Bookmark is missing

if it's possible that in the next update the function bookmark is included? Without this option the adobe reader is not usable for iOS.
Kind regards

Hi Ankit
I would like to add bookmarks in every documents on every sites that I can search for it later.
For example. If I see some intresting information on a page I going to add a bookmark on this site. During I read further I want back to this information. I going to use the "search" function to look for bookmarks I create bevor.
Most other reader apps have this possibility.
I would be very happy, even if the original reader would have this function.
Kind regards

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  • Bookmarks are missing from both my list and bookmark tab and I don't know if this was caused by plugin or due to lack of space in my internal HD. Please help?

    Dear Community, I promise I'll try to be as concise as possible. I'm really desperate for help! I've read absolutely everything about missing bookmarks, but as you will see my problem is also about cursors and Google showing differently on screen.
    It all started this day I was running short on storage space in my internat HD. Suddenly my computer showed that I had 0 KB available, and I just deleted some big mov files and restarted the computer. After the reboot, I opened FF and noticed that my bookmarks were missing and so was my reading list - my reading list is stored with the help of ReadItLater plugin ( I tried to google solutions for my problem and realized that something was weird with the way results were displayed.
    So, I made some screenshots because it's really hard to explain what's going on by writing, so please take a look:
    1. When I first open my FF, if I click on ReadItLater, I get this error message (code 0x80570016): [[click here|[email protected]/7423869970/]]
    2. Then if I click on any link on the page, and go back to check my ReadItLater list, I can open it without getting an error message but still NO READING LIST is shown. Image: [[click here|]]
    3. Now take a look on how Google is displaying results on FF! The text appears in Black/Green when it's really supposed to be displayed in Blue/Green/Black! The cursor is also messed up: when I try to click one of the links with the arrow, it turns into a type cursor instead of the usual hand or clicking cursor! Please see the image: [[click here|[email protected]/7423869468/]]
    4. Here's a screenshot of the same Google search but this time done on Safari. Compare it with the previous image: [[click here|[email protected]/7423869252/]]
    Any help will be much appreciated. I've already tried to reinstall FF again, and I've also deleted it and reinstalled FF but I never deleted profile/personal info that is in the Library Folder. Also, have tried to back up and replace the profile folder but my computer didn't allow me. I got a message saying it was not possible to copy the places.sqlite-wal file. I have done a search about it and I can say I never had a profile duplicate. Please help? I'm desperate and I can't lose my reading list or my bookmarks!
    Thank you, Firefox community!

    A possible cause is a problem with the file places.sqlite that stores the bookmarks and the history.
    You can also try to repair the places database with this extension:

  • When I use Firefox without menu bar I can see bookmarks. How ever when I activate menu bar the bookmark is missing from toolbar. I tried opening in safe mode and resetting toolbar but it didn't fix the issue. I am using version 7.0

    When I use Firefox without menu bar I can see bookmarks. How ever when I activate menu bar the bookmark is missing from toolbar. I tried opening in safe mode and resetting toolbar but it didn't fix the issue. I am using version 7.0

    Do you mean the Bookmarks Menu button on the Navigation Toolbar?
    You only see that button if the menu bar is hidden.

  • Firefox 8.0 - All bookmarks are missing - "unable to process the backup file" - tried reinstalling Firefox and restarting computer. Nothing helps. What can I do next?

    All bookmarks went missing after running WinCleaner OneClick version 11.4.2, but that has never happened before. Cannot create new bookmarks and if I try to restore the bookmarks from a backup , the pop-up window says "Unable to Process the Backup File". I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Firefox and I tried restarting the computer - neither helped. I'm running Windows XP Professional 2002 service pack 3. Any suggestions?

    Found a corrupt places file, deleted all the rest and renamed the corrupt file to be the only places file but I still had no bookmarks or bookmark functionality. I resigned myself to a complete uninstall of Firefox, including all personalization, etc. then reinstalled Firefox and I am now rebuilding my bookmarks list. Thank you much for the quick reply and trying to help! If I use WinCleaner OneClick again I'll be sure to back up my bookmarks.

  • New computer, installed sync, reset ket (mine was lost with the old PC, now bookmarks are missing. How do I get my bookmarks without my old key? Help.

    new laptop, lost old key, generated a new one, synced, bookmarks are missing.

    Sorry, resetting the SyncKey wipes all your data on the Sync server.

  • Menu selection for" orginze bookmarks" is missing? firefox 4.7

    In Firefox 4.7 on bookmark menu selection for "Organize bookmarks" is missing.

