CPU upgrade on Satellite M30-106

Hi folks
Could do with some help please?
Just got an old Toshiba Satellite M30-106 a few weeks ago and [to be fair] it runs not bad with xp on it. I purchased another 2 gig DDR which does make a difference speed wise but can I upgrade the processor from the Intel Pentium M processor 725 1.60 GHz front side bus : 400 MHz,2nd level cache : 2 MB thats in it just now ?
Can it take a higher CPU if so whats the highest? Would be very gratefully of some advice please.
Thanks in advance.......

At first I must say that I agree with you that this notebook runs well with WXP. At least this notebook model is designed for WXP. ;)
I found some info about CPUs on Satellite M30:
+The Satellite M30 computer is equipped with an Intel Banias Processor, which+
+incorporates a math co-processor, a 64KB L1 cache memory and a 1MB L2 cache+
+memory. The processor runs with one of the following speeds:+
+Intel Banias Processor 1.40GHz (1.35V) / 1.20GHz (0.85V)+
+Intel Banias Processor 1.50GHz (1.35V) / 1.20GHz (0.85V)+
+Intel Banias Processor 1.60GHz (1.35V) / 1.20GHz (0.85V)+
+Intel Banias Processor 1.70GHz (1.35V) / 1.20GHz (0.85V)+
So maybe you can use this fastest 1.70GHz CPU. I don't think you will see big difference.
Best thing you can do is to upgrade RAM to max and optimize preinstalled WXP and you will be happy with this oldie.

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    My Satellite 2410-303 has Pentium 4 Mobile 1.7GHZ processor. I want to upgrade its processor to Pentium 4 Mobile 2.8GHZ. I think that it is possible because its upper models have faster processor and that is unique difference between them.
    Please, help me for this question and tell me is it possible?

    You will be very lucky if someone has so good experiences with CPU upgrade on Satellite 2410 but on this forum you can find very nice comments about that. I have founded just two of them but very interesting. Check it out!

  • CPU upgrade on Satellite A60

    Hello, i want to upgrade the cpu on my Satellite A60 celeron d345, what kind of processors are supported?

    I can not give you any informations about the CPU prices because it depends on the computer dealer.
    Mostly the online dealers are much cheaper. So simply use a search-and-compare prices engine in the net.
    Now something about the motherboard compatibility:
    The Toshiba Satellite A60 is a full size notebook PC based on the Intel Portability P4 processor, providing high-speed processing capabilities and advanced features.
    In my knowledge the motherboard should be ale to handle the Intel P4 (Northwood), P4 (Prescott) and Celeron (Northwood) CPUs.
    - P4 (Northwood) 2.66/2.8/3.06/3.2 GHz
    - P4 (Prescott) 518(2.8 GHz)/532(3.06 GHz)/538(3.2 GHz)/552(3.46 GHz)/558(3.60 GHz)
    - Celeron (Northwood) 2.5/2.6/2.7/2.8 GHz
    - Celeron (Prescott) 325(2.53 GHz) / 330 (2.66 GHz) / 335(2.8 GHz) 340 (2.93G) / 345 (3.066 GHz) / 350(3.2 GHz)
    But note; everything what you do is at your own risk!!

  • CPU upgrade on Satellite L30-101

    Hi, I have a Toshiba Satellite L30-101. I've upgraded the RAM successfully to 2GB (2x 1GB) but I'm finding it incredibly hard to get information on processor replacements.
    The laptop has the latest BIOS on it (3.10-WIN - 19/02/08) but when trying to find information regarding whats in it I'm hitting brick walls. Firstly the site > http://www.toshiba-tro.de/biosinfo/ < doesn't have my laptop on it,
    Product Type: Notebook
    Family: Satellite
    Product Series: Satellite L Series
    Model: ? unknown
    Short Model No: ? unknown
    I did hope I could stick an Intel Duo in but with the ATI chipset, I'm pretty sure it wont work but again without knowing whats within BIOS, compatible.. I'm lost. The only processor I can find which may work, same package, FSB, socket is an Intel Core Solo Processor T1350 which kicks out 1.86 GHz, not a massive difference and I'm sure it can't be the only replacement option.
    Could someone and staff please help me with getting hold of BIOS info and compatible processors for my laptop. The current Intel Celeron M Processor 410 kicking out 1.46 GHz isn't good enough for Vista (cert on laptop) and basic multi tasking. Its lagging way too much even after a good tune up, ram upgrade, HD upgrade to 7200RPM. I'm in need of a processor upgrade but as mention finding it incredibly hard to obtain information of which would be compatible.

