AWR report problem after cluster node switch.

Hello all. I have some strange problem, can any one advice what to do....
I have OracleDB (Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release on Solaris x86_64), we have two server nodes and one shared storage attached to them, db is running on node1 and if it dies db will be switched to node2, classic cluster.
Some time ago we tested this switching, so i shut downed db and switch it to node2, and startup it there (oracle_homes are identical), every thing was ok, soo i switched it back to node1. But now i can't run awrrpt.sql or awrinfo.sql, it gives error like this:
Using the report name awrinfo.txt
No errors.
create or replace package body AWRINFO_UTIL as
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-03113: end-of-file on communication channel
No errors.
ORA-03114: not connected to ORACLE
And in alert log:
ORA-07445: exception encountered: core dump [SIGSEGV] [Address not mapped to object] [509] [] [] []
I tried to drop AWR with catnoawr.sql and recreate it with catawrtb.sql, everything seems to be fine, but still can't run awrrpt.sql or awrinfo.sql, same error.
Any one familiar with such problem ?
Thanks for advice.

I understand that I provided less than satisfactory amount of info.
So here is more.
I am installing the two node cluster and during scinstall one of the nodes is being rebooted
and goes through (what I am suppose to be) an initial configuration. At the very end of the
boot process there is a message
obtaining access to all attached disksAt this point the boot disk activity LED is lit constantly. After some longish timeout
the following message is printed to console
NOTICE: /[email protected],0/pci1014,[email protected],2: port 0: device reset
WARNING: /[email protected],0/pci1014,[email protected],2/[email protected],0 (sd1):
     Error for Command: read(10)          Error Level: Retryable
     Requested Block: 135323318          Error Block: 135323318
     Vendor: ATA                    Serial Number:
     Sense Key: No Additional Sense
     ASC: 0x0 (no additional sense info), ASCQ: 0x0, FRU: 0x0and the disk activity LED is turned off. After that nothing more happens. The system isn't
hard hang, since the keyboard is working, and it responds to ping, but other than that
nothing seems to be functioning.
I understand that diagnosing such a problem isn't easy, but I am willing to invest some
time into getting it working. I would rally appreciate some help with this issue.

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    GSD is not running on node: rac1
    so I try this: srvctl start nodeapps -n rac1 then failed:
    CRS-1028: Dependency analysis failed because of:
    CRS-0223: Resource 'ora.rac1.gsd' has placement error
    What can I do??
    Message was edited by:

    This is my crsd.log:
    Oracle Database 10g CRS Release Production Copyright 1996, 2005
    Oracle. All rights reserved.
    2007-07-06 16:50:15.523: [ default][3086931648][ENTER]0
    Oracle Database 10g CRS Release Production Copyright 1996, 2004,
    Oracle. All rights reserved
    2007-07-06 16:50:15.524: [ default][3086931648]0CRS Daemon Starting
    2007-07-06 16:50:15.526: [ CRSMAIN][3086931648]0Checking the OCR device
    2007-07-06 16:50:15.558: [ CRSMAIN][3086931648]0Connecting to the CSS
    2007-07-06 16:50:15.690: [ COMMCRS][65735584]clsc_connect: (0x8659368) no
    listener at (ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=ipc)(KEY=OCSSD_LL_rac1_crs))
    2007-07-06 16:50:15.690: [ CSSCLNT][3086931648]clsssInitNative: connect
    failed, rc 9
    2007-07-06 16:50:15.690: [  CRSRTI][3086931648]0CSS is not ready. Received
    status 3 from CSS. Waiting for good status ..
    2007-07-06 16:50:16.754: [ COMMCRS][65735584]clsc_connect: (0x8605168) no
    listener at (ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=ipc)(KEY=OCSSD_LL_rac1_crs))
    2007-07-06 16:50:16.754: [ CSSCLNT][3086931648]clsssInitNative: connect
    failed, rc 9
    2007-07-06 16:50:16.754: [  CRSRTI][3086931648]0CSS is not ready. Received
    status 3 from CSS. Waiting for good status ..
    2007-07-06 16:50:17.817: [ COMMCRS][65735584]clsc_connect: (0x8658b78) no
    listener at (ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=ipc)(KEY=OCSSD_LL_rac1_crs))
    2007-07-06 16:50:17.817: [ CSSCLNT][3086931648]clsssInitNative: connect
    failed, rc 9
    2007-07-06 16:50:17.819: [  CRSRTI][3086931648]0CSS is not ready. Received
    status 3 from CSS. Waiting for good status ..
    2007-07-06 16:50:21.630: [    CRSD][3086931648]0Daemon Version:
    Active Version:
    2007-07-06 16:50:21.630: [    CRSD][3086931648]0Active Version is less than
    Software Version
    2007-07-06 16:50:21.631: [ CSSCLNT][3086931648]clssgsGroupJoin: CSS has not
    reached fatal mode.Registration is not yet safe. Retrying
    2007-07-06 16:50:22.634: [ CSSCLNT][3086931648]clssgsGroupJoin: CSS has not
    reached fatal mode.Registration is not yet safe. Retrying
    2007-07-06 16:50:23.637: [ CSSCLNT][3086931648]clssgsGroupJoin: CSS has not
    reached fatal mode.Registration is not yet safe. Retrying
    2007-07-06 16:50:24.639: [ CSSCLNT][3086931648]clssgsGroupJoin: CSS has not
    reached fatal mode.Registration is not yet safe. Retrying
    2007-07-06 16:50:25.643: [ CSSCLNT][3086931648]clssgsGroupJoin: CSS has not
    reached fatal mode.Registration is not yet safe. Retrying
    2007-07-06 16:50:26.647: [ CSSCLNT][3086931648]clssgsGroupJoin: CSS has not
    reached fatal mode.Registration is not yet safe. Retrying
    2007-07-06 16:50:27.650: [ CSSCLNT][3086931648]clssgsGroupJoin: CSS has not
    reached fatal mode.Registration is not yet safe. Retrying
    2007-07-06 16:50:28.653: [ CSSCLNT][3086931648]clssgsGroupJoin: CSS has not
    reached fatal mode.Registration is not yet safe. Retrying
    2007-07-06 16:50:29.656: [ CSSCLNT][3086931648]clssgsGroupJoin: CSS has not
    reached fatal mode.Registration is not yet safe. Retrying

