Active Ingredient Concept in SAP

Dear All
I searched the forum for "Active Ingredient" concept in SAP but I didn't found anything concrete.
Request is all to please provide me any link or material for details in Active Ingredient.

Active Ingredients tracking is very important in Pharma Industry  and needs to be tracked.. For that best practice is to use Split Valuation ..
Split valuation is used in  to track actual active grams for bulk materials per batch. It enables us to track the actual quantity of active ingredient per batch without valuing each batch separately and creating Accounting and Costing views for each batch. Essentially, each batch is now valuated at a standard cost but has an actual active ingredient concentration maintained in the u2018Characteristicsu2019 field in the batch master.
The material is valuated at two levels u2013 plant and valuation type. . Ensure there is no inventory, WM stock, batches, purchase orders or process orders against the material. Choose Valuation type u2018Xu2019 in Accounting 1 tab in the material master. The Price Control becomes u2018Vu2019, so no standard cost has to be maintained. Enter a u2018Moving Average Priceu2019 if there is none populated by conversion team.
In Material Master , accounting1 view.. in last there is a costing critical tab.. maintain active ingredients reported.
Maintain alternative units of measure on the material master by clicking the u2018Additional Datau2019 icon and navigating to the Prop/Prod Unit tab. Maintain the plan values for this active ingredient in the u2018Units of measureu2019 tab.
The u2018Additional Datau2019 screen in the material master will store the conversion factor active ingredient unit of measure for the material in the u2018Units of Measureu2019 tab.
The batch master, MSC3N, is where the actual active ingredient concentration is maintained
Hope it clarifies as much i can explain.. as  i am a CO guy..

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  • Active Ingredient Management

    Hi SAP experts.
    We want to activate Active Ingredient Management.
    But before moving further, would like to know:
    1  What processes are affected after activation (Ingredient Managementis necessary only for some materials)? For, example
    * there will be fields obligatory for filling
    * it will be necessary to create additional objects or documents in system
    * etc.
    i.e. how strong the current business processes will be affected
    2. The content of ingredient in each new delivery a miscellaneous, but receiption to do only in one batch. The amount of ingredient will be an average? Issue will be average amount of ingredient?
    For example.
    * 101 movement type: 
    2 pieces contain 200 grams of ingredient (1 = 100)
    1 piece contains 130 grams of ingredient
    in system 1 piece  will contain 110 grams?
    * 261 movement type
    2 will contain 220grams of ingredient?
    Thanks for answers.

    In Bom you are bom qty is 10 Kai that time system do not know what are the result for batches avalable.
    If you keep 10 KG in BOM then if you determine material of 90.00 % then in that case avtual potency you will get it 9 KAI only..
    So when you determine the batches in process order it will pick qty in KG by converting in result.
    If you are same problem again then check again your MIC for which class charecteristic attached.also see in MIC reference charecteristic on.
    Boss I am using this concept regularly in my project its running fine.
    So please revert me back.
    One more setting in QS61 select your materail & ente. .Where you can see all charecteristics assign in class which is used in your material.master.In this screen select all charecteristic line item except your potency.charecteristic ,delte all selected line item
    Now with only your desire charecteristic potency save the screen.
    Here actually you are assigning class charecteristic to material.
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  • BW DSO DB Partitions can be used in HANA Non-active data concept?

    In BW we can do the DB partitioning of the Standard DSOs based on the time characteristic (0calmonth or 0fiscper). Will these
    partitions be considered for the early unload based on the usage pattern in HANA Non-active data concept (Early unload / Displacement
    etc,). ?

    Hi Vijay Patki,
          Standars DSO tables are not marked as Non Active by default.
    see the note for more details " 1767880 - Non-active data concept for BW on SAP HANA DB ".
    And one more thing I would like to mention is the beauty of BW on HANA is :BW Uses HANA's Memory In A Smarter Way  .Its not really necessay for the user to do partitioning at object level because HANA redistribution takes care of it automatically.
    check teh below links:
    The very New Data warehouse Foundation Tool:
    Hope this helps you..
    Thanks & Regards

  • PP-PI active ingrediant settlement

    In PP-PI We want to use active ingredient for scenario:
    Our Raw material is MINING ORE which will have varying proportion of COPPER & COBALT.
    Valuation of ORE is based on itu2019s content of COPPER & COBALT content. So we will use active ingredient to capture value of this raw material based on it content of CU & CO.
    Now when we issue this material for production to process order, our semi finished output ( Say SFG1) will also have varying content of COPPER & COBALT based on kind of input quality. There will several process orders doing diff. processe.
    Now my query is
    1) Can we settle the process order variance to COPPER & COBALT content of SFG1 instead of normal settlement to SFG1?
    2) Can I maintain my valuation of SFG1 based on COPPER & COBALT content?
    3) Do we have any user exit or BADI available to replace SFG1 with CO& CU in process order settlement rule?
    4) In standard cost estimate can we capture COPPER & COBALT characteristics?
    Ultimately COPPER & COBALT are our finished goods.
    I try to search sap help but not much info to help me on this.
    Your input will be highly appreciated.

