namespace:
    public class MyUsefulClass {
    public TwoInts calculateSomething(int a, int b, int c) {
    public static class TwoInts {
        //now, do I use two public int fields here, making it
        //in essence a struct?
       //or do I make my two ints private & final, which
       //requires a constructor & two getters?
      //and while I'm at it, is it worth implementing
      //equals(), how about hashCode()? clone()?
      //readResolve() ?
    }The answer to most of the questions for something as simple as "TwoInts" is usually "no: its not worth implementing those methods", but I still have to think about them.
    More to the point, the TwoInts class looks so ugly polluting the top level namespace like that, MyUsefulClass.TwoInts is public, that I don't think I've ever actually created that class. I always find some way to avoid it, even if the workaround is just as ugly.
    For myself, I'd like to see some simple pass-by-value "Tuple" type. My fear is it'd be abused as a way for lazy programmers to avoid creating objects when they should have a logical type for readability & maintainability.
    Anyone who has maintained code where someone has passed in all their arguments as (mutable!) Maps, Collections and/or Arrays and "returned" values by mutating those structures knows what a nightmare it can be. Which I suppose is an argument that cuts both ways: on the one hand you can say: "why add Tuples which would be another easy thing to abuse", on the other: "why not add Tuples, given Arrays and the Collections framework already allow bad programmers to produce unmainable mush. One more feature isn't going to make a difference either way".
    Ho hum.

  • Extensions like Ghostery, WOT or AdBlock stop working after two or three times. Restarting the webpage in a new tab the extensions will work again for several times and then stop again. Has anybody an explanation or a workaround for this bug in Safari 5?

    Extensions like Ghostery, WOT or AdBlock stop working after two or three times. Restarting the webpage in a new tab the extensions will work again for several times and then stop again. Has anybody an explanation or a workaround for this bug in Safari 5?

    Remove the extensions, redownload Safari, reload the extensions.
    And if you really want a better experience, use Firefox, tons more choices and possibilities there.
    Firefox's "NoScript" will block the Trojan going around on websites. Best web security you can get.
    Ghostery, Ad Block Plus and thousands of add-ons more have originated on Firefox.

  • Bug? My events on the iPad iCal app aren't shown in the year view if they are more than two years in the future.

    My events on the iPad iCal app aren't shown in the year view if they are more than two years in the future even though I can see them on the month, week and day view. Any suggestions on how to fix it? I've tried it all. I called the apple support and they checked on their iPads. They all did the same and they couldn't help me. They suggested trying this way. I'd like to be able to plan a few years ahead and the year view would make thing so easy!
    Is this a bug?

    Go to the Home screen and double click the Home button. That will reveal the row of recently used apps at the bottom of the screen. Tap and hold on the app in question until it wiggles and displays a minus sign. Tap the minus sign to actually quit the app. Then tap anywhere on the screen above that bottom row to return the screen to normal. Then restart the app and see if it works normally.
    Then reboot your iPad. Press and hold the Home and Sleep buttons simultaneously ignoring the red slider until the Apple logo appears. Let go of the buttons and let the iPad restart. See if that fixes your problem.

  • HT4528 My IPhone Bugged out/It is currently in the reset mode. I need to exchange all of my contacts from my Yahoo acct. to my new IPHONE. Can you please help me?

    Hello ,
    I purchased my IPHONE about 2 months ago. I am visiting family in DE & this tuesday it starting to go off & on by itself. Then the icons looked like they were floating . Then I could not call or text . The SIRI device would not work. Then it would shut down then the apple icon would reappear. I took it to a verizon dealer in Rehoboth DE & they said it BUGGED OUT/It is in a RESTORE MODE. It will not turn on. We could not transfer anny of my pics or contacts. I never even had a chance to back up the memory on ITUNES.
    The tech @ Verizon said to contact APPLE to trouble shoot and try and transfer the contacts from my yahoo acct.
    Can you please help?

    set up your yahoo account in mail, contacts, calendars as an Exchange Account and you should be able to get your contacts from Yahoo from there.

  • ICal bug!

