Calling ADF page in E-biz 11.5.10

I developed a simple ADF Fuson web page using JDeveloper 11g. I would like to call this thru Oracle E-Biz 11.5.10. I was told that in E-boz 12 there is a profile option FND_EXTERNAL_ADF_URL to be set. But in 11i they are not sure what is the equivalent profile option to set. Does anybody know how to call an ADF page in E-Biz or what is the profile option similar to the one in 12i (FND_EXTERNAL_ADF_URL)? Thanks.
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I am sure the ADF will be running in a different server, and you might be having a standalone URL to access your ADF page.
Have you tried register a function in Ebiz 11i, of type "SSWA jsp function" or "Unknown Type" function and give the full URL of your ADF page?
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  • Calling ADF page from form

    We wanted to call ADF page from the form. are there any suggestions. i didnt see any discussion in this form

    You can call any Web URL from Forms via the Web.Show_Document() built-in.

  • Calling ADF page Custom Listener (Ex: ActionListener) from BPM Process Task (APPROVE/REJECT)

    Hi All,
    Jdeveloper version -
    I am very new to BPM / SOA development, but I have very good development skills on ADF.
    I am not using ADF BC, using EJB for business services and also using custom ADF pages for HumanTasks.
    From the BPM Process task, when process submission (APPROVE / REJECT) , I need to invoke a Custom listener (Ex.Action Listener - a EJB call) in the ADF page.
    I am trying to use BPM APIs.
    Please clarify me how this will achieve using BPM APIs. I need detail guidelines to do it. Please make to understand this process.
    Provide some useful documentation or links to understand the following:
    1. Custom Human task pages
    2. BPM APIs -
    3. Call a BPM process task from ADF Listener and Call a ADF Listener from BPM Process task - Using BPM APIs.
    Please revert more clarifications needed.
    Thanks and Regards
    Mohanraj N

    Hi Joonas.
    Plese let me explain me better for your understanding
    A big summary for what I meant it's the following:
    1- In the procces you made, when you add the HT activity, you have to implement it, this means declare the input(s) parameters you want. This implementation create the .task file.
    2- Create an application, and projects as HT you have. Each poject are based on the .task file, and automatically create a Data Control (for each project based on a .task) with all you need.
    This w'll be an empty application, so you can customize it all you want. The task selected should have all the parameters previously defined. Those parameters can change if you want.
    2- Create a page(s) in the task flow for the task implementation. You can even split the the payload of the task in differents pages, create your custom pages and any logic you need.
    3- An important aspect is how to match these application with the HT implemented in the process. It's possible, it's a configuration en the Enterprise Manager.
    4- Deploy your application
    All these are explain in the book I mentioned
    Th book you can find it here:
    Regards Dariel.
    PS: Please, let me know if you need more details.

  • How can call/access ADF page in OAF rich container

    I want to access ADF page it's typicall have some graphs in OAF region
    for this i have create the one function in EBS and added that in respective responsibility.
    i have creted one region--->item in my page and for item i put itemStyle as richContainer and in Destination attribute i given the fucntion which i created in EBS.
    When i try to run the page i got the page not found message in region.
    is any thing i missed out.?
    Please let me know how can i acchive this.
    Please help me on this.

    Hi Keerthi .
    Thanks for u'r reply.
    My ADF app deployed in Weblogic server it's different server.
    I am able to call the ADF page after clicking the Button.
    I am facing the issues the calling ADF page in richContainer.
    i got msg leike below.
    The webpage cannot be found
    HTTP 404
    Most likely causes:
    •There might be a typing error in the address.
    •If you clicked on a link, it may be out of date.
    What you can try:
    Retype the address.
    Go back to the previous page.
    Go to and look for the information you want.
    More information
    Please help me on this.

  • Embedding ADF page in OAF

    We have a requirement where we have to call ADF page as a region in OAF page.
    We are able to deploy ADF application on Web logic server and call them as a standalone application in OAF using "Function and Menu".
    Also, I understand that ADF and OAF interaction back and forth is not possible. ATG seems to be working on this for handling session management.
    However, I need to understand if there is any mechanism by which ADF pages can be embedded in OAF page as a region and work as a region in Oracle Ebiz Suite OAF pages?
    It seems that OAF Rich Interface allows embedding ADF pages in OAF.
    Appreciate some guidance on this.