    Dear experts,
    Any inputs on my posting?
    I analysed further and now feel that selttlement to this CO& CU will not be possible.
    But can any one guide if I my SFG1 has charectristic CO & CU can I get valuation of SFG1 on CO& CU content basis?
    Pl. give ur openions.
    I can enter CO & CU content in SFG1 only after quality testing and I want valuation of SFG1 based on this quality test only.
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  • Active Ingredient Management with Logarithmic Scale

    Dear Gurus,
    I would like to manage the batch specific concentration of an active ingredient that is measured on a log scale.  This is similar to pH, but the active ingredient I would like to manage is a virus particle.
    Any guidance would be appreciated,

    Dear MediSteve
    You could use the Characteristics
    Characteristics are criteria according to which you can search for batches. These characteristics are defined when creating a class. There are two different types of characteristic:
    User-defined characteristics :
    These are characteristics which are not defined as fields in the batch master record.
    For example: Active ingredient potency, viscosity, color, weight
    please look here:
    good luck.

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  • Active Ingredient management error in valuation

    Dear gurus,
    We have a business process involving active ingredient management system, the process is as follows.
    1, PO creation
    2, GR against PO with automatic batch creation in Migo (with out entering characteristics)
    3, Material After tested the characteristic values for the batch are updated in MSC2N.
    4, MIRO for PO
    Now my problem is lets say i have maintained in Proportion/Product Unit tab "Plan value " for a characteristic as 95.
    We have batch wise split valuation and payment processed according to this batch. In PO we have maintained a OPU same as that of the characteristic.
    Since we are not maintaining any characteristic value in GRN the Qty in PO price unit in MIgo doc is updated according to the Plan value in material master which makes MIRO value to calculate wrongly.
    Please advice to solve this issue

    The problem is if i enter the Characteristic value in migo then all the calculations are coming correct. But our business process requires to enter the characteristic value in MSC2N because of which calculations are incorrect.

  • Oracle 11g Active Data Guard and SAP R3

    Hi All,
    I have a query regarding Oracle 11g Active Data Guard and SAP R3.
    Does the Oracle 11g R1/R2 Active Data guard feature supported with SAP R3?
    I appreciate your help to provide any link or document for the same.

    I have a query regarding Oracle 11g Active Data Guard and SAP R3.
    Does the Oracle 11g R1/R2 Active Data guard feature supported with SAP R3?
    I appreciate your help to provide any link or document for the same.
    Oracle database 11g functionality certified by SAP, check below link

  • Need Active Ingredient  table field & its calculation from batch chars

    Hi All,
    Creating a report where Active Ingredient(AI) table field is needed. Further per batch AI content need to be determined based on AI characteristics in batch & planned value of AI in material master for a material. Please help me in finding out the table & its field for AI uom & value of AI chars in batch & in material master. I checked in table "AUSP" but value of AI is coming as blank in this table.
    Thanks in advance,

    Thanks for your reply. But these tables are not helpful.

  • U00A7RM - Legacy Ingredient Specfication to SAP RM

    Hi All,
    I am in a situation where i need to migrate legacy ingredient data to SAP CG02/RMWB, is there any standrad program or transaction to do the same.
    currently i have following programs which will help to create Recipe in SAP RMWB but not helping me to create Ingredient (REAL_SUB or LIST_SUB)
    my question is is there any standrad program or transaction to create Ingredients ?!
    Many Thanks in Advance
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    Hi All,
    After further debugging, the issue was with authorization issue with the user id used in web services definition. After issue was resolved I used SMQ1 and Queue name "UKM_DOCUMENT_PROCESS" to get the Open Invoices Category 200 updated in Credit Management.
    Now the issue left is with Open Orders Category 100*. How can I update the exposure?
    *Open Sales Order conversion has already taken place which did not update exposure in credit management.
    Prateek Maheshwari

  • MS active Directory Configuration on SAP 4.7 and ECC6.0

    Can anybody guide the steps required for MS Active Directory Configuration with SAP 4.7 on AIX and
    and ECC 6.0 also on AIX 5.3.
    Currently we are using many different applications on client landscape.
    The requirement is for implementing the Single Sign On for all the applications
    on the client landscape.