    Didn't know where to post it so I decided to post it here. Not a major bug, but a bug nevertheless. Maybe someone here wants to check it out on their iCal so I get a sense if it is touching just me or anyone else.
    Follow all steps:
    - open iCal in weekly view.
    - click on a day differen than "today".
    - click on "today" on the upper left side (where "today" is written ).
    - click on the red dot to "close the app" without really closing it.
    - reopen iCal by clicking on the icon.
    Now you should have the today button greyed out, no matter which day you choose. The only way to have it back is to close and reopen iCal.
    No data loss, nothing... Just a little bug I found in iCal.
    I run Mac OSX 10.5.4 on a MacBook Pro 17" no plugins, nothing installed. Software is in italian.
    Anyway: others get the same result? (just checked it again to be really sure it is indeed not working, and it's not..)

    Has a real solution to this bug been found yet? It has been on going for me and has become annoying. The only way to get the "today" button and the search feature to work, is to quit iCal and start it again.
    Very annoying.

  • Okay, the iTunes 8.2 bug that I had on my iPod Touch is back with my iPhone

    I have new iPhone 3GS that I picked up this morning at 7 am. I love it, but the iTunes 8.2 bug that is being thoroughly discussed in the iPod Touch forum is back and affecting my iPhone 3GS. I did read one random post that a Apple Tech Support person said to unplug the internet (disconnect your internet) before plugging it in. I don't know why, but it worked and makes me wonder if this will also work for iPod Touch users. Weird, but it is definitely a nice work around for now!

    I got it again. I plug in the iPhone into my computer and it is telling that it thinks it is a camera because it is trying to launch Canon CameraWindow, MS scanner, Picasa3, etc. Then iTunes says, "An iPhone has been detected, but it could not be identified properly. Please, disconnect and reconnect the iPhone, then try again." Yes, I tried again, and completely uninstalled iTunes and all things Apple to only re-install it. I am at my whits end again!

  • IOS 8 - Photos app bug - "stuttering" effect on Year view

    Hi Folks,
    On the iPhone6 Plus 128GB with iOS8.1.3 (with 15000 photos inside several years go), I notice that when using the Photos native app in the “Year view” (yearly mosaic view), if I scroll up or down slightly fast, the scrolling that you get has a little “stuttering” or “jerking” effect, so the UI is not perfectly smooth in this view inside Photos native app.
    Have you noticed it in your own iPhone's with iOS8.1.3. and also having a huge size photo callery as I have (>10000 photos spread in several years)? (I think that is it very important, because if you have not a huge photo gallery, probably you will not see the “stuttering” or “jerking” effect that I am describing).
    I think this is a bug which impacts iOS User eXperience, which needs to be fixed.
    Thanks by your feedback!

    Hi Guys!
    Any experience to share with us, please?

  • NetBeans MobilityPack 5 BUG?? how can I send a byte array?

    I�ve created a WebApp and a Simple servlet with one public method.
    public byte[] getStr(byte[] b) {       
    String s = "A string";
    return s.getBytes();
    Then I've used "Mobile To Web App" wizard to generate stubs to that getStr method. And when I�ve tried to call that getStr method:
    byte[] aByte = "st".getBytes();
    byte[] b = client.getStr(aByte);
    I've got an error at Server in Utility.java in generated ReadArray method.
    * Reads an array from the given data source and returns it.
    *@param source The source from which the data is extracted.
    *@return The array from the data source
    *@exception IOException If an error occured while reading the data.
    public static Object readArray(DataInput in) throws IOException {
    short type = in.readShort();
    int length = in.readInt();
    if (length == -1) {
    return null;
    } else {
    switch (type) {
    case BYTE_TYPE: {
    byte[] data = new byte[length];
    return data;
    default: {
    throw new IllegalArgumentException("Unsupported return type (" + type + ")");
    At this line "in.readFully(data);" I�ve got an EOFException.
    The the aByte = "st".getBytes(); was 2bytes long and at the server "int length = in.readInt();" it was 363273. Why?
    All code was generated by NetBeans Mobility pack 5 it's not mine so its a bug?
    How can I fix this?

    I found that bug. I've described it here
    There's a solution how to fix the generated code.