    In my opinion your attempt to replace CPU is wrong. Why? Satellite L30 is not designed to offer some fabulous performance and it is designed for everyday usage. Best evidence for this was the price. It was not so expensive.
    Can you please tell us why do you want to have new CPU? Do you use some special software?
    Back to CPU replacement. As you probably know mobile computers have limited upgrade options and it is related to RAM and HDD upgrade. It is definitely unprovided for CPU upgrade and it is not supported. Specific design, especially cooling system is designed for certain CPU.
    Due to all this you will not be able to find any relevant info about CPU replacement.
    Check please this Toshiba document - http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/TSB9401AX0001R01.htm

  • Question about CPU upgrade for Satellite A30-104?

    My Satellite A30-104 has recently come to the end of its warranty, and having had to open up the heatsink for cleaning and seeing that the CPU was accessible, I wonder if there is any (likely) scope for upgrading it.
    The processor is a Celeron (Northwood) 2.6GHz. I'm not looking for more grunt, I'd prefer a lower-power chip, though the much larger L2 cache of a Pentium 4 is also desirable. I'd be very grateful if anyone could advise whether any upgrades are likely available, and if so which chips would be appropriate? If I can give any more useful spec information, please ask.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi, thanks for the reply -- and sorry it went ignored so long, it turns out I hadn't configured my email watches correctly :(
    I appreciate that it's really a job for a technician, and I don't want to brick a perfectly good computer, but I think its EOL is not far off anyway so I'm prepared to be a little more invasive than before.
    I know that I can get at the CPU, and I know the basic precautions for physically tampering with PC internals.
    What I'm first of all concerned about is this: if I replace the CPU, and it doesn't function with the laptop, can this damage other parts of the system such that it'd no longer work by replacing the original?
    The Celeron puts out a great deal of heat (all the time) but isn't it fair to assume that a P4-M will be less hot?

  • CPU Upgrade on Satellite L30-134

    Has anyone managed to upgrade the CPU on one of these yet??? Ive already maxed out the memory, but its still a bit slow if you know what I mean...:P
    Ive been looking at the Core2 SLV3W 2x1.33Ghz, same operating temperature and FSB, both socket 478/9 but not sure if the BIOS is going to chuck a teddy, the Pentium mobiles look a little to hot to run on this board, although its amazing what you can do with a dremel tool and a bit of copper tubing, if needs be I will doctor the existing cooling....
    Any feedback or suggestions greatfully recieved.

    i mate,
    unfortunately no one here would be able to give you really good information which could be useful for you. Since youre a Pro you should check e.g. this site: http://www.irisvista.com/tech/
    The BIOS cannot be modified but if the chipset is able you can try it. The socket is always the same so the package should fit in the hole ;)
    But I recommend you NOT to modify the cooling system because its aligned to work with the whole system together. The system would perhaps run a little bit "non-cooler" and wouldnt be quiet as before but it should work.
    So, how you see on your own. I am with you but I cannot give you proper information since I am just modding desktops (and already upgraded a notebook with some new CPU so I know something about it and I can just tell you: Dont ask here. Just read the topics and you will see why :) )
    Good luck and Greets

  • CPU Upgrade on Satellite L30?

