Background job cann't open the Spool list, the error as below.

Hi, experts,
My background job 'Z1RM0063' couldn't open the spool list, the error as below:
' The selected section of the spool request 20,004
in SYSTME SID is empty.'
Who could tell me this is why ?
Thank you very much in advance,

Hi Michael,
Its very difficult to tell... seems to be a custom job, what program is running?.. Does the spool that the job is trying to read still exists?...
Can you please post more details?

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    One background job got cancelled for the user I have the Jobname and User...
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    Could any one please provide me the step by step Isolating the issue and resolving it.
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    Thank you in advance.

    What the error it was stating in that SM37 job log?
    Pls post that error log, not completely just mention the error here we'll try to help you.

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  • Background Job is not creating the List ID

    Hello Experts,
    I am scheduling a program as a Background Job. When I go and check the tables TBTCP & TBTCO, I see the List ID field (TBTCP-LISTIDENT or TBTCO-LISTIDENT) value as 0 .
    Hence I am not able to get the Spool ID for this List.
    Can anybody please let me know what is the problem?
    Thanks a lot.

    See, if this piece of code can help you.
    data:   sdate type sy-datum,
            stime type sy-uzeit,
            ls_params like pri_params,
            l_jobcount like tbtcjob-jobcount,
            l_jobname  like tbtcjob-jobname.
    Get Print Parameters
      call function 'GET_PRINT_PARAMETERS'
                no_dialog      = 'X'
                valid          = l_valid
                out_parameters = ls_params.
    Open Job
      l_jobname = 'THIS_JOB'.
      call function 'JOB_OPEN'
                jobname  = l_jobname
                jobcount = l_jobcount.
    Submit report to job
      submit <your_program_name
           via job     l_jobname
               number  l_jobcount
           to sap-spool without spool dynpro
               spool parameters ls_params
                  and return.
    Kick job off 10 seconds from now.
      sdate = sy-datum.
      stime = sy-uzeit + 10.
    Schedule and close job.
      call function 'JOB_CLOSE'
                jobcount  = l_jobcount
                jobname   = l_jobname
                sdlstrtdt = sdate
                sdlstrttm = stime.
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    db_recover: process-private: unable to find environment
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    How do I need to?

    From what you posted a private environment is in
    use which means that memory is allocated from the heap.
    The error is 12, i.e. ENOMEM, indicating lack of
    memory. You should start by verifying that
    your system has enough available memory.

  • A Background job in one of the step delays due to awaiting for Gateway

    We have the month-end jobs executing in our Production systems every last week of month
    It was observed that, one BGD job took 30-45 mins delay to finish.
    - In one of the steps, there is Parallel processing with 56 DIA work processes across 4 Application servers out of 6.
    - It was observed that all these 56 processes were showing status ON HOLD (Reason RFC) when we checked.
    - I went to the BGD job process (sm51) to see if the job is executing
    - I saw the message - further awaiting for Gateway XXXX (Prod server)
    - I checked in SM59 and all RFCs were OK
    - Even in SMGW everything was OK
    Please help me to find what exactly is the reason for the delays due to Gateways
    Thanks & Regards,

    Hi Ashish,
    The BGD job running on one of the work process indicated - "Waiting for Gateway XXXX (Prod system)"
    Here when I checked the 56 DIA work processes, it indicated - ON HOLD & Status - RFC.
    I need to know more on the Gateway mechanisim in this. Hope the problem was in the gateway connection for a temporary proceess
    Else the system was OK. No improper functioning was observed.
    Need to explore more on this.

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    I don't know why this error occurs, unless you have attempted to downgrade iTunes.
    This method should get you up and running again.
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    See iTunes Folder Watch for a tool to catch up with any changes since the backup file was created.
    When you get it all working make a backup!

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    You are correct, add RAS. Somethign youa re doing requires it.

  • Background job not generating spool

    Hi all,
          I am calling a report from another report. The called report will display the final output list.
    Here, the called report will be executed in background.
    here the job is completing but the spool is not generated.

    It seems that the final internal table which has the output data is empty & hence write statements are not executed ( assuming all the write statements are inside a loop).
    Place one write statement outside loop like
    write :/ 'Following is the result :'.
    & check whether spool is generated. If yes, then the problem is of empty internal table.
    You can select the job in SM37 & type JDBG in command prompt to debug a background job.
    Debug & check the issue.
    Best regards,

  • Some records are missing in the mail, when scheduled a background job.

