Can you send a document for Shared Review once you've applied an electronic signature?

Hi! I'm having troubles sending a document for shared review, I need 3 people to digitally sign it and then send it on a shared review. I keep getting this error message however:
'The document you have chosen cannot be sent for shared review or collaboration because its current security permissions do not allow modifications. Please choose another document or change this document to allow modifications.'
I'm not sure how I can 'allow the modifications' - where's this option?
I've tried 'File/Save As/Reader Extended PDF/Enable Commenting & Measuring' but this didn't help.
We can't use stamps for signing as we want to be able to verify signatures.
Any suggestions on what the issue may be?
Thanks in advance!

thanks George for your response. Basically what we do in our engineering company is have the author and supervisor sign a document (verfiying that its at a good enough level) to go out on review, and if its something that needs to go to our client for review there'll be a 3rd approver signature before it leaves our office - then the client will put it on shared review amongst their staff.
when we're having a play around with this trying to get this to work, we aren't going in and locking the document after any of the signatures. but I'm also not sure of what you need to do to 'enable' a document before initiaiting the send for shared review process. Are you able to give me a step by step on how to set this up - and how to see if a signature field is 'preconfigured to lock a document' - that actually might be the root of the problem!
Sorry I'm not a huge whizz on adobe, I haven't had to use it for a review process in quite a while but my current company is wanting to go electronic.
Thanks for your help!

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    Acrobat.AcroAppClass acro = new Acrobat.AcroAppClass();           
    This opens the shared review wizard, and I can send keystrokes to the wizard dialog box, but I am hoping there is a more elegant method of doing it. Is there an API that I should be using or some other method to automatically trigger a shered review on a selected document?

    It took a while to figure out, but I confirmed it with Adobe staff. The answer is no; sending multiple documents for shared review is not possible with LiveCycle or with any other Adobe software.
    The only thing to do would be automate with some kind of clicker application or AutoIt, but that is far from ideal.

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    Is there a file size limit for individual PDF files for 'Shared Review' using a WebDav server???
    Thanks for your help!!!

    Try creating a review without sending the file and then send the link in a seperate email.
    I used the "Do not send email invitation, just save localy" option and didn't add any reviewers in the wizard. Afterwards I sent a email with a link to the file to all reviewers and it worked.

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    What I am looking for is a js file to add a button to execute Send for Shared Review, Select multiple files dialog window, open the standard dialog windows for Shared Reviews one time and then do the same to all other selected files.
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    Please repost in the Acrobat Scripting forum.

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    I am surprised the patch allowed you to update from AA9.0.0 to 9.3.1 directly. Almost all patches (updates) for Acrobat are incremental and they must be installed in sequence. I suspect this it true for AA9 also, but I could be wrong.
    I suspect it was the jump that is causing the problem. I would suggest you reinstall AA9 (you may have to be careful about activating and deactivating so you do not lose your number of license installs). Once you are back to AA9.0.0, then either use the "Check for Updates" or download all of the updates and install them in order. You may have to reboot after some of the changes. It looks like you have 7 updates to go through. Folks have complained about the updates not being cummulative for years, don't expect things to change.

  • Send for shared review - What type of Web server folder works?

    Hello all,
    Can someone please explain to me what type of web server folder works with "Send for shared review"?
    I have created a folder on my GoDaddy server account with full permissions... but after clicking Next, I see the error, "The Shared Folder Location is not valid. Click OK and check the Status field for more information."
    1) It isn't valid? What are the valid server requirements?
    2) "...check the Status field for more information."? What Status field?
    It would have been great if I could use a Google Docs folder but that failed as well.
    What must I do to unlock this neat feature?
    Thank you

    Thanks CtDave.
    I ended up building a WebDAV server and I am now encountering a bunch of new issues. Such as:
    From my workstation, working with Acrobat.
    - After making comments. I click the top button "Publish Comments" - this works well - no errors. But when I attempt to exit the PDF, Acrobat wants to save the document. Attempting to Save results in a read-only error. After trying this, Acrobat gets into a loop where there doesn't appear to be a way to exit Acrobat (other than by Save As new file name):
    Even worse... I understood that reviewers only required the Adobe Reader in order to comment. This doesn't seem to be the case.
    When I emailed a test document for review, this is the message that pops up:
    All that is available is the original content (none of the review comments are available).
    Any ideas?

