Can you open/edit indesign files on CS3 that were created using CS5?

I recently bought indesign CS5 and am using this for my internship; however, my boss is still using CS3 and said she could not open or edit the indesign file i sent her.  I looked under "export" to see if there was an option and did not find anything.  I am using a mac and I believe she is using a P.C., also, when I last sent her the file, I was still using my free trial - does any of this make a difference?  Please help! 

This has been covered endless times but anyway, I'll do it again!
You have to export an idml file from CS5, then open that idml in CS4, export an inx file from there then open that in CS3 and save as an indd.  Sorry but there is no way round it, fullstop, end of story etc etc.  So if she is using CS3 and you're using CS5 there is no route between them unless you have CS4, and even then the route is littered with pitfalls!  Look here for a rather long discussion / sometimes rant on the subject.
Ultimately she'd have to upgrade, or you could see if you could buy a CS3 or 4 version but it is very hard to get a legitimate copy, the only way is buy it off someone you know and most people aren't selling because they're upgrading.
Best news last, there is a short term fix, go to this guys blog and you can download a trial version of CS4 which will last for a month.

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  • Can't open .inx files in CS3 that were created in CS2

    I am presented with a message..
    'Indesign.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.'
    This happens when I open a .inx file from it's location by double clicking on it and also if I open CS2 and use the file>open route...
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Bear in mind that when you open a CS2 .inx with CS3 (assuming that it works), there is no information about the CS2 composition in the file, so CS3 composes everything. Thus, you might well see reflow that you won't see if you just open a CS2 file with CS3.
    On the other hand, if you do open a CS2 .indd with CS3 with the intention of doing further work on it, be prepared for that reflow to suddenly happen the moment you start trying to edit any text.
    This is actually a good argument for going the .inx route in the first place -- all surprises of layout and composition hit you in the face immediately rather than happening hapharzardly as you work with the document.
    You could use the Document Reflow command (Ctrl + Alt + /) after opening the .indd to get the composition changes over with in one swell foop.

  • Can't open a 2.3 GB TIFF that was created in CS5

    This is my first post - any help is greatly appreciated.
    I created a layered tiff file in PS CS5 and saved it with layers. It was 2.3GB so I got the warning that the file might not be readable in all programs. I assumed this wouldn't be a problem since I would only re-open it in PS anyway.
    Now when I try to open the file, I get this message:
    "Could not complete your request because the file is not compatible with this version of Photoshop"
    After a bit of research on this forum, I took a look at the tiff file in TextEdit and it seemed strange to me that the Modify and Metadata date were right, but the CreateDate was 1903-12-31. I just created another 100kb or so tiff to see what that looks like, and the CreateDate is correctly showing 2011-01-04.
    So, I'm not sure why the wrong date showed up in the original 2.3GB file, but I went into Lightroom 3, changed the capture date from 1903-12-31 to 2010-12-31 and then wrote the new metadata back to the XMP file. Now, the tiff file in TextEdit shows the correct dates, but they're preceded by xap rather than xmp - not sure if that matters.
    Still, with what seems to be a valid CreateDate, I get the same message when trying to open the file. I tried to open it as a layered file in GIMP as I saw suggested. The file opens OK, but it's flattened so it doesn't help me much since I want to work on the layers.
    I've tried tossing the plist and that didn't help. I've tried running in 32 bit and that didn't help. I have my RAM allocation to the suggested 70% of my 14GB installed RAM - bumped it to 100% and shut off the option to enable OpenGL drawing but that didn't help.
    One other small bit of info - I saved a backup version of the same file when it was about 2.15GB in size - to a different disk - and that one will not open either.
    I'm really not sure what to do next. Any ideas please?
    Thanks, Dave
    My system info:
    PS CS5 version 12.0.2 running in 64 bit, Snow Leopard
    MacPro 3,1 2xquad core xeon
    ATI Radeon HD 3870 with 512MB vRAM
    14GB RAM
    130GB available capacity on my 320GB system hard drive

    I'm not sure about the size when it was open, only that the layered tiff is now 2.33GB. I've worked with larger files with more layers than this one and haven't had a problem. But then again, I used to save those as PSBs instead of tiffs. For no particular reason, I decided to try to save most files in tiff rather than psb where possible. I've never had a problem with larger PSBs.
    I have an internal scratch disk with about 750GB of free space - it's not set up with a separate scratch partition though. Perhaps I should do that.
    I just created a similar file that is 2.45GB when closed (according to the Finder info) and 3.11GB when opened (according to PS). After several closes/opens there seems to be no problem. When viewing the tiff file in TextEdit, the date is correct.
    So at this point, I still can't open the 2.33GB file that seems to have had the wrong XMP data written, but I can open up a slightly larger file. I'm wondering if it is in fact just the EXIF data that's causing the problem. The progress bar while reading tiff format gets to about 60% before the error message appears.
    I can open the file from Lightroom if I open it as a copy with LR adjustments applied, but that flattens the file. If all else fails I'll be able to work from there. Trying to avoid that since there were some layer elements I wanted to either remove or modify.
    One other note: I did download some new brushes for this project and loaded them into PS. I've gone back and reset them to the default set in case there was some issue related to a corrupt abr file (just reaching here....); but the file still won't open.
    Still hoping the layered file can be saved but am out of ideas.

