Copy foreign data into debit memo

Hello Gurus,
                  I have a requirement in which client is asking us to copy the foreign data into debit memo. Kindly help me out of this problem.
As per as current Process:
First they are doing OR-Del-Invoice. In Invoice, Foreign data is getting copied correctly from delivery.After that they are creating debit memo request w.r.t Original invoice.Then they are creating debit memo w.r.t to debit memo request. During creation of Debit memo, Foreign data is not getting copied. But client is asking us to copy the foreign data into debit memo. Kindly helping me out of this problem.

Hi Kumar,
                 Yes i have already checked the copy control between VTFA and VTFF. Normally in invoice, foreign data is copied from delivery.if we go to Header of VTFL ,Then there we find determination of export data fields, where system copied the foreign data from delivery to invoice. But debit memo is not created w.r.t delivery. Here debit memo is created w.r.t to debit memo request. So if we go to copy control, then we don't get any field where system copy the foreign data into debit memo.
Correct me if i am wrong.

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  • Technical objects into Debit memo request

    Hello all,
    we want to link the Debit memo request to the equipments. We sell configurable materials with serial number (equipment).
    Afterwards, we make debit memo request for some components of this equipment and we want to have the complete history into the equipment.
    I have think that into debit memo request, i can go to item "techincal object" and there, to put the serial number of the original configurable material.
    Which is the theoric explanation of this technical object using?.


  • How to copy actual data into current forecast period

    Hi gurus.
    I need your guidance on how to copy actual data into current forecast period.
    This is my case. Let's say I have the following figures for my actuals:
    January 2007 Actual = $110,000.
    February 2007 Actual = $120,000.
    March 2007 Actual = $80,000.
    April 2007 Actual = $100,000.
    Now, my user want to choose any month as the basis for her forecast for the remaining periods. Let's say, she wanted to choose April 2007 Actual as the basis for the remaining forecast periods, so I should be able to display the following figures in my planning folder:
    May 2007 Forecast = $100,000.
    June 2007 Forecast = $100,000.
    July 2007 Forecast = $100,000.
    August 2007 Forecast = $100,000.
    September 2007 Forecast = $100,000.
    October 2007 Forecast = $100,000.
    November 2007 Forecast = $100,000.
    December 2007 Forecast = $100,000.
    Can someone guide me on how to do that?
    Points will be given to good and best answers.

    Hi Fulham,
    Technical answer:
    First, you need to allow your user to indicate wich month is the reference for the copy. I suggest you to add a new key figure in your actual layout (a 'customizing' layout) that your user will use as a flag:
    January 2007 Actual = $110,000
    January 2007 Flag = 0
    February 2007 Actual = $120,000
    February 2007 Flag = 0
    March 2007 Actual = $80,000
    March 2007 Flag = 0
    April 2007 Actual = $100,000
    April 2007 <b>Flag = 1</b>
    <i>(Help to a fox or an abap exit you can check that only one month is 'flagged')</i>
    Then, in the corresponding level for the data input, you use a function exit in Abap, which will:
    - read the previous customizing layout help to API_SEMBPS_GETDATA so you can get the flagged month and its actual amount ($100,000)
    - generate the news rows into the table XTH_DATA which will be automatically posted in the level with the actual amount
    Is that clear?

  • Copy & Paste data into Planning form in Workspace

    Hi there!
    I'm dealing with a weird problem with Planning over workspace. I cannot paste copied data into data forms (whether I copy from an Excel sheet, a file, or another cell of the same form).
    However, when I access Planning directly through :8300/HyperionPlanning/LogOn.jsp (old-styled Planning), pasting data works fine.
    I tried using Ctrl + V and menu buttons, and didn't work.
    Thanks in advance!

    Not sure which web browser you were working on, but this is from the Known issues for Planning
    12360405 -- With Firefox, you cannot copy and paste data from Microsoft Excel into a Planning form.
    Hope this helps..!!
    Please mark answers as helpful or correct for others to find them easily.

  • Copy access data into oracle with form builder 9i

    i need to copy/import data and tables from an MS access database into oracle 9i database. the situation is each time i login to my forms applicatin i will need to do that. any idea pls...
    the access db is frequently updated. so when i login into my forms application it needs to be reimport the data from access db. can any1 pls help me?

