ALE/EDI - Process of Inbound Freight Invoice EDI Document 210

Good day all and a Happy New Year!  We want to receive Freight Invoices from UPS and other carrier vendors into SAP, to track actual shipment charges.  My question is, which Idoc/message type, should I use in order to map to the EDI document number 210, which is a Freight Invoice we will be receiving and posting into SAP?  Thank you for your support.

we can't send the PO number with the shipment notification. At that point of time, the PO doesn't exist.
The PO is created with another INVOIC01 IDOC, which automatically creates a shipment cost document (SCD). Only then, the PO is created according to the SCD.
In the meantime, I found something myself.
1. The option to use the "Transportation Agent" is not available in standard SAP for EDI receipts. (Confirmed by SAP).
2. Instead, we are now using the "delivery note" number from the service entry sheet. In our case, the delivery note has the same number as the shipment.
To use that, you need to have:
E1EDK02 and E1EDP02 with qualifier 016 and then the delivery note number with leading zeros (10 digits) and the item position on item level.
Partner SP is required on item level.
When we check the document, it now determines the service PO automatically in MIRO.
We now have to solve a tax problem, but the core function is working..

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      You can check this program as a reference: It deals with VTMMAS and not the message type you are referring to, but the concept remains the same.

  • Invoice EDI error : EDI: Partner profile inbound not available

    Hi  EDI experts ,
    We are connecting our SAP ECC 6 ( Ehp 4) system to 3rd party system Mincom via SAP PI, to send PO Creation message (Outbound) and receive Vendor Invoice message( inbound).  We already done all the settings..Output determination procedure, Partner Profile ( WE20) , Port creation , Condition Records, EDI settings in SPRO for invoice..etc as below:
    Logical system ( BD54)
    ECC system - EDACLNT112,
    PI systems u2013 IDACLNT210
    Third party u2013 LSMINCOM
    Port ( WE21)
    IDACLNT510 : For PI with RFC destination IDACLNT510
    Partner ( WE20)
    LSMINCOM :  (Partn.Type LS)
    Outbound parmtrs.- Partner Role- LS, Message : ORDERS , Port - IDACLNT510
    Inbound parmtrs.- Partner Role- LS, Message : INVOIC , Message Variant- MM, Process code u2013 INVL, Trigger immediately (Process code INVL have  Identification - IDOC_INPUT_INVOIC_MRM, Option ALE u2013 Processing with ALE services , Processing type- processing by functional module)
    Here PO Creation is working fine . IDoC of PO outbound message have below details :
    Recipient information:
    Port :     IDACLNT510 (Logical system & Port created in WE21 )
    Partner Number :  LSMINCOM   ( Logical system and Partner created in WE20)
    Partn.Type :  LS        
    Function :  LS     
    Sender information:
    Port :  SAPEDA ( donu2019t know how it created..but in is not there)
    Partner number:   EDACLNT112 ( Logical system and Partner created in WE20)
    Partn.Type :  LS        
    Partner Role :Blank
    Just started testing, our PI team is sending the IDoC, with wrong information on partner & other data, so inbound IDoC failing with error u201CEDI: Partner profile not availableu201D. Oaky. I reprocessed these failed IDoCs by changing Partner data just opposite (i.e. Sender info as Recipient info & vice versa) to successful PO Creation O/B message in WE19 in EDIDC and when I click on u201CStandard Inboundu201D, then another window open giving error message u201CPartner profile not maintainedu201D and creates new IDoC with status 56
    EDI: Partner profile inbound not availableMessage no. E0337
    An inbound partner profile could not be found with the following key:
    This involves the key fields of table EDP21:
    -SNDPRN  partner number of sender
    -SNDPRT  partner type of sender
    -SNDPFC  partner function of sender
    -MESTYP  logical message type
    -MESCOD  logical message code
    -MESFCT  logical message function
    -TEST    test flag
    Please check the inbound partner profiles.
    Execute function
    I am not getting exactly what inbound partner profile could not be found or what is the problem here . Can anyone suggest me what should be the problem and solution on it ?

    Please advice what was the solution.

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    You help will be highly appreciated.

