Can not open PDF Files-have windows 7 & downloaded Adobe 9.2

Can not open up any PDF files.  I have a new computer with windows 7.  Have dowloaded 9.2 adobe reader as well as air.  It comes up as File Conversion with options of select the encoding that makes your document readable.  Nothing I choose works & there is no english available.  HELP

What is your operating system?  What is your Reader version ("latest" means nothing)?
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  • I am running Vista and Windows Mail, I can not open PDF files when in Windows Mail, I must save to Desktop first, this has changes recently and I do not know why or how to fix

    I am running Vista and Windows Mail, I can not open PDF files when in Windows Mail, I must save to Desktop first, this has changes recently and I do not know why or how to fix.
    Why after 6 year's this has changed?
    I would like to open PDF's straight from Window Mail.

    Good day Jeff.
    I am running most current Adobe Reader X.
    Tks Mark

  • Even I have the latest version of Adober reader I still can not open pdf file on safari

    Even I have the latest version of Adober reader I still can not open pdf file on safari.

    Save the file locally, open the Reader application and try to open it from there. If it still doesn't work provide the full details of your OS, Reader version and the exact error message you're getting when you try to open the file.

  • I have a brand new MacBookProo and I can not open PDF files from my desktop. Can anyone help me with this please?

    I have a brand new MacBookProo and I can not open PDF files from my desktop. Can anyone help me with this please?

    A new Mac comes with 90 days of free tech support from AppleCare.
    AppleCare: 1-800-275-2273

  • Can't open PDF files from Windows Explorer on Windows 8.1

    after I've upgraded to Windows 8.1, I can't open PDF files from Windows Explorer (directly double clicking the file). The AcroRd32.exe runs in the background (2x !) as I see the processes in task manager, but there is no user interface visible. I have Acrobat
    Reader 11.0.06, the desktop version (not Metro). I tried uninstalling the Acrobat reader and installing it again but this didn't help. The only way to open PDF files is to close the AcroRd32.exe from the task manager, open empty Acrobat Reader from the desktop
    and then drag&drop the PDF file over that window. This is quite inconvenient. Is there a way to fix this issue so I can open PDF files directly from windows explorer?
    Many thanks!

    I had to install adobe reader, but   PDF's used to display just fine with IE, any idea what happened ?
    Windows 8.1 pro.

  • I can not open PDF files in safari

    I can not open PDF files in safari. How can I fix this problem?

    Back up all data.
    Quit Safari. In the Finder, select Go ▹ Go to Folder... from the menu bar, or press the key combination shift-command-G. Copy the line of text below into the box that opens, and press return:
    /Library/Internet Plug-ins
    From the folder that opens, remove any items that have the letters “PDF” in the name. You may be prompted for your login password. Then launch Safari and test.
    If you still have the issue, repeat with this line:
    ~/Library/Internet Plug-ins
    If you don’t like the results of this procedure, restore the items from the backup you made before you started. Relaunch Safari again.

  • I'm using iphone 4S, and I can not open PDF file only from my husband email that using Mic outlook. It was very weird because I can received other email with pdf file from other people. can someone help.

    I'm using iphone 4S and ipad mini, and I can not open PDF file only from my husband email that using Mic outlook. It was very weird because I can received other email with pdf file from other people. Can someone help...
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Eidda,
    This may because the attachment is a winmail.dat file. I would recommend taking a look at the article below for more information. Note: the article is written for OS X mail, but does also apply to this situation.
    Mac OS X Mail: What is a winmail.dat attachment?
    -Griff W.

  • Why does my Acrobat IX not open PDF files created with my Adobe CreatePDF application?

    My Acrobat IX will not open PDF files that I create with my Adobe CreatePDF application

    Thanks for answering ... Long answer sorry ... recently upgraded from XP to Windows 7.  With XP I could create PDFs with/for any document I created ... I think the XP App was Acrobate Complete as well as I could print directly to a PDF file. In any case, I was always able to creat PDFs.  Since upgrading to Windows 7, I lost my ability to create PDF files by conversion or by printing directly to PDF format. Therefore, I purchased the Adobe CreatePDF application from Adobe for about $100.  However all Adobe CreatePDF files have a different screen icon and my Acrobate XI supplied with my new Windows 7 intsall does nor recognize the Adobe CreatePDF created files. I am guessing but I suspect the Adobe CreatePDF app is creating Postscript print files and not Windows compatible print files.  I would like to tell Adobe about this Bug or failure, but it seems I am unable to contact Adobe directly and talk/chat with a human. 

  • I suddenly can not open pdf files. I have had Adobe Reader Xl and just ran into this problem

    I have had adobe reader xl for some time and suddenly can not open a pdf file. I received an email yesterday with a pdf attachment which I can not open. What could be my problem?

    Hi Pat, My operating system is Windows 7, Home Premium Service Pack 1. My email client (email Provider is Cox Communications -
    Can not in my post means I tried to open a pdf attachment to a email. I received  nothing happens. I do not get a blank screen or any messages. Nothing Nothing happens at all. I can click several times and get no response.
    I did discover that by clicking on the Adobe Icon on my deskt topi get an Adobe box containing  "Do you want to allow changes to your computer. I click Yes and get to my computer where I can find the above mentoned attachment which I think I had previously saved. I then get the attachment whick I can print. This may be printing from my hard drive - I am not sure. I think I could go through this procedure every time I want to open a atachment but it seems a long way around.
    Any help you can give me would be appreciated. I have thought about removing Adobe and reinstalling. Maybe there is a corruption to my Adobe file.

