Cancellation of a cleared invoice

Hi Friends ,
                  My system is allowing a cleared invoice to be cancelled . I don't want that to happen . How can I do that ?
Mahesh .

You check with technical person ABAPER.
Or you can check with Basis team member.
If it is useful reward points.
Srinivasa Reddy

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  • How to stop cancellation of cleared invoice?

    Currently the SAP SD system is allowing the users to cancel the cleared invioce, which is not according to the companies business policy.
    How can I stop that, if user try to cancel the cleared invoice system should give an error message and stop.
    I am using standard billing type "F2" for invoice and "S1" for cancellation.
    I have also checked the "Copying control: Billing document to billing document" but could not find any control which is
    Target "S1" AND Source" F2".

    In VOFA for your billing type  ( not in copy controls ) in the cancellation tab assign Routine 029 in copying requirements
    This will make sure a cleared invoice does not get cancelled

  • Cleared Invoice should not allow to cancel.

    Dear All
    I have posted one invoice with reference to sales order. My finance team also cleared that invoice. Now System is allowing me to cancel the invoice document.But i dont want to allow people to cancel cleared invoice.
    How to achieve this. Kindly suggest me.

    Hi lakshmi
    I have done as per your suggestion.It is working fine for fully cleared invoice. But i want the same restricition to partially cleared sales invoice also. Is there any provision is available.
    Kindly guide me.

  • Error Message for Cleared Invoice Cancellation

    How to explore if standard SAP functionality exists to configure either a soft or hard error message be delivered when an attempt is made to cancel a cleared invoice (VF11).
    If standard SAP do not support how would I achieve this functionality, through enhancement? If so please guide me.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Dear Victor,
    Try this,
    This may possible through copy control settings between delivery and billing document.
    Go to VTFL transaction select your delivery type and billing type then go in to the item details by selecting itemcategory here you maintain copying routine 29 -Cancel Header Clear. in Copying requirements field.Through maintainimg this routine, you cannot cancel the billing document
    if the Accounting Document is cleared for that billing document.
    I hope this will help you,

  • Error when cancelling cleared invoice

    I got problem when cancelling cleared invoice. System is pop up an error log : 'Cancellation document is not the same as the original billing doc. $$$' , and 'Data inconsistency during processing of document $$$'.
    I have not found the clue yet but still searching the relevant notes.
    Anyone can face this kind of problem before ? thanks so much !

    As for Invoice ( Doc. category - M) cancel through Invoice Cancellation ( Document Category - N) & Credit Memo ( Doc. category - O) cancel through Credit Memo Cancelation ( Doc. category - S).
    So just check the Invoice Document Type which you are canceling ,is it maintained in Copy Control VTFF.
    As this message comes when the Invoice type & Cancelling type are not as per my above comments.
    Best regards,

  • Cancellation & JV of Excise invoice generated through J1IS

    Dear Friends,
    We have a requirement to cancel the outgoing excise invoice created through the transaction J1IS towards purchase return.
    I believe through J1IS, cancellation of the excise invoice is made possible but no accounting document get posted.  Only the status is being changed from 'Posted' to 'Cancelled'.
    While doing the JV through the Transaction J1IH => Cancell Exc Inv, system is giving error message as follows:
    "Excise modvat accounts not defined for CEIV transaction and  excise group".
    In the customisation, all the relevant GL accounts are found maintained against transaction type CEIV.
    For example at the time of outgoing excise invoice posting through J1IS following accounts hit.
    13113920     CENVAT clearing     8
    13113920     CENVAT clearing     771
    13113920     CENVAT clearing     15
    13113900     CENVAT Payable     - 8
    13113900     CENVAT Payable     - 771
    13113900     CENVAT Payable     - 15
    We would like to have an opposite entry through the transaction code J1IH => Cancellation of Exc Inv.
    Kindly give a suitable solution to make the cancellation.

    Hi Hari,
    Do the blw option
    whenever you are trying to cancel the Excise Invoice generated by J1IS/J1IV , Use J1IH-> Cancel Excise Invoice> you have to give the Official Excise invoice no. which is generated by J1IV for cancellation
    and ref the sdn thread with same issue
    How to cancel excise invoice which is created through t.code J1is
    Cancel J1IS Excise Invoice

  • Error while creating excise invoice cancellation thru J1IS(J1IEX Invoice)

    Dear All,
    While creating cancel of purchase excise invoice with reference to J1IEX Internal Invoice No. system is throwing a error
    "Error updating table J_1IEXCHDR"
    Message no. 8I308
    Suggest me asap,.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Hi Radha,
    Check the ETT Table (Excise accounts assignment table) in the config have assigned the relevant gl accounts for TType - CEIV  Update all the gl accounts in the table.
    Verify the node--> Specify Excise Accounts per Excise Transaction --- debit and credit account names to the TType -- CEIV
    Credit -- CENVAT Suspence
    Cr         RG23 AT1
    Cr         RG23 BED,RG 23 ECS,
    Dr         CENVAT Clearing
    Dr         PLA BED, PLA AED, PLA SED
    Dr         RG23 AED, BED, SED
    Same should be assigned for Sub-Transaction Type '01' for CEIV Type.