    To my opinion, there are 3 potential approaches :
    1. rewrite the application, that data are stored directly in the oracle database
    or the program writes flat files somewhere to the file system which are able getting
    imported from the target instance on daily basis or job driven;
    2. The "Access-driven approach" : link oracle tables into the MS-Access application
    using an ODBC-connection and build a macro in Access which is exporting the stuff to
    the target instance; in order to do so, the Oracle Client and ODBC-Drivers needs to
    get installed on the PC where MS-Access is started to start the exportation process
    (which is probably yours).
    You may then create tables in the target instance and link them from within Access
    using ODBC as the datasource
    3. The "Oracle driven approach". explained in detail here, never tried it, but maybe
    worth a look
    Basically, install the Oracle Software on a PC, configure an ODBC-Connection and start a
    Listener there;
    The target instance (which may no run on a UNIX system) is now able to commuincate
    with the local running listener on your PC which itself is instantiating a connection to
    the Access "Database" using the ODBC-Connection.
    In this way, your PC acts as a database server from the Oracle Net point of view.
    In theory, this could even work, depending on the ability to connect from the
    instance server directly to the given IP of your PC (Security ?? Hmmmz)

  • Billing Date in Debit Memo

    Hello SAP Gurus,
    I created a debit memo request with Billing Date as yesterday (07/14/2010).
    When I go yo VF01 to create the debit memo, the Billing Date shown is today (07/15/2010). How can I do to avoid this? I want this debit memo to take the Billing Date keyed previously in the Debit memo request.
    Thanks! Any help will be highly appreciated.

         Please go via this link. May be it will help you.
         [billing date;

  • Copy campaign date into activity

    Hi All,
    I am working on copying camapign date(in BADI CRM_MKTP* in method MODIFY_ACTIVITY_OBJECT) into an activity when campaign is executed in UI with template.
    I am able to modify the CT_HEADER but i have to append the dates in activity. But I am not able to do so.
    Would appreciate if any one has done the same and can help me out.
    Waiting for reply.


  • Copying historical data into planinng area

            "For performance reasons, SAP recommends that you copy historical data from infocube to a timeseries instead of reading it directly from infocube."
    Please correct me if I am wrong,
    timeseries in the above context is the planning area.
    I create a generic export datasource from MSDP_ADMIN giving it a name "9aplan" and it should generate an infsource in RSA1> infosources> Unassigned nodes as 9aplan.
    From here on, how can I load the history from the infocube lets say, sales, to the infosource?
    Should I create a transactional(realtime) infocube and then load data to it from both SALES and 9aplan?
    Then how can the system access this cube when planning? where is it specified?
    Thank you.

    Hi Vishu,
    A Planning Area is the structure - you need to initialise the "timeseries" against a planning version which will allow the data in keyfigures to be stored.
    Loading data from the infocube to planning area - timeseries does not require any BW structure. Just use transaction /SAPAPO/TSCUBE to copy the Sales history data from the cube to the required keyfigure in the planning area (for the given version - most often being 000).
    Hope this answers your question.

  • Copying the data into internal table without internal table

    Hello experts.
    i have two internal tables . itab1 without headerline and itab2 with headerline. itab1 has 10 fields and itab2 has 2 fields.
    BEGIN OF itab,
    lifnr LIKE lfa1-lifnr,
    ktokk LIKE lfa1-ktokk,
    name1 LIKE lfa1-name1,
    sortl LIKE lfa1-sortl,
    pstlz LIKE lfa1-pstlz,
    ort01 LIKE lfa1-ort01,
    land1 LIKE lfa1-land1,
    j_1ipanno LIKE j_1imovend-panno,
    end of itab.
    data: begin of itab2 occurs 0,
    lifnr like j_1imovend-lifnr,
    j_1ipanno like j_1imovend-j_1ipanno,
    end of itab2.
    now i want to move the data from itab2-j_1ipanno into itab1-j_1ipanno.
    Both the tables ie itab1 and itab2 has lifnr data in them .
    so in itab2 j_1ipanno has pan number for the lifnr( vendors) so i need to populate this pannumbers in itab1 also by comparing
    the lifnrs in two tables. where ever the lifnr of itab2 is equal to itab1-lifnr then this pannumber should be placed there. 
    so pls tell me how to do that. lifnr in both the tables are the same.
    thanks for all the replies.

    Hi Shiva,
                Try this one..
    data: begin of itab.
       lifnr LIKE lfa1-lifnr,
        ktokk LIKE lfa1-ktokk,
    name1 LIKE lfa1-name1,
    sortl LIKE lfa1-sortl,
    pstlz LIKE lfa1-pstlz,
    ort01 LIKE lfa1-ort01,
    land1 LIKE lfa1-land1,
    j_1ipanno LIKE j_1imovend-panno,
    end of itab.
    data: wa like line of itab1.
    data: begin of itab occurs 0,
            lifnr like j_1imovend-lifnr,
            j_1ipanno like j_1imovend-j_1ipanno,
    end of itab2.
    data: wa1 like line of itab2.
    loop at itab1 into wa.
    itab2-lifnr = wa-lifnr.
    itab2-j_1ipanno = wa-j_1ipanno
    append itab2.
    Reward points if helpful.
    Kiran Kumar.G.A
            Have a Nice Day..

  • Copy Organization Data into People Group Field?

