Apple TV sound cuts out

After latest update, Apple TV Netflix Audio cuts out every 20 seconds.  Sound works good for other Apple TV apps.

Hello, Schaisson. 
Thank you for the question.  I have experienced this issue as well recently.  Try the troubleshooting steps in the attached article.  However, what worked for me was power cycling the Apple TV by unplugging the power cable and plugging it back in. 
Apple TV: HDMI audio stops working
Jason H. 

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  • AX - sound cuts out, becomes metallic, stops

    Hi All:
    Can't find this issue in the forums. If there's a thread, please point me to it!
    For the first time today my 3-year-old AX began to behave strangely. We've always kept it up to date, so it has the latest firmware.
    This afternoon we were streaming our fave radio station when the sound cut out for a moment, then restarted as a thin metallic stream. It sounded rather as if i were listening to weird jazz cymbal solo. After about 20 seconds of that, the stream just died.
    We tried changing the channel - no luck. We tried rebooting - no luck. Firmware is up-to-date. Same stream plays fine through our Macbook. Every time we restart, same behavior - streams fine for a minute, cuts out, becomes metallic, then stops.
    Any idea of root cause or another troubleshooting idea? It's always "just worked" until now from the moment we unwrapped it and plugged it in, so we're confused!

    If you temporarily connect a pair of stereo headphones to the audio port of the AX, does the sound quality improve?
    If not, how about using a different audio source? For example, instead of the Internet radio stream to use an AAC or Apple Lossless file?
    If the sound does not improve with either of these, then it is possible the audio circuit in the AX that provides analog output is faulty.

  • Why do the movies i have bought from itunes store the sound cuts out and glitches?

    The sound cuts out of the movies I have bought. Can anyone tell me why?

    You can't. Sorry. Encrypted movies in no way can be played back thru the VGA adapter.
    You could do the following:
    - get the Apple TV and stream the video to it. If you only have VGA input in your protector, get a HDMI -> VGA converter box. I use the one at for this purpose. It's pretty cool for the price - nevertheless, there're better models for more money; let me know if you need further recommendations on them. (Note that I haven't tested this unit with a direct HDMI output from the iPad yet. Will do it soon.)
    - if the projector does have HDMI input, test it with the HDMI adapter. Hope the projector supports HDCP.

  • HT1567 my movies are skipping and sound cuts out in other words my Itunes doesn't want to work

    i can't watch movies without it skipping or the sound cutting out during a movie

    Hello Dillon825,
    The following article provides troubleshooting steps that can help get iTunes to play your movies properly.
    Troubleshooting iTunes for Windows Vista or Windows 7 video playback performance issues

  • Sound Cutting Out on Standard Def Channels with or wthout DVR

    We are having occasional sound drop-out problems. They seem to only be happening on standard def channels although we have a hi-def box.  (We often record sitcoms and kids shows in standard def to save room on the DVR.)
    The problem is that the sound cuts out for a fraction of a second (just long enough to notice) at random spots.  If we rewind and play it back, it still drops out in the same spot so it seems the issue is with the signal getting to the box from the outside line, not an hdmi cable issue as I've seen mentioned elsewhere.
    The issue occurs whether we're watching a previously recorded show or a "live" one (understanding that even the live shows are delayed a few seconds to enable the DVR to record it).
    I've seen other sound issues related to switching channels but this is not the case here.
    I've also had it happen on a small TV with no box. We just have the coax going right into the display to watch standard def  network shows on it.  This leads me to think it's a signal issue, not a DVR one.
    Anyone else have this and/or have any luck in getting it resolved?

    Hello Jeff,
    I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble with the sound on the Set Top Boxes. I sent you a private message to further assist you.
    Verizon Support
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  • My Apple TV is cutting out

    my Apple Tv keeps cutting out watching shows streaming my ATV is connected by cable to a new router
    and it kind of getting worse when it cuts out it getting longer and longer
    aand the only way to get it back is to pull the power plug and restart it
    any one have same problem

    Hello Bmeschmidt,
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    If you're having issues with the playback performance of your Apple TV, then I'd like you to please follow the information in the article linked to below.
    Apple TV (2nd and 3rd generation): Troubleshooting playback performance - Apple Support
    Take care,
    Alex H.