    Try to post your message on dedicated EBS forums

  • EDI: Partner profile inbound not available Message no. E0337

    Hi Friends,
    I am facing very wiered issue for incoming vendor frieght invoice. When the IDOC is sent to SAP from the edi subsystem, it gets posted with status 56 and error message
    EDI: Partner profile inbound not available
    Message no. E0337
    An inbound partner profile could not be found with the following key:
    This involves the key fields of table EDP21:
    -SNDPRN  partner number of sender
    -SNDPRT  partner type of sender
    -SNDPFC  partner function of sender
    -MESTYP  logical message type
    -MESCOD  logical message code
    -MESFCT  logical message function
    -TEST    test flag
    I have created the partner profile in WE20 for Partner type LI, partner role VN and process code INVL, message type INVOIC, message code MM. I have also checked the entry in TABLE EDP21 and the entry exists.
    When I open the IDOC in WE19, and click on standard inbound TAB it says partner profile not maintianed, however when i click on the control record it opens a dialog box, where we have all the entries for partner profile and when I just click on any field in the dialog box and click continue and when again click on standard inbound it say partner profile maintained.
    None of the data is changed in the IDOC control record, I just click on any field and it finds the partner profile.
    Please let me know your thoughts, what could be possible reason and a solution.

    Hi Deepak,
    I am facing the same problem with a different message type.
    But same effect. I can copy the IDoc with WE19 and it will process nicely, completely unchanged.
    Have you found the reason for this?

  • Data Conversion rules for EDI processing (same client IDOC processing)

    I am trying to post IDOCS in same client.Its a PO->SO process.
    ie. there will be 1 outbound and inbound idoc in same client using EDI processing.
    I am using Data Conversion using Rulesfor converting sender fields.
    The LIFNR and PAORG od segment E1EDKA1 has to be converted.
    For ALE processing, the Data conversion is been done correctly.
    But no conversion is done for EDI.
    Can anybody help me with this problem ?
    Thanks in advance.

    Issue solved

  • Error 56 "EDI: Partner profile inbound not available"

    I am tring to post IDOC using we19.
    Bu t, I am getting the error 56 "EDI: Partner profile inbound not available"
    Could any one please suggest me to solve the problem.

    Hi Sam,
    When you process the inbound IDoc using standard inbound button, the system will perform validation for a given IDoc control record against the partner profile and file port setup. In your case, there is no inbound partner profile setup (WE2) for the corresponding message type. Therefore, you got an error message 'Partner profile not maintained'.
    When you process the inbound IDoc using inbound function module button, the system will <b>NOT</b> perform validation against the partner profile and file port setup. The system will call directly the inbound FM to process the inbound IDoc. You may get an error based on validation of IDoc data record within the inbound FM.
    In production environment (real case), the system will always validate againts the partner profile and file port setup for incoming IDoc.
    Therefore, it is important to have ALE and IDoc corretly setup for inbound and outbound message types.
    Again, hope this will help.
    Ferry Lianto

  • Has anyone used MASS_RSEOUT00 for EDI processing?

    My Client is experiencing an increasing volume of EDI processing. I'm thinking about switching from running RSEOUT00 to running MASS_RSEOUT00.
    Has anyone been using MASS_RSEOUT00? Can you please share your experience? Thoughts?
    Greatly appreciate...

    In short yes this will replace the step of entering/recording the vendor invoice into the A/P area, this BAPI is designed accomodate the loading of A/P invoices, more information is available in the Interfaces to Accounting documentation in the R/3 Library (under Cross Application Functions -> Interfaces to External Systems).
    The bapi is envoked in the same manor as others...
        DOCUMENTHEADER       =
    "   CUSTOMERCPD          =
    "   OBJ_TYPE             =
    "   OBJ_KEY              =
    "   OBJ_SYS              =
        ACCOUNTPAYABLE       =
        ACCOUNTGL            =
        ACCOUNTTAX           =
        CURRENCYAMOUNT       =
    "   PURCHASEORDER        =
    "   PURCHASEAMOUNT       =
        RETURN               =
    "   CRITERIA             =
    "   VALUEFIELD           =
    "   EXTENSION1           =

  • File2Idoc - Error [EDI: Partner profile inbound not available]

    Hi All,
    I am executing file to Idoc Scenario, It is picking the file from sender & delivering to Idoc as well (fields) in R/3 system and showing chequered flag SXMB_MONI.
    But If go to WE02 in R/3 : It is showing that Partner Profile not availbe , I have already mentioned  in We20 - R/3 system.
    EDI: Partner profile inbound not available
    An inbound partner profile could not be found with the following key:
    I checked in Idoc - Control Segments - > It is shwoing Wrong recipient Partner No & Type
    Recipient Information :-
    Partner No - CLNT_300              Expecting   100008
    Partner Type - LS                       Expecting     LI
    Where are to maintain these entries ?
    Please do the needful.