    Hi YJ,
    Yes, we (ATG) are still working on session management between OA Framework and Oracle ADF, as well as other features of the Oracle E-Business Suite SDK for Java. Stay tuned for an announcement on Steven Chan's blog at when that becomes available. My Oracle Support Note 974949.1 will be updated with further information at that time.
    Embedding an Oracle ADF region in an OA Framework page requires, at a minimum, that you create an EBS function security function for your ADF page and add a richContainer item to your OA Framework page that calls the function. You may need session management features depending on what you are trying to do with it. We haven't worked out all the nuances yet for more specific guidelines, sorry.
    (PS--I posted this in the OA Framework forum too)

  • Is it possible to call the Print Quote functionality from Custom ADF page

    We are researching if it is possible to call the Print Quote functionality from the Custom ADF application.
    Goal is to pop up the PDF report upon clicking the Print Quote button on the custom page. Is it possible ?
    Atleast advice on the direction to go forward is appreciated.

    Hi ,
    Please check following thread on forum -
    Re: ADF: Calling OAF Page from ADF page
    Check this may also be useful-
    I have not tried yet but Steven Chan (Sr. Director OATG) suggest following methodolgy for this-

  • Is it possible to call OAF Page from ADF Page

    Is it possible to open E-Business suite OAF page from ADF ??
    Our requirement as follows:
    In ADF page have the Order Number as hyper-link, if user click on hyper-link we have to pass Order_Id and open OAF page of Order Management in E-Business Suite. This OAF Page has has the corresponding Order Line for given Order_Id.
    If this is possible, how authentication/security works between ADF and OAF. Is the user which as logged into ADF will authenticate in OAF Page also ? How it works ??
    Thanks in advance.

    Hope following useful
    ADF Call from OAF

  • Facing issue in calling BPEL WebService from ADF page.

    Considering example:
    I have a Login Page (Login.jspx) with two input text, UserID & Password and one Login Button. On press of login Button It will call a BPEL service for validating the user and will return a String value with Success or Failure as value. Depending on this value I will decide inside Managed Bean response will go to which path.
    Took the reference of
    Using this I am able to call BPEL from my ADF page and able to show the result on different ADF page, but not able to take the BPEL returned value inside the managed bean.
    Please help me how to take BPEL output value inside my managed bean.

    Considering example:
    I have a Login Page (Login.jspx) with two input text, UserID & Password and one Login Button. On press of login Button It will call a BPEL service for validating the user and will return a String value with Success or Failure as value. Depending on this value I will decide inside Managed Bean response will go to which path.
    Took the reference of
    Using this I am able to call BPEL from my ADF page and able to show the result on different ADF page, but not able to take the BPEL returned value inside the managed bean.
    Please help me how to take BPEL output value inside my managed bean.

  • How can integrate/call the Oracle Forms in ADF pages or task flow.

    Hi ,
    I Have requirement to integrate the ADF and EBS.
    I have done the ADF pages calling in ESB.
    Right now i am struck up to call the OAF froms in ADF page/taskflow.
    it's high appriciate if any one provide me the any info or how to do this requriment.

    Forms integration can happen using af:inlineFrame or by a redirect to a Forms web URL. In the latter case navigation should be from an unbounded task flow ensuring the return address required to resume the ADF application is provided. See: for how to construct the return URL

  • How to call webservices from ADF page

    I am using ADFBC.
    I want to call webservices from ADF page.please give examples of sample program on how to call a web service from the ADF pages.please give examples.
    please help me.

  • Initial ADF Page Call

    for doing some logic to the Query Result after calling the Page the first time, i want to know where this can be handled?
    In OAF for example, the initial Load (HTTPRequest) is handled in the controller Class, in Procedure
    public void processRequest(OAPageContext pageContext, OAWebBean webBean) For example:
    In here you can invoke a Method from Application Module, in which you can change/define the View Criteria and execute the Query of the particualr View Object.
    Can aynone tell me how to implement this in ADF?
    Thanks for replies!

    the blog is very helpfull thank you.
    The definition of a Service Method is clear now. But i cannot controll the initial call before page loads ( it is working, when an ADF Button is placed on the Page, by Click).
    Following Szenario:
    In the Service Method of the Application module, there the viewcriteria will be changed programmatically. See this:
      public void QueryAM()
           ViewObjectImpl v1 = (ViewObjectImpl)this.findViewObject("EmployeesVO1");
            v1.setWhereClause("employee_id = 100");
          }I created a Bounded Task Flow which has following components:
    1. Method Call: Calls the method (QuerAM) from AM - Default (Start) activitiy
    2. View Component: Has an jspx page (ShowEmployees) in it, which includes an ADF Read Only Table with all the Attributes
    3. Control Flow Case: Direction from Default Activitiy (QuerAM) to View Object (ShowEmployees)
    It always retrieves the whole Data, and does not take the view criteria. How to achieve the effect of the view criteria from the method and show in ADF Table?
    Any Idea?
    Thank you!