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    I'm trying use the "Send for Shared Review" feature in Acrobat 9. I want to send a pdf document to and share with others for review and comment. I first used this feature about 2 months ago and it worked without a hitch.
    Every time I try it by clicking in the menu "Send for Shared Review", I'm asked for my user name and password to connect to I type it in (I know it's correct because I can go to using my browser and the password works), the dialog box comes up telling me it "can't connect to server." It has my correct log in information. If I use my browser to go to, I can log in fine, but then of course I can't get the mark-up feature for my shared pdf files. Any ideas what I can do to troubleshoot? I'm at a loss.
    I'm using Acrobat 9 and Mac OS 10.5.8

    I'm having the same problem. I've
    been using this for over a year without an issue, today I am getting the same message, can't log into the server. It works on my pc but not my mac. Any answers

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    Or can I give someone access to a folder on my workspace in the Adobe area.

    Is the bundled Reviewer not waht you want? The reviewers do not need to have Captivate installed, just have to download the reviewer which is free.
    You can post files on and share the workspace or files with other people. Or you can use the service SendNow to send files as well.

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    been using this for over a year without an issue, today I am getting the same message, can't log into the server. It works on my pc but not my mac. Any answers

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    In Adobe Captivate 8 if you use the feature "Send for Shared Review" and select the option "Send Email" and "Attach Adobe Captivate Reviewer" the end result is a link generated in the email to download Adobe Captivate Reviewer (doesn't attach it as indicated).
    As noted in the email Adobe Captivate 8 Reviewer is REQUIRED to review the file. No big deal there is a link to it in the email : the download link -
    Unfortunately that link redirects to another page and on that page there is no Adobe Captivate 8 Reviewer link to download. *screenshot of the page below*
    Anyone know the correct link location to download Adobe Captivate 8 Reviewer?
    I am still searching but so far have been unable to find it.
    Thank you in advance to anyone that can help.

    When sharing the link for people to review use the same link but just give instructions to use the one specified for 7.0 (mac or windows).
    Sorry to ask again but want to make sure before I send this out to people.
    Thank you.

  • Adobe XI send for shared review is missing option for Adobe online services, where did it go?

    I am using Adobe XI and trying to share a PDF file using Comments --> Review ---> Send for Shared Review.  The option to share via Adobe Online Services is missing.  What is causing this and how do I get that option back? I am working on a Mac in Safari. Screen shot below:

    With Acrobat Pro 11.0.06 I have send more 188 files for shared review with deadline in June.
    After the update (automatically in May) to 11.0.07 Monday June, 2 became a cold shower to me:
    1) to start a new shared review was not possible anymore
    2) tracking of my 188 reviews was not possible anymore, "no active reviews" = empty tracking list !!
    My temporary solution: uninstall 11.0.07 and reinstall 11.0.00 with NO automatic updating: stop updating at version 11.0.06.
    Result: the tracking list is filled with all items.
    Earlier this year Adobe announced end of life of shared reviews at the end of this year 2014.
    My question to Adobe: how long is this type of shared review supported ?
    My complete workflows are based on it.

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    Did you get this in an email from Apple? Are there instructions in the email?
    Typically the way that you redeem a gift card is to go to either the app store or iTunes - go to the featured tab in the app store or the music tab in iTunes - swipe to the bottom of the screen. Tap on Reedem at the bottom and go from there.
    OK. I'm a little dense tonight. Now I get it. Like Meg said, you will know soon enough.
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    Warranty and Support are only valid in the country of origin.  You will need to take the device to whatever country it originally came from.
    Apple will not accept shipments from outside the country nor will they return it to an address outside the country.

  • API for Shared Review in Acrobat SDK

    I would like to implement the functionality for Shared Review programmatically.
    Right now we need to open each pdf file select Comments -> Send for Shared Review in Acrobat Professional and follow the steps in wizard.
    I am looking at achieving the above steps programmatically so that I need not open each pdf individually and run through the wizard. For this, is there any API available either in Acrobat 8.1 or 9.0 SDK which I can make use of and build an automatic service.
    A swift response is appreciated.
    Thanks & regards,

    is there (today - 2011) really still no API for that?
    Also not in LiveCycle Server?

  • Seeking Options for Workspaces for Shared Reviews

    Can anyone tell me if an owncloud site ( can be used as a web server folder for shared reviews?

    Search the forum for RAID and see what you get. We state this a lot.
    BEST? Or AFFORDABLE? Or a mixture of both? What format of HD will you be working with? Not all formats require a raid, like HDV. That can be editing off of firewire drives as it has the same data rate as DV.
    Look at CalDigit, G-Technology, Sonnet. I highly recommend eSATA Raids.

Maybe you are looking for

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