  • Sound cuts out after any given amount of time, only way to turn back on is to reboot.

    For reference, I am using a fully up-to-date mid-2012 model rMBP. Attached to my MacBook via USB I also have an M-Audio KeyStation 49i, which is where I have my headphones plugged in (probably not related in any way, but just noting this).
    I first encountered this issue while using Chrome and listening to music on SoundCloud with Garageband open after the last Mavericks update yesterday. I initially thought it was a Chrome bug, and in doing some research, I found that other Chrome users were having the same issue as me, but it was related to PepperFlash (a version of the standard Flash player), and disabling it in Chrome Canary fixed the issue for them.
    Unfortunately, it did not fix the issue for me, but I have refrained from using Chrome since then and stuck to Safari to ensure that it's not two issues with the same outcome.
    Then I stumbled across all of the Mavericks users that are having sound problems; anything from crackling/popping to not working at all. It seemed, though, that everyone that was having the sound cut out for them entirely were not only having this happen after their laptops came back from sleep mode (which is not the case for me), but were able to fix it by restarting Coreaudio[d] or -- if they had been using the headphone jack on their Macs -- they just had to plug it in again and take it back out. Neither of these worked or were applicable to my situation. Some were able to get it working again by resetting the PRAM/NVRAM, and a few others seemed to be able to bypass the issue by using Soundflower, but neither of these solutions worked for me either. The only way I can get sound to work again is to restart my computer entirely.
    After doing so, I am only able to listen to audio for a certain amount of time. It seems to vary depending on how much memory the task is taking up. Like I'll be able to listen to a track or two on SoundCloud, or attempt to record into Garageband for five minutes or so. If I'm in a Garageband project that already has a lot of tracks, I'll be lucky if I can even get through a few seconds before it cuts out entirely. There are very quiet crackling/pop sounds every once and awhile, but it is hard for me to distinguish if that is just the natural state of the hardware I am using or if it is related to background system sounds.
    I'm at wit's end trying to figure out what the problem is, mostly because there are so many others with similar issues and varying hardware/software setups that it's hard to track down exactly what my own situation is.
    I'd like to know where I should be exporting any error logs from so that someone can take a look at this issue.
    Thank you.

    After doing some additional testing, I was able to get the sound working again without rebooting by:
    1. Unplugging the MIDI device.
    2. Resetting the audio input and output to "built-in".
    3. Plugging back in the MIDI device.
    4. Changing the audio input and output back to the MIDI device.
    Still, though, the sound only lasts for a little while, and there doesn't seem to be anything indicating how or why it stops.

  • I have a iPhone 4S and when watching videos on the internet sound cuts out as the video is playing. The rest of the video plays with no sound. Sometimes when I pause It and play again sound comes back but not all the time. can anyone help?

    I have a iPhone 4S and when watching videos on the internet sound cuts out as the video is playing. The rest of the video plays with no sound. Sometimes when I pause It and play again sound comes back but not all the time. can anyone help?

    The "restore disk" is built into the Mac. See About Recovery.
    Need more specifics about what error messages you got while installing Adobe Flash.
    However, you can almost avoid Flash altogether by setting YouTube to play the HTML5 version instead.
    Click the Try something new! link at the bottom of the YouTube page.
    I don't know about the sound issue. Might be hardware as you think. Try other headphones to check.

  • Sound cut out every few seconds

    Durring playback of movies sound cuts out every few seconds

    User "Ladder" from Finland points to this article as possibly appropriate:
    MacFixit: Update 1Password to fix continuous keychain lock sound
    Read more:

  • My ipod video sound cuts out after 30 sec

    I play my movie and the sound cuts out after a while and then it only plays the video with no sound. It's not the video because it works fine on my computer and all the other videos are doing the same thing. I found if I rewind or fast foreward the sound comes back but only for a little while and the sound cuts out again.

    This happens with the current firmware 1.1 upgrade on the iPod. You can downgrade the firmware to 1.0 and this will solve that problem. Doing it this way you won't have to restore the iPod which will erase it. If you can't do this then you can restore the iPod using the previous updater.
    How To: Downgrade iPod Firmware
    The other option is to use QT Pro which will work to correct the problem:
    1) Open up the Video file in Quicktime Pro
    2) Select File->Export
    3) Select "Movie to MPEG-4" beside "Export:", then click the OPtions button
    4) Select "Video" & make sure the "Video Format" is set to "Pass through"
    5) Do the same for "Audio", then hit OK
    6) Save the file

  • Why the sound cut out on my iPhone 4S?

