Can't Create PDF "from file" using any MS Office files

Acrobat 8.1.1 Pro. (OS = XP), as part of the CS3 premium edition.
I can no longer get Acrobat to recognize any of the MS Office applications extensions (.doc, .ppt, etc...) for use with either Create PDF "From File" or when using the Combine Files feature to Merge or Package. The extensions are no longer even listed as an option in the dialog box, or in the Preference settings under "Convert to PDF".
FYI- I can still use the PDF Maker functionality from within the MS Office application to create a PDF.
Any Idea what could have happened, or more importantly how to fix?
I have re-installed the Acrobat 8 application, and the problem still exists.
I'm truly puzzled.

I get this with my PC and I ran detect-repair and reinstalled. Some PDF's I can open and other's I cannot. I can send the email to a cohort and they can open fine.
"Can't create file: Right-click the folder you want to create the file in and then click Properties on the shortcut menu to check your permissions for the folder"
Any ideas would be great.

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  • Can't create PDFs from Word due to Cambria font. Help.

    I'm using win 7 32 bit office 2010 acrobat pro 9. I can't create pdfs from word because of problems with cambria. I've ttried all the fixes I can find but none worked. Any more ideas?
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    How are you trying to create the PDF? With AA9 you have to print to the Adobe PDF printer or use the MS plugin.
    When you say you cannot create PDFs because of Cambria, what error messages are you getting and copy them here? At this point we really do not know what you are having problems with or how you are trying to create PDFs.
    In the future, please provide a topic to help folks that are stepping through all of the posts. A blank topic almost led me to simply skip your post.

  • Can't create PDFs from Acrobat or Word?

    Downloaded the 8.1.4 update and now I can't create PDFs from Acrobat or Word.  If I try to create a PDF from the print menu, I get a message indicating that there are no print drivers for this...any ideas?

    Thanks for responding.  Yep, I tried repairing dice.  Then I realized that I'd re-installed AA Pro 8 (having completely given up on the AA Pro 9 upgrade that crashed my system) but not the updates.  So I went through and re-installed each update.  Still no dice. Then I did another repair. Nope.  When I try to create a PDF via the print menu, I get a "Windows cannot print due to a problem with the current printer setup."  This tells me that I have driver problem. But everything else prints fine, and I'm pretty sure Acrobat doesn't have drivers.  I'm stumped...

  • Can't create PDF from Word file

    I may be missing some functionality or that functionality may not exist.
    I'm running Acrobat Pro 9.2 and MS Word 2004 (11.5) on OSX Leopard 10.5.8. I want to create a PDF from a Word file but NOT using the Print dialog. I want to either create it in Acrobat using File > Create PDF > From File or create it from within Word using the Acrobat menu/toolbar. This is so that it will end up as a tagged PDF.
    However, I don't have an Acrobat menu or toolbar in Word. I thought Acrobat was supposed to have installed these into MS Office when I installed Acrobat. And when within Acrobat if I select File > Create PDF > From File and choose a Word file, I get a message "Acrobat could not open 'filename.doc' because it is either not a supported file type or because the file has been damaged". This happens for all Word files.
    Looking in Acrobat > About Adobe Plug-Ins... under Convert2AdobePDF it says 'Loaded: no'.
    Are these two methods of converting Word files to PDFs something that can only be done in the Windows version of Acrobat? Or is there a plug-in or update I can download to install this missing functionality?
    Thanks for your help,

    Keep your Office2004. But Office 2008 does have a way to create PDF's from within  the word and excel Programs.
    It works better than through the AdobePDF Printer, or through the Apple Print menus save as PDF. (Unless you have X.6.x Snow leopard)
    One thing it gets around is a long standing Problem Acrobat has had with word and excel since Word 6.0.1.a/Excel 5.0.1a. Acrobat doesn't know how to interpert Word Page section Breaks. Chopping up a word/excel document in to multiple PDFs that have to be merged back together. MS came up with their own PDF Converter that gets around that problem.

  • Can't create PDF from most MS Office files, or combine

    After behaving nicely for months, Acrobat suddenly won't create PDFs, either from the Acrobat menu or (for most) from right-clicking in Explorer. If I try File> Create PDF> From File, the dialog says it's looking for 'all supported formats' but doesn't show any of the files in the folder (not even .TXTs). It'll create a PDF from the right-click menu in Explorer, for only a very a few file types (for example, .docx but not .doc), and it won't do a Combine Files, either from Explorer or from the program, for any filetypes (says 'cannot convert file' on all filetypes).
    This worked fine up til today and I have the same setup at work (AA 9 Pro and Office 2010) where it works fine. Tried doing a 'Repair' but no change. Starting to panic here. What went south? Thanks for any clues!