  • MS Office Report problems after compliing (application builder)

    I'm finishing up an application that includes several MS office reports (opens a MS Word template). The template is opened, the bookmarks are filled, then the file is saved (to our internal network) as a .doc file. The New is used to open the .doc file, the Print is used to print the file, then the SMTP send is used to email the file.
    Everything has been working fine then I decided to build the application for distribution. Big mistake! An installer is made. When I install the application I get "File not found" (error 7) errors each time I attempt to run this section of code. Incidentally, This app. also uses the SQL database toolset to read and write to a database. No problems with the database.
    I thought it might have something to do with the Word templates being on the network. I copied everything to my local PC and built another application. Same problems.
    I suspect I'm doing something wrong in the Source Files tab of the Build Application or Shared library window.
    I'd really appreciate your help.

    You need to add a dynamic VI to your list of Source Files in the Build Application window. The one you need is called "_Word Dynamic VIs", and it can be found at \vi.lib\addons\_office\-wordsub.llb . Doing this ensures that the executable can find the appropriate code when it is asked to dynamically load some Word-related VIs at execution-time.
    I consider the difficulty of getting everything right when building executables to be just about the biggest problem that LabVIEW has, so don't feel too badly about it. I believe this requirement is covered somewhere in the Report Generation Toolkit documentation, but I think the process should be easier and more transparent to the user when they are working with NI-produced toolkits.

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    i have error on install sql r2 there are problems in cluster node its failed on windows 8

    Hi ,
    Before you install SQL Server on a computer that is running Windows 8, about Microsoft SQL Server 2008 , you must apply and install Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 or a later after the initial setup is complete. To install a SQL Server failover
    cluster, you must create and configure a failover cluster instance by running SQL Server setup. For more information, see:
    Installing a SQL Server 2008 R2 Failover Cluster:
    In addition, as other post, could you please help us to collect the detailed error message and the following error log? It is very useful for our research.
    C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\100\Setup Bootstrap\LOG\Summary.txt.
    C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\100\Setup Bootstrap\Log\<YYYYMMDD_HHMM>\Detail.txt
    Sofiya Li
    Sofiya Li
    TechNet Community Support

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    So I bought 2 G5 Cluster Nodes to dedicate some audiovisual processes to them. My only other mac computer is a Core 2 Duo Macbook Pro.
    Using Pacifist, I was able to do a clean install of Mac OSX onto the internal drive by putting it into an external enclosure.
    Now here is my problem: The cluster nodes have no videocard.
    I plan on using them through the OSX Screen Sharing function, when they will be conencted to the network, but I don't know how to do the initial configuration of Mac OS X on them, since I can not boot from a system using the Apple Partition Map on my Macbook pro, and the Cluster node will not boot from the GIUD partition scheme.
    Can anyone please help me?

    Assuming you're running Mac OS X Server on the cluster node, just boot the server normally - it will run a special first-time-boot process that sets up a network listener.
    You can then install the Server Admin tools on your MacBook Pro and run Server Assistant. Server Assistant will look out over the network and find the new servers, then give you the opportunity to configure them remotely (assign account data, IP address, etc.).
    (note you can also do this as part of the initial install process - boot the server from the Install DVD and run the entire OS installation and configuration remotely via Server Assistant)
    Note: If you're not running Mac OS X Server on the cluster nodes then the above doesn't apply

  • Cluster node fails after testing removing both interconnects in a two node

    cluster node panics and fails to join cluster after testing removing both interconnects in a two node cluster. cluster is up on one node , but the panic'ed node fails to rejoin cluster saying no sufficient quorum yet and both clinterconn failed (even after conencting the interconn). Quorum device used is a shared disk.
    Is this a bug?
    Any workaround or solution?
    Cluster is 3.2 SPARC
    Thanking you
    Ushas Symon

    Sounds like a networking problem to me. If the failed node genuinely can't communicate with the remaining node then it will not be allowed to join the cluster, hence the quorum message. I would suspect either:
    * Misconnected cables
    * A switch that has block or disabled the port
    * A failed auto-negotiation
    This is of course without knowing anything about what your network infrastructure actually is!