    Please check
    In Case you also have EP then
    Also check below for SSO
    Note 121178 - NT: Installation note for SSO Single Sign On
    Note 138498 - Single Sign-On Solutions

  • Using Active-Directory PW at SAP logon procedure

    I have the requirement no to use single sign on for some systems with sensitive data, but  would like to check during sap logon procedure the  from our central active directory password.
    is there any best practice configuration or SAP / AD Win Addon solution available to connect SAP NW abap 7.40 at Win2012 sever with our active directory. Nearly all win based applications can handle a PW check from application to AD. Is there any SAP or Partner implementation helpful to expand the SAP client internal User-PW check?
    Thanks in advanced for alternatives to the standard client SSO or any idea in the direction using active directory password within sap-logon.
    Please give me a short feedback if you need more details.
    Bernhard Mair
    Goethe-Institut München

    The SAP NetWeaver ABAP app server only accepts SAP user id and password or it can use SNC to authenticate the user when SAP GUI is used on workstation. So, if you want the user to be prompted to enter their Active Directory credentials during a logon using SAP GUI, and you don't want SSO, then you need to purchase a third party product.
    Please note, that SAP is not JUST a Windows based application, as it can also be installed on Unix and Linux, so SAP have made it work in same way on all platforms without any 'special' windows authentication capabilities.

  • How use Active X object in sap 2005A SP14

    How use Active X object in sap 2005A SP14 with usercontrol in
    or control in please show example code
    Thanks for advance

    I try to use this sample too (C# version) but it does not work properly.
    I got two different COMExeptions at line 75:
    fTree = SBO_Application.Forms.AddEx( CP );
    Message: Form - already exists.
    and at line 114:
    AcXTree.ClassID = "MSComctlLib.TreeCtrl.2";
    Ausnahme von HRESULT: 0x80010105 (RPC_E_SERVERFAULT)
    I don't know the reason - but i am searching...
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  • Active Ingredient : Correction posting after MWBQ

    Hello All,
    We have active ingredient (purchasing scenario), now following data has been maintained :
    Material master :
      a) Batch Characteristic is linked.
      b) Proportion unit has been maintained : 100 kg = 70 KAI (i.e 70% potency)
      c) Split Valuation actiavted : X
      d) Price control : V (at header level ) but price control would be 'S' for valuation type level.(Price control at material master is S)
      e) Batch management activated.
      f) Inspection type 01 linked in QM view.
      g) MWB1 done to update standard cost 1 KAI = £ 100 (this is equal to £ 70 / kg)
    QM: Master Characteristic created and Material linked in the inspection plan.
    Now when I raise a Purchase order  for 1 KG and price 60 per KAI and do MIGO following happens :
    1. Batch is created and stock is QM restricted stock for inspection.
    2. Accounting entry posted :
       Stock A/c Dr .. 70 £ (At planned potency 70%)
       GR/IR A/c Cr .. 42 £ (At PO price for planned potency 70 %)
       PPV A/c Cr ...  28 £
    Then I do QA32 and put the result at 50% and do the Usage Decision, following happens :
    1. Stock is moved to Unrestricted
    2. Pop up comes up that ' Correct PO History for Inspection lot XXXX using MWBQ'.
    This is fine so far, now I do to MWBQ and do the correction, then I see Purchase order and material document posted.
    Material document is posted with movement type 141 and 142 , and accounting entry for correction is :
    GR/IR A/c Dr .. 42 £
    PPV A/c Cr ...  42 £
    GR/IR A/c Cr ...30 £
    PPV A/c Dr .... 30 £
    Why is stock account not getting corrected  ?
    I expected that initial entry done will be reversed completely and new stock entry would be posted. Because if I see material master for this batch ( valuation type ) it shows Total stock = 1 Value = £ 50 and Standard price updated = £ 50.
    But with this in GL Stock Account in FI still has £ 70 and not £ 50 ?
    Please help me understand what am I missing here .
    Best Regards

    Hi Vijay,
    did you actively search for accounting documents for the material or just look into the follow-on documents of the material document? It might be that the material price change was posted, but the connection to the original document is not given.
    Maybe check for all accounting documents and also for a price change document (transaction CKMPCD)
    Best regards,   Udo

  • How to get List of  all activated Info objects in sap BI production system

    Hi Experts,
             For my requirement  I need list of all activated info objects in sap bi production system.
    Can any body suggest any thing.

    Check in the following table, all the below tables are for InfoObejct related only
    Directory of all InfoObjects
    RSDIOBJT------ Texts of InfoObjects
    RSDIOBJ------- Directory of all InfoObjects
    RSDIOBJT----- Texts of InfoObjects
    RSDATRNAV------ Navigation Attributes
    RSDATRNAVT----- Navigation Attributes
    RSDBCHATR------ Master Data Attributes
    RSDCHABAS------- Basic Characteristics (for Characteristics,Time Characteristics, and Units)
    Characteristics Catalog
    RSDDPA -
    Data Package Characteristic
    Dependencies of InfoObjects
    Key Figures
    Time Characteristics
    RSDUNI -

Maybe you are looking for

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