    Organize Bookmarks = '''Show All Bookmarks''' - starting with b7

  • After FF28 installed, my history & bookmarks are missing just like #981577 I've tried everything!

    I've had this problem for about 5 days, it may have happened prior to that, perhaps as early as 4/23/14 but I'm not well (inoperable brain cancer) and just began using my laptop again about 5 days ago. I became aware of the problems about 5 days ago, during which I have tried searching the Mozilla support forums and the web for some clue as to what else I can try, hence the reference to question #981577, which looks like it could have been written by me (my saved passwords no longer work, and I can't open add-ons now, but for the last few days I could use add-ons - the ones for sql lite, but I just tried the troubleshooter add-on listed at the bottom of this page and I can't utilize it, which happened to me earlier today when I downloaded an add-on, I clicked the orange FF button on the top left, then clicked on Add-Ons and it only goes so far as to reach the Add-Ons manager, but nothing happens when you click the Add-On you're trying to use - if it even shows up - it only shows a place marker page with "Disable" and "Remove" - I thought the problem was with the other Add-On I tried because it was over a year old and maybe it just didn't work. Somehow I think that the Firefox Menu Bar with the Orange Firefox button and other tool bars might be part of the problem. If I click on the Navigation Tool Bar and I click on the Bookmarks Button that I added to the bar, it will drop down and show me bookmarked pages (maybe 15) that aren't sorted like my missing ones. If I click "Show All Bookmarks" it opens the window labeled LIBRARY which shows on the left side of the screen. Inside the Library window is a toolbar with fwd bkwk grayed out/can't use, then organize, then views, then Import and Backup - then a box that's Search Bookmarks with a magnifying glass. Below the tool bar is a left screen section with an icon like a book that reads All Bookmarks, there are no bookmarks listed under that heading, and nothing happens if you click it like a button/command. On the right hand side there are two sections, the first section on the right hand side and upper portion under the toolbar is an area with Name and Location headings, and below show the 3 recent Bookmarks I have added lately. Right below the previous section is the heading Name: and then a blank search box. If I click "Show All" when working with Bookmarks OR Toolbars, they somehow default to a blank LIBRARY window. When I click the History area from the Firefox Orange button, it shows several recent websites, when I click Show All - nothing, I just and when I click on Bookmarks, there are several bookmarks that I have made today showing up, BUT NONE of these bookmarks show up in the LIBRARY window when I click Show All. I want to add that I get the same results when I use the Firefox Orange Button Toolbar as opposed to the original Menu toolbar. I have completed every task mentioned in the conversation of question #981577, and for the most part, I have repeated the steps three times each, with additional exits from Firefox and powering down my pc in between for good measure. I have also used Windows System Restore twice with no results, as well as attempting to "downgrade" my version of Firefox to 24 and 27 (which I know is not a recommended step and the first attempt resulted in downloading Firefox 28, which I was already running, and the second time, nothing restored or magically appeared, so I did an un-install and did a clean install of Firefox 28 from the download link on the Mozilla site. There is no indication that the other support-user had her question/ticket answered/resolved. The support communication spanned from 12/26-12/27/13. I wished that the previous conversation had taken place more recently, because it may point to a problem with FF28, but I don't know if it was released back in December. Here is the question/problem from the original poster, and I HAVE taken all of the steps as suggested by the support representative that assisted her.
    I would be so grateful to have my bookmarks back because they are my lifeline, and I think I have/had more than 3,500 links. As far as my history, I never delete anything (bookmarks included). I know there must have been thousands of visited websites that I have saved. Here is the question/problem from the original poster, and I HAVE taken all of the steps as suggested by the support representative that assisted her:
    "Earlier today my bookmarks were there. Later tonight, not there.
    I've tried the whole restore bookmarks process, I've copied the folder and deleted the places file thing. None of that has worked.
    What's weird is if I type something in in the URL box that I know is in my bookmarks, it will show up like it's in the history. But nothing shows up in my bookmarks folder at all.
    I need some help on this as I've tried almost every way I've read and nothing has brought them up. And like I said in the title, I have over 800 bookmarks and a lot of them are work related."