  • Xserve Cluster node does not (really) switch on

    I've got a pretty strange problem.
    Today, after a long break, I have tried to switch on my Xserve G5 cluster node. The yellow ID light was constantly on, the power light was white, machine was powered on, and nothing happened. It did not boot, did not fail -- just sat there with both lights on.
    Then, I tried to get into OF by using panel lights method -- it didn't work. No matter how long I was keeping status button pressed after a power on, nothing happened -- none of the activity lights were on or flashing.
    Next thing I tried to do was to reset a PMU.
    After that the situation is exactly the same except that the power light is no longer on -- although the machine starts up and the status light is on. I am still not able to enter any OF commands using front panel.
    All in all, it looks like the bootstrap processor is on, but none of the G5s is getting up (for example, even if I take out all of the memory, nothing changes and no failures are indicated)
    Any ideas?

    Try this:
    1 - Remove the battery from the machine for 24 hours. Replace.
    2 - Reset the PMU.
    3 - Try to boot.
    If you still have a problem, disconnect the firewire cable from the front panel. Try to boot.
    If you STILL have a problem, you're at the hardware change stage. It could be a number of problems, but it's likely either the main logic board, the power supply, or the front panel board.

  • Can't start EM after adding node to cluster

    Hi, I don't know if i choose the right forum. I have a problem with OEM after adding node to the cluster: It gives me an error:
    [[email protected] bin]$ emctl start dbconsole
    Can't do setuid (cannot exec sperl)I think i can be a permissions issue like it was in my second thread. Thanks

    Hi, i have this package installed:
    [[email protected] ~]# yum install perl-suidperl
    Loaded plugins: fastestmirror
    Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile
    * base:
    * extras:
    * updates:
    Setting up Install Process
    Package 4:perl-suidperl-5.8.8-40.el5_9.x86_64 already installed and latest version
    Nothing to doOEM on other nodes works perfectlly. Thanks

  • After reboot cluster node went into maintanance mode (CONTROL-D)

    Hi there!
    I have configured 2 node cluster on 2 x SUN Enterprise 220R and StoreEdge D1000.
    Each time when rebooted any of the cluster nodes i get the following error during boot up:
    The / file system (/dev/rdsk/c0t1d0s0) is being checked.
    /dev/rdsk/c0t1d0s0: UNREF DIR I=35540 OWNER=root MODE=40755
    /dev/rdsk/c0t1d0s0: SIZE=512 MTIME=Jun 5 15:02 2006 (CLEARED)
    /dev/rdsk/c0t1d0s0: UNREF FILE I=1192311 OWNER=root MODE=100600
    /dev/rdsk/c0t1d0s0: SIZE=96 MTIME=Jun 5 13:23 2006 (RECONNECTED)
    /dev/rdsk/c0t1d0s0: LINK COUNT FILE I=1192311 OWNER=root MODE=100600
    /dev/rdsk/c0t1d0s0: SIZE=96 MTIME=Jun 5 13:23 2006 COUNT 0 SHOULD BE 1
    /dev/rdsk/c0t1d0s0: LINK COUNT INCREASING
    /dev/rdsk/c0t1d0s0: UNEXPECTED INCONSISTENCY; RUN fsck MANUALLY.
    In maintanance mode i do:
    # fsck -y -F ufs /dev/rdsk/c0t1d0s0
    and it managed to correct the problem ... but problem occured again after each reboot on each cluster node!
    I have installed Sun CLuster 3.1 on Solaris 9 SPARC
    How can i get rid of it?
    Any ideas?

