Apple Remote Desktop 3 screen sharing performance

Apple Remote Desktop 3 screen sharing performance
Apple should licence citrix terminal technology to improve screen sharing experience and performance over low bandwidth connections like the internet.
ARD works very nice on LANs. But the screen sharing performance for remote offices really has to be improved. Look at Citrix and MS Terminal Server - these products work very snappy over low bandwidth connections like 3G UMTS or Cable, DSL.
Also adding the terminal server technology (multi user over network) to the OS would be great. Not only redirect the hole client screen - map a GUI user session over the network for an admin while the user on the client has his own usual local session.
The curtain mode is good beginning.
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I mean that MS Terminal Server is a completely different beast, because you don't transfer the whole bitmap here as VNC or ARD does.

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  • Remote desktop / screen sharing / VPN questions

    Hi all-
    OK, I am trying to set up our all-mac environment to do something in particular - but I am only 'novice' level at VPN stuff and 'noob' to the Apple Remote Desktop and Screen Sharing stuff. I already have screen sharing set up, and also have back to my mac set up - but these both seem to be 'whole computer' control methods, where the remote user takes over the entire target machine. I have a different need, but don't know what terms to use to describe it or how I might achieve it.
    Environment overview:
    2014 iMac, 2009 13" MacBook Pro, 2009 17" MacBook Pro - all running Yosemite.
    2013 AirPort Extreme handling the LAN, both wired and wireless. iMac is wired, MacBooks are wireless.
    iMac: Two users (UserA and UserB, both admins).
    MPB13: Two users (UserB as admin and UserC as standard).
    MBP17: Two users (UserA as admin and UserD as standard).
    I am wondering if this is possible to do, and if so - HOW? :
    UserB sits at the iMac, and is using it. UserA sits at MBP17 and wants to get something done on the iMac, so UserA logs into MBP17 as UserA then remotes into the iMac as UserA and does what they need to do in UserA's iMac account - without making UserB (who is still sitting at the iMac and using it) stop what they are doing.
    Hope this makes sense, and am looking forward to your input.

    UserA must have a user account set up on the iMac that is different from UserB. With this set up when UserA initiates a Screen Sharing session with the iMac from the MBP17 they will just need to log in with their user account. When they do that a dialog box will pop up asking if they want to share the display with the user currently using the iMac, in this case UserB, or if they want to connect to a Virtual Display, which would give them their own environment separate from UserB who is already logged in and using the iMac.
    Here is an example of the dialog box UserA should see when they attempt to start a screen sharing session with another Mac in which another person is already login in and using the Mac. In this case UserA will select the option to connect to the Virtual Display which allows them to work on the iMac without disturbing the user that is already using the computer. Note that the user already using the iMac may experience a slight performance hit because two users are using the resources on the one computer.
    As for the acronym VPN, it stands for Virtual Private Network which is a protocol for making a encrypted secure connection over a public network between two or more separate networks. Screen Sharing actually uses a protocol called VNC which stands for Virtual Network Computing.

  • Remote Desktop & Screen Sharing not  working??

    Hello all,
    I am trying to connect to a friends computer via the Finder's Screen Sharing, I enabled the screen sharing preferences under the System Preferences, put the password, etc and had him do the same and I am not able to connect to his system. I'm sure there is something else I have to do in order to get this to work. In the Windows world I had to use the VNC. But, I remeber reading in a Snow Leopard book that this is all that had to be done in order for this to work.
    Best Regards,

    I know I could never get this working between two macs of the same OS (10.5.8) over the internet with the appropriate Sharing settings set up....
    Im guessing both Screen Sharing and Remote Access through iChat DO NOT work anywhere but in a LAN?

  • I want to be able to monitor my teen daughter's computer from home using screen sharing.  Anyone know how to set up screen sharing when my daughter's school has her computer set up for Apple Remote Desktop?

    I want to be able to monitor my teen daughter's computer from home using screen sharing.  Anyone know how to set up screen sharing when my daughter's school has her computer set up for Apple Remote Desktop? 

    ARD won't be as smooth as you think  over the Internet and be a security risk for your daughter.
    Your best bet would be to install nannyware, then when she's asleep you can review the logs.
    This is the best and Mac friendly

  • Apple remote desktop will not show my  computer screen on class screens

    I hope someone can help. i have just set up a mac suite running latest OS X 10.10 using apple remote desktop. The system is a bit sensitive but mostly works fine. The odd computer drops off etc.
    However, I want to be able to show the teacher computer on all of the class screens as the projector screen is quite small at the front of the class. When I set up screen share it says it is working but it does not show on their screens. They do get a screen sharing message on the menu bar of their computers but nothing happens. Am I missing a setting? I think I am doing right!

