Client ADI Not Applying Template when Publishing to Excel 2007

We have ADI - 32 bit with Excel 2007 on a select users Laptop. This is connecting to Oracle 11i.
When we publish reports to Excel it will load Excel 2007 but open the template without applying the report that has been run. So all we see is the actual template, not report with information in it.
One interesting thing is when we publish to Excel it will pull up a "Report Wizard" telling us to drag arrows to separate the report heading, column heading. ADI does not ask this with any other reports.

Thanks for the tips. As a result I upgraded ADI to 7.2.12 which if I'm not mistaken is supported. This resolved one issue that the user was having (inability to publish HTML) but now when it exports to Excel 2007 it goes to 100% in excel and then everything seems to lock up. We waited 5 minutes but nothing occurred. Is there something I'm missing?
My next step is to uninstall ADI and reinstall it using a newer base level.

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    A. Kavya kumari.

    Hi Kavya,
    Try to apply the predefined template in these methods
    In the menu bar goto Report-> Template Expert. A new dialog appears, choose any of the predefined template. If this doesn't work then apply manually by clicking on the Browse button in the same window.
    By default, the sample templates shipped with Crystal Reports are installed at
    \Program Files\Business Objects\Crystal Reports 12.0\Templates.
    If this also doesnt work, then your template files might be corrupted. Try reinstalling the software n check.
    --Praveen G

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    It seems you created another thread for same issue. Let's wait for the response from original thread, instead of creating a new one.
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  • Muse site not displaying correctly when 'Published' to BC

    Hi all
    Strange incidents happening with a Muse site I'm designing for a client. When I use the Publish feature (which uploads the site to the default Business Catalyst domain you get with the Muse subscription) it throws  the elements all over the place, so buttons, type, imaegry and widgets aren't wheere they should be.
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    Hi gaurav
    Thanks for the reply, think we have the solution. Apparantly Muse is not uploading the updated CSS files. I created a test domain on my own website to use for this project and uploaded via Fetch and everything worked fine.
    So it looks like it's an issue with Muse
    Phil Wiles
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    Phunction Ltd
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    EPS is simply unsuitable when dealing with transparency (which is what your drop shadow is). So you need to work with AI for placing in InDesign. If other suppliers need EPS, then just send them that. Nothing should keep you from exporting another file format.

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    Once the projects is copied over to a new blank project it will be fine for a few views and then do the same again - it is not always at the same place.
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    You might try de-selecting the Advanced Project Compression option in the preferences:

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    Dear Candace ,
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    thanks very much !
    (sorry ,I write very bad)

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    Im having a problem with DW CC
    I have added the server behavours back in so I can work with my asp pages and it seems to be ok.
    BUT  if i use Templates to make the pages when I update the template if the pages that were created have .asp extensions the template doesnt update it only updates the .htm or .html files.
    Can someone suggest what I can do?
    I have no other issues with my .asp pages, but I have to manually update by foing to the menu and " Modify> Apply Template To Page "  and its fine but this is tiresome if there are a few pages..
    Thanks in advance for any thoughts or adviice as to where im going wrong.

    Thanks Ben..
    Its a thought for sure , I just hoped that I could get it to work the way It did for me in CS6.
    Thanks again :-)

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    Hi there
    I'd like to amend Colum's response a bit.
    You only see the advisory Colum mentioned if you choose to change a Template Element such as a Header or Footer from a topic the Template is associated with. Because a change was made at the topic level, the dialog is then triggered.
    If you are making changes at the template level, RoboHelp assumes you know what you are doing and simply complies by updating all topics associated with it silently.
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    I have finally managed to get a Facebook "Like" button onto my website but the problem I have now is that the text for the button merges into my background fill which is grey. I have tried creating a bar of colour to fit behind the HTML snippet and it looks great in iWeb edit mode but when I publish it, the block of colour doesn't appear. Can anyone tell me how I can get this to show up or change just a section of my page background or if it's possible to change the colour of the text in a FB Like button. Thank you!

    Thanks Roddy, I've tried that and it does improve things a bit. This is what I get with the "dark" option selected which is acceptable to a degree but.....
    .....this is what I'm really trying to achieve, which shows up as shown here, when working in iWeb editing but does not show the colour-filled shape when I publish it.

  • HTML Snippet customized paypal buttons not showing correctly when published

    Hi, My customized paypal buttons that i but on my iweb site using html snippets are not displaying correctly. They work in Opera but not in firefox or safari. Please take a look and tell me what you think might be wrong. (all the links are working it's just not showing the graphics correctly (apart from in Opera)
    Also I've just noticed that when i return to my iweb application (after closing in down) the Html snippets aren't there anymore just an outline, just like they appear in safari?
    Many thanks,

    You inserted an image inside the ShopTable_Lampsfiles folder but it's is deleted every time you publish your page
    1) Create an new folder named Paypal in your root folder:
    FTP: With a FTP software (like Cyberduck) create a new folder in your server root folder
    MobileMe: just make an new folder inside the Folder Sites (iDisk > Web > Sites)
    Name this Folder "paypal"
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    Does anyone know how iWeb creates the code? When I save changes I've made, does it rewrite code for the entire page, or does it plug in edits at the end of the existing code? When I go in to view source in safari, it looks like it put the two edited/added images in a different location.
    Help! Visitors/potential customers are missing a valuable link on my site.

    Yes, each is its own image, as making one text box and hyperlinking each word/phrase results in the unchangeable (arrrgh!) grey underlined text that changes to red on rollover.
    I've already been experimenting with exactly what you mentioned. I just tried shrinking all the image boxes, without encroaching on the text, so they would clearly not overlap. I'm publishing to for these experiments so I don't have to keep publishing the entire site to a folder, then ftping to my server. Here's the page I just experimented with:
    In iWeb, all links are good to go, no overlapping, etc. Curiously enough, on this page, there are even more dysfunctional hyperlinks with those image boxes.
    Any further thoughts?

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    Seems to work fine on Safari, but I think Firefox is the most common browser these days...
    Anyone else experienced this problem?

    The FF3 problem was corrected with the advent of the 2.0.4 iWeb update. If you haven't updated to that version so do and then do a Publish All to MobileMe. If you are running 2.0.4 do a Publish All to MobileMe and try Firefox again. Be sure to clear the cache also.

  • Iweb: Why do navigation bar page links not work live when published?

    Why do the navigation bar page hyperlinks not work when site is published? There are no objects or boxes over. Works fine until published live. Help!!!

    this image:
    has a large transparency section above the visible (lower section), crop off the transparency section.

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