A/R invoice+payment and A/R invoice PLD reports

We are using PLD to generate our reports. Our A/R Invoice+payment report is different from our AR invoice. We have designed to report formats for this in PLD. However, PLD allows to preview only one report that has been made default. Is there an option that we can use to select the type of report to print especially for these reports?

I don't think there is any alternative way beside selecting PLD everytime you print the layout .
I believe it is done by same person (both A/R+ payment and A/R invoice )
If not you can do :
1. make your PLD  default  by user  or
2. In most cases ,only few customer pays right away , you can set PLD default by Business partner or customer who does that
Hope this helps

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  • Query  for report to show Invoices, Payments and Discounts

    Hi All
    I am hoping someone can help me with this query.
    What the customer needs is the invoices for a specific date range, the payments applied to the invoices and the discount amount
    Invoice    payment   discount
    100         90              10   
    This would be easy to get from the ORCT and RCT2 tables.
    However, sometime the users add the payment on account and reconciles the invoices and a manual journal for the discounts.
    So it would be best to look at the OITR and ITR1 tables?
    This is what I have so far and it almost balances...
    I am using this query to create the report in crystal,
    To create the discount amount from the incoming payment window i said (T0.ReconSum - T3.TrsfrSum)
    I also took out the vat amount within that formula.
    With the amounts from the manual journal, i just took the amount as is.
    select T2.CardCode, T2.CardName, T0.SrcObjTyp, T0.SrcObjAbs, T0.ReconSum, T3.TrsfrSum, T4.ReconDate, T2.U_FundedNonFunded, (T5.Debit - T5.Credit), T6.PymntGroup
    from ITR1 T0
                 inner join OCRD T2 on T0.Shortname = T2.CardCode
                 left outer join ORCT T3 on T3.DocEntry = T0.SrcObjAbs  and T3.CardCode = T0.ShortName
                 inner join OITR T4 on T4.ReconNum = T0.ReconNum
                 left outer join JDT1 T5 on T5.TransId = T0.TransId and T5.ObjType = T0.SrcObjAbs and T0.ShortName = T5.ShortName
                 inner join OCTG T6 on T6.GroupNum = T2.GroupNum
                where T3.DocDate <= getdate() or T5.ContraAct = '1127331'
    the account 1127331 is the Discount GL account.
    Based on the example the Payment + discount = Invoices
    however not all the customers are balancing..
    any ideas? it looks like my query is getting only the invoices where a payment has been done. The amounts just dont seem to match.
    Thank you

    I think your join with OJDT is wrong in this part : T5.ObjType = T0.SrcObjAbs
    you should write
    T5.ObjType = T0.SrcObjTyp
    (I think you don't need this part at all )
    try this:
    select T2.CardCode, T2.CardName, T0.SrcObjTyp, T0.SrcObjAbs, T0.ReconSum, T3.TrsfrSum, T4.ReconDate, T2.U_FundedNonFunded, (T5.Debit - T5.Credit), T6.PymntGroup
    ITR1 T0
    join OITR T4 on T4.ReconNum = T0.ReconNum
    join OCRD T2 on T0.Shortname = T2.CardCode
    outer join ORCT T3 on T3.DocEntry = T0.SrcObjAbs and T3.CardCode = T0.ShortName
    outer join JDT1 T5 on T5.TransId = T0.TransId and T5.ObjType = T0.SrcObjTyp and T0.ShortName = T5.ShortName
    join OCTG T6 on T6.GroupNum = T2.GroupNum
    T3.DocDate <= getdate() or T5.ContraAct =
    please let me know if it works now

  • Witholding tax at the time of Invoice, payment and advance

    Dear experts,
    I have few questions as below. It would be great if you can help me out in this :
    In vendor master I have two WTH tax codes for invoice and payment and marked as liable.
    Incase of invoice (FB60) posting system is calcu;ating correctly and posting, but while posting no popup for to rectify the WTX code also no base amount is populating in WTH tax tab of invoice posting. Is this correct way??
    While making payment for the same invoice through F-53, system is again calculating on same open item and no popup, until I go to WTH tax tab and delete the tax amount. What is lacking in my customising of WTH tax code (payment type), to restrict WTH tax calcutaing twice ??
    While making advance payment by F-48, system not calculating WTX tax and showing tax code is mandatory, even though tax code (V0-tax exempt) entered, no WTH tax calculation happening. I have checked all Field status of document type and recon account, nothing is mandatory. I dint know why?? Please help in this regard.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi madhu
    Thanks for explaining the process it works.
    Regarding the error I was facing earlier to enter the tax code in F-48 for the tax category was marked as ' * ' in the advance reconciliation GL. I have removed them and now the error is not coming.
    But now for the same or advance payment with F-48, I am not able post the document, though the payment WTX code is showing but not calculating the amount for the same.
    The error is
    "Withholding tax amount exceeds total bank line item amounts."
    Message no. 7Q320
    How to post it. Please help.