    I am using simple Idoc Delivery:-
    Idoc:DELINF.DELVRY05      Messgae Type u2013 DELINF     Process Code -- DELV
    But I am getting error in R/3 - WE02
    I checked in all entries in We20
    EDI: Partner profile inbound not available
    Message no. E0337
    An inbound partner profile could not be found with the following key:
    This involves the key fields of table EDP21:
    -SNDPRN  partner number of sender
    -SNDPRT  partner type of sender
    -SNDPFC  partner function of sender
    -MESTYP  logical message type
    -MESCOD  logical message code
    -MESFCT  logical message function
    -TEST    test flag

  • EDI: Partner profile inbound not available - message variant

    Hi Friends,
    I am gettin error "EDI: Partner profile inbound not available" when sending message from XI to R/3 on R/3 side.
    I checked to partner profile and it is correctly maintaind .
    One thing I noticed is in the control record of that idoc,under typeinfo tab, message type is orders and message variant is ALW. I dont knw what this message vaeiant means,n where it came from, but when i process idoc in we19 by removing this message variant, its working properly..
    give ur suggestions.

    Hi Kiran,
         Check your Partner Profile Message Settings in we20.
         [Error: "EDI: Partner profile inbound not available";

  • IDoc Receiver, Error in we02 - EDI: Partner profile inbound not available

    Hi All,
    I have a problem when creating a receiver IDoc from XI to R/3.
    I have successfully tested the IDoc when populating the receiver information from the payload. However I want this information to be populated automatically based on the logical systems.
    When I do this I get the following error in the IDoc in R/3:
    EDI: Partner profile inbound not available
    In the control record the sender information is all correct but in the recipient information the partner Number with type LS is populated, but port is not populated.
    I have done the following steps.
    •     the sender is a Business Service so I have created a logical system directly adapter-specific identifiers in the sender service in the integration directory.
    •     In the receiver business system I have imported the logical system into the adapter-specific identifiers in the ID from that specified in the SLD.
    •     In the receiving R/3 system using SALE/BD54 I have created a logical system for the source system.
    •     In the receiving R/3 system using we20 I have created a partner profile of type LS with the same name as the source logical system.
    •     IN PI/XI system in transaction IDX1 I’ve created a port (SAP<SID> where <SID> is the system ID of the receiving R/3 system) and the client of the R/3 system, and the RFC destination of that system (<SID>CLNT<clnt>, as specified in SM59).
    •     In the IDOC Adapter (receiver) I have entered the RFC destination and port matching those created above. All checkboxes are UN-checked eg. take sender from payload, take receiver from payload, Apply control record values from payload, etc. are all NOT checked.
    I think that I’ve done everything correctly, but I get the error in we02 in R/3: “EDI: Partner profile inbound not available.”
    Any help will be greatly appreciated (and rewarded, obviously).

    HI Matt,
    Can you please copy paste the exact error message....In your error message it will show you Exact partner Number / Logical System name and other parameters...just compared if you have all parameters set in your partner profile comparing to error message...
    If you can giev screen shot of both..then probably would be easy to point out error.
    Hope this will help.

  • Direct Freight Invoice Processed?

    Hi Guys ,
               Can any body tell me what is meant by Freight and tell some Freight Master tables?My requirement is  i have to download the data based on the below requirement
    4.     If “ISD Wise Direct Freight Invoices Processed” is selected then the following will be the data selection logic –
    a.     Select ALL the parameters entered in the selection screen for this Option. 
    b.     Query the table BKPF with the document type as ‘KR” and the Posting date obtained from the screen and select the list of all the document numbers (BKPF-BELNR).
    c.     Query the table BSEG with the Document numbers from BKPF and the Vendor Number from the selection screen to obtain the list of all invoices along with the relevant data elements.
      The fields which are to be displayed in grid are
         List of Direct Freight Invoices Processed                                             
         Company Code     Document Number     Fiscal Year     Document Type     Document Date     Posting Date     Period     Entered on     Entered at     Changed on     Last update     Translatn Date     User Name     Transaction Code     Cross-CC no.     Reference     Rec.entry doc.     Amount
          Hi guys my doubts what does Amount means in the above  Fields is it the Amount fom BSEG table(DMBTR or BUALT ) or BKPF table(XSNET).?

    Hi Balachandar,

  • EDI Processing

    Hi All,
    I have some questions about EDI processing in XI.
    If we use seeburger adapter, do we need to write custom mapping program (eg: 850 to ORDERS) or adapter itself generate the mapping?
    How do we split the message is it Interchange level or Transaction level? How seeburger is going to handle this?
    Can anyone please forward me the related documents if you have about seeburger adapter?
    Please explain me one complete scenario EDI 2 IDOC using Seeburger adapter.
    What are the other alternatives to seeburger adapter?

    Please see the below links , so that you can get clear idea about EDI/seeburger
    Details on XI EDI adapter from seeburger
    Check this for Conversions-
    SAP Adapters
    EDI with XI
    Please let me know your prob is clear or not..

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