    Hi i get this:
    112941-09 SunOS 5.9: sysidnet Utility Patch
    116755-01 SunOS 5.9: usr/snadm/lib/ Patch
    113434-30 SunOS 5.9: /usr/snadm/lib Library and Differential Flash Patch
    112951-13 SunOS 5.9: patchadd and patchrm Patch
    114711-03 SunOS 5.9: usr/sadm/lib/diskmgr/VDiskMgr.jar Patch
    118064-04 SunOS 5.9: Admin Install Project Manager Client Patch
    113742-01 SunOS 5.9: Patch
    113813-02 SunOS 5.9: Gnome Integration Patch
    114501-01 SunOS 5.9: drmproviders.jar Patch
    112943-09 SunOS 5.9: Volume Management Patch
    113799-01 SunOS 5.9: solregis Patch
    115697-02 SunOS 5.9: mtmalloc lib Patch
    113029-06 SunOS 5.9: and Patch
    113981-04 SunOS 5.9: devfsadm Patch
    116478-01 SunOS 5.9: usr platform links Patch
    112960-37 SunOS 5.9: patch libsldap ldap_cachemgr libldap
    113332-07 SunOS 5.9: Patch
    116500-01 SunOS 5.9: SVM auto-take disksets Patch
    114349-04 SunOS 5.9: sbin/dhcpagent Patch
    120441-03 SunOS 5.9: libsec patch
    114344-19 SunOS 5.9: kernel/drv/arp Patch
    114373-01 SunOS 5.9: UMEM - patch
    118558-27 SunOS 5.9: Kernel Patch
    115675-01 SunOS 5.9: /usr/lib/ Patch
    112958-04 SunOS 5.9: patch
    113451-11 SunOS 5.9: IKE Patch
    112920-02 SunOS 5.9: libipp Patch
    114372-01 SunOS 5.9: UMEM - llib-lumem patch
    116229-01 SunOS 5.9: libgen Patch
    116178-01 SunOS 5.9: libcrypt Patch
    117453-01 SunOS 5.9: libwrap Patch
    114131-03 SunOS 5.9: multi-terabyte disk support - patch
    118465-02 SunOS 5.9: rcm_daemon Patch
    113490-04 SunOS 5.9: Audio Device Driver Patch
    114926-02 SunOS 5.9: kernel/drv/audiocs Patch
    113318-25 SunOS 5.9: patch /kernel/fs/nfs and /kernel/fs/sparcv9/nfs
    113070-01 SunOS 5.9: ftp patch
    114734-01 SunOS 5.9: /usr/ccs/bin/lorder Patch
    114227-01 SunOS 5.9: yacc Patch
    116546-07 SunOS 5.9: CDRW DVD-RW DVD+RW Patch
    119494-01 SunOS 5.9: mkisofs patch
    113471-09 SunOS 5.9: truss Patch
    114718-05 SunOS 5.9: usr/kernel/fs/pcfs Patch
    115545-01 SunOS 5.9: nss_files patch
    115544-02 SunOS 5.9: nss_compat patch
    118463-01 SunOS 5.9: du Patch
    116016-03 SunOS 5.9: /usr/sbin/logadm patch
    115542-02 SunOS 5.9: nss_user patch
    116014-06 SunOS 5.9: /usr/sbin/usermod patch
    116012-02 SunOS 5.9: ps utility patch
    117433-02 SunOS 5.9: FSS FX RT Patch
    117431-01 SunOS 5.9: nss_nis Patch
    115537-01 SunOS 5.9: /kernel/strmod/ptem patch
    115336-03 SunOS 5.9: /usr/bin/tar, /usr/sbin/static/tar Patch
    117426-03 SunOS 5.9: ctsmc and sc_nct driver patch
    121319-01 SunOS 5.9: Patch
    121316-01 SunOS 5.9: /kernel/sys/doorfs Patch
    121314-01 SunOS 5.9: tl driver patch
    116554-01 SunOS 5.9: semsys Patch
    112968-01 SunOS 5.9: patch /usr/bin/renice
    116552-01 SunOS 5.9: su Patch
    120445-01 SunOS 5.9: Toshiba platform token links (TSBW,Ultra-3i)
    112964-15 SunOS 5.9: /usr/bin/ksh Patch
    112839-08 SunOS 5.9: patch
    115687-02 SunOS 5.9:/var/sadm/install/admin/default Patch
    115685-01 SunOS 5.9: sbin/netstrategy Patch
    115488-01 SunOS 5.9: patch /kernel/misc/busra
    115681-01 SunOS 5.9: usr/lib/fm/ Patch
    113032-03 SunOS 5.9: /usr/sbin/init Patch
    113031-03 SunOS 5.9: /usr/bin/edit Patch
    114259-02 SunOS 5.9: usr/sbin/psrinfo Patch
    115878-01 SunOS 5.9: /usr/bin/logger Patch
    116543-04 SunOS 5.9: vmstat Patch
    113580-01 SunOS 5.9: mount Patch
    115671-01 SunOS 5.9: mntinfo Patch
    113977-01 SunOS 5.9: awk/sed pkgscripts Patch
    122716-01 SunOS 5.9: kernel/fs/lofs patch
    113973-01 SunOS 5.9: adb Patch
    122713-01 SunOS 5.9: expr patch
    117168-02 SunOS 5.9: mpstat Patch
    116498-02 SunOS 5.9: bufmod Patch
    113576-01 SunOS 5.9: /usr/bin/dd Patch
    116495-03 SunOS 5.9: specfs Patch
    117160-01 SunOS 5.9: /kernel/misc/krtld patch
    118586-01 SunOS 5.9: cp/mv/ln Patch
    120025-01 SunOS 5.9: ipsecconf Patch
    116527-02 SunOS 5.9: timod Patch
    117155-08 SunOS 5.9: pcipsy Patch
    114235-01 SunOS 5.9: Patch
    117152-01 SunOS 5.9: magic Patch
    116486-03 SunOS 5.9: tsalarm Driver Patch
    121998-01 SunOS 5.9: two-key mode fix for 3DES Patch
    116484-01 SunOS 5.9: consconfig Patch
    116482-02 SunOS 5.9: modload Utils Patch
    117746-04 SunOS 5.9: patch platform/sun4u/kernel/drv/sparcv9/pic16f819
    121992-01 SunOS 5.9: fgrep Patch
    120768-01 SunOS 5.9: grpck patch
    119438-01 SunOS 5.9: usr/bin/login Patch
    114389-03 SunOS 5.9: devinfo Patch
    116510-01 SunOS 5.9: wscons Patch
    114224-05 SunOS 5.9: csh Patch
    116670-04 SunOS 5.9: gld Patch
    114383-03 SunOS 5.9: Enchilada/Stiletto - pca9556 driver