  • Bad bug with ID3 tags of different case for same artist

    My itunes files and music library are on a different drive than my boot drive. It is an internal drive (always on) in my Mac Pro at /Volumes/Media1/iTunes with music library at /Volumes/Media1/iTunes/iTunes Music. iTunes is setup to automatically keep it organized and copy files to the media folder when adding. It has been this way for years, never a problem.
    Just recently, and I think this may have coincided (but I'm not sure) with a 10.6.5 Snow Leopard update, my music started disappearing! The entries were still in the library, but with the missing exclamation mark in itunes with it reporting that it couldn't find the files. But only certain artists. After searching my computer, I found the missing files it at the same path, but on my boot drive, at /Media1/iTunes/iTunes Music/<missing artist>!
    Trying to add these files back to my library would work briefly, but then they would magically disappear out of /Volumes/Media1/iTunes/iTunes Music and go back to /Media1/iTunes/iTunes Music/
    I figured out the one thing the different artists that had this behavior had in common - some of the ID3 tags for the same artist, which are the basis for organization, were in different cases. I think there is a weird case sensitivity bug that is breaking things. When I add back only those songs for an artist with ID3 tags for the artist of the same case, the behaviour stops.
    I'm posting less looking for an answer and more to raise visibility and hope this gets a fix.
    Example entries from my iTunes Library.xml, notice how the 'k' in OutKast is a different case in the entries.
    <key>Location</key><string>file://localhost/Volumes/Media1/iTunes/iTunes%20Music/OutKast/Speakerboxxx,%20Th e%20Love%20Below%20(Disc%202)/13%20Pink%20&%20Blue.mp3</string>
    <key>Location</key><string>file://localhost/Volumes/Media1/iTunes/iTunes%20Music/Outkast/Aquemini/12%20Spot tieOttieDopaliscious.mp3</string>

    I'd like to note that I'm experiencing the exact same issue. I'd add to this but petegas4life has it spot on. I'm just replying in hopes this thread gets noticed so the engineers at apple can look into this and hopefully fix it in the next release.
    Reproducing the problem is pretty simple too. Just take one song from an album and change the case of the artist name. You'll see the music move to the boot drive and all of the songs from that artist won't work in itunes anymore. And if you're relying on iTunes to edit the tags, fixing the files is a PAIN because they keep disappearing on you.

  • I think there is a very annoying bug after the latest update of firefox, can I talk to someone, or chat with someone so I can get rid of it

    Since the latest auto update of my firefox browser I am experiencing strange issues. Every evening when I stop working, I close my browser (closing all the tabs that I am working on and in the morning, I restore the session) . For many years everything worked just fine ... untill after the last auto update of the firefox browser .. all of a sudden a got 302 errors ( a blank page with the description 302 and I believe "page moved here" or something to that extend ... i try to click the link and get nowhere.
    I first noticed it on a few wordpress pages (backend ) that I was working on and which were restored from the previous day ...
    thinking it was a server error, since we have several vps and dedicated servers .. i contacted the company who hosts our servers ..
    they looked into it and apparently .. there were no issues on the server side and neither on that particular computer ... but our server hosts told us .. that it is probably browser related and seemed to have something to with a bug with the cache of the browser
    we didn't know what to do .. it was very annoying .. but at that point it only happened once on a hew pages .. so we decided to see what happened the next time
    Next time we did not restore a session with wordpress pages .. but with the google search engine open and on a few other tabs logged into social media .... and as was saidn by our server hosts it was indeed not related to work that we did on pages on our servers ... since that time even the google search engine homepage ... showed us ... moved here
    Can you pease look into it and fix this .. we are doing the same thing as many years on the same computer also a few years .. so it is not anything we do wrong either .. it is most definitely browser related
    so can you please fix it asap .. since when we work on wordpress .. that is not the only thing that goes wrong .. we also have difficulty uploading updates ... when updating sometimes after the update of any particular change on a wordpress page is done ... we are also redirected to a blank page .. so the updated page does not want to load ... in that case we have use our back button ...
    which sends us back to the right page ... but with the old data on it ... then we have to refresh that page .. and only then we see the page updated ... so it seems that there is an issue in both direction with the caching of the browser after the last update
    Kind regards,

    uninstalled firefox ....deleted all files still remaining under mozilla firefox directory in program files ... to avoid having to reprogram all my settings, reisntall all addons as well .. I did not remove anything from mozilla firefox that is stored in either appdata or under the windows users directory (if any)
    ... the as suggested reinstalled the latest version of the firefox browser using the link you provided in the email ..; tested and several issues still remain present and unresolved ....
    so please this is urgent or I will have to jump browsers and start using chrome .. because we work 14 hours a day 6 (sometimes 7) days a week, to get ready for the launch of our newest venture and we cannot lose that much days on browser related issues ... so please instead of putting me through week long step process .. of do this .. do that .. can you please actually look into the issue from your end .. I use firefox for so many, many years thta I deserve this kind of support .. thnx Robert

