Airport Express not working with wireless router

I just bought Airport Express to play music on my stereo. My PC running XP is connected to my wireless router (TeleWell TW-EA510v3) with ethernet cable and airport express wirelessly. Problem is that Airport Utility (and iTunes) can't find AE if it's not connected to router with ethernet cable.
I can connect to AE from Aiport Utility by "configure other" option so it's connected to my wireless network correctly.
Is this kind of set up even possible (pc wired to router and AE wireless)? I have tried tried WEP, WPA/WPA2 and no encryption on my wireless network and AE connects ok every time but Airport Utility still can't find it. I even tried to make a WDS network but AE was not compatible with my router. Now I can't come up with anything else to try.
Is there anything else to do? Should I buy WLAN adabter to my PC and would AE work then?
Why can't Apple make Airport Utility to recognise AE with given IP like with "configure other" option? Should not be too hard to program?!
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Follow the isntruction lisetd below...they work.
Actually, the ae is a slick device, once you get it to work.
Make sure that one (or both) checkboxes in Airport Utility > Airport Express tab
(middle of page) are not checked...if one or both are checked, they limit (hide) wireless connectivity options (e.g., WEP-64) to choose from.
P.S. You must have patience: it may take a couple of minutes to establish the connection and turn the led to solid green. So, give it a chance.
OMG!!! You are da man!!!
I have this streaming perfectly now!! Here is what I did for others to see and use (it does work perfectly)
Step 1) Clear/Reset the Airport Express
Step 2) Connect the Airport Express directly to the Router/Modem via Ethernet to set up Wireless
Step 3) Do it via the Manual Set-up Effort Listed Below following:
AirPort > Base Station
o Base Station Name: <rename or leave default>
o Base Station Password: <enter desired password>
o Verify Password: <re-enter desired password>
o Remember this password in my keychain: (optional)
o Set time automatically: (unchecked)
AirPort > Wireless
o Wireless Mode: Join a wireless network
o Network Name: <existing Linksys wireless network>
o Wireless Security: <select the encryption type of the existing wireless network> I have 64bit WEP
(Same as 40bit on the drop down menu)
o Wireless Password: <enter the existing wireless network password>
o Verify Password: <re-enter the existing wireless network password>
o Enable AirTunes (checked)
o iTunes Speaker Name: <enter desired speaker name>
o iTunes Speaker Password: (optional)
o Verify Password: (optional)
o Click Update to write the new settings to the AX
In iTunes:
iTunes > Preferences... > Advanced > General
o Look for remote speakers connected with AirTunes (checked)
Once it congratulates you, unplug the ethernet cable
Verify in Aitport Utility that it still recognizes (if not, repeat the above). Note this may take a few minutes, so be patient.
Now place the airport express with your stereo (or whatever) and again be patient as it tries to find the network
(mine took 4 minutes) then it turns green and you are off listening to music on your stereo downstairs in another room.
Frustrating when it does not work at first, but keep trying and it will work!!
Thanks everyone for your help!!

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    I am sorry that I don't have a definitive answer but I also have Windows computers and I have "inherited" some older Apple devices from my son and am trying to learn about them so in addition to searching this group,  I "Googled" "1st generation airport express" and it listed many specific posts in this group - I read them all and they might answer your question - good luck

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    I have the same issue.  Mine fixed itself for a bit and now it's broken again.  I'm thinking it's going to be intermittently broken.  I've tried turning both devices off and on again but that did not help.

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    I used to have AT&T and had my airport working well. Yesterday i changed to Comcast and my airport is not working the light stays yellow.. I tried resetting it but it didn't work.. I use it with my old Cisco router and its working. Whats wrong with my Airport Express? My computers are Windows 7

    A solid amber light indicates that the AirPort Express has locked up....or it is defective.
    Suggest you that try a Factory Default Reset as follows:
    Pull the Express from power
    Let it rest for a few minutes
    Hold in the reset button and keep holding it for another 8-10 seconds while you plug the Express back in to power
    Release the reset button after the hold period and allow 40-45 seconds to restart
    The Express should display a slow, blinking amber light at this time
    If you continue to see a solid amber light after a few tries with a Factory Default Reset, the Express has failed and it will need to be replaced.

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    Configuration is simple if you start from a factory default condition.  Then connect the Airport to AC power and finally to the Internet modem (or modem/router).  Open Airport Utility on your Mac or other computer and accept all of the recommendations.  After confirming that it works, insert your desired administrative and WiFi passwords.
    Do not expect the Airport to respond instantly to the configuration commands.  BE PATIENT!

