Amount field to be non editable at line item level in MIRO

Plz let me know the steps, how to make the "Amount" field at line item level to be non editable in Invoive verification (MIRO).

Create a screen variant for MIRO and make DRSEG-WRBTR filed output only.
Program: SAPLMR1M
Screen no : 6000

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  • Asset field blank in FS10N (Drilldown to line item level) report layout

    Hi all,
    i ahve posted a Retirement transaction to an asset and when i went to see the line item on the GL using/executing report FS10N for asset transactions GL and drill down to the line item level by double clicking on the period balances and I choose field "Asset" to be displayed in the layout, it is blank. How can I get report FS10N to display the asset number from the transaction?
    the field is available in the layout but when i pull it into the report it is Blank in the report.
    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

    FS10N shows only balance, FBL3N shows the line details.
    Add the asset as a special field via OBVU  (Table:  BSEG, Field: ANLN1).

  • Add field(Text-Field) in SAP Adobe form (SFP) @ line item level

    Hi All,
    I have copied SAP Standard Travel Request Form (FITP_REQUEST_FORM), and modifying it according to client's requirement.
    The requirement is to display Comments field
    I need to display some more details under Travel Itinerary & Services
    Eg: Comments field for > Outbound Train , Outbound Flight etc.
    The problem I am facing is unable to filter data in Node Request > Data > Car, Flight, Train, Hotel and others.
    I have added text field in the Car node but its not retiveing data related to Car Comments its showing for Flight.
    Shree Wadekar
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    Solved by my own


    Hi guys,
    I went to "Document Change Rules, Line Item" in SPRO inserting BSEG-ZUONR as Field Name and put a tick on "Field can be Changed".
    Unfortunatly nothing happened in FB02 and the field is still non-editable.
    Could you suggest me a solution?
    Thanks a lot

    As mentioned in note 827413 there is a golden rule regarding the changeability of fields in FI documents:
    When the field is used in Special Ledger field movement then it    is not possible to change this field in FI using transaction FB02.
    The reason is that Special Ledger is only updated when the document is created. For other components like profit center accounting or special ledger a subsequent change in an FI document is only local. Special Ledger does not get the information about the change. Thus, in order to avoid inconsistencies between SL and FI those fields are not changeable.
    Please check the follwong field movements for Special Ledger which contain the field ZUONR in the field movement (tr. GCL3).
    Ravinagh Boni

  • Purchase order Field LIke Material , Non editable by using Trax code Me22n

    How to make Purchase order Field LIke Material , Non editable by using Trax code Me22n

    Check this in SPRO- SAP IMG- Material Management - Purchasing- Purchase order- Define screen lay out at document level
    In this select the particular field selection key and change the material field to display.
    Hope it will do

  • The note field is in non-editable mode in appraisal document

    Hi all,
    In appraisal document,
    the reviewer can give his comment in the status u201CIn Processu201D and in the Sub Status u201CAnnual Review by Addl Managers/Reviewersu201D in an appraisal document. It is editable when I am trying via web but when I try to upload the comment from backend GUI  ( using phap_admin) the note field is in non-editable mode. My client requires it in editable mode at the back end.
    Can any one help me on thisu2026

    Hello Girish,
    Can you please check the appraisal  template, Proper access has been given to use the note column. If still faces problem can look for the BADI  HRHAP00_COL_ACCESS.
    You can look for the following notes also :
    1554467   column access does not work
    Best Regards,

  • Field exits for non-editable field

    Hi All,
    can I write field exit for non-editable field?
    Thanks in advance...

    i think you can, just try it.
    But when you have to change it, because of a certain exception in the fieldexit, it is impossible to change the field.

  • Which table for the field "Net due date" of customer line items?

    Hi All,
    In which table could I find the field "Net due date" of customer line items?

    I don't think there is a field for that.  In various SAP screens where you see this field, I think it is a calculated value (baseline date ZFBDT + days ZBD*T).

  • Query : Custom field at line item level in SRM 7.0 .

    I was going through a document which instructs on how to add a custom field at line item level in SRM 7.0.
    I found this code :
    I wanted to know what is 'I1015'  and what is its significance .
    please advise .