  • Bug & Conflict w/ Palm Destop 6 & Windows Media Player

    I am a long time Palm user but my T2 was not getting much use considering I was already carrying Two cell phones. But I was excited to get an upgrade to a Centro for one of my phones. Now I am dealing with the differences between PalmDesktop4 (PD4) and PD6 on Windows XP SP3.
    I found what appears to be a critical bug in the installation of PD6 in that it has some very undesirable interactions with Windows Media Player (WMP) 10 & 11. Let me preface by saying that I am not using WMP or PocketTunes for any syncing or transferring any media to my Centro. My Centro is only used for calendar, contacts, calculators, and Docs2Go.
    I have installed PD6 and the PD6 user data to a removable drive for personal privacy on a work computer. The error is that when ever the drive is not mounted and wmplayer.exe is started, Windows searches for the Palm Access Installation package on my removable drive and attempts to start a installation of PD6. Of course it does not find the .msi and the only thing that happens is my computer locks up till I close WMP and then the ACCESS installer goes away. If the removable drive is mounted with the PD6 application directory and the PD6 user data, WMP loads quickly and appears to work fine.
    Why is WMP trying to connect to applications or support files in the PD6 application directory?
    I can only assume that the new PD6 media tab now is hooked into some windows media services. PD6 must be registered as a client/helper app to windows media and WMP is trying to load or locate the registered resources.
    The big problem with this is that my user data path gets over written with PD6 installation defaults in the Windows Registry and I have to manually reset all the PalmDesktop registry data to point PD6 at my really user path on the V: drive.
    This should not be installed this way. The association between the two applications appears to be an error in the ACCESS installation package for PD6.
    I used Palm.com “Chat” support four or five time for some very basic support in getting my new Centro setup. The Palm.com “Chat” support was great. For this issue they were absolutely useless. One support person affirmed that I should be able to use the removable drive, the next just had me do reinstalls for PD6 (that I had already done) and then told me I would have to use the defaults for C:\Program Files and D:\Documents and Settings\username... They recommended that I use the Palm.com phone support number.
    I did this and it had to be one of the worse support calls I have made in a while (case number 1-51474282949). Why is it impossible to get any computer software or hardware company to support the desktop software they putout? I got the same tech support baby talk about “reinstalling the application”, “use the default installation path”, “its not our application” and “you will have to contact Microsoft for support on your operating system”. Ahhhhh!
    I was not even able to speak with a “Level 2” tech support person. I demanded that I be connected to a technical person a not just fed the same FAQ crap that I could find on the website. The “Level 2” person would not take my call but just passed the message to the “Level 1” Person that I would have to contact Microsoft.
    So I am posting this message here to the Palm fourm in hope that the software engineering team will see this and be able to either patch their software or give me the .reg key to break the association between WMP and PD6. Below I have posted a long list of my Chat support that explains the issues in further technical details, and also details the lack of detailed skilled support available at Palm.com.
    Help? Direction?
    I have my palm application directory installed to V:\PalmDesktop6App and the user data files installed to V:\jcollyer-files\PalmDataV6_001 This is a removable drive that I install on my work computer. I remove this drive and take it home with me. Doing this allows me the ability to keep my palm data secure but I can still use my computer at work to manage my palm data.
    If the V:\ drive is not mounted when I run palm desktop, Palm desktop messes up the "Path" regestry key:
    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\U.S. Robotics\Pilot Desktop\Core]
    "UserConduitFolder"="C:\\Documents and Settings\\jcollyer\\Application Data\\HotSync\\Conduits"
    "Desktop Language"="ENG"
    "VM_Username"="John Collyer"
    When the key gets messed up it defaults to the standard palm desktop path:
    "C:\Documents and Settings\jcollyer\My Documents\Palm OS Desktop"
    I found this out because every time Windows Media player starts it tries to start Palm Desktop or the Palm Desktop install/remove program. I get a pop up window and progress bar that says “Palm Desktop by Access”. The only way to get rid of this pop up window is to shut down windows media player. So if my V: drive is not mounted just starting windows media player corrupts the user “Path” registry settings. It just so happens our work voicemail uses media player on the computer.