    Hi jsyedu129,
    Wondering if you found a solutions to your problem. I'm having the same problem. Can't not share my screen with classroom computers. Love to know if you have got this to work.

  • Apple Remote Desktop Not Listed in Sharing

    Hey everyone,
    I'm trying to enable a laptop with the apple remote desktop service so i could connect to it from my computer. I have done this with other computers in the office and each of them had "Apple Remote Desktop" listed in the Sharing left-side pane under "Service" but this one doesnt.
    How do i add it?
    im fairly new with ARD...

    If the system is Mac OS X 10.5 or 10.6, the item will be titled "Remote Management" in the Sharing preference.

  • Remote Desktop: Apple Remote Desktop NOT showing in the Sharing Area

    I have installed the latest Apple Remote Desktop to both my Admin and client computer. In Preferences>Sharing Apple Remote Desktop does NOT show up as a choice to be clicked. Is there something that I have missed?

    I have installed the latest Apple Remote Desktop to both my Admin and client computer. In Preferences>Sharing Apple Remote Desktop does NOT show up as a choice to be clicked. Is there something that I have missed?

  • Missing "sharing" option in system preferences after installing apple remote desktop client version 2.10

    Hi All,
    I installed a wrong version of Apple remote desktop client , 2.10 and the sharing menu under system preferences vanished. I tried to uninstall the Apple remote desktop with,
    but no luck, but after restarting the macbook pro with lion 10.7.2, i see my sharing option enabled but when clicked, it says the system preference has to restart and confirming that it restarts in 32 bit mode and even after clciking the sharing option it says, "you can't open sharing preferences because it doesn't work on an intel-based mac"
    . So i strongly believe the apple remote desktop is creating the issue.
    Can someone help how to fix this please?

    Same problem here. I manage several remote Macs, but I have one MacBook which I can get no ARD access to (black icon). I can ping the IP, I can SSH into the MacBook, the ARD and Remote Login services are checked ON, the firewall is OFF. The ARD service is configured to allow my admin user full access - however, I get nothing. I have no trouble getting into the other Macs.
    Any ideas?

  • How can I improve the performance of Apple Remote Desktop?

    Apple Remote Desktop is very slow (refresh of the screen). Hown can I improve speed?

    Like Dave said, you can lower the colors. You can also set a lower screen resolution on the client your connecting to.
    There are things that can slow down ARD. For instance: copying files over the network, Watching youtube, listening to streaming music, Downloading files, video chat, audio chat. Or an active time machine backup running to a time capsul. 
    If you have the option of using your wired network over wireless. And your wired network is faster; then you could try using the wired network.
    If your computer and or the client computer is on wireless, you could try moving the computers closer to the wireless access points. Do the computers have 1 bar , 2 bars, 3 bars or 4 bars in airport menu?
    Are you using ARD at home on a small network? OR are you on a larger buisness network?
    If your on a small home network. You could look at your router to find out if it's 802.11 a, b, g, or n.

  • How to detect real desktop and remotely accessed(screen shared) desktop?

    Hi All,
    On Mac Os the Screen Sharing feature is similar to Remote Desktop Service. Is there a way to determine whether the terminal where we are starting the application(our own application) is real desktop or remotely accessed (screen shared) desktop?
    For Ex:
    I have booted(logged in) the Mac A sytem with user1 account. From another Mac B machine, i will login to user2 account of Mac A sytem using Screen sharing  feature. My application has to run only on real desktop, not on remotely accessed desktop(screen shared). So Is there a way(programmatically) to determine whether the terminal where I am starting the application is real desktop or remotely accessed (screen shared) desktop?
    Please guide me.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Have a look at the 'Son Of Grab' sample code, it shows you how to grab elements of the screen individually.

  • If I were to purchase the Apple Remote Desktop with Unlimited licenses, would I be able to install the client software on each of there computers/laptops and have them remote desktop into the server?

    I have several friends and family who are looking for a central place to access information from ( Pictures, home movies etc ).  So I am considering setting up an OSX Lion Server.  There are some other things I can use it for as well.
    Here is my question:
    If I were to purchase the Apple Remote Desktop with Unlimited licenses, would I be able to install the client software on each of there computers/laptops and have them remote desktop into the server?  Or would I have to install the Admin software on each?  Do they intend it to be used strictly as one admin to access many clients? 
    I always could set up a network drive so they can log in and just see the folders they have created with space on the server I provide them.  But I want them to be able to log an and actually use it as a Remote Desktop.

    Thanks for the feedback.  I understand that ARD is meant for Remote Administration, but I was not sure if it could be used for my purpose as well.  The reason I was looking to do it this was was because I read several articles online about security and performance issues with setting up VNC and activating screen sharing.  Unless I am misunderstood. 
    As far as people's activities on the server, mostly it is going to be used as a place for them to store their media.  I will only allow own person ( Who I trust and I know wont botch the server ), to run applications.  Everyone else will be restricted to uploading and downloading content to their designated account on the server as well as a community share on the server.
    I appreciate your help.