    There is a Z report,  which will display some details from SD, MM , WM every day , and the same thing need to be mailed to the user through background Job.
    Issue is that spool is correct and it is missing some records ( Billing due list ), even internal table have records and displayed in the spool , in the mail it says
    “No Entries Found”.
    Is there any chance of debugging background job.
    Good thing is that when executed in foreground it is working fine. Both mail and report display.

    EM_BODY = '4) VF04 -- Processing Billing document due list.'.
      EM_BODY = ' '.
        EM_BODY = '        No Entry Found'.
        EM_BODY = ' '.
        CONCATENATE 'Delivery No' 'Created By' 'Created On'
                     'Reason' INTO HEAD SEPARATED BY '     '.
        EM_BODY = HEAD.
        EM_BODY = ' '.
        CLEAR V_TEXT.
        CLEAR ITEM.
        LOOP AT IT_FINAL3.
                      IT_FINAL3-RESO INTO ITEM SEPARATED BY '     '.
          V_TEXT = ITEM.
          EM_BODY = V_TEXT.
          APPEND EM_BODY.
        EM_BODY = ' '.
    This is the part where it is failing, where it_final3[] is initial.
    but whereas in the spool i can view those records.

  • Problem in getting spool number of a background job.

    Hi all,
    In a Z program I am calling a standard program to run as background job. I need to get the report o/p of the standard program. For this I need the spool no of the background job. Now I am querying on table tbtcp by giving jobname. Program name and run date and getting the spool no. but the cache is that the table is not getting updated with the spool no as soon as the job finishes. It is taking some time to update the table ( The time depends on the no of background jobs scheduled. ). So of we query on the table immediately after the background job finishes we are getting spool no as 0. so I am unable to read the spool into Internal tables. Even the table tsp01 is also behaving in the same way. ( it is taking time to update ) .
    Any pointers to this will be appreciated .

    This is some prototype that I put together from separate pieces, so it looks funky, but might be helpful. The first step is to SUBMIT the program with EXPORTING LIST TO MEMORY. The next FM reads the list from memory and the next one (optional) converts it to a text format. You might want to search for other FMs in SE37 by 'LIST*'.
    DATA list_tab TYPE TABLE OF abaplist.
                  AND RETURN.
        listobject = list_tab
        not_found  = 1
        OTHERS     = 2.
    types : t_txt(1000) type c.
    DATA: i_txt2 type table of t_txt,
    i_txt type list_string_table.
    call function 'LIST_TO_ASCI'
    *   LIST_INDEX               = -1
       WITH_LINE_BREAK          = 'X'
       LIST_STRING_ASCII        = i_txt
    *   LIST_DYN_ASCII           =
       LISTASCI                 =  i_txt2
       LISTOBJECT               = list_tab
       EMPTY_LIST               = 1
       LIST_INDEX_INVALID       = 2
       OTHERS                   = 3
    if sy-subrc <> 0.
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  • How to check the ALV output for the background job

    Hi Guru,
    We are having a cutomized report which will display the result like a ALV report.
    We configured it as an background job, after the completion of the background job, it will send the result to the SPOOL, and we can use SP02 to check the output,
    But it is not easy for user to directly check the result easily, is there an method we can save it as an spreadsheet and send the output to a specific location or mailbox and then user can check it easily

    In SM37 ,select the Job > Spool > Select Spool No > Display Contents > Here it will show you the Output of the Report.Now select Ctrl +Shift + F12 , it will ask you to save the Spread sheet in specified location.
    Best Regards,

  • System exception while deleting the file from app server in background job

    Hi All,
    I have a issue while the deleting the file from application server.
    I am using the statement DELETE DATASET in my program to delete the file from app server.
    I am able to delete the file from the app server when i run the program from app server.
    When i run the same report from background job i am getting the message called System exception.
    Is there any secuirity which i need to get the issue.
    Thank You,

    Hi All,
    I get all the authorization sto delete the file from application serever.
    Thing is i am able to run the program sucessfully in foreground but not in the background .
    It i snot giving any short dump also just JOB is cancelled with the exception 'Job cancelled after system exception ERROR_MESSAGE'.
    Can anybody please give me suggestion

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