    Dan(Sun Oct 19 2008 16:04:52 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time))>
    1. Click on Start.
    2. Click on Run.
    3. Type "regedit" and click Ok.
    4. Then Registry Editor window will open.
    5. Double click on HKEY_CURRENT_USER.
    6. Then click on +sign beside Software.
    7. Now delete all the folders which start with Palm.
    8. Also delete the folder called US robotics.
    9. Now Double click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.
    10. Then click on +sign beside Software.
    11. Now delete all the folders which start with Palm.
    LiveAssist Transcript
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    chat id: 7f2a7664-50e8-40fb-8933-f82278d33b6d
    Problem: Palm Deskto & Windows Media Player?
    John_Collyer > I have my palm application directory installed to V:\PalmDesktop6App and the user data files installed to V:\jcollyer-files\PalmDataV6_001 This is a removable drive that I install on my work computer. I remove this drive and take it home with me. Doing this allows me the ability to keep my palm data secure but I can still use my computer at work to manage my palm data.
    If the V:\ drive is not mounted when I run palm desktop, Palm desktop messes up the "Path" regestry key:
    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\U.S. Robotics\Pilot Desktop\Core]
    "UserConduitFolder"="C:\\Documents and Settings\\jcollyer\\Application Data\\HotSync\\Conduits"
    "Desktop Language"="ENG"
    "VM_Username"="John Collyer"
    Dan > Hello John_Collyer, Thank you for contacting Palm Technical Support. My name is Dan. How may I help you?
    John_Collyer > When the key gets messed up it defaults to the standard palm desktop path:
    "C:\Documents and Settings\jcollyer\My Documents\Palm OS Desktop"
    I found this out because every time Windows Media player starts it tries to start Palm Desktop or the Palm Desktop install/remove program. I get a pop up window and progress bar that says “Palm Desktop by Access”. The only way to get rid of this pop up window is to shut down windows media player. So if my V: drive is not mounted just starting windows media player corrupts the user “Path” registry settings. It just so happens our work voicemail uses media player on the computer. I am using window media player 11.
    What the heck is going on? How can I stop Windows Media Player from triggering the palm desktop application? Better yet why does it even try?
    It does this when I simply open windows media player, even without a file. Just opening the Windows Media player application by it’s self causes this behavior.
    Dan > Please let me go through the information you have provided.
    John_Collyer > Ok standing by...
    Dan > I understand that you have issue with the Palm Desktop and windows Media player getting messed up .
    Dan > Sure I will guide with the issue .
    Dan > May I know since when you are facing the issue ?
    Dan > Please let me know the Operating System you are using. Is it Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista or MAC?
    John_Collyer > I had this problem from the first install about two weeks. I use PalmDesktop 4 with my T2 for years on a removable drive never had an issue. PD6 only allows me to set the user path during installation. So I have been having issues with the reg keys getting messed up for a while. I though just creating a .reg file to fix the problems was going to be simple till I found windows media player was trying to autostart palm software???
    John_Collyer > Windows XP SP3
    John_Collyer > I am a new owner of the Palm Centro not using the T2 with PD6
    Dan > Thank you for information .
    Dan > I got the issue .
    Dan > There are more than one version of the Palm software in the computer .
    John_Collyer > No only PD6 now
    Dan > That's reason the Drivers in the Registry are messing up and causing the issue .
    Dan > Okay .
    Dan > Do you have any data in the Palm Desktop ?
    John_Collyer > Yes, when the V: drive is mounted everything works great, perfect. Windows Media player even load without a hitch. I would even deal with the .reg fix work around I made to over write the registry. I still don't understand why the application tries to load when it is installed on the V: drive if the v: drive is not present. It has to be the install/uninstall .msi file that runs the Add/Remove programs feature in widows control panel. Why does any of this change the user path?
    Dan > I will explain you .
    Dan > The reason for change of the path is with the corrupted applications and computer settings .
    John_Collyer > Sorry, Why would the .msi file run if Windows Media is started?
    Dan > .MSI file is the supporting file for Windows Media player .
    Dan > That's reason for executing of .msi file during the windows media player .
    Dan > To fix the issue we must perform clean uninstall and reinstall so that you will not have any further issue .
    Dan > Let me know if you are comfortable with the clean uninstall and reinstall if the Palm software .