    Thanks to everyone who took a look at my problems with missing/lost Library, History, Bookmarks, Downloads, and Passwords files after the Firefox 28 Update (the automated one), especially Debapriyo. Debapriyo, your suggestion was one of the first I tried over four days ago, but I did re-try it each day, and twice today (this morning, and again after I posted my support issue on here). Unfortunately, every time I tried it, I would click start, and I would almost always see the screen flash slightly, then at the top of the window where it says "Library" it would say something like "the program is not responding" and then...nothing, and nothing on "My Computer" showed any changes. I also used Places Management and Places Maintenance to make sure that the files were in my Profile Folder, etc., and I kept getting a clean Places Management with a Deep Check, and I double checked the tables on Places Maintenance - both of these programs as well as Restoration were recommended in previous replies to inquiries similar to mine. In addition to restoring my computer, I did a "Reset" on Firefox that created a new Profile name which is used where my FF files are stored. I think this may have contributed to my eventual success.
    Finally, I tried the trick of backing up necessary files into a different folder, then changing the name of the "Places SQL?" I forget the second part of the file name (I blame my brain tumor for my short-term memory issues - really) I think that's the name, so I changed the name. I then clicked File, then Exit and it closed Fire Fox. I was very reluctant to use this method to solve my issues, but after about 4-5 attempts using this, my bookmarks showed up - not just the ones that fit into the drop down box and would only save to Un-Sorted Bookmarks in the Library, it finally showed up exactly as it did before the problems. I found that by using the Menu Toolbar alternately removing it and looking at Orange Button Menu in the top left of the screen it seems like the SQL info is not flowing to both menus the same way. If I clicked on the Orange Button Menu, it started by listing 3-4 websites as Bookmarks. If I used the Menu Toolbar Bookmarks button, it would list Bookmarks to the bottom of that dropdown - about 15 websites (which is crazy for both because I actually have 4,200 bookmarks). I was so frustrated though by clicking All Bookmarks or All History and the pop up window for Library would say "there are no files." I don't really know the final answer or what solved my problems, but I've stayed awake almost an entire 4 days awake trying to fix this, and now it looks likes like I"ve managed to fix it 99.9%, and I'm done with it - I can't take any more. I think my brain tumor has grown it's own tumor over this - I'm definitely no IT expert, that's for sure. Thanks Again!

  • Why are some of the icons in my Bookmarks list missing after 8.0 update

    I installed the 8.0 update a few days ago, and when I opened my Bookmarks lists some of the icons associated with the various websites are missing. Is there a way to correct this problem?

    I don't know how many photos you're trying to post on one page but if you put too many PCs using Internet Explorer may have problems loading the page.  I prefer to keep the number down to less than 50 and have more than one page which will be indicated by the page links at the top of the thumbnails:
    These smaller pages will load faster and in more browsers.

  • Why are many of my toolbar bookmarks suddenly missing, & why can't I designate where to put bookmarks now? Star won't accept double-clicks anymore.

    All of a sudden yesterday I can no longer click the star twice to tell it where to put the bookmark, and even when I click it once it doesn't save the bookmark anywhere. Also many of my toolbar bookmarks are now suddenly missing. I've tried to restore bookmarks and it says it's unable to perform that function. Help!

    You can check for problems with the <b>places.sqlite</b> database file in the Firefox profile folder.
    *Places Maintenance:

  • Bookmark file missing, backup files empty, can't import IE favorites

    I noticed that my bookmarks had disappeared. I checked my profile and the bookmarks file is missing. The remaining profile information and files appear to be intact, including history. There are a number of bookmarkbackup (JSON) files but they contain no data. I have tried to import IE11 favorites directly, and via the export to HTML/import to FF method, but nothing happens. I think I have exhausted all suggested remedies except deleting and rebuilding the places.sqlite file. I found a log file under the profile Allusers that indicated there was a maintenanceservice-install on Nov. 26, which may have been when my bookmarks disappeared.
    I'm running Windows 7 and FF 25.0.1.
    Suggestions? Thanks in advance!

    I do have three previous versions of places.sqlite. Curiously, they were all 10MB and were created Nov. 26 at the exact same time. The files were modified Nov. 27, at 3:08 pm, 10:31 pm and 10:39 pm, the last two while I was at home in bed. I can't figure out why my PC would be making restore points so late in the evening, unless it is related to my automated backups which are scheduled to begin at 9 pm. Is there a Windows log file that may be able to tell me what happened Nov. 26/27?
    Speaking of backups, the bookmark file is also missing from my external hard "backup" drive. I don't understand this because my backup profile is set so as to leave files on the external drive even if they have been deleted from the PC hard drive.
    Are there any downsides to restoring one of the places.sqlite files?

