CSAP_BOM_ITEM_MAINTAIN - Problems while clearing custom fields

Hi, I try to modify some bom items, it works fine so far, but I get into trouble when trying to update previosly filled fields with empty ones.
First, I check my structure and insert a 'delete field character' into initial fields:
LOOP AT fieldcat INTO wa_fieldcat.
        IF wa_fieldcat-fieldname EQ 'FLDELETE'.
        ASSIGN COMPONENT wa_fieldcat-fieldname OF STRUCTURE bomline TO <field>.
        IF sy-subrc IS INITIAL.
          IF <field> IS INITIAL OR <field> EQ space.
            <field> = '!'.
          MESSAGE 'Error while looping thru bomline structure to update fields' TYPE 'E'.
Then, I use CSAP_BOM_ITEM_MAINTAIN to update bom
      i_stpo                   = bomline
*         FL_DEP_ALE_CONFORM       = ' '
      o_stpo                   = bomline_out
      fl_warning               = warning
*       TABLES
*         T_DEP_DATA               =
*         T_DEP_DESCR              =
*         T_DEP_ORDER              =
*         T_DEP_SOURCE             =
*         T_DEP_DOC                =
      error                    = 1
      OTHERS                   = 2
So, this works out fine, but not for my custom fields in the stpo_api02's .INCLUDE structure. While the standard fields are deleted when I fill them with '!', the custom ones just contain '!' afterwards.
When I dont put '!' into my custom fields and make them initial prior invoking CSAP_BOM_ITEM_MAINTAIN, their contents stay untouched.
However, real updates, where field contents are changed to some value but initial work flawlessly, on both, the stock and my custom fields.
Any Idea on this?

  Can you try to read the BOM items before changes and use the same structure in change BAPI by modifying the structure with only the changes. I guess this will support the clearing of the custom fields.
With Regards,
Rajesh V.

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    Hi Jignesh,
    Thanks for your valueble inputs, it really helped me to understand the process.
    I checked in Web UI configuration for urgent change document as you mentioned but still that button is not coming.
    In transaction BSP_WD_CMPWB, i have created enh. set: Z_ENHANCEMENT_SET.
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  • Strange problem while clearing a customer

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    I am encountering this strange problem while trying to clear some open items for certain customers. Though these customers have open items on them (checked in BSID and FBL5N), the system is giving a warning message saying that there are no open items on the customers while trying F-30 and F-32.
    The only thing that was different for these customers from the rest was that these customers had some transactions which were supposed to be cleared through AP payment run. (transactions for customer payment).
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    - check SAP Note 136754
    some table fields in the missing documents using Transaction SE16. The following conditions must exist:
    BSIS-XOPVW = X      (Indicator: Open item management, only for G/L                     accounts)
    BSEG-XOPVW = X      (Indicator: Open item management)
    BSEG-AUGBL = space  (clearing document number)
    BSEG-DISBN = space  (discount document number)
    BKPF-BSTAT = space  (document status)
    BKPF-XSTOV = space  (indicator reversal flag)
    REGUS/REGUP -> see below
    Should one or more conditions not exist, please note the following information:
    1. BSEG-XOPVW <> X or BSIS-XOPVW <> X for G/L account line items:
                  The line item presumably comes from a time before you activated the open item management of a G/L account. Documents before this master record change do not contain this technical information. Use report RFSEPA02 if you want to bring the documents in line with the new master record. You must refer to the documentation of this report.
                  Because there may be problems subsequently acivating open item management, RFSEPA02 was changed as of Release 4.5A so that it cannot be started without modifications. SAP wants to make sure you are familiar with the problems, which may result from activating open item management. You can however restart RFSEPA02 when you have deactivated the line:
                  leave program.
    2. BSEG-XOPVW <> X for open item account line items:
                  This data status is not allowed. Contact the SAP Hotline.
    3. BSEG-DISBN <> space.
                  The line item has already been used within bill of exchange accounting.
    4. BKPF-BSTAT <> space.
                  This is a document with a special function, for example a sample document or recurring entry document. Generally these are not taken into account in clearing transactions.
    5. BKPF-XSTOV <> space.
                  The document was flagged for reversal. Only if you cancel the reversal flag, can you clear the document again. You can do this by removing the planned date for the reverse posting (BKPF-STODT) in the document header using Transaction FB02 (Change document).
                  Look at table REGUS using Transaction SE16. Enter the account (KONKO) in the selection screen. If you selected an entry, use the information Run date (LAUFD) and Identification (LAUFI) in Transaction F110 (payment program). Check the status of the payment run. If only the proposal was carried out, the documents proposed for payment are blocked for other clearing transactions. It is only when you delete the proposal run that the items are taken into account again in the clearing transaction.