    John_Collyer > I've uninstalled PD6 and reinstalled it like 12 times. If the V: drive is missing it really messes up the PD6 software. To keep me from doing this by launching PD6 from the C: drive I installed it to V:. No .exe no launchy. It works fine. What is hooking into windows media player. A .msi is a Microsoft install package, not a media file. We can do a clean install but why would running windows media player start the palm install/uninstall .msi file? I have not heard why?
    John_Collyer > All my installs have worked fine. Unless there is a deeper cleaning process you can help me with other than running the remove program, is it worth trying AGAIN?
    Dan > Did you perform clean uninstall and reinstall >
    John_Collyer > Clean = remove program, reinstall, and sync to a new user folder? Then Yes. Other options?
    Dan > No we need top perform few other steps .
    John_Collyer > Ok shall I "Remove Program"?
    Dan > No please wait .
    Dan > First please let me know if you have any data in the Palm Desktop in the computer .
    John_Collyer > Yes, but it is also going to be kept in the phone correct? It will survive if we create a new user folder right?
    Dan > Yes .
    Dan > Please let me know the user name given during the Sync .
    John_Collyer > Well then I think it is safe, I have recently hotsynced so the data should be a match?
    John_Collyer > John Collyer
    Dan > Cool .
    Dan > Thank you for information .
    Dan > In the computer open My documents -->Palm OS Desktop-->locate folder called CoolyJ .
    Dan > In the computer open My documents -->Palm OS Desktop-->locate folder called CoolyJ .
    John_Collyer > No user folder there.... It's on the V: drive V:\jcollyer-files\PalmDataV6_001\CollyeJ Yes?
    Dan > Please wait .
    Dan > Please right click on the Palm Desktop and then click on Properties .
    John_Collyer > the .exe in V:\PalmDesktop6App or the shortcut in start menu?
    John_Collyer > start menu= V:\PalmDesktop6App\Palm.exe
    Dan > You will have the Palm Desktop icon on the computer desktop .
    Dan > Okay .
    Dan > Thank you for information .
    Dan > Please take the back of the Palm Desktop data in the computer .
    John_Collyer > Destop target = V:\PalmDesktop6App\Palm.exe tpp
    John_Collyer > ??? Please take the back of the Palm Desktop data in the computer
    Dan > I mean to tell you that we must save all data of the Palm Desktop in different location .
    Dan > I will assist you .
    Dan > In the computer open V:drive-->locate Palm folder .
    Dan > Open Palm folder and check if you have folder called CoolyJ .
    John_Collyer > V:\jcollyer-files\PalmDataV6_001\CollyeJ
    John_Collyer > No CoolyJ
    Dan > Okay .
    Dan > In the computer open Vrive-->Collerfiles-->Copy Palm folder and paste on the computer desktop .
    John_Collyer > done
    Dan > Okay .
    Dan > Do not delete the Pal folder that was copied to computer desktop .
    John_Collyer > ok
    Dan > First go to Start-->Control Panel-->Add/Remove Programs. There Palm or PalmOne or Palm Desktop will be listed. Click Remove against it.
    Let me know once you are done with unistallation process.
    John_Collyer > starting
    John_Collyer > done, next
    Dan > Now in the computer open V:drive-->Collerfiles-->Rename Palm folder to Palmold .
    John_Collyer > already there
    Dan > Okay .
    Dan > Now we need to perform Registry Clean up .
    Dan > Please perform the steps provided .
    Dan > 1. Click on Start.
    2. Click on Run.
    3. Type "regedit" and click Ok.
    4. Then Registry Editor window will open.
    5. Double click on HKEY_CURRENT_USER.
    6. Then click on +sign beside Software.
    7. Now delete all the folders which start with Palm.
    8. Also delete the folder called US robotics.
    9. Now Double click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.
    10. Then click on +sign beside Software.
    11. Now delete all the folders which start with Palm.
    John_Collyer > still working
    Dan > Please take your time .
    Dan > I will be with you .
    John_Collyer > done
    Dan > Cool .
    Dan > You are pretty fast .
    Dan > Now clean uninstall of the Palm software is done .
    John_Collyer > I was already deep in the registry look at this all thats how I found the "Path"
    John_Collyer > Now we reinstall? Can I still use the V: drive for application files and user data?
    Dan > Yes .
    Dan > You can use V:drive .
    Dan > After you install the Palm software perform Sync and make sure that Sync is success .
    Dan > And you will not have sny issue with the Windows media player messing up .
    John_Collyer > Ok I will start the PD6 install now
    Dan > Please go a head .
    Dan > Thank you for all the cooperation and patience in the chat session .,
    John_Collyer > working almost done
    Dan > Awesome .
    Dan > But after installation is complete we need to restart the computer .
    Dan > We must restart the computer for necessary changes to take place .
    John_Collyer > how do I get back to you in support?
    Dan > I assure that you will not have any further issue ,
