Can I sync 2 iPhones with the same iTune library?

I am currently using an iPhone 3GS and have no problems with it.  I also have an iPod Classic synshed to the same iTunes library with no issues.
My question is: Can I also synch my old iPhone 3G so that my kids can use it to play some games, videos and music, synched from my library, with SIM card?

Try it and see what happens. I don't see why it wouldn't work.
If you DO have problems, put the phone in Airplane Mode. And see if that helps.

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  • Can you sync different iPhones with the same iTunes library on your computer?

    I have two I phones an old 3G and 4S.
    I use the 4S in the US and I planned to unlock the 3G in order to use it in France.
    I have itune on my computer and I would like to know if I can sync my two iphones on the same itune ?
    Thank you for helping me

    How to use multiple iPods, iPads, or iPhones with one computer

  • HT1495 If I have an IPHONE with my own Apple ID and my husband has his IPHONE with his Apple ID, can we sync them to the same ITUNES Library on the same PC??


    As long as you have iTunes logged in with your Apple ID, you can just plug your phone in and sync it, and all your music will appear as your Library (e.g. "Nolan's Music"). When your husband plugs his phone in, he'll probably have to log you out and login with his Apple ID, before he syncs his phone.
    The problem is that Apple IDs are accounts. Your phone is linked to your account, and his phone is linked to his account. I don't think you can sync them both while logged in to one of those accounts. Have you sync'd your phones before? What happens when you plug them in?

  • Can i sync an iphone 4 and a ipad 2 with the same itunes library?

    can i sync an iphone 4 and a ipad 2 with the same itunes library?

    Open itunes. Plug in ipad.  Select what you want to sync.  Sync.
    iPad 2 User Guide (For iOS 4.3 Software)

  • HT1386 can i sync 20 iphones with the same itunes?

    can i sync 20 iphones with the same itunes?

    From tt2:
    In brief...
    You can sync as many devices as you like to a single library.
    Up to five computers can be authorized for your account's protected content.
    Each device can hold protected content from up to five different accounts.
    Managing apps purchased with more than one account is a chore.
    A combination of up to 10 iOS devices and computers can be authorized for automatic downloads of your purchases.

  • Syncing 2 iPhones on the same iTunes Library

    Is it possible to sync to iPhones to the same iTunes library? So games etc get synced to both phones? BUT can both iPhones sync to the Music Library differently?

    "Is it possible to sync to iPhones to the same iTunes library?"
    " So games etc get synced to both phones"
    "BUT can both iPhones sync to the Music Library differently?"
    Itunes recognizes each device, so you can set each to sync whatever you like.

  • Hi, does someone know if I can use two Apple tv's with the same iTunes library? Thanks

    Hi, does someone know if I can use two Apple tv's with the same iTunes library?

    Yes you can use two (or more) AppleTVs with one iTunes library. They can both stream from iTunes (or the internet) at the same time, as long as you have a good working LAN and internet connection.

  • The old computer is broken so I bought a new one. I have downloaded itunes but will not sync iphone with the new itunes. What should I do to get all the apps, songs and photos on itunes?

    The old computer is broken so I bought a new one. I have downloaded itunes but will not sync iphone with the new itunes. What should I do to get all the apps, songs and photos on itunes?

    See Recover your iTunes library from your iPod or iOS device.

  • Can I use 2 iPhones with the same iTunes account? help...

    At the moment I have an iPhone 3G but my wife doesn't. I have a Windows Vista machine at home that has all our music in iTunes and all the apps I have downloaded from the app store. We only have 1 login to our windows vista PC that we share, we don't have individual signons.
    On Friday I will be upgrading to the 3Gs and my wife will also be getting one.
    My question is can we sync both iPhones with the same PC using the same Windows login and the same iTunes account, i.e. share all music and apps with both iPhones?

    A computer can sync a dozen iPods and/or iPhones (just saying).
    However, You can't use more than one computer for that iPhone.

  • Can I sync two iphones to the same itunes library

    Trying to find out if I can sync my iphone4S and my husband's with the same itunes account. Is this possible? My phone was used initially to set up itunes; the pc recognizes his phone (serial number matches) by the sync fails.

    Welcome to the Apple Community.
    You can sync multiple devices with a single iTunes library.

  • Can 2 iPhones control the same iTunes Library with Remote?

    Does anyone know if you can authorize 2 iPhones to control the same iTunes library using the iPhone Remote app? Or can only one iPhone be authorized at any one time?
    - John

    Hey John,
    Yes, you can have multiple iPhones remote controlling iTunes.

  • Can I use my ipod and an iphone on the same itunes library?

    I want to buy an iphone but when I asked the sales assistant if I could use my ipod and iphone on the one itunes library she said she thought I should be able to but was not 100% sure. I want to be able to play my music, audio books etc on both.

    Hey deepseablue71
    here is the link "using multiple ipods with one computer" again, just tested, it works for me:
    How do you use the same itunes library for multipul ipods/iphones? >
    First of all, when it comes to music I create playlists. That makes it more easy to handle on different devices.
    When I plug in my iPhone I select the playlists, video or other data I want to have and sync. Same with my iPods. After that I have similar playlists and data on my iPhone and iPods, even calendar and adressbook are updated.
    Hope this helps,

  • Two accounts with the same iTunes library (at same time!)

    Hi, on my iMac I setup my iTunes library (connected with ATV), guessing what happens if I move this library to the shared folder on my iMac and in the same time this is opened by the two accounts present on my iMac (me and my wife).
    Should I make the connection with ATV also on my wife's account ? What happens to other account ?

    dalrmi wrote:
    What happens using the same iTunes library _at same time_ by two accounts on the same iMac (computer) ?
    only one iTunes can access a library at a time.
    instead, you could try this:
    i assume both you and your wife have their own iTMS account. if that is so, you might want to try to cross-authorize iTunes on each account to play/use content purchased by the other. this works at least for an iPod Touch so i would be surprised if it didn't work for the TV.
    that's basically very easy. all you have to do is +log out+ of one account (click on the account name in the Store window and select sign out from the pop-up dialog) and into the other, and then they will both be authorized. (be sure to just *log out*, not de-authorize ).

  • Can 2 apple id using the same itunes library?

    Hi .. I'm using ipone 4s and ipad3 using 2 different apple id. Can i used the same itunes library for both? Where i can copy thosevpurchased app in ipone to ipad?

    From Here
    I have multiple Apple IDs. Is there a way for me to merge them into a single Apple ID?
    Apple IDs cannot be merged. You should use your preferred Apple ID from now on, but you can still access your purchased items such as music, movies, or software using your other Apple IDs.

  • Can Atv1 and Atv2 sync with the same itunes library?

    I have imac running snow leopard.It was working perfectly well wit my Atv1. I decided to buy Atv2 for airplay function. Since I installed Atv2 icannot find my Atv1. What is more after resetting my Atv1 I cannot find it under 'Devices' in Itunes. It connects to the internet and my network. I can login to the itunes shop and download and watch movies etc. But I cannot register it with my itunes library and imac. Atv1 annAtv2 with same itunes library is it possible or is it uncompatible.?

    Quite possible.
    You may need to disconnect the 'connection' and reconnect on AppleTV1 in Settings>Computers.
    If a sync (content in My Music not My Shared Music etc) connection AppleTV will be wiped clean of media in preparation for a new sync library.
    There may be other factors at play (securtiy software, firewalls, corrupt iTunes/other software installation).
    Also worth restarting router, computer, itunes and AppleTV.

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