    I said to print as a check, not to forget PDF Maker. The print is a temporary work around while you resolve the issue, partiuclarly if you are under time pressure. With versions before AA9, PDF Maker was simply a front end for the printer and when the printer was checked things might fail. So you get some trouble shooting of where the problem is. If you do not want to troubleshoot to see if everything is broken, that is fine.
    The updates and repairs are other steps to take. A reinstall is typically a last resort and should include deletion of the Acrobat folder and running a cleaner on the registry after the uninstall.
    Generally, if the PDF Maker in WORD does not work, then none of the other options to right click and create a PDF or creating a PDF directly in WORD will not work either. The whole point is to trace down to what is the major problem. Often folks have problems because the PDF Maker is not being recognized in WORD and has to be activated, but you have the icon and that suggests things should work.
    Your next step is to check the job settings file. Be sure you have access to the job settings file. You will usually get an error message if this access is denied for some reason and posting the error is helpful.

  • Create PDF from Scanner using Acrobat X Pro

    I am using trial Acrobat X Pro. When I attempt to Create PDF documents from Scanner using Epson Perfection 4490 Photo flat-bed scanner I get pop-up that states Epson cannot be started.  This also occurs when I Create PDF from Scanner > Custom Scan > Scanner when I select Epson Perfection 4490 scanner. My scanner is turned on when I attempt to create PDF from scanner. I have no problem scanning documents and then creating PDF documents from file, but I would like to eliminate this step.  Thanks in advance--any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    This is a tricky problems as hundreds have had the same problem. Research on the net demonstrated that no one had the solution. Some have even thrown perfectly good scanners away. The problem is most likely  obtaining permission from Win 7 security. Don't bad mouth Adobe Acrobat or your scanner software. This solution will work and has been tested to work. You must be logged in as administrator. This will not help Mac User.
    1. Find the file acroscanbroker.exe
    2. Select properties
    3. Select security tab
    4. Select "users/*********
    5. Edit settings
    6. Full control  Check box
    7. Modify         Check box
    8. Read and Execute    Check box
    9. Read            Check box
    10. Write           Check box
    Your scanner should now work and any grayed out menus should come to life.

  • Create PDF from scanner using 8 and 10.5 or 10.6

    Just curious what the solution is for Mac Acrobat  when trying to create a pdf from your scanner.
    I understand the Mac OS 10.5 + 10.6 changed it's twain support.
    Once or twice I've create a pdf from a epson 1660 perfection scanner using Mac OS 10.4
    Under File>Create PDF>From Scanner> and the list of scanners would show up.
    I understand in 10.5 and 10.6 you can use image capture to achieve the same results.  I like the acrobate interface which allowed the continuation of pages being scanned into the same file name.
    Did adobe address this issue in future updates or product lines is is that feature gone for good.
    Is there anyway using 10.5 or 10.6 using adobe 8, 9 etc... that allows for this process to happen again?

    The 1660 Perfection scanner (which I have) is not a OS X native scanner, it is PPC code. If you want to run it under OS 10.5 you need to run Acrobat under Rosetta. I don't believe that option exists for Acrobat under OS 10.6

  • Can not create PDFs from Word

    I've recently purchased Acrobat XI, and am running it on a Windows 7 x64 machine.  I am trying to convert files created in Word 2010.
    Method 1: I choose to print from within Word, choose Adobe PDF, and hit the print button.  The print spooler picks it up, I see the job in the print queue, and I'm asked for a location to save the file.  Once I choose a location the print spooler deletes the print job (as if it were successful) and no file is created.  I have tried this with both .doc and .docx files.
    Method 2: I drag the file from Explorer over on top of a running copy of Acrobat, Word is opened and I'm asked to choose a location to save the file.  Once I do so the Explorer window turns unresponsive, I see a progress bar at the lower right of the Acrobat window that says "Please wait, reading Adobe PDF," and it will sit there for hours with the progress bar almost complete or complete.  The only way to get the Explorer window responsive again is to kill the acrobat.exe process.
    Method 3: I choose Create PDF within Acrobat, point it to the file, and the same problem occurs as with Method 2.
    Changing the destination (from desktop, to documents, to a mapped network drive) has no effect either.  Nor does disabline MSE.
    I"m not sure what to do next to try and get this to work.

    And it started working on its own after Adobe support called me back.
    Go figure.

  • Can't creat PDF from .DWG file

    Using the world's most popular CAD program. Can't create a PDF from Adobe 3D. Apparently Adobe 3D wants to open the file using my AutoCAD, but thinks AutoCAD is not on my computer???