    Tried searching but didn't get an answer.
    Bought a laptop from ebuyer the other week, and so far so good, but good do with a bit more juice.
    Currently running a CoreDuo 1.73 processor, wondering if Core2 or something a bit better will suit.
    Heard something about a bit of softawre i'd need?
    Could some one a) inform me what processors work
    b) what i need to do to go abuot it

    Hi buddy,
    believe me, it would be better to buy a another L30 with a better cpu or another toshiba notebook with a better cpu than trying to upgrade your machine.
    Some arguments whys not good to do it:
    1. Its too complicated for if youre not at least a technician which is familiar with MOBILE COMPUTER SYSTEMs because a notebook is not the same electronic like a desktop.
    2. How do you know which component fits? You have to find out the RIGHT partnumber of the manufacturer, otherwise you will have the wrong part and every manufacturer has its own hardware design and its own way to put components together. (like cpu, ram, bla...its not like you mean everything common like a desktop computer)
    3. too expensive vs. performance gain = you would not really achieve a huge performance gain. Not the one you expect. I am telling so many users my experiences with trials of upgrading core components. I am a technician but even for me it does not make sense anymore to upgrade a cpu in a notebook. I tried it with 4 (!) machines, and two of them have now defective mainboards. And dont forget what I told you: I am working as a computer technician and I repair almost all brands which arrive our service center.
    So, please forget your idea, upgrade your RAM and your harddisk and otherwise buy a new machine if youre unsatisfied with the actual performance of your rig.

  • CPU upgrade on Satellite A300D-15C

    Satellite A300D-15C - What CPU can i uppgrade to?
    I have a AMD Athlon X2 Dual-Core-processor QL-60 : 1.9 GHz
    can i uppgrade to a higher cpu freq 2,1
    or can i use a
    AMD Turion X2 Dual-Core mobil processor RM-72
    2.1 GHz
    or this
    AMD Turion X2 Ultra Dual-Core mobil processor ZM-82
    klockhastighet : 2.2 GHz

    Those cpu i have note here is from same model sattelit a300d
    Why i ask i must change the fan becuse it broken and i think the cpu has gose warm
    therefor i had think that i can put one off those in to my comphuter
    i have over 15 years experince off comphuters so can replace hardware
    but i must know if it posible to uppgrade to one off those i have write down here
    other wise i must put a cpu as the original
    Regards Thomas
    my is A300D-15C with cpu
    typ : AMD Athlon X2 Dual-Core-processor QL-60 fr brbara datorer
    klockhastighet : 1.9 GHz
    2:a nivns cache (2nd level cache) : 1 MB
    next is A300D-16Q with cpu
    typ : AMD Turion X2 Dual-Core mobil processor RM-72
    klockhastighet : 2.1 GHz
    2:a nivns cache (2nd level cache) : 1 MB
    and next one A300D-21W with cpu
    typ : AMD Turion X2 Ultra Dual-Core mobil processor ZM-82
    klockhastighet : 2.2 GHz
    2:a nivns cache (2nd level cache) : 2 MB

  • Memory upgrade on Satellite M30-344

    i have upgraded my memory from 2 x 256 mb to 2 x 512 mb, but nothing works. i bought the ram modules compatible to pa3312u-1m151.
    this system doesn't boot, nothing happens. after reinstalling the old module, system starts normally.
    what can i do?

    This case is very clear. You have used not compatible memory modules.
    As in the previous posting suggested, you should use the other compatible ram module.
    If you dont know where to buy this part so please contact the Toshiba service partner in your country. There you will be able to order the right part.
    By the way; I can confirm that the PC2100 512MB (PA3164U-1M51) is a right module

  • CPU upgrade of my Satellite Pro L300-152

    my laptop is a :
    Toshiba Satellite Pro L300-152
    Model no. PSLB1E-01R015EN
    Celeron 560 2.13GHz
    Can someone tell me which CPU I can safely upgrade this with, I use it in a fairly cool environment and would like just a few more 100mhz from it.
    Thank you for your support

    Before we start discussion about CPU upgrade check please this Toshiba document - http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/TSB9401AX0001R01.htm
    My personal opinion is that CPU upgrade will not help much and you will not realize some big difference in notebook performance. In my opinion you need more RAM or better and faster SSD. This brings better and more performance than some CPU with 100mhz more than old one.