    Hi All,
    In Assignment screen,we have organization and business group fields.when i enter data in organization filed like 'India.Mum' same data needs to copy in business group field when i use tab.
    Is it possible through form personalization? If yes, please give me your suggestions:

    Yeah, it's very much possible using personalization. Just open the personalize screen, give a name to the personalization, choose trigger event as when-validate-record of the assignment block, put a condition when you would like it to fire, in the actions tab enter the details what should be done (in this case assign a value to a field).
    If you want the basic details about personalization, refer to the following metalink docs.
    279034.1 (most useful), 456407.1, 456407.1, 421010.1
    But I wonder why would you like to change the person's business group based upon his organization. Organization is always a subordinate of BG. Thus you can have many organizations under a BG. And in that case changing BG with Organization does not make sense.
    Make sure that your design is correct before going ahead.

  • Foreign trade data in Credit/Debit Memo

    Foreign trade default data are not copied in to Credit/Debit Memo. I have set customizing, and assign foreign trade default procedure for proper Item Categories (G2N and L2N). What can I do more?
    Edited by: Malgorzata Paraficz on Nov 16, 2010 1:42 PM

    after doing the settings in ITEM CATEGORIES.
    if it is not executing.
    then you are requested to go into
    VTFF - copy controls for L2 - F2 as well as G2 - F2 basing on your requriment. select it and go to details.
    in that screen in determne export data you will fine two options A - cpy export data in delivery and B - redermine export.
    i think that you have to go for B.
    because you said that you are not able to redetermine the export data.

  • Baseline date of a Debit memo

    Dear all,
    When credit/debit memo is created with copy from the original invoice it is a legal requirement that the baseline date (used for the calculation of the payment due date) is equal to the baseline date of the original document. For the credit memo we have this setting in the system, however for the debit memo this is not set like this so far and the document date is used as a baseline date. Please give same idea how to change the setting in order to have baseline date for debit memo equal to baseline date of the original document.
    Thanks a lot

    To activate the payment terms on these non-invoice related credit memos, enter a V in the "Invoice Reference" field when
    entering the document.
    The above works for credit memo, please check for debit memo.
    Murali. N

  • Debit memo(DR doc type) baseline date exceding the payment term days

    Hi All
    For debit memo I am facing a issue where my baseline date for a customer is showing more then the days specified in his(customer's) payment terms.
    sales document category is DR and order is created for some customer xyz and payment terms of that customer is showing 0% UP TO 15 DAYS. But when I check it in FBL5n the Net due dt for that order is showing 180 + 15 = 195days.
    What can be the reason, is it due to some enhancement or some routine or what , I am not able to figure out from where these days are coming for. I have checked MV45AFZZ , RV60AFZA and other exit s, I couldnt find any code which shows these added 180 days..
    Guide me in finding out the source ot this, <removed by moderator>.
    Thanks in Advance
    Edited by: Thomas Zloch on Sep 30, 2011 3:46 PM

    You may need to check the copy control settings between the debit memo request and sales document in transaction code VTAA.
    Select the target document type and source document type, and click on the details (header level). Check the routine that is assigned for the field copying requirements for transfering business data.
    The routine assigned may be copying the base line date from the source document. You may need to assign other routine or you may need to develop your own routine to resolve your issue.

  • Copy control routines in Sales Order and Debit Memo Req.

    I have a scenario wherein, I am creating a Debit Memo Request with reference to a Sales Order. DMR(Debit Memo Request ) & SO (Sales Order)will not be created on the same day. I want to have Pricing date in the DMR (both at item and Header level) as current date and dont want it to be copeid from SO.
    Can it be possible with the standard available routines in copy control between SO and DMR? IS there a need for creation of separate routine.

    As per the business requirement it is ok to change the Pricing since based on the pricing date the Exchange rate is calculated.
    The exchange rate at the DMR level should be calculated on the date of creation of DMR and so the pricing date from the Sales order should not be copeid.
    Any suggestions pls.

  • Copy Control from Billing doc to Debit memo request

    we are trying to sort the follwing problem out. We create a debit memo request with reference to the invoice, we then change the sold to party, however the pricing is carried out again. we want to retain the invoice values but only change the sold to party and quantities. i have change the copy control to "copy pricing elements unchanged" however it still reprices the debit memo.

    As per your question, You have invoiced customer X wants to issue debit memo request to  customer Y.
    How come is it possible?Could you elaborate the scenario?
    SAP system retrieve master data from sold -to-party record for Sales order and also  access ship-to-party record for delivery and access Payer's record for Billing.
    You change sold to party in Debit memo request.SAP system access record of new sold-to-party  for debit memo req.(It is sales order type).
    In T-code VTAF - You  changed Pricing type to D-copy pricing elements unchanged.It is not sufficient to fulfill your requirement.In this transaction other Data transfer routine also affects copying.These are Data transfer routine 104(business data item billing) and 004(Billing item partner).
    Data transfer routine allow you to fine tune the transferred fields during the copying process.It specifies the item business data to be transferred from a billing document item to a sales document item.Special checks are also performed to be sure that SOLD -TO-PARTY IS THE SAME PRIOR TO initiating data transfer of the item related business data.Iten related business data are incoterms,taxes discount applicable to Sold-to-party.
    In your case sold-to- party is changed.It also changes business data and pricing.
    Hope it would help you.

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