Apps not displaying reviews

Don't get me wrong. I have two BB playbooks and a BB style and am a dedicated fan but I get a little peeved when the developers state that their product will do something and when I purchase it I find out different. The problem is that the reviews are not being posted. I for one posted a review about two items that were not doing what the developer said they would and these reviews were confirmed as being submitted but never showed up. This to me is something that has to be fixed as people who buy APS need the truth 

Just purchased a Q5 and the same thing is happening to me. Very annoying, especially as the issue seems to go back a long time. Both my reviews were somewhat critical of the apps. I'm not saying it's relevant but right now I don't know and sure some reviews posted are critical now but they are mostly positive. Even the app that "allows" screens shots is highly rated. It doesn't even do anything (the phone already does it).

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  • Messages on Mac app not displaying contact name

    On Messages on my Mac, despite being synced up with iCloud, the Messages app does not display the contact names of anyone. It shows their phone numbers or Apple email addresses. Is there any preference I can change to make it show the contact names? If it exists I haven't found it. I also used the app meant to scrub contacts to make the phone number format conform with Apple's standard (xxx) xxx-xxxx please help!

    I take it you are no longer on OS X 10.7.2 ?
    The display of Names (and/or Pics) in Buddy Lists and the main Messages window (when in a  Chat)  in Mountain Lion is controlled from the View Menu > Buddy Names.
    To set this choice the window has to be the "Front" one.
    So the Messages window (CMD + 0 in the window Menu) gets brought to the Front when any sort of Text Chat is going On.
    the View Menu > Buddy Names items is selected and navigation to the choice you want.
    Full names is the First name, Last name as seen in the Contacts app (Formerly the Address Book)
    Short Names are Nicknames (normally set via Messages) or First name only if no Nickname exists.
    Handle is the Screen Names (If AIM), Jabber ID (If Facebook, GoogleTalk or other Jabber ID) or in the case of iMessages the current contact ID or iPhone number.
    You can do the same to any Buddy list that you also display.
    It can be used in Conjunction with the View Menu > Messages which has options to display Pics, Names or Pics and Names.
    (Names now refers to whatever is set in the "Buddy Names" option).
    8:49 PM      Friday; November 16, 2012
    Please, if posting Logs, do not post any Log info after the line "Binary Images for iChat"
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     G4/1GhzDual MDD (Leopard 10.5.8)
     MacBookPro 2Gb (Snow Leopard 10.6.8)
     Mac OS X (10.6.8),
     Couple of iPhones and an iPad
    "Limit the Logs to the Bits above Binary Images."  No, Seriously

  • Java apps not displaying correctly

    I'm having a problem with Java apps, as they seem to simply not display correctly. They are supposed to be Aqua, but it doesn't exactly work, since the actual controls don't appear, but besides that the program seems to carry out what it's supposed to (besides not displaying it correctly.)
    I tried removing some Java-related setting files and stuff, but it still doesn't exactly work as it should.

    The problem isn't with the Window Manager you use, but the java runtime you have installed. If you have openjdk6 installed, try removing it and install jre and jdk instead. If you have jre and jdk installed, install openjdk6 and see what happens.
    I think you're using openjdk6, since I remember hearing problems using it and topcoder.
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  • Map app not displaying correctly

    I recently downloaded the most recent os 8.1.3 on my iphone 4s. Now the map app (apple default) doesn't display correctly. I only see the grid and my location dot in standard view, no street names or lines, no details whatsoever. This is affecting any app that uses the apple default (Zillow, trulia, etc). My husband has the exact same iphone 4s and he has the most current os and his map app works fine. I'm thinking that I should try to reload the most current os but since it is the most current, there doesn't seem to be an obvious way since all message are "you have the most current version". I could also try to download just the most recent version of the map app but since it is a default, I don't know how. Any suggestions?

    Hi meedjmom,
    If you are having issues with your Maps application not displaying correctly, you may want to try some things to troubleshoot.
    First, quit all running applications and test again -
    Force an app to close in iOS
    Next, I would try restarting and if needed resetting the iPhone -
    Restart or reset your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
    If the issue is still present, you may want to restore the iPhone as a new device -
    How to erase your iOS device and then set it up as a new device or restore it from backups
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    Brett L  

  • CS6 apps not displayed in CC app

    CS6 apps, including Acrobat Pro XI, that are installed on my computer are not displaying in the list of installed apps in the CC app but rather among those available for download. Only CC apps recently installed show up in list of installed apps.
    Mac OS 10.8.4; subbed to CC since last August; have uninstalled and re-installed the CC app, restarted computer several times.
    Also, whenever I switch Spaces on the Mac, the CC app displays its menu. Annoying.