    116506-02 SunOS 5.9: traceroute patch
    112919-01 SunOS 5.9: netstat Patch
    112918-01 SunOS 5.9: route Patch
    112917-01 SunOS 5.9: ifrt Patch
    117132-01 SunOS 5.9: cachefsstat Patch
    114370-04 SunOS 5.9: patch
    114010-02 SunOS 5.9: m4 Patch
    117129-01 SunOS 5.9: adb Patch
    117483-01 SunOS 5.9: ntwdt Patch
    114369-01 SunOS 5.9: prtvtoc patch
    117125-02 SunOS 5.9: procfs Patch
    117480-01 SunOS 5.9: pkgadd Patch
    112905-02 SunOS 5.9: ippctl Patch
    117123-06 SunOS 5.9: wanboot Patch
    115030-03 SunOS 5.9: Multiterabyte UFS - patch mount
    114004-01 SunOS 5.9: sed Patch
    113335-03 SunOS 5.9: devinfo Patch
    113495-05 SunOS 5.9: cfgadm Library Patch
    113494-01 SunOS 5.9: iostat Patch
    113493-03 SunOS 5.9: Patch
    113330-01 SunOS 5.9: rpcbind Patch
    115028-02 SunOS 5.9: patch /usr/lib/fs/ufs/df
    115024-01 SunOS 5.9: file system identification utilities
    117471-02 SunOS 5.9: fifofs Patch
    118897-01 SunOS 5.9: stc Patch
    115022-03 SunOS 5.9: quota utilities
    115020-01 SunOS 5.9: patch /usr/lib/adb/ml_odunit
    113720-01 SunOS 5.9: rootnex Patch
    114352-03 SunOS 5.9: /etc/inet/inetd.conf Patch
    123056-01 SunOS 5.9: ldterm patch
    116243-01 SunOS 5.9: umountall Patch
    113323-01 SunOS 5.9: patch /usr/sbin/passmgmt
    116049-01 SunOS 5.9: fdfs Patch
    116241-01 SunOS 5.9: keysock Patch
    113480-02 SunOS 5.9: usr/lib/security/ Patch
    115018-01 SunOS 5.9: patch /usr/lib/adb/dqblk
    113277-44 SunOS 5.9: sd and ssd Patch
    117457-01 SunOS 5.9: elfexec Patch
    113110-01 SunOS 5.9: touch Patch
    113077-17 SunOS 5.9: /platform/sun4u/kernal/drv/su Patch
    115006-01 SunOS 5.9: kernel/strmod/kb patch
    113072-07 SunOS 5.9: patch /usr/sbin/format
    113071-01 SunOS 5.9: patch /usr/sbin/acctadm
    116782-01 SunOS 5.9: tun Patch
    114331-01 SunOS 5.9: power Patch
    112835-01 SunOS 5.9: patch /usr/sbin/clinfo
    114927-01 SunOS 5.9: usr/sbin/allocate Patch
    119937-02 SunOS 5.9: inetboot patch
    113467-01 SunOS 5.9: seg_drv & seg_mapdev Patch
    114923-01 SunOS 5.9: /usr/kernel/drv/logindmux Patch
    117443-01 SunOS 5.9: libkvm Patch
    114329-01 SunOS 5.9: /usr/bin/pax Patch
    119929-01 SunOS 5.9: /usr/bin/xargs patch
    113459-04 SunOS 5.9: udp patch
    113446-03 SunOS 5.9: dman Patch
    116009-05 SunOS 5.9: sgcn & sgsbbc patch
    116557-04 SunOS 5.9: sbd Patch
    120241-01 SunOS 5.9: bge: Link & Speed LEDs flash constantly on V20z
    113984-01 SunOS 5.9: iosram Patch
    113220-01 SunOS 5.9: patch /platform/sun4u/kernel/drv/sparcv9/upa64s
    113975-01 SunOS 5.9: ssm Patch
    117165-01 SunOS 5.9: pmubus Patch
    116530-01 SunOS 5.9: bge.conf Patch
    116529-01 SunOS 5.9: smbus Patch
    116488-03 SunOS 5.9: Lights Out Management (lom) patch
    117131-01 SunOS 5.9: adm1031 Patch
    117124-12 SunOS 5.9: platmod, drmach, dr, ngdr, & gptwocfg Patch
    114003-01 SunOS 5.9: bbc driver Patch
    118539-02 SunOS 5.9: schpc Patch
    112837-10 SunOS 5.9: patch /usr/lib/inet/in.dhcpd
    114975-01 SunOS 5.9: usr/lib/inet/dhcp/svcadm/dhcpcommon.jar Patch
    117450-01 SunOS 5.9: ds_SUNWnisplus Patch
    113076-02 SunOS 5.9: dhcpmgr.jar Patch
    113572-01 SunOS 5.9: docbook-to-man.ts Patch
    118472-01 SunOS 5.9: pargs Patch
    122709-01 SunOS 5.9: /usr/bin/dc patch
    113075-01 SunOS 5.9: pmap patch
    113472-01 SunOS 5.9: madv & mpss lib Patch
    115986-02 SunOS 5.9: ptree Patch
    115693-01 SunOS 5.9: /usr/bin/last Patch
    115259-03 SunOS 5.9: patch usr/lib/acct/acctcms
    114564-09 SunOS 5.9: /usr/sbin/in.ftpd Patch
    117441-01 SunOS 5.9: FSSdispadmin Patch
    113046-01 SunOS 5.9: fcp Patch
    118191-01 gtar patch
    114818-06 GNOME 2.0.0: libpng Patch
    117177-02 SunOS 5.9: lib/gss module Patch
    116340-05 SunOS 5.9: gzip and Freeware info files patch
    114339-01 SunOS 5.9: wrsm header files Patch
    122673-01 SunOS 5.9: sockio.h header patch
    116474-03 SunOS 5.9: libsmedia Patch
    117138-01 SunOS 5.9: seg_spt.h
    112838-11 SunOS 5.9: pcicfg Patch
    117127-02 SunOS 5.9: header Patch
    112929-01 SunOS 5.9: RIPv2 Header Patch
    112927-01 SunOS 5.9: IPQos Header Patch
    115992-01 SunOS 5.9: /usr/include/limits.h Patch
    112924-01 SunOS 5.9: kdestroy kinit klist kpasswd Patch
    116231-03 SunOS 5.9: llc2 Patch
    116776-01 SunOS 5.9: mipagent patch
    117420-02 SunOS 5.9: mdb Patch
    117179-01 SunOS 5.9: nfs_dlboot Patch
    121194-01 SunOS 5.9: usr/lib/nfs/statd Patch
    116502-03 SunOS 5.9: mountd Patch
    113331-01 SunOS 5.9: usr/lib/nfs/rquotad Patch
    113281-01 SunOS 5.9: patch /usr/lib/netsvc/yp/ypbind
    114736-01 SunOS 5.9: usr/sbin/nisrestore Patch