  • Problem while saving date field in custom table

    Iam facing the following problem while saving a date field in custome table
    i have a date field zdate in which the value is 02082010.
    now when i try to insert this value in the custom table it is getting updated as 20/10/0208 , but it should be 08/02/2010
    How can i correct it..

    just before saving u might have to use a string reverse FM and then save it..
        STRING          = p_string
        LANG            = sy-langu
       RSTRING          = r_string
       TOO_SMALL        = 1
       OTHERS           = 2

  • Error while adding custom fields using EEWB.

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    closing this unresolved

  • Problem in posting Custom fields in Purchase Order using BAPI_PO_CREATE1

    Hi friends,
    Did any body tried populating custom fields using BAPI_PO_CREATE1?
    I am trying to populate custom fields in Header.
    I am populating EXTENSIONIN-STRUCTURE with 'BAPI_TE_MEPOHEADER' and EXTENSIONIN-VALUEPART1 with respective values of fields using the code below.
    But still it is not populating the custom fields.
    Can some body help me on this?
    Thanks & Regards,
    Ramesh Kodavati

    You require to implement the Badi ME_BAPI_PO_CUST
                                               Method MAP2I_EXTENSIONIN or INBOUND
    for changing the parameter CH_EXTENSIONIN in method INBOUND
                                       or  CH_STRUC in method MAP2I_EXTENSIONIN.
    in addition to passing the extensionin parameters in bapi.
    implement the above said bapi and put a break point in both of the methods (exactly i don't remember)
    and check values are populating in the CH_STRUC structure.

  • Problem with the custom field - enabling

    i am using one customer field in the shopping card header , and using BBP_DOC_CHECK_BADI to issue an error message if this field is left empty.
    but the problem comes after the error message is issues , this field becomes disabled , and the user has to go back , and again come to the order screen to enter the value and order the cart.
    i have tried all possible options , to keep the customer field enabled , but not able to do so.
    have you got any inputs for me..
    Edited by: khan voyalpad usman on Aug 21, 2008 12:29 PM

    Have you checked the BBP_CUF_BADI_2 implementation in your system ??
    May be some logic there is disabling the customer field right after the error message is generated..

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    Source Text Row:  39
    Window ERP_H/MainWindow of UI Component ERP_H cannot be displayed
    An exception has occurred Exception Class  CX_BSP_WD_RUNTIME_ERROR - View BTCUSTOMER_H/CustomerH in component ERP_H could not be bound 
    Source Text Row:  165
    I have no prior experiance in UI development. Could someone explain me this error and how to fix this?

    closing this unresolved

  • Problem while creation custom Infotype for HRP (Organization mgmt)

    Newbie to HR-ABAP...
    I have successfully created a custom infotype for HRP (Organization mgmt)....how can i see the infotype in t-code PP01.

    Perhaps MM11/12 can't update your custom field because you have use a data element where the flag Document change isn't setted.

  • Problem while assigning  the fields of EBM to ABM in Provider

    Hi All,
    I am facing a problem with the fields of EBM not being able to Assign to ABM in ProviderBPEL
    In RequestorABCSImpl, i am transforming a ABM to SupplierPartyEBM(CreateSupplierPartyListEBM is the type i am using)
    Field called 'PayementTerm' is being mapped as below
    <xsl:value-of select='dvm:lookupValue(concat("oramds:/apps/AIAMetaData/dvm/","SY_SUPPLIERPARTY_TERMTYPE",".dvm"),"MULTISYS_01",tnsaboabo:PaymentTerm/text(),"COMMON",aia:getServiceProperty($ServiceName,"SyncSupplierPartyList.PaymentTerm.Code",false()))'/>
    after transform I am able to see the value for PaymentTerm/Code while testing requestor.
    Now in provider I am using an Assign activity to assign 'PaymentTerm/Code' to ABM field called 'termID '
    'PaymentTerm/Code' is a TermType
    'termID ' is a string.
    When i test end to end
    i am getting an error while assigning 'PaymentTerm/Code' to 'termID'
    Error i am getting is "Error in evaluate<from expression at line 677. the result is empty for xpath expression inputvariable/./../PaymentTerm/Code
    Please guide me what is wrong in this. In Input Payload i am able to see the value coming in provider but while assigning i'ts failing