    In any app or on the main screen the sound will randomly cut out. Phone won't ring even if ringer is on, no typing sounds, no music or sound to videos. The + and - button on the side if the phone will bring up the image on the center of the phone but no white bar under showing where column is or it increasing or decreasing. The slide bar for column disappears in apps and when you slide up to the quick access items. Some times it works perfect. Headphones work fine at all time. If sound cuts out I can put headphones in and it works. Does not instantly correct sound without headphones though. It will stay off til it feels like working again.
    Any idea what happened and how to fix it? It's about 7 months old. Never gotten wet although we live with a ton of snow and below zero temps so I don't know if going in and out from hot to cold could have caused condensation somewhere :/

    Volume not column dang auto correct!

  • Sound Cuts Out Half Way Through Clip

    I'm importing an AVI file into iMovie HD to edit it. There is nothing wrong with the file itself, there's sound the whole way through, but when I import it into iMovie the sound cuts out at a certain part. I've tried uploading it multiple times and every time the sound cuts out at the same part of the clip. I can't figure out what's wrong.

    Welcome to the discussions.
    AVI isn't a format. AVI is a container, just like MOV. These containers can contain video in any format (=codec) of the hundreds available. Which codec is YOUR video encoded with?

  • Apple tv keeps cutting out- worked fine then stopped working? what's up with it?

    Apple tv keeps cutting out- works fine then stops working? Just Cut's Out. What's up with it?

    Just started. Worked fine since I purchased it. It restarts after a 2 minute pause.
    Do Not know how to add to Question - Sorry.

  • Sound cutting out/crackling/pops in Windows 7 XFi XtremeGamer

    System specs:
    Windows 7 Ultimate fully updated
    Q6600 @ 3.0ghz
    Asus P5N32-E Sli Motherboard (680i Chipset) 80 bios revision w/ nVidia 5.5 nforce drivers
    2x2 Gigs Corsair ?DDR2 800 @
    In dual channel mode
    BFG 285-GTX w/ 96.2 drivers
    X-Fi XtremeGamer w/ PCDRV_LB2_8_003 drivers
    With this setup I am unable to use CMSS 3D without the audio cutting out completely. Before it does so it's usually followed with numerous cracks and po
    Disabling CMSS 3D alleviates this problem, however I occasionally get a slight pops and crackles when playing games or listening to music.
    While playing Mass Effect 2 the sound will completely cut out in the same manner it does when I have CMSS 3D enabled, despite the option being turned off in the console launcher.
    At first I tried a clean install of the drivers, removing drivers, using driver cleaner pro, registry cleaner and then reinstalling them. Did not fix the issue. I then did the same for the chipset drivers and my video card drivers.
    I thought it may have been a problem with OpenAL (for mass effect 2) so I reinstalled that. Same problem.
    I tried using PAX's driver's, same problem.
    I've used DPC Latency Checker V.2.0 and according to it my machine should be able to handle real-time streaming audio with no dropouts.
    I'm at a loss at what else to do and any further help would be appreciated.

    Just an update on my problem.
    I was able to resolve the sound cutting out issue and the cracks/pops issue within windows by disabling CMSS3D + setting my sample rate to 24 bit, 96k Hz.. Using 92k Hz results in the cracks and pops coming back, although they are few and far between.
    Unfortunately this did not resolve my issue with the sound/audio cutting out in mass effect 2. I tried the onboard sound and that also cuts out, so I've determined it's not a hardware issue but rather a bug of some sort within the game. There are also other sparse reports of people having the same issue.

  • HT204380 FaceTime freezes and sound cuts out since updating I Pad2 with IOS7.0.2. Is anyone else having this?

    FaceTime freezes and sound cuts out since updating I Pad2 with IOS7.0.2. Is anyone else having this?

    reset all settings
    settings- general- reset - reset all settings
    now reconnect to wifi
    settings - wifi- click network name - enter password - join
    if issue persists backup info and restore via itunes
    Peace, Clyde

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