    Hi SWS,
    Didn't find it here, but found the answer by Googling and getting pointed to an AECBytes article from Feb '06, which had updated Revit 3D Capture settings (settings more updated than what Adobe gives you!).
    It's too bad the rotation tool is so unweildy and that the walkthru isn't right there with rotation, pan & zoom (crazy - no idea why that is). I need these to work in Reader for regular people, not computer/cad savvy types. Adobe 3D seems to have just great potential, but doesn't seem ready for prime-time yet on the PDF recipient end yet. Maybe version 8 is more polished/joe-regular-user friendly (which is what it's billed as if it's for use in Reader.
    Thanks again for your help.

  • I'm using Acrobat 8 Standard on my PC Windows 8 machine.   Suddenly,  I can't create PDF from MS Word 2007.

    When I attempt to create a PDF from a MS Word document, I get the following message: "Unable to Acrobat PDF files.   Acrbat PDF Maker.   You must have administrator priveleges to install these files.   Please contact your local system administrator."
    I am the administrator off all programs on my PC..
    Please help.

    There is no "update to Windows 8" available for the Acrobat 8 product family.
    The updates at the ftp site are those for Acrobat 8.x but, again, they Do NOT Update Acrobat 8.x to be compatible with Windows 8.
    Be well...

  • Can't create pdfs from applications nor from distiller

    (Mac 10.5, Acrobat Professional 8.1)
    Problem description:
    From Firefox, Word, TextEdit: File > Print
    Choose Adobe PDF 8.0 from the the printer list
    Choose file destination in dialog box that appears
    Printer icon appears in dock, then pauses.
    Click on printer icon in dock, click on 'Resume printer'
    Icon in dialog box shows 'Printer ready'
    Click on job name, click on 'Resume'
    Dialog box says 'Opening Distiller,' then again says 'Printer paused'
    (I can't get any further than this.)
    Here's the log from Distiller when I open Distiller and then open a .doc for printing.
    Distilling: Elements.doc
    Start Time: Tuesday, June 24, 2008 at 10:22 AM
    Source: /Users/jstrothman/Documents/a_personal/Elements.doc
    Destination: /Users/jstrothman/Documents/a_personal/Elements.pdf
    Adobe PDF Settings: /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe PDF/Settings/Standard.joboptions
    %%[ Error: undefined; OffendingCommand: °±· ]%%
    %%[ Flushing: rest of job (to end-of-file) will be ignored ]%%
    %%[ Warning: PostScript error. No PDF file produced. ] %%
    Distill Time: 1 seconds (00:00:01)
    **** End of Job ****
    I have Adobe CS3 Master Collection installed.
    I installed a CS4 beta (Fireworks) and at that point became unable to print (create PDFs). I can do other things with Acrobat Pro (combine files, etc).
    I've uninstalled CS4, used the CS4 cleaner script after installation and uninstalled the entire Master Collection CS3 and reinstalled CS3. The rest of the suite works fine. Adobe PDF 8.0 did not reappear in my printer list.
    I added the PDF printer and here are the settings:
    Status: Stopped
    Print Server: Local
    Driver Version: 10.4
    Default: Yes
    URI: pdf800://distiller
    PPD: Adobe PDF 3016.102
    PPD File Version: 1.1
    PostScript Version: (3016.102) 0
    I'd appreciate any help!!!!

    I haven't moved up to OSX 10.5 yet, but I was wondering if you can do what I do in 10.4
    In the Print Dialog window in the bottom left is a PDF button. Click on that and you have the option "Save PDF as Postscript". And then drop your postscript file onto Distiller.

  • Can't create PDF from Word that retains links

    I'm using Microsoft Word from Office Professional 2010, Version: 14.0.7116.5000 (64-bit) with Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1, and Adobe Acrobat X1 Standard 11.0.03.
    Whenever I use a particular font (which is the main font I use for text, so I can't really use something else), and try to retain the links in the Word document, it never creates the PDF properly. For example, if I print to Adobe PDF, using many different settings, the font embeds properly but the hyperlinks are never retained (by "hyperlink" I mean the text in Word that is selected and has an underlying web link). I've tried many different Acrobat settings, and Word settings, but nothing seems to make it retain the links when I'm using Print to create the PDF.
    But, if I use the Acrobat tab in Word, and the Create PDF button, the PDF will retain the links, but the main font I use (Mercury Text Fonts | Hoefler & Co.) is never embedded (despite all the settings I've tried), and instead that main roman font is replaced with a bold version of that font. NOTE: There are NOT license restrictions on the font, which is especially obvious since the bold versions of the font embed no matter what, and the regular roman version of the font embeds when I print to a PDF not using the Acrobat tab.
    Of course, I have indeed used Acrobat's advanced settings to "always embed" the particular font, but it still won't embed.
    How can I resolve this? I don't mind calling premium Acrobat support is such an option exists. Thank you.