  • Propagation of Credentials from ADF Pages to BPEL

    It is easy and straightforward to call web services from ADF pages. But I am a bit confused about the security issues around use of BPEL and OWSM with ADF.
    Suppose that I have authenticated against an LDAP to access an ADF page and the page make calls to a BPEL process through a button. As far as I know I should implement security in the web services through OWSM and in this case I can attach an agent to the web service to authenticate against LDAP. (or verify a SAML token)
    Problem: I can't pass credentials to the process from the page. the web service does not receive any SAML token, user name or pass word to authenticate.
    Also please read this for another view of the same problem:
    Security of Web Services, Agents and Sequantial Calling of Web Services
    How can I pass the SAML tokens(propagate identity) along the business process. If I insert SAML token as part of the agent's response steps, the response is not actually passed to the next service but the BPEL. Will the next service receive the SAML token?
    I really appreciate any comments and hints.
    Best Regards,

    Can message handler framework in BPEL Security extension help for this? Does enabling domain and process level security do the trick?

  • Fusion Applications 11.1.7: Deploy a custom ADF page to Fusion Applications

    I am trying to create and deploy a custom ADF page in Fusion Applications(in premise) which will allow search, create and update operations on a custom table. I have been going through a pile of documents and this forum but I still have the following questions.
    I have a PageA based on the UIShell. This page is linked to the taskflow TaskFlowA which provides the search functionality. TaskFlowA calls TaskFlowB and TaskFlowC which provide the create and edit functionalities.
    I have enabled security from Jdeveloper (Application>Secure>Configure ADF Security)
    Question#1: Is this step required?
    To deploy it I will generate the ADF Library JAR for the Model and ViewController. The ADF Library JAR for the model will be placed into the <ExplodedEarDirectory>/APP-INF/lib directory of an existing application(say HCM). The ADF Library JAR for the UI will be placed in the <ExploadedWarDirectory>/WEB-INF/lib directory.
    Question#2: Are any other steps required for deployment.
    I will then add permissions for the page by following the steps in How To Configure Security For Custom Pages/Taskflows Added To Fusion Applications(Doc ID 1486524.1). This document lists the steps for configuring authorization policies using APM.
    Question#3: While specifying the resource type in APM, I will select RegionResouceType and set the Name to PageA. I understand that I need to provide the full path of PageA in the form But how do I get the full path?
    Finally I will add a new menu entry in the Navigator menu using the setup task “Manage Menu Customizations” by adding a new item.
    Question#4: What will be the value of Focus View Id for the new Item? Will it be the Focus View Id that I provided while creating the menu file in JDeveloper?
    Question#5: What will be the value of Secured Resource Name? Will it be the same as what I provided in Question#3 above?

    Question#1: Is this step required?
    Yes if you want to test the security in the integrated WLS .
    Question#2: Are any other steps required for deployment.
    Yes. Please follow up our earlier post ADF How-To #12: Deploying Customizations to Standalone WLS
    For question #3, #4 & #5 please first review our other post ADF How-To #10: Replacing A Bounded Task Flow  This won't answer completely what you asked but would definitely be a step in that direction.
    I would also recommend you to go through other posts starting with title ADF How-To #.
    Hope this helps

  • Opening ADF page from java script

    I am trying to use, winName) to open an ADF page from java script.
    I have set the same winName but when i call the method every time it opens up a new window.
    The code is as below:
    function openwin() {"about:blank", "winDocPrint", "width=800,height=600,location=no");
    <form action="" target="winDocPrint" onsubmit="openwin">
    <input type="submit" value="Print Comments Call ADF">
    when I click the button first time, it opens a new window, and keeps opening a new windows on clicking the button again.
    I want it to use the same window that was opened first time.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Sandeep M.
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    you need to keep the window handle reference so you can access the same window

  • How to call jsf page which is in a seperate project

    I am using JDEV verrsion.
    how can i call jsf page which is inside the seperate project.

    How is the jsf page deployed? As a separate application or as part of the same application? If it is separate app, you can use the goLink method suggested by Suresh. If it is in the same app, you can create a taskflow and drop the page as view activity. Then, create an ADF Library out of the project and use it in your project where you want to call it.

Maybe you are looking for