    This speaks about the status of the Cart. This means that the Status of the Cart is AWAITING APPROVAL...I dont know which document you have gone through but procedure for adding a Custom Field in SRM 7.0 is:
    1. Create a Custom field in the Database in SRM. Preferrably add the field in an include and extend thta include to the table in SE11.
    2. Go to Portal Login of SRM and right click the part of the screen where you want to add the custom field. Click on More Field Help. The popup will give you the name of WebDynpro Applicaiton which controls that area.
    3. Login to SRM via GUI and display the webdynpro application using SE80. Enhance the Webdynpro application.
    4. Add the custom field to the Context of the WebDynpro Application View. You will be selecting the field from the database table while adding the custom field to the context
    5. Add the field at the specified place in Layout Tab of the WebDynpro View,
    6. Create a binding between the Layout Field and the Context
    7. Activate the changes.... you will see the field in Portal login of SRM....
    For more details , refer to the Webdynpro help of the application...
    Virender Singh

  • How to control Payment Block field at line item level

    Hi Experts,
    Could anyone please let me know how to control payment block and payment method fields at line item level.
    I have checked field status at posting key (OB41) and GL (OB14) level but didn’t get any parameter to control these fields.
    I need your expert guidance.
    Mohammed Kalim

    Hi Mohammed,
    Please go to OB24/
    Select * (for all default field status.Or Create new entry and input your co.code, Save it. Come back to co.code.
    Go to payment transaction
    Payment block and payment method display can be controlled from here for vendor master data
    Thanks and good luck.

  • MIRO: Is displaying VAT amount at line item level possible?

    Total Tax Amount is available in the header of a MIRO document, but is it possible to show the VAT Amount at line item level? i.e. as another column in the grid?

    You can not see VAT amount at Item level in MIRO.It will be allways at header level.

  • F4 Help in Personnel no field  at line item level

    Dear All
    I made personnel no field  mandatory at line item level. i want f4 help options at that field ,presently its not coming.
    advise on same.

    Check with ABAPer for enabling Search help.

  • Withholding tax amount exceeds the customer/vendor line item amt (in MIRO)

    Dear Gurus,
    MIGO done for 8 material line items WHT has been posted for 7 line items during MIRO.  For 8th line item while doing MIRO, the above error is displayed.  Kindly advise the possible reason and solution.
    Thanks in advance,

    Der AVD,
    Thanks for your kind response.  Currently, in Central Invoice - no Central Invoice is checked.
    Is it OK.  For Central Inv. & 1st P.pmt. indicator, the help document says it is used in Argentina only.
    We have not yet proceeded for payment stage. Still MIRO has to be completed for the MIGO done
    for last line item and thereafter the payment will be done.  It is right to clear the downpayment
    for the 7 invoices generated now so that this error will not come during MIRO for 8th line item.
    In the meantime, I will also go through the SAP notes referred by you.
    Thanks and regards,

  • Customized drill-down report cannot go to line item level (FGI4 and FGI1)

    Hi Expert,
    I created a customized drill-down report using New GL features, as follows:
    FGI4 create form, with reference to form: 0SAPBLNCE-01
    FGI1 create report for the form created.
    After that I set some things like characteristic, variables, and output type.
    When I execute the report, the data shown cannot be drill-down to line item level:
    Goto > Line Item (this function is disabled).
    Kindly advise why I cannot goto line item level, where I copy from standard form: 0SAPBLNCE-01, which ha sthe features of drill-down to line item level.

    Hi sbmel,
    For calling up a line item report in a drill down report you need to make the below settins:-
    - You first have to generate the line item report with program RGRGENSI for your summary table.
    - Then assign the generated line item report to the summary report.
               Assiging the report is part of the 'Change drilldown report' function, which you reach by activating the characteristic selection field and then Extras -> Report assignment.
                In the dialog box that appears, choose the 'Other report type' function and insert the line item report generated earlier, as an ABAP report
    Edited by: gka2707 on Jul 19, 2010 8:07 AM

  • Tax column at line item level in VA01/VA02

    Hello All,
    I had a requirement to add the tax column at line item level for va01/VA02 transaction.
    I modified the screen 4900 and added the VBAP-TAXM1 column to the item table control and made that column input enabled.
    Now I had to calculate the TAX conditions based on the input in that tax column. None of the user exit is triggering when I change the values in this field, do I need to make any changes in the PAI of the 4900 screen in order to make the userexits trigger or am I missing anything?
    Thanks & Regards,

    Please, see SAP Note 862228 - Order reason for returns on item level. It is related with field AUGRU. Remember that it is a modification. I suggest you to add in addition data (for instance, SAP Note 209278 - Display of customer-specific fields in sales doc, SAP Note 302497 - Additional cust. fields not displayed in 'Additional data B', SAP Note 420546 - Additional data B and transaction variants in sales order and related notes).
    I hope this helps you

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