    93654User, I looked at the Hoefler website. It is not clear to me that their license allows for the embedding of fonts in pdfs: Create and modify Embedded Software Files, using the Permitted Computer(s). Licensee is also permitted to reproduce, distribute and display Non-Commercial Documents without obtaining an additional license. For clarity, except for Non-Commercial Documents, no right to reproduce, distribute or display any Embedded Software Files is granted by this license. In order to reproduce, distribute or display an Embedded Software File created pursuant to this Section that is not a Non-Commercial Document, Licensee must obtain a Software Distribution License, a Commercial Digital Publishing License, or another license as specified by Licensor. Please contact Licensor at [email protected] if you require these additional rights. All Embedded Software Files created pursuant to this subparagraph must comply with all of the following: I would contact the company to see if they allow licensing in pdfs. Also early versions of fonts from many years ago had a non-embed font flag improperly set. The only way you can be sure what is happening with this font is to contact its maker.

  • Can't make PDFs from Quark using Acorbat 8

    I am using Quark 9
    My acrobat is version 8.0
    When I go to "print" to PDF, Quark prints places the file in it's printing cue.
    It then stops.
    I click resume printing and it begins to print but then stops and disappears from the cue, never creatign a PDF on my desktop.
    Why it stops in the cue is beyond ne, it shoudlnt do that.
    My os is 10.7.5
    By the way, I can make a PDF by exporting from Quark as a PDF but that yeilds a very big file size wise.
    For example a 50-54 meg PDF for a front of a standard size color postcard.
    I need to be able to create a PDF of any documentI am working on and one thats a basic PDF, fro example a PDF of the  postcard I am working on should be around 1-2 megs
    So, I need help in getting acrobat to work properly for me with Quark 9
    Any help appreciated
    Jack Frisch

    I use Quark's print window.
    I set "printer" to Acrobat 8 and PPD to acrobat 8
    I then do standard printer settings: I position my document as centered etc etc.
    I then click Print
    I've used Quark and Acrobat for uses on sight at jobs as well as home.
    I've never had any issues.
    I have'nt  been able to get my current mac at home to work.
    I'm tired of  exporting my documents out of Quark as PDFs under Quark's "file" menu, its not the corrct way and doesnt provided control liek the Quark print window
    It works ok ubtcreates very large file sizes, which is not alwasy good for me

  • Can't create pdf. from word doc when edited photos are included

    Or for that matter, from any photo which has been imported from my camera through lightroon, which happens everytime I  download shots to my harddrive. I create .pdf tutorials which include process shots and text; whnever I include shots which have come through lightroom, I get an error message telling me that the flies in question are in use with another application. There must be a workaround for this, right? Why can't an edited photo be included into a word doc and then converted to a pdf?

    You must have a program open with the image file or you would not get this message.
    I just did a test run. It works perfectly with my images. I tried it with a JPG and I tried it with a TIFF.
    Word imported them into the document and exported the document to PDF.
    The TIFFs  were created in Lr by exporting, and they are in the Lr catalog. So Lr is not the culprit for you rproblem.
    What I sometimes forget when I edit / change a Word document is that a PDF already created has to be closed. When I don't like my PDF and just go back to Word, do some changes and export again to the same PDF, i.e. overwriting the existing PDF, then the PDF cannot be created. The PDF that needs changing must be closed before another export can happen.

  • Can't create PDF from MS word 2007 Doc

    I am using CS3 Acrobat Pro 8.2 and I can't get a Word doc to PDF.  It starts but then just stops at about 10%.  I have tried importing from Acrobat and just get an error message stating "An unexpected error occurred. PDFMaker was unable to produce the Adobe PDF."
    Anyone have any ideas as to what may be the problem?

    Bill, when using Word or any other MS office app, the process begins the conversion then just stops about 10-15% of the way and the process window disappears.  No error message, nothing.  It just stops.  Now, I can save items as a "Quick and Simple PDF" but not as a "Fully functional PDF" when saving from Word.  So I have narrowed it down that far.  The screen shot below was created in Word and saved as a Quick and Simple PDF from Word.
    When trying to use the Create PDF function from AA, I get an unexpected error message.

Maybe you are looking for