Bad bug with ID3 tags of different case for same artist

My itunes files and music library are on a different drive than my boot drive. It is an internal drive (always on) in my Mac Pro at /Volumes/Media1/iTunes with music library at /Volumes/Media1/iTunes/iTunes Music. iTunes is setup to automatically keep it organized and copy files to the media folder when adding. It has been this way for years, never a problem.
Just recently, and I think this may have coincided (but I'm not sure) with a 10.6.5 Snow Leopard update, my music started disappearing! The entries were still in the library, but with the missing exclamation mark in itunes with it reporting that it couldn't find the files. But only certain artists. After searching my computer, I found the missing files it at the same path, but on my boot drive, at /Media1/iTunes/iTunes Music/<missing artist>!
Trying to add these files back to my library would work briefly, but then they would magically disappear out of /Volumes/Media1/iTunes/iTunes Music and go back to /Media1/iTunes/iTunes Music/
I figured out the one thing the different artists that had this behavior had in common - some of the ID3 tags for the same artist, which are the basis for organization, were in different cases. I think there is a weird case sensitivity bug that is breaking things. When I add back only those songs for an artist with ID3 tags for the artist of the same case, the behaviour stops.
I'm posting less looking for an answer and more to raise visibility and hope this gets a fix.
Example entries from my iTunes Library.xml, notice how the 'k' in OutKast is a different case in the entries.
<key>Location</key><string>file://localhost/Volumes/Media1/iTunes/iTunes%20Music/OutKast/Speakerboxxx,%20Th e%20Love%20Below%20(Disc%202)/13%20Pink%20&%20Blue.mp3</string>
<key>Location</key><string>file://localhost/Volumes/Media1/iTunes/iTunes%20Music/Outkast/Aquemini/12%20Spot tieOttieDopaliscious.mp3</string>

I'd like to note that I'm experiencing the exact same issue. I'd add to this but petegas4life has it spot on. I'm just replying in hopes this thread gets noticed so the engineers at apple can look into this and hopefully fix it in the next release.
Reproducing the problem is pretty simple too. Just take one song from an album and change the case of the artist name. You'll see the music move to the boot drive and all of the songs from that artist won't work in itunes anymore. And if you're relying on iTunes to edit the tags, fixing the files is a PAIN because they keep disappearing on you.

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  • Problems with ID3 Tags in iTunes - Desperate need of assistance!

    Hello all...
    Desperately need some help. I just spent a very (very) long time going through my entire music collection making sure all album art is present and all tags are corrected to my preferences. Now I want to back up the entire drive (F: drive, I keep my music on a separate drive) to a new hard drive (H: drive). However, in the process I've noticed that not all the changes that I made to the tags have actually saved to the tags themselves, even though they continue to display correctly in iTunes. If I load them into another application or reload them into iTunes from the new drive, not all the tag changes I made in iTunes are showing up. It seems iTunes is perhaps storing this tag info in some kind of internal database? To be specific I am not talking about meta-data like ratings and number of times played. I'm talking about artist, genre, etc.
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    I've also been disappointed to find out that when adding album artwork, iTunes does not actually save the artwork to the ID3 tags as I assumed. Any way I can force iTunes to do that?
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    Hi Ed, thanks for responding so quickly. Yes, they are mp3 files, and yes, I had assumed what you told me, that changes made in iTunes would be made to the mp3 files. I also thought it could have something to do with read only, so I made sure that the files were not read only. But yes, strangely enough, even though the tags show up properly in iTunes, they do not show up properly in other players, and don't show up properly in iTunes if I remove the album, copy the album to the second drive, and load it back into iTunes (only for a portion of the files, but with the size of my collection this would still be time consuming to fix). I don't understand it either, but from research I have done online, it may have something to do with an iTunes glitch relating to the ID3 tag version.
    Regardless of how it is supposed to work or what the explanation is, the situation now stands that my tags display perfectly in iTunes but are not all saved to the files perfectly. So I am hoping there is some way I can force iTunes to save the current state of tag info to the files!
    About the 2 drives, it's simple. Right now my collection is on F:, and loaded into iTunes, but I want to get rid of that drive as it is IDE and too small, and store my collection on H: instead. I'm just really worried that after moving my collection and reloading into iTunes I will need to re-tag and re-load album artwork all over again. Any tips?

