Authorization material type in material master

Hi expert,
I want to know how to restrict users to create/change Material Master following
the material type in the role.
In role authorization Object: M_MATE_MAR Material Master: Material Types.
I maintain material type like ROH , HALB , HAWA in authorization Group.
But it is not work. Please help me.

Pl. check your role to users for the material master again for allowed material types. It should restrict the users only for the selected views only. This should be done for all the roles assigned to users in relation to materail master. (i.e. Create, Display & CHange). If you restrict the material type in create role only & it is not restricted in display role, then user will be able to create all the material types. hence restrict the material types in all roles related to material master (create, change, display) assigned to the user.

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  • Material Type for Material Determination

    Hi Expert,
    Is there any spesific/standard material master type for material determination on SD ?

    Is there any standard material type for 'Material Entered'
    Normal salable materials would be created with HALB or FERT and this is in no way related to material determination.  In fact, as everybody asked, if you can explain the business as to why you are comparing material type with material determination, may be you will get the right direction.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Not getting the Link between GEIL and material type: procured  material not

    Hi Friends,
    Some material corresponding to certain G/L Account numbers are not appearing. From Fagll03 I can check the G/L Account number, but how shall be able to get the corresponding table field which holds the material or to check whether that G/L Account number has been properly linked to the material.
    Please suggest what to do. Is this a problem of programming ? or ...

    Hi Saheli,
    Link b/n GL accounts and Material is in this way.
    Material is created based on material type and material type is connected to Valuation class via Account category reference.
    Now that for each valuation class corresponding GL accounts are defined in customizing.
    you can check the same in Tcode# OBYC.
    To check the posting to Inventory account during GR, select BSX (Inventory posting) and check whether the corresponding valuation class has got the assignment with GL accounts or not.
    Hope this help you out.

  • Authorization for material type and material views

    Hello all,
    I would need to restrict a user group, in creation (MM01) and modification of material master, based of type material and material views.
    The authorization, for each user should be:
    - view, modify and create of all views, except accounting (B) for type material ZFER;
    - view, modify and create of all views for type material ZOFF.
    I tried to create 2 roles in PFCG with the following authorization objects:
    1) M_MATE_MAR (Material Master: Material Types)  ACTVT = *, BEGRU = ZFER and M_MATE_STA (Maintenance Statuses) ACTVT = *, STATM = A,C, D, E, F, G,K, L, P, Q, S, V, X, Z (excluding B)
    but the effect is to be authorized, to all view for material type ZFER and ZOFF.
    I have already updated the authorization group of the type materials (OMS2).
    Is there a solution for this problem?
    (component version SAP ECC 6.0)

    I tried to create 2 roles in PFCG with the following authorization objects: 1) M_MATE_MAR (Material Master: Material Types) ACTVT = *, BEGRU = ZFER and M_MATE_STA (Maintenance Statuses) ACTVT = *, STATM = A,C, D, E, F, G,K, L, P, Q, S, V, X, Z (excluding B) 2) ) M_MATE_MAR ACTVT = *, BEGRU = ZFER and M_MATE_STA ACTVT = *, STATM = B
    - Are both these roles assigned to the same user? then your purpose is not solved, It is more or less like giving full authorization.
    - One role should be
    M_MATE_MAR (Material Master: Material Types) ACTVT = *, BEGRU = ZFER and M_MATE_STA (Maintenance Statuses) ACTVT = *, STATM = A,C, D, E, F, G,K, L, P, Q, S, V, X, Z (excluding B) for view, modify and create of all views, except accounting (B) for type material ZFER. This should be assigned to one user
    - Second role should be
    M_MATE_MAR ACTVT = *, BEGRU = ZOFF and M_MATE_STA ACTVT = *, STATM = * for view, modify and create of all views for type material ZOFF. This role should be assigned to the second user.

  • Material/Material Type in Material Authorization group for QM

    Hi All,
    I am unable to find out the Material or the Material Type that is linked with a material authorization group (QMATAUTH).
    Do we have a table where I can find the Material Types or the Materials contained in each material Authorization Group (Q_MATERIAL -> QMATAUTH).

    > I am unable to find out the Material or the Material Type that is linked with a material authorization group (QMATAUTH).
    > Do we have a table where I can find the Material Types or the Materials contained in each material Authorization Group (Q_MATERIAL -> QMATAUTH).
    You can get teh details on QM authorization group through table TQ01D. YOu can go through the following post for list of QM tables and tcodes.
    QM Tables and T codes

  • Material types in material master

    Hi ,
    What is the material type do we require in handling CS scenario?
    Is it necessary to create BOM's for all the equipment?
    Please respond
    Thanks and Regards

    1) A grouping together of materials with the same basic attributes such as raw materials, semifinished products, or finished products.
    All materials must be assigned to a material type which determines:
    Whether the material is intended for a specific purpose such as a configurable material or process material
    Whether the material number can be assigned internally or externally
    The number range from which the material number is drawn
    Which screens appear and in what sequence
    Which user department data you may enter
    What procurement type the material has; that is, whether it is manufactured in-house or procured externally, or both.

  • Material type in Material master

    When we create a new MM, we have to select material type. Here we have different material types like HAWA, FERT etc.. if for our convenience if we want the Description of the Material type to be proposed along with code i.e Like HAWA - Trading goods. where to make this setting?