  • FBL5N Review Open and Cleared Invoices per Customer

    WHen one of our users goes into FBL5N to review open and cleared invoices he adds the WBS and the Profit Center. When the report runs it is blank. I looked at the invoice itself and the WBS and Profit center is on the invoice but I don't know why it doesn't show up on the report. Can anyone tell me why this happens? Do I need to make any kind of adjustment before running the report?

    I looked at the VF03 and there is a WBS and Profit Center on the Invoice. If this report shows Open and Cleared invoices then it should bring what is on the invoice in the report but doesn't.
    I had someone email me this response"
    Hi linda,
    For your info, The reason why profit center and WBS element blank in report FBL5N is, this report purposely used to display subledger account.When me made a posting, balance sheet account is not require
    cost object.Only PNL account require cost object.
    I would like to know what other report in SAP shows open and cleared invoices with the Profit Center and WBS?

  • Dowload open and cleared invoices to Users PC

    Hi Friends..
    Can someone suggest how to download the open and cleared invoices in an excel format to users PC either in foreground or bakground based on customer account (KNA1-kunnr) and company code..
    your help is greatly appreciateld and rightly rewarded...
    Thanks again..

    hi Kranthi,
    here is the sample code for GUI_DOWNLOAD AND GUI_UPLOAD
    hope this might help you
                W_WSD_FILETYPE01 TYPE CHAR10.
          W_WSD_FILENAME01 = P_OUT1.
          W_WSD_FILETYPE01 = 'DAT'.
                 BIN_FILESIZE                    =
                   FILENAME                        = W_WSD_FILENAME01
                   FILETYPE                        = W_WSD_FILETYPE01
                 APPEND                          = ' '
                 WRITE_FIELD_SEPARATOR           = ' '
                 HEADER                          = '00'
                 TRUNC_TRAILING_BLANKS           = ' '
                 WRITE_LF                        = 'X'
                 COL_SELECT                      = ' '
                 COL_SELECT_MASK                 = ' '
                 DAT_MODE                        = ' '
                 CONFIRM_OVERWRITE               = ' '
                 NO_AUTH_CHECK                   = ' '
                 CODEPAGE                        = ' '
                 IGNORE_CERR                     = ABAP_TRUE
                 REPLACEMENT                     = '#'
                 WRITE_BOM                       = ' '
                 TRUNC_TRAILING_BLANKS_EOL       = 'X'
                 WK1_N_FORMAT                    = ' '
                 WK1_N_SIZE                      = ' '
                 WK1_T_FORMAT                    = ' '
                 WK1_T_SIZE                      = ' '
                 FILELENGTH                      =
                   DATA_TAB                        = ITAB_VBAK
                 FIELDNAMES                      =
                   FILE_WRITE_ERROR                = 1
                   NO_BATCH                        = 2
                   GUI_REFUSE_FILETRANSFER         = 3
                   INVALID_TYPE                    = 4
                   NO_AUTHORITY                    = 5
                   UNKNOWN_ERROR                   = 6
                   HEADER_NOT_ALLOWED              = 7
                   SEPARATOR_NOT_ALLOWED           = 8
                   FILESIZE_NOT_ALLOWED            = 9
                   HEADER_TOO_LONG                 = 10
                   DP_ERROR_CREATE                 = 11
                   DP_ERROR_SEND                   = 12
                   DP_ERROR_WRITE                  = 13
                   UNKNOWN_DP_ERROR                = 14
                   ACCESS_DENIED                   = 15
                   DP_OUT_OF_MEMORY                = 16
                   DISK_FULL                       = 17
                   DP_TIMEOUT                      = 18
                   FILE_NOT_FOUND                  = 19
                   DATAPROVIDER_EXCEPTION          = 20
                   CONTROL_FLUSH_ERROR             = 21
                   OTHERS                          = 22  .
               IF SY-SUBRC <> 0.
                 WITH SY-MSGV1 SY-MSGV2 SY-MSGV3 SY-MSGV4.
      W_WSU_FILETYPE02 = 'ASC'.
          FILENAME                      = W_WSU_FILENAME02
          FILETYPE                      = W_WSU_FILETYPE02
          DATA_TAB                      = ITAB_INFILE
          FILE_OPEN_ERROR               = 1
          FILE_READ_ERROR               = 2
          NO_BATCH                      = 3
          GUI_REFUSE_FILETRANSFER       = 4
          INVALID_TYPE                  = 5
          NO_AUTHORITY                  = 6
          UNKNOWN_ERROR                 = 7
          BAD_DATA_FORMAT               = 8
          HEADER_NOT_ALLOWED            = 9
          SEPARATOR_NOT_ALLOWED         = 10
          HEADER_TOO_LONG               = 11
          UNKNOWN_DP_ERROR              = 12
          ACCESS_DENIED                 = 13
          DP_OUT_OF_MEMORY              = 14
          DISK_FULL                     = 15
          DP_TIMEOUT                    = 16
          OTHERS                        = 17
      IF SY-SUBRC <> 0.