    Dan > However if you do have any further issue .
    Dan > Please login with the same user name and email address .
    John_Collyer > Palm Support can find me after that?
    Dan > Yes .
    Dan > I will have Our chat session in Our Data Base .
    John_Collyer > Ok then it is time for a restart?
    Dan > So that once you re contact us we will check with the required information and pull the chat session already we have done with .
    Dan > And proceed with the further steps .
    Dan > Please go ahead .
    John_Collyer > Till then, good bye...
    Dan > Please let me know if I can be of any further help .
    Dan > Analyst has closed chat and left the room
    Did all this above. Still have Windows Media Player trying to launch the ACCESS .msi installer which creates these processes:
    IDriver.exe (x5)
    IdriverT.exe (x1)
    MSIexec.exe (x3)
    I have let windows media player and windows installer run a bit longer and I get a second window titled "windows installer" with the text:
    The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable.
    Click OK to try again, or enter and alternate path to a folder containing the installation package 'Palm Desktop by ACCESS.msi' in the box below.
    this is the default text.
    I browsed my way to C:\WINDOWS\Installer and found a new .msi for PD6 called C:\WINDOWS\Installer\45599.msi and renamed it to C:\WINDOWS\Installer\45599_PalmNeedsBetterSoftware​_msi
    Still have the same issues from above. I thought if the .msi failed to be found then the error might just get passed over. So I do not know where IDriver.exe or other MS Installer applications is getting the values for 'Palm Desktop by ACCESS.msi'?
    Again it is very odd that the ACCESS installer it trying to run when windows media player is launched (even with out any media, app only). Please do not tell me to do another "Clean Install" that is just BABY-TALK tech support at this point!!! I need to know why the PalmDesktop ACCESS installer is hooking into Windows Media Player. There is no doubt something odd is going on. As long as the V: drive where my Palm Desktop applications and user data is stored there is no problem. As soon as the V: drive is off line I have all these issues.
    I noticed that PalmDesktop now has advanced media tools to "Make Video" in the media tab of Palm Desktop. This is where you can export a .mpg slide show of all you photos from your palm photos.
    I would bet you a free year of Verizon's wireless data plan that the new Palm Desktop is registered as some type of client application to windows media service. When windows media player loads it tries to register all the clients and the Palm media client application is not available so some how MS Windows tries to start the PalmDesktop installer to fix the client media application.
    Please note that I am not using Pocket Tunes at all, not trying to sync pTunes with Windows media or Rhapsody or any other media junk. Right now I want my palm to just be a extra smart contact and calendar manager, that’s all.
    PALM NEEDS TO PATCH THIS. Palm Desktop should call Windows Media when it needs it, not have Palm Desktop registered as a client application to Windows Media by default!
    Post relates to: Centro (Verizon)

    Thank you so much for replying.
    Yes I have removed and reinstalled WMP.
    I had good results with the PD6 application installed on the default path onto the C: drive with the one exception that if the application was launched by accident and the user data path was not available, the PD6 application would blow away my custom user path registry settings. Now that I know what they are I have made a .reg file to repair my registry to my desired user data paths.
    Installing the application on the removable drive appeared to help prevent me from launching the application by accident and overwriting my registry with default user paths.
    So which is the less of the two evils?
    If the application directory is not available, windows media player still tries to launch the .msi for installing PD6.
    If I install the application to the C: drive but the user data to the removable drive, launching the PD6 application without the user data drive will still corrupt my registry settings for a user data path.
    Both these issues seem like a logical (if not easy) fix that should be done in the PD6 application and installation package. I mean really, cannot anyone tell me why windows media player is checking the PD6 application directory? Why in PD4 did we have an option control for setting the user data path from the PD4 application? Why is this option not in the PD6 application, just the installer?
    I am given a choice during installation to move the user data to another non default location. Why else would this be provided if not to accommodate my kind of request to store the user data into an alternate location other than “My Document”. Certainly Palm is not trying to force the users on how to protect and store their personal data?
    Post relates to: Centro (Verizon)

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