  • Cannot open InDesign files on Mac that were saved on PC

    I subscribe to Create Suite and have it installed on both my Mac and PC. So, they should both be the most current version, right? All updates are current.
    A few (not all) InDesign files that were created/saved on a PC will not open up on my Mac. I get this message:
    Cannot open [file name] because it was saved with a newer version of Adobe InDesign CC (10.0).
    You must use that version or later to open the file. To then enable it to be opened in these version, choose Save As InDesign CS4 or later, or export to IDML.
    "Save As InDesign CS4" actually has IDML in parenthesis, so it's all one option. When I bring the file over to my mac, it doesn't open properly (for example all the images are gone).
    Could it be possible that there is a newer version of InDesign only for my PC and my Mac can't open those files? Seems ridiculous.

    You would have no problem opening a file in version 10.0 if it was saved in 10.1, just as you would have no problem opening any other version dot release file in ay dot release of that version.
    The problem here is the PC was updated to CC2014 and the Mac was not.
    The OP also mentioned missing pictures when using IDML. IDML removes the previews, but you would need the linked images in any case for output, regardless of whether  you use .indd or IDML to move the file.

  • Cannot open files in Captivate 5 that were create using Captivate 5.5

    I created a few videos using Adobe Captivate version 5.5 using the trial version.
    After a few days i got the license for Adobe Captivate 5 and im trying to open the files that i created using Adobe captivate 5.5.
    When i try to open the files Captivate shows up an error message telling 'The file might already be open or it does not exist'.
    I understand they are two different versions. Has someone faced anything like this before ? Please let me know if you have solutions to open the files i have created.

    You can only open Cp 5.5 files with Cp 5.5.
    There is no solution for opening these files in Cp 5 version.
    May I ask, why did you not get a license of Cp 5.5?  It's been around for over 6 months now.

  • Can't open an InDesign file off of an SMB share in Yosemite.

    Anyone else having this issue? When I go to open a file off of our file server it tells me the file is in use, or that I don't have the correct permissions.  If I force SMB1 or CIFS, then I can open the file again.  Seems to only happen with InDesign files.

    Ok I've been testing some things and here are the results...
    Word files don't seem to open, if I double click on the file in Finder nothing happens. If I try to open the same file directly from Word I get an error saying: Word cannot open this document. The document might be in use, the document might not be a valid Word document, or the file name might contain invalid characters (for example, \/).
    Powerpoint files open without any problem but saving them after some modification is not possible (This file is read-only. Do you want to save changes under a different name?) It's like Powerpoint opens a read-only file version.
    Creating a new document in Indesign and then saving it onto the server is also not possible, this is the error I get: Cannot save "Untitled-1" under a new name. The file "DBTmp38..." is damaged (Error Code: 0).
    When composing a new e-mail in Outlook for Mac and adding an attachment directly from the server, there is also an error: Message could not be saved. If I copy the file to my desktop and then use it as attachment the e-mail can be sent out.
    I also think this is more Apple related then Adobe related. It clearly has something to do with rights/permissions. The cfis:// fix doesn't work. Wether I use smb:// or cfis:// or even something else, I always get these errors...

  • Can't open my InDesign files.

    I created some InDesign files using InDesign CC on my MacBook Pro. I now can't get them to open. I've been able to open them on a co-workers machine (he is also running InDesign CC on a Mac). I keep getting this error message, "Cannot open the file "XXXXX.indd". Adobe InDesign may not support the file format, a plug-in that supports the file format may be missing, or the file may be open in another application." Any troubleshooting ideas? I can't figure out why these files won't open for me.

    I created these files myself in InDesign and up until a few days ago could open them no problem. This is not the issue with these files. They also opened in InDesign fine on my co-workers computer.

  • Can you trace which Indesign files link to a specifik image?

    I have an image database, that multiple Indesign files link to.
    I am not the original author of the Indesign files nor the image database, so I have no overview of how many Indesign files links to each image.
    And now I have an image I would like to make a change in - but I am afraid to do so, when I do not know in which Indesign files the image is used.
    So my question is - is there a way to track links made to a specific image in any Adobe programme?

    May be Flow could do the trick for you....?
    ps. I have not used it myself, so I really can´t say if it solves your problem....

  • Can't open d90 NEF files in CS3 or bridge. Any ideas?