  • After updating to newest, firefox the change icon in properties (bookmarks) is missing, can I get it again somehow? Since I like to make my own icons in bookmark toolbar

    I have made a bookmark toolbar with all my fav sites, a lot of sites have not made a icon logo, so I make one,,, By using the change icon in properties (right click on the icon) But this feature is not in the newest firefox update.
    How can I get it again? is there a specific extension fx??

    Perform the suggestions mentioned in the following articles:
    * [[Latest Firefox issues#os=mac&browser=fx9|Icons missing in the Bookmarks menu]]
    Or use this extension to restore missing Favicons --> '''CheckPlaces 2.6.1'''
    Check and tell if its working.

  • In the menu bar when I hit bookmark my list of saved bookmarks is missing. when I bookmark a page I don't know where they go.

    my ISP sent me a fine tune disc after I ran it i could no longer find my lists of saved bookmarks. bookmark tab is there but when I click on it and the menu drops down it's gone How do I get it back. Also when I try to bookmark a page it goes through the process, the window opens I hit save but when I look for it on the bookmark menu it doesn't exist. Most add-ons, and plug ins were turned off. My yahoo tool bar is missing. I haven't tried it but am thinking worst case try system restore

    A system restore won't help with corrupted files in hte [ Firefox Profile Folder].
    With so many problems it would be best to create a new profile.<br />
    See [[Basic Troubleshooting#Make_a_new_profile|Basic Troubleshooting&#58; Make a new profile]]
    If that new profile works then you can transfer some files from the old profile to that new profile (be careful not to copy corrupted files)

  • Bookmarks Keywords missing since updating to firefox 37.0.1

    Hello, and thank you in advance for reading my mail.
    I am using Firefox 37.0.1 on a Windows7-64 OS.
    I also use Xmarks to sync my bookmarks with Chrome.
    I always use bookmarks to create shortcuts I can use in the address bar to speed up my use of firefox. I set keywords such as
    a for (amazon uk search engine).
    I tried to type in the usual a then my search but got directed to google search.
    When I look through my bookmarks folder (a long list of sites and search engines with a one or two word keyword) I found that all my keywords are missing! I also see that all my tags are missing however I can live without these as I don't use them so much but I use my keywords all the time and having them all disappear is a real problem.
    Has this happened to others, is there a way to restore them and if not, and if I manually go through putting them all back, will the same thing happen on the next update?
    If its at all relevant I use an number of addons which I could list but I don't see how anything other than xmarks should affect this.
    Lancashire Lad

    Note that you can set a keyword to an installed search engine in "Options/Preferences > Search".
    Keywords set that way are not stored as a bookmark, but are stored in the search-metadata.json file.

  • Bookmarks window missing

    There are a lot of features in Mavericks I am trying to change back or find alternatioves to, I am hoping there is someone here who can help me out.
    The old bookmarks window is gone in Safari.  I used it to view whole groups of URLs and now that it is gone, there is only a small strip on the left side with the names of the bookmarks.  Is there a way to change it back?
    Thank you for your help!

    While you can't change it back - the 'Edit Bookmarks' view from the Bookmarks menu provides some of what you're missing.

  • My toolbar is missing and bookmarks are missing

    my toolbar and bookmarks disappeared
    == This happened ==
    Not sure how often
    == yesterday

    Please read the following articles:

  • Upgraded firefox, now some bookmarks are missing

    Apparently I missed a bunch of upgrades, so I recently upgraded from something like Firefox 3.5 to 5.0. When I did, the bookmarks that I use the most strangely will not appear. It's weird -- they are stored in a subfolder within a subfolder, and most of these show up just fine since the upgrade, but this particular subfolder, which of course I use most often and has a ton of bookmarks within it (as well as a few subfolders, in addition), just will not show up UNLESS I click on "Show All Bookmarks" and access it from there. What's so strange is that other subfolders show up on the drop down menu no problem, it's just this one that won't. Could it be a bug that when you have too many bookmarks within a subfolder it won't show up? I have tried re-booting and restarting firefox.

    Copy and Paste this code in the Code field in the <i>"Tools > Error Console"</i> and click the <i>Evaluate</i> button to see the location of the profile folder.<br />
    <br />
    <pre><nowiki>alert(Components.classes[";1"].getService(Components.interfaces.nsIProperties).get("ProfD", Components.interfaces.nsIFile).path);
    Help > Troubleshooting Information > Profile Directory: Open Containing Folder

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