    Hi Venkat,
    Hi Go to <b>IMG</b> then go to <b>Customising of local layout Icon (Alt+F12)</b> which is next to <b>help icon</b> in the menu bar.
    Then click on that you will get list of Menu's, Select <b>OPTION</b> Menu there You will get a POP Screen,, there you select <b>Expert Tab</b>, in that You will have <b>Controls</b> in that you <b>select the check box for Show Keys in all drop down list</b> and click on <b>Apply</b> and then click on <b>Ok.</b>
    Now if you go to <b>MM01</b> you can See also with <b>Material Type Description</b> you can see the <b>Type</b> also.
    Cheers Buddy..

  • Changing material type for material with history

    We needed to change the material type for an existing item with purchasing, inventory and sales history from HAWA to UNBW.  We are trying to PGI the first receipt since the change, and are receiving an Account Determination error .
    When I look at the material master set-up, I still see records in the MBEW table.  UNBW items that are set-up that way from scratch do not have any records in this table.  Is this what is driving my error?
    I'm guessing that if it is not, there will be some discrepancy between the material, vendor, and capital asset order.
    Any insight is appreciated.

    even UNBW can have accounting views.
    The problem is probably that you just changed the material type and did not change the valuation class in the accounting view accordingly. remove it, and try again.

  • Issue to make mandatory field(SELD/BBD and Date of manufactor)in migo for particular Material type and material Number starting with'1' series.

    Hi friend,
    i have issue regarding mandatory  self life field (SELD/BBD and Date of manufactor)in migo for Batch Tab for particular Material start with '1' Series and material type.
    i want to make mandatory above field during GR from migo..any one let me know exit or badi for that to full fill this goal..
    shaikh Khalid.

    Hi Shaikh
    First of all Thread is not closed seconldy as a good practice if you have resolved your issue kindly document it here so that it may help someone in future

  • Material Type in Material & Chapter ID combination_J1ID

    Dear Guru's,
    While entering the material & Chapter ID combination in J1ID, we have a tab material type with options as, Raw materials, Assets, Tools,Consumables, Noncenvatable & RG1.
    For ERSA(Stores & Spares) mat type, what i need to select here ?
    Pls suggest

    Any inputs Guru's ?

  • Material Type during Material Creation

    Hi all:
    For creating Raw Material  or Finished Product from MMR1 and MMF1, there is no need to select material type, . I have created Material Type for e.g Gold, Silver, Color Stone, even i have to create Gold, Silver and Color Stone material without selecting material type.
    Could anyone help me with this.

    I guess defaulting is not possible. Copy the existing material and create a new one so that the inspection type is also copied.
    Check the link
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  • Master Data - Material type

    Hi people!
    Do you know with there is some way to change de Material type of the "master data material"  without create a new one?
    Thanks a lot,

    Use MMAM...
    however, If stock exists - I think it will allow you only if the valuation class of the new and old material type is same
    If val class is different, then issue stock to some cost center (MB1A - 201 movement type) - change the Mat Type and then again bring back the stock
    If stock does not exist - Then No problem
    Ajay M

  • Hiding material types

    Hello gurus,
    we do not need all standard material types. But I would not like to completely delete them in case we needed them in the future.
    Unfortunatelly our users get confused by all the unnecessary entrys in the drop down list at material master creation (MM01). Is there any way to hide material types in that list?
    Thanks in advance

    Dont think there is any way by which you can hide material types, as material type is the basic requirement, depending upon which material is created.
    End users should be made aware of using right material types/its consequences and effects and should be given proper training.
    Try to put an authorization group on each type you don't use and make it impossible for anyone to use them.
    If your Basis team able to create transaction variants for you. Then don't allow anyone to have MM01 and instead only allow the variants. In this way you can also separately control/assign who creates raw mats, finished goods, intermediates, etc..
    If you do not assign any number range for these material types, when user trying to create system gives a message as 'NO. RANGE NOT EXISTS.
    And finally, a simpliest way is mark the material types which you dont want to use 'DO NOT USE' and later on can be changed.
    Syed Hussain.

  • Change material type

    When i am changing the material type i am getting this msg. In Po items were deleted.
    Change Material Type
    The material type cannot be changed.
    The reasons for this are:
    Valuated stock exists (see valuation areas below).
    However, account determination for the two material types differs.
    (different account category reference or no valuation data defined)
        Valuation area
    No open purchase order are there.

    plz check mmbe for the stock
    check for the open PR and PO in ME5A and me2m
    then try Change material type
    Material Type can be changed using transaction MMAM
    Menu: - Logistics > Material Management > Material Master > Material > Change Material Type
    u can also use MMZ2 to change material type and ind sec
    Refer following link for the same;

  • Different Material Types in different Plants

    I have 2 Plant under a Company Code. A material being produced in plant A has to be sent to Plant B for further processing. I would like to maintain single material master for both the plants, but different Material Types. Material has to be treated as Finished Goods in Plant A and Raw Material at Plant B. Could any one please let me know how I can MAP it in SAP.
    Nagaraja Achar.

    For the Same material Code you can not maintain two material types in two plants..
    But you can make a Z* mat type with all the relevant views of FG & ROH..
    For Plant 1 it will have all the views
    and for Plant 2 extend only the ROH relevant views...

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