  • CPU Upgrade - Satellite P100 Core2duo works 100%

    I can now confirm that CPU upgrade from CORE DUO (T2300, T2400, T2500, T2600, etc.) to CORE 2 DUO (T7200, T7300,T7400,etc..)
    on Satellite P100 (17", GF7600 GPU, etc.) with latest bios 3.30 is possible and it is working 100%. I tested this on P100-108 with T2300.
    The upgrade to T7200 went without any problems and the bios identified successfully the new processor.
    The downside of this upgrade is (if we ignore the high price of c2duo:-)) that in order to change the CPU on the P100 series you have
    to pull out the mainboard which is a lengthy process (if someone needs help with the disassembly of his/hers laptop
    I can post a detailed guide
    for the P100).

    Hello Emil
    I am very glad to hear you have had success with CPU upgrade. Can you please watch carefully how your notebook runs and maybe write a short report about usual notebook behavior like running cooling fan. Is now notebook louder and how it works with power saver profiles?
    On this forum we do not have exact reports about that and your further postings will be very, very useful.

  • Satellite M40x will not boot up after CPU upgrade test

    I have an M40x Laptop. I took the CPU out of it to replace it with another to test the computer booted up fine so I shut down and took it out and put it's original CPU back in, and it would not boot. Now it will not boot up at all with either of the CPU's all. When I turn on the power all I get is a white screen for a few seconds and the laptop shuts itself back down. Both the CPU's are good because I have since tested them in other computers to make sure that was not the problem.
    Anyone have any ideas on what is causing this??

    Im not surprised.
    As far as I know Toshiba does not support any CPU upgrades and it's not advisable to do something like that.
    Its a fact that the CPU replacement on the notebooks is not easy and mostly not recommended.
    The processors used in portables are connected to the system board using a process called TCP (Tape Carrier Package). This is a permanent connection method and is used in the interests of miniaturization and heat dissipation.
    Did you assign the new heat paste? Its necessary and important if you want to connect the CPU again.
    So possibly this is a reason for the no booting.
    I think more details you will get from the service guys in your country

  • Is it possible to upgrade CPU on my Satellite C

    Is it possible to upgrade my AMD E1-1200 1.4ghtz processor to anything faster than that,
    I want to be able to play FIFA14 apparently it drags on the current processor.
    My ram is 6GB and I believe it is enough.

    Generally such upgrade is not supported by any notebook manufacturer.
    But I read in some threads that some people were able to upgrade the Intel CPUs in own notebooks. But your notebook (what notebook model is it exactly???) seems to be equipped with AMD CPU and I guess the chipset is from AMD too.
    In such case only AMD CPU would be compatible with the AMD chipset.
    However, even if the AMD chipset would support another CPU, I guess you would get some problems with the BIOS. In many cases the BIOS compatibility could be the main reason why an CPU upgrade would not work.

  • Any upgrades possible? CPU/GPU/Processor Satellite L745-s4310

     Ive already upgraded the RAM to 8GB. I know how laptops are supposed to be difficult to upgrade and such, but i can manage if something compatible is possible. Anything to increase my power would be much appreciated! 

    Do you really think that a CPU upgrade will bring a strong performance boost? I doubt this
    Therefore you have to exchange the complete notebook architecture. That means a new mainboard with faster chipset, support for more and faster RAM, etc.
    Furthermore you will loose the warranty if you exchange the CPU and its own your own risk!!!

  • Re: RAM upgrade on Satellite 1800-700

    I would like to upgrade my Satellite 1800-700 memory to 1024 RAM. My operating system is Windows XP. I currently have 512 RAM and the BIOS 2.20 TRAD.
    However, it would allow me to install 2x512 RAM.
    Please can anyone help?
    Thank you kindly.

    I have found your laptop specifications:
    Satellite 1800-700 Memory Specifications
    Standard Memory 128 MB (removable)
    Maximum Memory 512 MB
    Memory Expansion 2 sockets
    Memory Comments PC133 SDRAM SODIMMs
    CPU Type 850MHz Intel Mobile Pentium III
    Model Comments 100MHz FSB
    So, as you see, the maximum supported memory is 512 mb

Maybe you are looking for