  • Problem with ID3 tags in iTunes

    I was hoping that I could get some clarification on how iTunes uses ID3 tags with mp3s. The problem I am having is that I have fixed all the ID3 tags on my mp3s using another program (Tag & Rename is the name of the program, it does both v1 and v2 ID3 tags) but iTunes still doesn't recognize the changes I have made. I have tried deleting my entire library, and readding all the songs, but for some reason it still has the wrong information. I tried opening the files with other music players, and they read the ID3 tags fine.
    Thanks in advance!
    I don't know if this helps, but the most noticable program is with my compilations. I changed all the artists to the actual artist name instead of "Various" that it used to say, but iTunes still reports the artist as "Various".

    I routinely change file names, change ID3 tags, and edit existing tracks using external programs. Once done, all I do is to double click the track in iTunes to ensure it reads updated ID3 tag info correctly from the track.
    1. iTunes reads track info from the file everytime you play a track and saves any changes that you have made through external software to its internal database at "C:\Documents and Settings\<user name>\My Documents\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Library.itl" and "iTunes Music Library.xml". As an alternative to playing, you could also press Ctrl-I to display track info, at which time it reads updated info from the track and displays it.
    2. If the filename has been changed for a track, iTunes prompts you to point to the right filename. When done, it populates ID3 tag info, while retaining the playcount and rating.
    Hope this helps.

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    Currently iTunes 9.0.2 (25) is being used. This problem spans over several updates.

    Thanks Mike,
    Usually I do get info on a whole album, but I found that doing this for individual songs allows you to view the sorting info, and it was this that was causing the problem - All the sorting info has to be exactly the same for each song within an album for it to sort properly on an ipod. It's weird that the sorting was fine within Itunes, but not on the ipod, but anyway this seemed to solve the problem.

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    Go to Solution.

    I think you're missing the point here. Of course when you format the memory card, all data is deleted. Hence it would make sense to perform a backup of your memory card contents onto your computer before formatting the memory card. Easiest way to do this is to copy everything from the memory card (i.e. displayed as Removable Disk in Windows) to your hard drive on your computer. Then when the format is complete, copy the songs back to your memory card. That way, all the ID3 tags for songs that you modified on your phone will be restored to the memory card.  
    If you found this or someone's comments helpful or like what that person has to say, please give some Kudos to their post!

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    Hi all,
    My car cd player is apparently able to read id3 tags from cd's so that it can display the track name and artist instead of just track 1 etc etc, but how do i write the tags to a disk? I have tried using both CD-R and CD-RW disks, but still the tracks are jus displayed as track 1 and "no text"
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    That depends on what type of cd player you have. If it is a cd player that only plays normal audio cd's then cd text information should be turned on, and you should leave it set to audio cd like normal. Some cd players can play mp3 cd's. These disk store the audio compressed as mp3 files so more of them can fit on a cd, but you need a cd player that can play this kind of disc. If you do have a cd player that can play this kind of disc, then set it to mp3 audio cd.

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    I've ripped all my music in iTunes, included album art and converted all to ID3 Tag version 2.4. The import wizard for the player/MediaSource isn't geting any useful info my songs though, now that I have a Sleek, such as album, artist etc. What do I do? I've 25 GB of music meticulously stored up and now I can't use it properly until MediaSource can import the tag info into its database!!
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    Hi guys,
    I got it to work, thanks to yourself Mr Mouse.
    It appears that MediaSource and the Sleek import wizard WILL NOT read ID3 v2.4 tags but the wizard WILL read v2.3 tags, when they have been created in iTunes. To solve the problem I converted my entire music library from v2.4 to v2.3 using the same iTunes menu action thingie I used to make them all 2.4 in the first place, as was suggested to me.
    The mp3s are transferring as we speak and so far all is good.
    I was really worried all that music would be unusable but fortuantely the above worked. It looks like creative are behind in implementing ID3v2.4 support. Their products are always fantastic, the sound always incredible but the softare always lagging.....
    The documentation and FAQ should make specific mention to the ID3 tag versions supported, it would be helpful.
    Thanks for the help,

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    probably it takes the first, if it's not throwing an exception about it. You should have 1 tag library and multiple tags which should have separate names, not separate tag libs with 1 tag each.

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    In the 3.X version, we have different dimension for different level.
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    Thanks and best regards
    Alex yang

    You can still do this in BI 4.0, if you use the old 'legacy'  MDX OLAP.unv from Universe Designer tool .
    Yes, with the BICS connection,  you are getting a native hierarchy, as it would be displayed in an OLAP environment.

Maybe you are looking for