  • Cancellation of Depot Excise Invoice

    User has by mistake cancelled the Depot Invoice, reversed the goods issue for Delivery, Deleted the Delivery and Deleted the Sales order. He missed to cancel the Depot Excise Invoice. Now how to Cancel this Depot Excise invoice. In J1IJ, system is asking for Delivery number, but as the Delivery is deleted, it is not allowing.
    Now this Excise invoice has to be cancelled so that the Qty in the Mother invoice will be updated in RG23D.
    I tired in J1IH, but system says "Excise modvat accounts not defined for CEIV transaction and excise group". I have checked the Account assignment but it looks fine.
    Please Help.

    I have tried as per your suggestion. I have entered the Internal number for the Excise invoice number generated for Delivery at Depot, as the input . System says "This excise invoice has been used for Sales Cannot change".
    Please suggest.

  • FSCM-COL: Cleared invoices in Payments Tab

    Hi all,
    We have a requirment here where our client wants to check all the invoices, even the cleared oneu2019s in the Process Receivables view.
    Now, in the u201CInvoicesu201D tab we only have the open items and in the u201CPaymentsu201D tab we only have the payment documents.
    Know, as far as I know, itu2019s the posting key that defines what kind of documents appear by default in the payments tab.
    More specifically if in OB41 transaction code, for a specific posting key the u201CPayment Transactionu201D (TBSL-XZAHL) is active or not.
    For instance, for posting key 01 (client invoice) the flag is not active but for posting key 05 (Outgoing Paymen) is.
    That being said, I  know that If I activate that flag the invoices (for instance) will appear in the payments tab.
    What I donu2019t know is what consequences could that have in FI since we are changing standard posting keys.
    Do you guys know (or have tried) this workaround and his impacts ?
    Thanks to all for your inputs.
    Bruno Sousa

    Hi All,
    Our client has a custom process and seeing the option and your answers, I fel that we can achieve thru Collections mgt - worklist.
    Here is the scenario - client clears the open items before the payment is recieved. In a custom process created in SAP, these cleared items are picked and sometimes modify the payment amount. Then make the payment based on the amount adjusted.
    Now, I can have the cleared invoices with the new functionality. By adding a new aditional column "New Payment" for modifying/adjusting the payment. Now can I make directly payments from this Worklist screen. I mean is it possible to have a connection back to F110 to make payments or in any way is it possible to make payments from this screen
    Please let me if this works.

  • Cancellation of internal excise invoice

    We have captured excise duty against a PO  and made the
    GRN with reference the captured excise invoice.
    Since this is not cenvatable we want to cancel this internal excise
    invocie . The GR cannot be reverses as the IR had
    been booked and payment made.
    Please advise solution to reverse this internal excise invoice.

    if ur invoice is just CAPTURED then goto J1IEX and select function cancel
    but if excise invoice is posted then u have to reverse  the GR.
    or try doing J1IH adjustment
    but it is prefered to reverse the GR and do cycle again , consult ur excise consultant

  • Cancellation of   Vendor excise invoice

    Dear all
    Is it possible to cancel  Vendor excise invoice without reversing GR(Only Part 1 posted)? .
    If it is possible how we can do ?. Please suggest.
    Thanks and regards

    Without canceling the Material document number you cann;t cancel the Vendor excise invoice/Internal excise invoice number.
    If you cancel the Vendor excise invoice it will voilate the excise data.You need to reverse the GR document then you can cancel the Vendor excise invoice.

  • Cancellation of posted excise invoice

    Dear All,
    How to cancel posted incoming excise invoice without cancelling the GRN.
    User had posted the excise invoice wrogly so now they want to cancel that. For this we have to first reverse GRN but stock also get consumed meanwhile so system is not allowing to reverse GRN. How to resolve this?

    Dear All,
    We can cancel the posted excise invoice for purchase also.
    But for that we have to first revers the GRN.
    Now in out case it is not possible to revers the GRN.
    How to solve this?

  • Delivery got canceled without reversing the invoice

    Dear All,
    I came across very strange scenario in one of our client.
    In the export process below are the steps involved.
    Sales order u2013 delivery (no PGI) u2013 pro forma invoice (wrt delivery) u2013 PGI u2013 Export invoice (wrt Delivery)
    Some end user has canceled the pro forma invoice and then reversed the PGI and canceled the delivery, without cancelling the Export invoice, and then created new delivery u2013 pro forma invoice u2013 export invoice.
    So, the question is how system has allowed reversing the goods issue and canceling the delivery without cancelling the export invoice.
    Now, in system it is showing delivery as archived and pro forma invoice as cancelled, but still showing Export invoice.
    System is also not allowing canceling the export invoice, as when we tried to cancel the same it throws an error that the delivery (which has been archived) does not exist.
    Kindly note that the item category has been configured as delivery related billing.
    Can this be possible because of any user exit? or any other reason? and what can be done?

    THis is possible if the enduser with the help of Abaper or if he has the knowledge and authorization to use ABap tables, he can edit the table and delete the relevant data as required.
    This cannot be traced even by abapers.
    Thanks and regards,

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