  • Automatic place invoice payment On Hold when invoice status 'Validated' ...

    Hi..I need a quick help on the following -
    Here is the scenario...I have an Invoice with status ‘Validated’ and Approval field on the Invoice Header (Descriptive Flex Field) with status ‘Not Approved’
    based on the above condition, I am trying to place invoice payment 'On Hold' on schedule payments tab on invoice workbench ... I want to achieve this by a custom program..let me know if we have any standard API to do this(or do we need to directly update ap_payment_schedules_all.hold_flag to 'Y' when above condition is met)...please let me know your thoughts..Thanks!!
    Edited by: user600637 on Feb 21, 2012 2:06 PM

     If it was marked as an invoice then its probably a scam doing the rounds as its been sent by a buyer and altered to look as though he has paid you.
    Signs its a scam are >>>
    its an invoice BUT sellers send invoices not buyers
    marked as paid
    marked as gift
    says payment won't show in your balance for eg 24 hours
    can't be chargedback.
    Paypal NEVER tell you to send anything until the funds are showing in your paypal account balance.
    Paypal payments are more or less instant.
    Paypal will never tell you that a payment can't be subject to a chargeback.      ****************************************** I give up my time to help you so a thank you or kudos would be cool.
    Marking one of my replies as a solution would be appreciated if I sorted your problem.

  • Park invoice, workflow and booking matched invoices

    Hi there,
    I have a question, a customer wants to register all invoices as parked invoices. All parked invoices will be transferred to workflow. In the workflow there should be a check for two-way and three-way check. If the parked invoice matches then the parked invoice will be booked (FI) without interference of employees to check the invoices. If not Ok the parked invoices will be checked by clerks and approve or reject it. The process is more complicated but in principle this is the process.
    Reason for parking is that the invoice should be checked first before it will be booked since cancelling invoices is not very practical.
    The question is, is it wise to do it that way or are there other alternatives?
    Is checking parked documents (two-way three-way) within the workflow possible or is checking only carried out for booked invoices (MIRO)?
    Regards Kees

    You may find some information here.

  • Query about Proforma Invoice (F5) and Excise proforma Invoice (JEX)

    Dear all,
    I would like to know for excisable goods, customer should be sent two separate invoice? i.e. Pro forma invoice (F5) and Excise Invoice India (JEX). or only excise invoice India (JEX) should be sent. Please help me for the same.
    Thanks in advance.

    If excise is relevant then use JEX proforma invoice.So that excise values will flow from invoice to excise transaction "J1IIN"-factory excise invoice.
    Configuration to move excise values from proforma has been done for Billing type "JEX"
    in Excise configuration Logistics General>Tax on Goods Movement>India>Outgoing Excise invoice>Assign billing types to Delivery types. you will find the JEX been assigned.
    In the standard system, there are two document flows that you can use:
    Standard order (document type OR) -> Outbound delivery (LF) -> Proforma excise invoice (JEX) -> Invoice (F2)
    Standard order (OR) -> Excise invoice (JF) -> Invoice (F2).
    Assign Billing Types to Delivery Types
    You enter outgoing excise invoices by referring to either of the following documents:
    Customer invoices
    Pro forma excise invoices
    These options are represented in the system by different document types and document flows.
    In this IMG activity, you:
    Specify which billing document types you use as a reference for CENVAT utilization
    Assign them to the appropriate delivery document types
    You have set up the delivery types and copy control as follows:
    Create separate delivery types in Customizing for Logistics Execution (LE), by choosing Shipping -> Deliveries -> Define Delivery Types.
    Set up copy control for the delivery types in Customizing for LE, by choosing Shipping -> Copying Control -> Specify Copy Control for Deliveries.
    Create billing types in Customizing for Sales and Distribution (SD), by choosing Billing -> Billing Documents -> Define Billing Types.
    Set up copy control for the billing types in Customizing for SD, by choosing Billing -> Billing Documents -> Maintain Copying Control for Billing Documents

  • Exchange Rate posting to P&L vs B/S during netting, invoice payment and app

    Our Netherland company has local currency EUR and group currency USD.  We also have a US company where local and group are USD.  We consolidate and report in group currency USD.
    In NL company, we would like all exchange differences to go to f/x P&L account (both group and local) when the transaction currency is in anything but EUR.  However, when the transaction currency is in EUR, we would like the difference in group currency to go to CTA account.  How can we acheive that since there is only 1 account that we can use for a group currency?