    Thanks for the response. From CS 6, I have Bridge, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop plus Edge Animate and Muse on my machine.
    Downloading for the past few days has been exceptionally slow and unreliable so I have hesitated to retrieve anything that I don't need. I'll have a look later this evening.
    Also, is the CC website supposed to show which apps one has installed? If so, I'm not seeing that when I log in.

  • Apps NOT displaying in CC desktop app

    Background processes have been running for a week now. AAM Updates Notifier ( Not responding) is using 99 % of CPU.
    All other components in CCDesktop app are showing and working such as Beyonce and File sync.
    Apps are not displayed but processing wheel spins. Removed CC, Re isntalled, same result
    All installed apps work fine but cannot load Lightroom 6 or any other app.

    Please try the steps below:
    Open Finder, click on Go > Go to Folder. Type in ~/library and hit enter.
    Open Application Support/Adobe folder and rename OOBE folder to OOBEold.
    Click on Apple icon on the top left, select System Preferences
    Choose the network that is currently connected to internet that can be Ethernet or
    Airport(Wireless). Click on Advanced button and click Proxies Tab.
    Under 'Select a Proxy server to Configure' Uncheck all the proxy check boxes, then uncheck 'Use Passive FTP Mode (PASV)'.
    Hope this helps!

  • CC desktop app not displaying my installed apps?

    My Creative Cloud desktop app is not displaying my list of installed applications?
    It is telling me that I have not installed any apps? This is a major concern as i will be missing out on updates to the apps I have installed as part of my CC membership subscription.
    Any ideas? I have tried logging out/in, changed my password, but nothing seems to solve it?

    Where are the Adobe reps here?
    My CC app is still not working!
    I am paying for this service, the least you could expect would be assistance with issues such as this?

  • Podcast app not displaying all synced files

    One of my feeds is displaying only one file, even if multiple files are synced. I'm trying to play "This American Life," where I have downloaded the files manually and I import them into iTunes and convert them to a Podcast type. Then, I sync them to my iPhone 4.
    What's happening is that I'll have one file displayed, e.g., "511" but none other. In iTunes, however, I have synced many files: 511, 510, 509, and so on. However, they are not displayed in the podcast app. However, when I search for the files in ios, they appear searchable, but clicking on them only opens the podcast app to This American Life where there is only one file displayed.
    So far I've resynced podcasts many, many times. I've uninstalled the app from both the iPhone and iTunes, selected "Do not sync podcasts" and then reinstalled everything and attempted to only sync one file at a time. I've restarted my phone multiple times and I've updated to 7.0.4, all of which have no effect.
    Anyone have any ideas?

    FYI, there's another thread going on this issue:
    No final solutions have been discovered yet by the end users.  Lotsa frustration out there!

  • Apps not displayed

    Setting up a new iPad Air 128 T-Mobile iPad and apps that are added do not display.  They are available in Settings.  Anyone ever seen this?  Have deleted and reloaded, reset ipad and no change.  Help!

    Random stuff like games news apps travel apps.  ala in all there are about 30 different Apps that are listed in Settings that I can control but do not display on the home screens. I

  • TS1702 itunes app not displaying

    Updated to IOS7 and having problems with my itunes app. It will open up not display anything

    Actually its idea when or how.

  • Workstation Apps not displaying

    When associating an app with a workstation, it does not display. However,
    associating that same app to a user logged into that workstation seems to
    work fine.
    Any ideas?

    I would like to see a log file,
    if you select properties of the application launcher, hold f2 and click
    more, you will get a nice util.
    Can you please select export and post the contents of the txt file that it
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  • Preview App not displaying all pages

    I am finding under Mavericks Preview App is not displaying all pages of some pdf's. 
    If you turn on thumbnails you can see and select all the pages but it's not possible to scroll down through all the pages.  Weird and annoying...

    First, before you do anything else at all, make a copy of your file as a backup. You said "Book" but I'm thinking you mean in one file, not a combined file InDesign Book (.indb) project.
    Now you need to test to see if this is a program problem or a file problem.
    Are the pages still there? Can you choose them from the navigation box in the lower left corner of the document window?
    Is this happening with any other documents? If you export this file to .inx (Interchange format) then open that, do the pages display properly?
    If it's happening in other docs, or if .inx doesn't solve the problem, look at how to replace your application preferences here: Adobe InDesign CS4 * Setting preferences

  • Photos App Not Displaying Small Images, Is There a Workaround?