    115695-01 SunOS 5.9: /usr/lib/netsvc/yp/yppush Patch
    113321-06 SunOS 5.9: patch sf and socal
    113049-01 SunOS 5.9: luxadm & Patch
    116663-01 SunOS 5.9: ntpdate Patch
    117143-01 SunOS 5.9: xntpd Patch
    113028-01 SunOS 5.9: patch /kernel/ipp/flowacct
    113320-06 SunOS 5.9: patch se driver
    114731-08 SunOS 5.9: kernel/drv/glm Patch
    115667-03 SunOS 5.9: Chalupa platform support Patch
    117428-01 SunOS 5.9: picl Patch
    113327-03 SunOS 5.9: pppd Patch
    114374-01 SunOS 5.9: Perl patch
    115173-01 SunOS 5.9: /usr/bin/sparcv7/gcore /usr/bin/sparcv9/gcore Patch
    114716-02 SunOS 5.9: usr/bin/rcp Patch
    112915-04 SunOS 5.9: snoop Patch
    116778-01 SunOS 5.9: in.ripngd patch
    112916-01 SunOS 5.9: rtquery Patch
    112928-03 SunOS 5.9: in.ndpd Patch
    119447-01 SunOS 5.9: ses Patch
    115354-01 SunOS 5.9: slpd Patch
    116493-01 SunOS 5.9: Patch
    116780-02 SunOS 5.9: scmi2c Patch
    112972-17 SunOS 5.9: patch /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/ mibiisa
    116480-01 SunOS 5.9: IEEE 1394 Patch
    122485-01 SunOS 5.9: 1394 mass storage driver patch
    113716-02 SunOS 5.9: sar & sadc Patch
    115651-02 SunOS 5.9: usr/lib/acct/runacct Patch
    116490-01 SunOS 5.9: acctdusg Patch
    117473-01 SunOS 5.9: fwtmp Patch
    116180-01 SunOS 5.9: geniconvtbl Patch
    114006-01 SunOS 5.9: tftp Patch
    115646-01 SunOS 5.9: libtnfprobe shared library Patch
    113334-03 SunOS 5.9: udfs Patch
    115350-01 SunOS 5.9: Patch
    122484-01 SunOS 5.9: patch
    117134-01 SunOS 5.9: svm flasharchive patch
    116472-02 SunOS 5.9: rmformat Patch
    112966-05 SunOS 5.9: patch /usr/sbin/vold
    114229-01 SunOS 5.9: Patch
    114335-02 SunOS 5.9: usr/sbin/rmmount Patch
    120443-01 SunOS 5.9: sed core dumps on long lines
    121588-01 SunOS 5.9: /usr/xpg4/bin/awk Patch
    113470-02 SunOS 5.9: winlock Patch
    119211-07 NSS_NSPR_JSS 3.11: NSPR 4.6.1 / NSS 3.11 / JSS 4.2
    118666-05 J2SE 5.0: update 6 patch
    118667-05 J2SE 5.0: update 6 patch, 64bit
    114612-01 SunOS 5.9: ANSI-1251 encodings file errors
    114276-02 SunOS 5.9: Extended Arabic support in UTF-8
    117400-01 SunOS 5.9: ISO8859-6 and ISO8859-8 iconv symlinks
    113584-16 SunOS 5.9: yesstr, nostr nl_langinfo() strings incorrect in S9
    117256-01 SunOS 5.9: Remove old OW Xresources.ow files
    112625-01 SunOS 5.9: Dcam1394 patch
    114600-05 SunOS 5.9: vlan driver patch
    117119-05 SunOS 5.9: Sun Gigabit Ethernet 3.0 driver patch
    117593-04 SunOS 5.9: Manual Page updates for Solaris 9
    112622-19 SunOS 5.9: M64 Graphics Patch
    115953-06 Sun Cluster 3.1: Sun Cluster sccheck patch
    117949-23 Sun Cluster 3.1: Core Patch for Solaris 9
    115081-06 Sun Cluster 3.1: HA-Sun One Web Server Patch
    118627-08 Sun Cluster 3.1: Manageability and Serviceability Agent
    117985-03 SunOS 5.9: XIL 1.4.2 Loadable Pipeline Libraries
    113896-06 SunOS 5.9: en_US.UTF-8 locale patch
    114967-02 SunOS 5.9: FDL patch
    114677-11 SunOS 5.9: International Components for Unicode Patch
    112805-01 CDE 1.5: Help volume patch
    113841-01 CDE 1.5: answerbook patch
    113839-01 CDE 1.5: sdtwsinfo patch
    115713-01 CDE 1.5: dtfile patch
    112806-01 CDE 1.5: sdtaudiocontrol patch
    112804-02 CDE 1.5: sdtname patch
    113244-09 CDE 1.5: dtwm patch
    114312-02 CDE1.5: GNOME/CDE Menu for Solaris 9
    112809-02 CDE:1.5 Media Player (sdtjmplay) patch
    113868-02 CDE 1.5: PDASync patch
    119976-01 CDE 1.5: dtterm patch
    112771-30 Motif 1.2.7 and 2.1.1: Runtime library patch for Solaris 9
    114282-01 CDE 1.5: libDtWidget patch
    113789-01 CDE 1.5: dtexec patch
    117728-01 CDE1.5: dthello patch
    113863-01 CDE 1.5: dtconfig patch
    112812-01 CDE 1.5: dtlp patch
    113861-04 CDE 1.5: dtksh patch
    115972-03 CDE 1.5: dtterm libDtTerm patch
    114654-02 CDE 1.5: SmartCard patch
    117632-01 CDE1.5: sun_at patch for Solaris 9
    113374-02 X11 6.6.1: xpr patch
    118759-01 X11 6.6.1: Font Administration Tools patch
    117577-03 X11 6.6.1: TrueType fonts patch
    116084-01 X11 6.6.1: font patch
    113098-04 X11 6.6.1: X RENDER extension patch
    112787-01 X11 6.6.1: twm patch
    117601-01 X11 6.6.1: patch
    117663-02 X11 6.6.1: xwd patch
    113764-04 X11 6.6.1: keyboard patch
    113541-02 X11 6.6.1: XKB patch
    114561-01 X11 6.6.1: X splash screen patch
    113513-02 X11 6.6.1: platform support for new hardware
    116121-01 X11 6.4.1: platform support for new hardware
    114602-04 X11 6.6.1: libmpg_psr patch
    Is there a bundle to install or i have to install each patch separatly_?