  • Using Apple Remote Desktop

    I recently got a call from a relative in need of some tech-support (from me). Obviously, it's hard to do tech-support over the phone with someone who is not that great with computers. What exactly do I need to do in order to gain access and remote control their computer using Apple Remote Desktop?

    *Absolutely excellent.*
    My Leopard MacPro wouldn't sync calendar or address book stuff with my Nokia E50, like it did when it had Tiger on it. My G3 Tiger laptop does, but screen sharing wouldn't work between the two. I downloaded both those referred programs, and with just the osxvnc installed on the G3, screen sharing works perfectly. Now that dot mac sync is fixed, I sync my main stuff on the MacPro to the G3, and work the G3 through the MacPro with the osxvnc to bluetooth sync the phone.
    Perfect fix, if just a tad cumbersome, thanks Bill.... ah, I mean Steve.
    If I could just get rid of that Bonjour window it would be even better.
    If only Nokia would get a plugin for Leopard, all that would be extra.
    Anyway, *Thanks Andrew.* Your solution was golden for me.

  • Apple Remote desktop connection with different internet network

    I did purchase "Apple Remote Desktop"in mac app store, it works well in the same wifi's network but when i try to use different network, but i won't connect.
    It said " Please make sure Screen Sharing in the System preference", but it won't works as well.
    Please help
    Mac OS: 10.9.1
    Apple Remote Desktop: 3.7.1

    The first thing I'd suggest is that you talk to your network support group and make sure that the necessary IP ports, primarly 3283 and 5900, are open between the two networks. If those are blocked, ARD can't connect.
    Hope that helps.

  • Apple Remote Desktop version 3.5.1. to version 3.5.2

    I originally purchased Apple Remote Desktop version 3.5.1 from the App Store.  Apparently Apple Remote Desktop version 3.5.2 has been released.  Guess what???  The App Store does not have the update for version 3.5.2.  I downloaded the update from the Apple Support Downloads page and installed.  Guess what???  Apple Remote Desktop is still at version 3.5.1.
    I originally recommended to my mother to purchase a MacBook Pro and I could remote to her computer to undo anything that she has done...laugh.  At almost 70 years old, it's a challenge...  I was able to remote to her computer for a while and now can't.  I guess version 3.5.2 was supposed to fix this issue.  She has ARD version 3.5.2 on her computer.  We both have Lion version 10.7.3 installed as well. 
    How am I supposed to get the update for verson 3.5.2 installed?  Why doesn't the App Store have the update?  Am I not doing something correctly?
    Any suggestions would be helpful and I thank you in advance.

    If your mom had any kind of issue with her internert connection, Her ISP might have her reset the modem. Some times a power outage can cause a  modem to revert to default settings. And any time it a modem is reset to defaults the modem has to be re-configured for ARD. 
    ARDAgent is the OS built-in tool for remote viewing / controlling the screen. If you want to SSH in, you need enable remote Management Login on your moms computer. (it's in system prefrences, sharing) If you do SSH, ARDAgent can be access from the command line to start/stop/restart and reconfigure ARDAgent. But just like ARD, you need the right ports open on your moms firewall/router to make the connection.
    You could check to make sure the firewall is off on your moms computer.  (system prefrences, securty, firewall tab) you could have her uncheck Remote Management and recheck it to restart the ARDAgent service.  (system prefrences, sharing)
    If your moms IP address changes frequently. You could look into a subscription service like DYNdns. It requires software on your moms computer, but basicaly it report to the DYNdns server what ever your mom's current IP address is. And in turn give you a DNS address you can use to contact your moms firewall. some thing like Even with DYNdns, you may find you need to delete and re-add your moms computer from ARD to connect.
    logmein dosen't require DYNdns or port configuration. Because it reports into the logmein servers so there no ports need to be opened.
    If you talk to your moms ISP. They would need to open the ports 5900 for UDP and TCP. Along with 3283 for UDP and TCP. MAlong with 22 for TCP (SSH and file transfer). And of corse when they open the ports they need to route to your moms computer consistently.
    I'm surprised they would help you with this. I don't think my ISP would be as acomidating.

  • HT1338 can apple remote desktop 3 access my pc work desktop?

    can apple remote desktop 3 access my pc work desktop? Do I have to get microsoft office 2011 in order to do this?

    Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Mac OS X Client (free)
    Applications -> Remote Desktop Connection
    Computer:  windows.pc.address
    Computer:  windows.pc.address/console
    Microsoft provides setup instructions on the web page where you download the RDC client.
    CoRD (Microsoft RDC Screen Sharing)
    You could also install a VNC server on your Windows system and use a VNC client on your Mac

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