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    Have you set up your Express to work with your new modem? See here:

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    I have the same issue.  Mine fixed itself for a bit and now it's broken again.  I'm thinking it's going to be intermittently broken.  I've tried turning both devices off and on again but that did not help.

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    I have the same issue.  Mine fixed itself for a bit and now it's broken again.  I'm thinking it's going to be intermittently broken.  I've tried turning both devices off and on again but that did not help.

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    Ideally I'd like this to all be set up so that I could be conected to the internet through the Netgear wirelessly and listen to my itunes through the Airport Express at the same time.
    Thanks in advance for any advice.

    I am sorry that I don't have a definitive answer but I also have Windows computers and I have "inherited" some older Apple devices from my son and am trying to learn about them so in addition to searching this group,  I "Googled" "1st generation airport express" and it listed many specific posts in this group - I read them all and they might answer your question - good luck

  • Airtunes/airport express not working with MacBook

    I have a new Macbook and an older Powerbook. The Powerbook is working nicely with my airport express and airtunes. I copied all settings to the new Macbook and configured it the same way, I also did the firmware update.
    ITunes found the airport express, connected and I could listen to the music.
    Later during the day it didn't work anymore, although I didn't change any settings. ITunes can no longer connect to the airport express, the airport utility does find the base station, but I can no longer configure or reset it.
    I started the old Powerbook again which is still working without problems
    What can I do to get the Macbook working as well ?

    Same issue here!! Everything working fine with OS X Tiger. As soon as I upgraded to Leopard the problems detecting the AX started. The setup I have is the following:
    -Linksys wireless router
    -AX connects to wireless network to play songs through iTunes and to print via USB printer.
    The green light on the AX is solid which means that it is connecting to the existing wireless network just fine. The problem lies with Leopard detecting and connecting to the AX. I have tried just about everything over the last few days and nothing seems to work. Some resets and updates let my macbook detect the AX for a little while but then it starts to drop and cannot be detected anymore. Apple HAVE to do something about this. These are two apple products not communicating properly. What ever happened to the good old days of apple products being so user friendly and "plug-and-play"
    Disgruntled Mac user

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    Could it have anything to do with a firewall on the pc or the fact that I'm going from a place that supplied me cable internet to a place that now has dsl?
    Thanks for any help.

    Macs and PCs work together just fine with an Airport Express.
    Unfortunately, you have given us little information to help you with beyond simply indicating that "it doesn't work". Please elaborate:
    1. do the Mac and PC "see" the Airport Express wireless network?
    2. if so, does the Airport Utility (or Airport Admin Utility) on either computer "see" the Airport Express and allow you to view/change its configuration?
    3. what does the status light on the Airport Express show?
    4. if you can connect to the Airport Express wireless network from the PC and/or Mac, is the only problem that you cannot access the internet?
    5. what kind of reset did you do? To really start from scratch, do a factory default reset as described here.

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    I would suggest, reconnecting the Express to the TC again. Use the AirPort Utility to make ALL configuration changes including the network extending settings. Then restart both base stations and check that the settings are still good. Then disconnect the Express and give it a few minutes to initialize. It should connect. If not, then the issue may be either the distance or obstructions (like walls, ceilings, floors, etc.) that is preventing the Express from getting a signal from the TC that is adequate enough to extend.

  • AirPort Express NOT working with Belkin N1 Vision (Model : F5D8232-4)

    I cannot manage to make it work properly....
    I've followed the instructions to set up the network. My Mac can detect my AirPort Express (APE) and an IP has been distributed successfully. And the solid green light was shown after setting up. However, the AirTune cannot detect my APE in iTunes...
    Any solution for that? Please suggest. Thanks!

    There could be a couple of issues, if you could provide more information about the settings you have chosen that might help. However if your AE is new call Apple they can assist you on setting it up.
    I also use a Belkin router and found initially my security was set at 128 bit WEP which the AE had a tough time with. Once I reset the security to WPA/WPA2-Personal(PSK) things went much smoother. You will probably have to do a reset of your AE by plugging it in, using a pen or paperclip hold in the reset button until the light starts blinking rapidly and then take out the pen/clip. Once you have done that start over on the installation process.
    Another possibility is if there are multiple wireless networks in your vicinity you can get interference if they are all competing for the same channel. There is a free application called iStumbler (just Google it) that will look for all the WiFi networks in your area and let you know the channel they are on. If you find several all using the same channel then simple go into your Belkin's settings and change the channel to one not being used. I ran into this problem too, I live in a Condo with 5-6 WiFi Lans all within a close proximity.

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