  • Cluster node problems in communciation channel

    I often have node problems where all messags get stuck in particular cluster node of communication channel.
    Once it is restarted, all messages are working problem,  With respect to that were the following issues. Error when getting an FTP connection from connection pool: Unable to create new pooled resource: ConnectException: Connection refused (errno:239)
    Please do let me know for the solution to avoid it in the future.

    Question 43 of file adapter faq,
    Q: J2EE engine hangs with the File/FTP sender channels. How to resolve this ?
    A: The reason for this is, some times due to network level issues, a message is waiting forever for a response from a FTP server which is down for some time. Adapter does not know this and try to poll FTP server again with second message. This goes on and on and eventually we would have J2EE engine hanging. To solve this, following things need to be applied:
        1) Set FTP timeout to appropraite value if channel is FTP sender channel.
            2) In advanced mode table options, add a new parameter 'clusterSyncMode' and its value set to 'lock'. This parameter             is without single quotes and case-sensitive.
            3) Last but not least, make sure that you are in latest patches            of SP19/SP20/SP21/SP22 for SAPXIAFC component of XI 3.0                 release and SP10/SP11/SP12/SP13/SP14 for SAPXIAFC component             of XI 7.0 release. Any patch which is released after 11th of    Febraury 2008 for the above releases is fine.
    We had the same issue and this did the trick.