    I have an iPhoto album of icons (25x25 and 32x32 images) which I use in mock-up applications on my iPad (such as Blueprint and iMockups). The images display fine in iPhoto on the computer but when I sync them to my iPad, the Photos app shows them all as grey rectangles. An example of the images are those from the Glyphish icon set ( Because these images do not show up correctly in the Photos App, they are also unusable in the mock-up apps.
    Does anyone have any solutions for getting these to display properly in Photos? I suppose I could scale them up but that will cause them to get pixelated when the mock-up apps scale them back down again.

    I finally found a solution for my problem concerning the disappearance of iTunes in the browser settings.
    I changed the Safari settings to "allow third parties". Now everything works fine.
    Why Apple treats its own services as a third party still remains a mystery. In the bargain should a SW update not initially alter the settings of the users preferences without further information.

  • Photos app not displaying all files

    I recently advised an elderly lady to replace her XP laptop with a iPad Air (only!). I helped her transfer mail etcetera and also her collection of photos (simple .jpg's). All went well, I imported her pictures successfully and we were able to brose her life from 2008 to now in the standard Photos app.
    Since recently, the photos app experienced some crashes. And now we found out that the app display only photos from November 2012 and more recent.
    At first I was concerned that the files had disappeared, but they have not. The older files are still selectable in the Facebook app, including all the collections by date etc.. It would appear that the Photos app database is somehow corrupted.
    How would I help her out? My main concern is that she does not have a proper backup (yet). The storage space required for her files exceeded the iCloud maximum, so I could not set that up as backup (all other items are on iCloud though). Nor does she have an external computer. I am afraid that a reset will clear the iPad and thus delete all pictures.

    I have no idea if this will work, but it is my basic starting point suggestion. She will not lose any data if she does this and it may help the crashes if nothing else.
    Close all apps, and reset the iPad. This reset simply resets the iPad system. It is very much like rebooting your computer.
    In order to close apps in iOS 5 or iOS 6, first tap the home button once. Then tap the home button twice and the recents tray will appear at the bottom of the screen. Tap and hold down on any app icon until it begins to wiggle. Tap the minus sign in the upper left corner of the app that you want to close. Tap the home button twice.
    In order to close apps in iOS 7, you have to drag the app up from the multitasking display. Double tap the home button and you will see apps lined up going left to right across the screen. Swipe to get to the app that you want to close and then swipe "up" on the app preview thumbnail to close it.
    Reset the iPad by holding down on the sleep and home buttons at the same time for about 10-15 seconds until the Apple Logo appears - ignore the red slider if it appears on the screen - let go of the buttons. Let the iPad start up.

  • Gmail / Google Apps not displaying images

    Just getting used to my iPhone - absolutely love it but I've one major issue and I know I'm not alone.
    When I use the Gmail interface through Safari I can't view any images in any emails. Even if I go to the desktop site and set it to always display images from a given sender, still nothing.
    It works fine in the native Mail app but I want to hang on to my conversations.
    Any ideas??

    Ok, after a long research I know why this is not working: Mobile devices use ActiveSync for synchronization while computers (Mac / Outlook) use a different more complete Exchange communication protocol. You cannot connect a mac and make it work using ActiveSync. It will not work. If you want to connect your mac computer using the "Exchange" option then you have to use a real Exchange server. Microsoft offers the service for 4 dollars a month / per user.
    Google and other companies have developed code that emulates the ActiveSync behavior. They have not worked on the other protocol because there are easier ways to do an Outlook sync by using regular Windows programming than having to reverse engineering a communications protocol.

Maybe you are looking for


    i forgot my nokia e7 lock code and i don't know what to do if any one can help me plz they will kill me in my home coz i bought it Only two days ago ?!!! 

  • RMAN backup taking more time than usual suddenly

    Hi All, We are using database, We regularly takes the full level 0 incremental backup which generally tooks 4:30 hours to complete but from last 2-3 days it is taking 6 hours /or more to complete. We did not made any parameter changes or scr

  • Please help: Installation of WL6.1 SP2 aborts w no error message

    Hello, I am trying to install Weblogic Server 6.1 Service Pack 2 on a PC with AMD Duron 800 MHz, 6 GB HD space, 419 MB RAM running Windows 2000 Professional. I have jdk1.3.1_02, j2sdkee v1.3.1, and TomCat v4.0 installed on the same PC. I have the c:\

  • My service tag give me download links that other from my system inpiron 3000

    Hello ive Dell 3000 15.6 and cant install 2 drivers from my unique service tag page. the bad drivers is for SMBUS & USB , without those there as a lot of freezes and blue screens (usb issue) tried to get answers by phone and cant. hope for some help

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