    Then you need to change the exchange rate based on your LIV posting date.
    Check in OB08 with exchange rate type "M" , as when ever the difference in PO and Invoice you need to ask the finance team to change exchange rate  as per date on which you receive the Invoice so the posting is done as per the vendor invoice exchange rate.
    Do refer the below KBA which explains you in detail how the exchange rate works during MIRO.
    KBA: 1700942 - Exchange rate cannot be changed as changing the posting date during logistics invoice verification

  • EDI - Incoming Invoice Error and GR based Invoice Verification - 51 No GR

    We are implementing EDI for incoming invoices and use Goods Receipts based Invoice Verification.  When processing an inbound IDOC Invoice (type INVOIC01) where the Goods Receipt has not yet been posted, then Inbound IDOC is siiting at Error Status, 51 - No GR documents found.
    Is there any way we can process this as a Parked Invoice or for Verification in the background (MIRA)?  because the current situation is a problem, as 95% of our Inbound Invoices will be received electronically before the Goods are Received. 
    The actual Vendor's delivery note is stored in the segment E1EDP02 (Qualifier 016), field BELNR.
    Currently the IDOC as to sit in error until the Vendor's Delivery Note is Goods Receipted which can be several days later - SAP OSS Note 393883 fro 2001 suggests doing this, but surely this is a common situation.  The IDOC sitting in error in WE02 in the list of IDOCs is difficult to isolate from true errors.
    If this is was mnaul Invoice it could be processed through MIRA for background Invoice Verification later with program RMBABG00.
    We havd SAP version ECC 6.0
    I have spotted OSS Note 501524 which implies that is possible automatically Park Incoming EDI IDOC Invoices, has anyone tried this?  and what would be the transaction/program that could be used to post several at once when the GR has been processed (similar to RMBABG00)

    Hi ,
    You can use the program   RBDMANI2   which will reprocess all the IDOCs (EDIinvoices )that have failed . You can schedule this program in the background and it will post all failed invoices which have the GR posted later .
    We had the same scenario and we have scheduled this program as a daily job at night .

  • How to create invoice, Order and pay the invoice

      I'm new to FI, so can anyone tell me how to create an Order, an invoice for the Order and then pay for the invoice.
    Please provide me the transactions and the steps to do the above three process.
    Thanks in advance.

    Create sales order
    Create production order
    Create Invoice
    Create delivery
    Hope this’ll give you idea!!
    <b>P.S award the points.</b>
    Good luck
    Saquib Khan
    "Some are wise and some are otherwise"

  • Where can we see invoice doc. and payment doc. for asset based on its no.

    Dear all,
    For a particular asset, based on its number, is there any report which shows invoice, payment and other relevant documents.
    Can any of you suggest me on this?

    There is no direct standard report in Asset accounting for your requirement , but you can try the below--
    Asset invoice means , if you have acquired your asset through raising a PO , then you have MIRO docnumber which is linked to Asset number, with the help of this FI document linked withh asset number  you can find out the invoice documents against assets acquired.
    Go to Bseg and search with asset number fields  and doc type of MIRO I believe it will be RE ,it will show you the  invoice docuemnts against the selected asset , then search for the clearing docs against these invoices in bseg , that will be your payment document.
    So now have asset number ,invoice number ,payment doc number.
    More logic you may apply like search for the link through MM tables , since PO is also having asset number , just check the link of Asset number with various documents and tables, you may ask your ABAPER to create a report or query for this.

  • Pdf for Payment recsipt and A/R invoice

    Hello Experts,
    Is it possible to do combine pdf for both the payment recepit and A/R invoice  for Credit card transactions.

    I don't think there is any alternative way beside selecting PLD everytime you print the layout .
    I believe it is done by same person (both A/R+ payment and A/R invoice )
    If not you can do :
    1. make your PLD  default  by user  or
    2. In most cases ,only few customer pays right away , you can set PLD default by Business partner or customer who does that
    Hope this helps

  • Invoice payment status will update in SRM

    Dear Experts,
    I  have done the invoice in SRM and invoice created in ECC and the same invoice number has been updated in SRM with status 'posted in the backend'.
    for thi invoice, i have completed the payment. I would like to know whehter these status will be updated in SRM or not?