  • EPSI Dashboard problem after moving from reporting services 2005 to 2012

    I have created a Dashboard with Allscripts EPSI with a Reporting Services Report.  After we changed from Micrsosoft Reporting Services 2005 to 2012, the report now gets cut in half.  I turned a ticket in to Allscripts and they said that it had
    nothing to do with their software, that it had something to do with a setting on our Reporting Services server.  Please point me into the right direction.

    Hi Jason,
    Based on my understanding, after you move the report from Reporting Services 2005 to Reporting Services 2012, the report can’t display well.
    In Reporting Services, upgrading a report definition in SQL Server Data Tools is the only way to upgrade the .rdl file. In your scenario, if the .rdl file isn’t upgraded in the new environment, it’s expected that the report won’t display well. So please
    open an .rdl file in Report Designer in SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) within the new environment, then the Report Designer will automatically create a backup file and upgrades the report to the current namespace. After a report is upgraded, you might notice
    additional errors, warnings, and messages. This is the result of changes to the internal report object model and processing components, which cause messages to appear when underlying problems in the report are detected.
    Upgrade Reports
    If you have any question, please feel free to ask.
    Best regards,
    Qiuyun Yu
    Qiuyun Yu
    TechNet Community Support

  • Problem after run report with spreadsheet

    hi evry one
    ther an a problem after run report with spreadsheet .
    after runing iexplorar open and close fast no thing else
    when i check the job from appserver job success with spreadsheet dis format.
    what shall i do.

    Do you use the Oracle Forms builtin WEB.SHOW_DOCUMENT ?
    If yes , take a look to : "IE7 windows opened and closed immediatly"
    You can test the solution suggested :
    We have found the setting that we needed, under the Internet Options
    Security tab, if you select the internet zone, and click the custom level
    button, then scroll down to the Downloads section, the first option is
    Automatic prompting for file downloads, setting this to enable keeps IE 7
    from interfering with this sort of download.
    Example with screen shots :

  • Do I use same oracle account on 2 cluster nodes cause problem?

    Do I use same oracle account on 2 cluster nodes cause problem?
    If I use same oracle account on 2 cluster nodes running 2 database, when failover happens, 2 database will be running on one node, does 2 oracle account make SHM ... memory conflict?
    or do I have to use oracle01 account on node1, oracle02 account on node2? Can not use same name account?

    I'm not 100% certain I understood the question, so I'll rephrase them and answer them.
    Q. If I have the same Oracle account on each cluster node, e.g. uid=100 (oracle) gid=100 (oinstall), groups dba=200, can I run two databases, one on each cluster node without problems?
    A. Yes. Having multiple DBs on one node is not a problem and doesn't cause shared memory problems. Obviously each database needs a different database name and thus different SID.
    Q. Can I have two different Oracle accounts on each cluster node e.g. uid=100 (oraclea) gid=100 (oinstall), groups dba=200 and e.g. uid=300 (oracleb) gid=100 (oinstall), groups dba=200, and run two databases, one for each Oracle user?
    A. Yes. The different Oracle user names would need to be associated with different Oracle installations, i.e. Oracle HOMEs. So you might have /oracle/oracle/product/10.2.0/db_1 (oraclea) and /oracle/oracle/product/ (oracleb). The ORACLE_HOME is then used to determine the Oracle user name by checking the user of the Oracle binary in the ${ORACLE_HOME}/bin directory.

Maybe you are looking for

  • IMac No Longer Reads DVD+R

    Hi all. My iMac G4 use to be able to read/write DVD+R but suddenly cannot? The discs previously burnt do not show on the desktop when inserted and I've tried looking for the disc through openining windows etc. I've checked all preferences etc. and al

  • Read-Only File Folders

    I have a problem with the camera/pictures and documents on my phone.  When I first purchased my Blackberry, I took it home and synced it with my computer.  When I did that the computer changed my picture file folder as well as my document file folder

  • Lost my notes after os8 upgrade. How do i get them back?

    Lost my notes after OS8 upgrade. How do I get them back? jeff

  • BDC FOR ME21

    Hi ALL, Iam Creating BDC Program bu using ME21 for Uploading PO. Iam getting error at Income term2 in the Second Screen of ME21. Iam Passing this value through Excel Sheet But event then it is not picking. When i check in debugging the value of incom

  • VBS:How can i determine the last row of an excel-sheet

    I want to replace the chn-comments of an datafile. I pick up the chn-names and want to compare them with an excel-file and so get from the excel-file the right chn-comment and store int back in the datafile. my problem is how can i determine where th