    I have recently upgraded to a Nikon d90 and i can no longer open any NEF files in photoshop or adobe bridge. Any ideas pleAse? Thanks

    Hello, according to, the D90 is supported by ACR 4.6 that works with CS3. Is it the version currently installed? (check in about>plug-ins)

  • Can you open Garageband '09 files in Garageband '11?

    I've been wondering whether you can open a song made in Garageband '09 in Garageband '11? I want to know before possibly buying iLife 11, since the last time I had a Garageband update I could not open any songs made in previous versions (which frustrated me quite badly).

    Hi here,
    I use MacBook Pro OS X version 10.6.7 mid 2009. I upgraded my computer to iLife '11, and I don't have any problems opening projects which were created in GB '09. The problems begun when I save and close GB, and then reopen it again. Depending on the project up to two (2) audio files go missing. My advice to you is, that you absolutely need backup for your files, you need to set up your time machine, so if something happens to your project you'll be able to restore it. I can't tell for sure if you'll have the same issue as I do. In my case it all depends how I choose to save the project created in older version of GB after I open it in GB '11. I refer you to my entry regarding lost aif files. It's quite extensive, but I hope that you'll find something useful there. One thing is for certain, GB '11 offers great new features, new effects, new amps, and you'll enjoy it.

  • Can you open an FCP file in older versions?

    I have a G4 with FCP 4 HD. And I also have, or now "had" a G5 with FCP 5 something on it. The G5 logic board i think just died on me because it currently does not boot up.
    Am I able to open an FCP file in an older version?

    The G4 is currently running OS 10.3.9.
    I have an OS 10.4 installation disc but the G4 does not load it, it stops shortly after the installation process begins and I don't know why it won't install.
    I do not have the FCP 5 discs. And do not believe it would even work on OS10.3, or would it?

  • Can I import CS5 Illustrator files that were created in CS5 for Windows to CC on MacBook Pro?

    I have some logo designs that were done in Illustrator CS5 on a PC. Can those files be imported into
    CC Illustrator on MacBook Pro or will I need to recreate or perhaps import into CS6 first?

    ... but be careful about fonts.
    In case you used PC PostScript fonts, you'll need those in Mac versions.
    Other font formats than OpenType might also cause trouble with special characters.
    With logos you might want to convert type to outlines before moving the files to the Mac. You won't be able to edit the text then.

  • Opening INDD files in Windows7 that were created on a Mac

    I'm not even really sure if this is a PC - Mac issue but here goes.....
    I am having performance issues, particularly with type, switching between tools and updating links. All of these seemingly simple tasks are inordinately slow. The INDD CS6 docs were created on an iMac with an i7 processor and plenty of RAM (I know because I created the documnets). Now I am having to open these CS6 docs at another location using a Dell with an i7 quad core and 24 gigs of RAM running Windows7.  The issue seems to effect docs that are very graphic heavy. On the other hand other Mac generated docs open and run just fine on this Dell. Both the imac and the pc being used are heavily equipped and shouldn't have any problems.
    One note: all the files in question were sent via a browser based FTP connection.
    Can anyone help or am I doomed to watching the little blue ring in windows7 spin forever?

    Thanks. I knew about the missing font issue. Once those were loaded or replaced performance got a little better. However, I didn't know about the color profile issue. I switched the application to use the working profile rather than the document profile and that seemed to help. These files in particular that I'm having issues with were also transferred via ftp and during the time frame they were transferred there were some strange anomalies when downloading or uploading to the ftp. The files could be slightly damaged but not enough to destroy the file completely.
    Thanks for your help.

  • Can't open/copy/move/delete PDF's that were redacted

    So I showed an attorney how to redact in Adobe 9 Pro, and I don't know what he did, but the files are on the network and I can't open them, copy/paste, move, or delete them.
    He contends he didn't save them in any special way, but I'm stumped

    that's what I'm thinking now, although I find it odd that it's just the files he worked on that are doing it.
    I used the file menu to look at the properties, and the properties are pretty much blank outside of the filename.
    guy probably didn't let the save finish when he was done.

  • Is it possible to edit forms IN forms central that were created in Adobe, then uploaded to forms central?

    I would like to be able to edit forms that were previously created in Acrobat after uploading them to FormsCentral in the same way that I can edit a form which was created directly in forms central. Is this possible?

    No, all LCD forms can only be edited in LCD.
    And the second trial is probably not going to work, unless you install it
    on a different computer.
    The best way to salvage your form, in my experience, is to print it to the
    Adobe PDF printer, creating a new flat PDF file and then running the Form
    Detection Wizard in Acrobat on it and continuing from there. It probably
    won't do a perfect job, but it should recognize some of the fields.
    On Wed, Feb 4, 2015 at 11:00 PM, Adobe Forums <[email protected]>

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