    It is not possible to see, but there is a way.  You need to check in ECC in FBL1N for this invoice for the invoice payment. and if you are confirm that no further invoice you need to tick final invoice posted in PO.
    With this tick you can confirm the status of the payment.

  • Problems Printing AR Downpayment Invoice + Payment

    Hi Experts,
    I have searched high and low in the forum but I have not been able to find a solution to my problem.
    Currently, what I have done is that I have created a print layout with Crystal Report for my AR Downpayment Invoice and have set this to the default layout.
    I have also created a print layout with Crystal Report for Incoming Payment and have also set this to be the default layout.
    Now, when I click on the print button, I am presented with 3 options:-
    Invoice Only
    Invoice and Payment In Succession
    A/R Invoice + Payment
    Now, when I select A/R Invoice + Payment, and click OK, the system only prints the invoice and does not print the payment document.
    However, if I set the A/R Downpayment with a PLD print out as default, the prints both the Invoice and the Payment document which I have defaulted in the Incoming Payment document.
    Am I doing something wrong here or does SAP not support the print out of 2 Crystal Report layouts?

    Hi Rahul,
    I went to printing sequence to check. From Invoice + Payment, the sequence does not allow me to select print layouts from anything other than AR Invoices, Deliveries, Sales Orders and Sales Quotations. Hence, there is still no way I can access my payment print layout which is in the Incoming Payment module.
    Printing the document directly from Incoming Payment screen is not an option as my client needs to forbid the access to the incoming payment screen for this particular group of users.

  • Block the Vendor Invoice & Vendor Invoice Payment

    Hi Experts,
    I need more information about Block the Vendor Invoice & Vendor Invoice Payment.
    and laso is there is any standard report is there to see the blocked invoices

    Hi Mazid,
    In F110
    On the Status tab, choose the Proposal (change) button.
    Select All accounting clerks and choose Enter. The list of vendors and amounts to be paid displays.
    To review invoices for a particular vendor, double-click that vendor's line. A list of invoices displays.
    To block a particular invoice for the payment run, put the cursor on that invoice and choose the Change button.
    Enter the payment block indicator and choose   Continue.
    To unblock a particular invoice for the payment run, put the cursor on that invoice and select the Change button.
    Delete the payment block indicator and choose   Continue.
    Try MRBR for to Review and Release Blocked Invoices, you can also use transaction FBL1N to list the vendor open items and change the payment block within the transaction
    Assign points if useful

  • Invoice verification and logistic invoice verification

    What is the different between invoice verification and logistic invoice verification?
    My Japanese client need to work with t.code: VXJ2 - customs declaration for import billing documents - Japan
    When i run this report, it finds no data.
    I read the help for this transaction and it says that only invoice verification (and not logistic invoice verification) is supported for this transaction.
    Best regards,
    Avishai Kaplan

    Hi Avishay, 
    Logistics Invoice Verification 
    Logistics Invoice Verification is a part of Materials Management (MM). It is situated at the end of the logistics supply chain that includes Purchasing, Inventory Management, and Invoice Verification. It is in Logistics Invoice Verification that incoming invoices [Seite 11] are verified in terms of their content, prices, and arithmetic. When the invoice is posted, the invoice data is saved in the system. The system updates the data saved in the invoice documents in Materials Management and Financial Accounting.
    Logistics Invoice Verification is closely integrated with the components Financial Accounting (FI) and Controlling (CO). It passes on the relevant information about payments or invoice analyses to these components.
    In Materials Management, Logistics Invoice Verification has the following features:
    u2022 It completes the material procurement process, which started with the purchase requisition and resulted in a goods receipt.
    u2022 It allows invoices that do not originate in materials procurement (such as services, expenses, course costs) to be processed.
    u2022 It allows credit memos to be processed, either as invoice reversals or return deliveries.
    Invoice Verification 
    The main aim of invoice verification is to ensure that vendors are paid the correct amount at the right time ( not too late but also not too early ). The process should have a high incidence of fi rst-time matching, to ensure that as little time as possible is spent trying to manually match invoices that appear to be incorrect.it is important to include as few steps as possible in the process, considering that the process of handling payments
    does not in itself add value to the company or to the vendor.
    Main steps: 
    The capture of the vendoru2019s invoice details
      The matching of those details to the details that we
    believe to be correct
      The investigation of any mismatches
      The release for payment of matched invoices
      The accounting entries involved ( including taxes and
    delivery costs )
      The details recorded for audit purposes 
    Hope this information helps you out in understanding the differences  between the two
    I ncase of any further clarification do put a message
    In case if this information is of any help to you please do reward accordingly
    Thanks  & Rewards

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