  • Can not open PDF file in IE8

    I am running Windows XP sp3 and IE 8. When I try and open PDF files from a webpage I get a find button, save button, or cancel button. The PDF file will open if I save it to the desktop first but there is now way I can open the PDF from the webpage. And this is very annoying to the user. I have tried checking and unchecking the Display PDF in Browser option but this has not helped anything. Does anyone have any idea what might be happening or what I should try?

    no solution yet....adobe does not play well with microsoft...
    as adobe in silicone valley near apple....adobe started with WYSIWYG when they were
    all PARC (division of xerox which closed down parc)...steven jobs bought the gui for apple and those that did not want to work for
    jobs started adobe...and here we are w/ little/no support for adobe reader....which won the war with the pagis reader (xerox), now defunct...))
    work around
    open adobe reader and turn off "display pdf in browser" by  unchecking the box...
    open adobe reader
    categories = internet
    will be top line on right side....
    OK and close...
    now when you do a pdf,..the file will download to a temp folder and open a seperate window for the reader...
    store this info somewhere...after figuring out what to do i saved an adobe.txt file to aid this old memory of mine...
    because sometimes you will have to turn it back on....
    for example i had one bank where i have to turn it off to properly view/download the statements....
    and another bank where i have to turn it back on to properly download the statements  (this bank utilizes an aspx file to access/display the pdf and will not open it in a seperate window....)  so it all depends on how the pages are coded....and you thought it was all to some standard...shame on you...ha ha
    here's hoping this helps...
    and wishing/hoping that the good folks at adobe (they have to be good, they didn't go to work for steve...nasty man...) will come up with a solution that will auto can only hope...the ultimate optimist....good luck...and pls excuse any typos....

  • Can't open pdf files in Windows 8 with Acrobat XI

    I have windows 8, and Mozilla Thunderbird email client.  When attempting to open PDFs I get this message "Adobe Reader could not open 'Wiring Invoice 409343281 Dated 04_05_2013-2.pdf' because it is either not a supported file type or because the file has been damaged (for example, it was sent as an email attachment and wasn't correctly decoded)."  I have tried documents from numerous different sources, all with the same result.  I have uninstalled, reinstalled, repaired, restarted, etc.  I did not have this issue with XP and Acrobat reader X.   HELP!!  I cannot print invoices until this is corrected....thanks!

    Are you try to open PDF file attachments from Mozilla Thunderbird.?
    Could you try to save the PDF file locally and then try to open the PDF file?
    Or try downloading sample PDF from here and open it in Adobe Reader.

  • Adobe reader9 was installed monday, but now I can not read pdf files in windows mail

    I have windows vista. last saturday a popup asked if I wanted to install Adobe9. I clicked OK but later the install failed. talked with adobe support on monday and they installed adobe9 on my pc. however, when emails are sent to me with an attachment that is a PDF file, I can not open the loads instead.
    I think there is a incompatiblity between mail and this new adobe.
    l tried to reload adobe 8.2 but the install fails because it say I have a higher version (9).
    any help would be greatly appreciated since these attachments are info for my home business.
    thank you, larry

    thank you for your response.
    this procedure does work and I appreciate your help. I just wish that the
    PDF file could be opened in mail like it did before the new version was
    loaded. but in the mean time I have your work around.
    I plan on re-contacting adobe and see if they can un-install 9 and then I
    can install 8.2.
    regards, Larry

  • Can't open pdf file in window 7

    When I open pdf file, an icon is popped up showing "Adobe Reader stopped operation. Program stopped normal operation because of problem happened. Window will inform you later if probem is solved."

    I had uninstalled the Adobe Reader program twice and installed again but it can't be worked.
    Also, your second method can't be solved my problem.
    The problem is as follows:
    When I open pdf file through internet and the mouse’s cursor is inside the IE8 browser , the box popped up. Because I used Chinese windows 7. The meaning likes this
    "Adobe Reader had stopped operation
    Windows are trying to find the solving problem…"
    Then, second box popped up.
    "Adobe Reader had stopped operation
    Because of problem, the application had been stopped.
    Windows closed the program, to be informed you later if problem is solved"
    Same problem in opening pdf file in my computer’s folder.
    But it can work with the keyboard if the mouse’s cursor is not in the pdf document area. Or using Google Chrome browser to see internet pdf file.

  • I can not open PDF files in mail on iPhone 6plus

    hhas anyone had a problem opening PDF files in mail.  I get a grey screen

    Try a reset, no data loss.  Hold down the home/sleep button together until you see the apple logo and then release, then wait for the phone to boot back up.
    then check again.

  • HT1338 Can not open PDF files. Jus get blank black page.

    PDF files will not open. Only get black blank page.

    There's a solution if you want to see the PDF inside Safari's window :
    Go to the folder : Your Hard Drive / Library / Internet Plug-ins.
    If you see a file with PDF in its name drag it to the trash.
    Quit and restart Safari to test with a PDF.
    If it works you can empty the trash.

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