    This is the input xml
    <CreateSupplierPartyListReqMsg><part name="CreateSupplierPartyListEBM" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"><CreateSupplierPartyListEBM xmlns="http://xmlns.oracle.com/EnterpriseObjects/Core/EBO/SupplierParty/V1" xmlns:wsa="http://www.w3.org/2005/08/addressing">
    <EBMHeader xmlns:fpsdataabo="http://xmlns.cassini.telenor.com/FPS/SupplierParty/V1" xmlns:corecom="http://xmlns.oracle.com/EnterpriseObjects/Core/Common/V2" xmlns="http://xmlns.oracle.com/EnterpriseObjects/Core/Common/V2"><corecom:EBMID>2d323432363737383037393633373932</corecom:EBMID><corecom:EBMName>{http://xmlns.oracle.com/EnterpriseObjects/Core/EBO/SupplierParty/V1}CreateSupplierPartyListEBM</corecom:EBMName><corecom:EBOName>{http://xmlns.oracle.com/EnterpriseObjects/Core/EBO/SupplierParty/V1}SupplierPartyEBO</corecom:EBOName><corecom:CreationDateTime>2012-12-07T08:51:15.135+01:00</corecom:CreationDateTime><corecom:VerbCode>Create</corecom:VerbCode><corecom:MessageProcessingInstruction><corecom:EnvironmentCode>PRODUCTION</corecom:EnvironmentCode></corecom:MessageProcessingInstruction><corecom:Sender xmlns="http://xmlns.oracle.com/EnterpriseObjects/Core/EBO/SupplierParty/V1" xmlns:ebo="http://xmlns.oracle.com/EnterpriseObjects/Core/EBO/SupplierParty/V1" xmlns:ehdr="http://www.oracle.com/XSL/Transform/java/oracle.tip.esb.server.headers.ESBHeaderFunctions" xmlns:hashmap="http://www.oracle.com/XSL/Transform/java/java.util.HashMap"><corecom:ID>MULTISYS_01</corecom:ID><corecom:CallingServiceName>{http://xmlns.oracle.com/ABCSImpl/Multisys/Core/SyncSupplierPartyListMultisysReqABCSImpl/V1.0}SyncSupplierPartyListMultisysReqABCSImpl</corecom:CallingServiceName><corecom:Custom xmlns:xacml="urn:oasis:names:tc:xacml:2.0:context:schema:cd:04" xmlns:tnsaboabo="http://xmlns.cassini.telenor.com/Multisys/SupplierParty/V1"><corecom:LegalEntityReference><corecom:LegalEntityIdentification><corecom:ID/></corecom:LegalEntityIdentification></corecom:LegalEntityReference></corecom:Custom></corecom:Sender><corecom:Target><corecom:ID>EBIZ_01</corecom:ID></corecom:Target><corecom:BusinessScope><corecom:ID>Supplier Party - 0000001</corecom:ID><corecom:InstanceID>CreateSupplierPartyList/32313433363838393939393637303532</corecom:InstanceID><corecom:BusinessScopeTypeCode>BusinessProcess</corecom:BusinessScopeTypeCode><corecom:EnterpriseServiceName>{http://xmlns.oracle.com/EnterpriseServices/Core/SupplierParty/V1}SupplierPartyEBSV1</corecom:EnterpriseServiceName><corecom:EnterpriseServiceOperationName>CreateSupplierPartyList</corecom:EnterpriseServiceOperationName></corecom:BusinessScope><corecom:BusinessScope><corecom:ID>CreateSupplierPartyListReqMsg</corecom:ID><corecom:InstanceID>CreateSupplierPartyListReqMsg/2d323432363737383037393633373932</corecom:InstanceID><corecom:BusinessScopeTypeCode>Message</corecom:BusinessScopeTypeCode><corecom:EnterpriseServiceName>{http://xmlns.oracle.com/EnterpriseServices/Core/SupplierParty/V1}SupplierPartyEBSV1</corecom:EnterpriseServiceName><corecom:EnterpriseServiceOperationName>CreateSupplierPartyList</corecom:EnterpriseServiceOperationName></corecom:BusinessScope><corecom:EBMTracking><corecom:SequenceNumber>1</corecom:SequenceNumber><corecom:ExecutionUnitID/><corecom:ExecutionUnitName>{http://xmlns.oracle.com/EnterpriseFlows/Core/SyncSupplierPartyListEBF/V1}SyncSupplierPartyListEBFV1</corecom:ExecutionUnitName><corecom:ImplementationCode>BPEL</corecom:ImplementationCode><corecom:ActivityDateTime>2012-12-07T08:51:15.136+01:00</corecom:ActivityDateTime></corecom:EBMTracking><xacml:Request xmlns:xacml="urn:oasis:names:tc:xacml:2.0:context:schema:cd:04"/></EBMHeader>
    <DataArea><corecom:Create xmlns:corecom="http://xmlns.oracle.com/EnterpriseObjects/Core/Common/V2"/><ebo:SyncSupplierPartyList xmlns:ebo="http://xmlns.oracle.com/EnterpriseObjects/Core/EBO/SupplierParty/V1"><corecom:Identification xmlns:corecom="http://xmlns.oracle.com/EnterpriseObjects/Core/Common/V2"><corecom:ID schemeID="SY_SUPPLIERPARTY_SUPPLIERPARTYID" schemeAgencyID="XREF">33363339373538363835333734303432</corecom:ID><corecom:ContextID>c</corecom:ContextID><corecom:ApplicationObjectKey><corecom:ID schemeID="VENDOR_NUMBER" schemeAgencyID="MULTISYS">0000001</corecom:ID></corecom:ApplicationObjectKey></corecom:Identification><corecom:PartyLocation xmlns:corecom="http://xmlns.oracle.com/EnterpriseObjects/Core/Common/V2"><corecom:Identification><corecom:ApplicationObjectKey><corecom:ID>0000001</corecom:ID></corecom:ApplicationObjectKey></corecom:Identification><corecom:LocationReference><corecom:Address><corecom:LineOne>Hillev?gsv 24</corecom:LineOne><corecom:LineTwo>Hillev?gsv 24</corecom:LineTwo><corecom:LineThree>Hillev?gsv 24</corecom:LineThree><corecom:LineFour>Hillev?gsv 24</corecom:LineFour><corecom:CityName>STAVANGER</corecom:CityName><corecom:PostalCode>4016</corecom:PostalCode></corecom:Address></corecom:LocationReference></corecom:PartyLocation><corecom:PartyContact xmlns:corecom="http://xmlns.oracle.com/EnterpriseObjects/Core/Common/V2"><corecom:Contact><corecom:PersonName><corecom:FirstName>Nordialog Stavanger</corecom:FirstName></corecom:PersonName></corecom:Contact></corecom:PartyContact><corecom:Organization xmlns:corecom="http://xmlns.oracle.com/EnterpriseObjects/Core/Common/V2"><corecom:Name>Nordialog Stavanger</corecom:Name><corecom:LegalStructureCode>00</corecom:LegalStructureCode><corecom:OrganizationFinancialProfile><corecom:FinancialProfile><corecom:FinancialAccount><corecom:AccountNumber>54130613600</corecom:AccountNumber><corecom:TypeCode>SUPPLIER</corecom:TypeCode><corecom:CurrencyCode>NOK</corecom:CurrencyCode></corecom:FinancialAccount></corecom:FinancialProfile></corecom:OrganizationFinancialProfile></corecom:Organization><ebo:CustomerNumber>0000001</ebo:CustomerNumber><ebo:MinimumOrderAmount>0</ebo:MinimumOrderAmount><ebo:TypeCode>VENDOR</ebo:TypeCode><ebo:OneTimeIndicator>false</ebo:OneTimeIndicator><ebo:SupplierPartyTradingLocationProfile><corecom:Identification xmlns:corecom="http://xmlns.oracle.com/EnterpriseObjects/Core/Common/V2"><corecom:ID schemeID="SY_SUPPLIERPARTY_SUPPLIERPARTYTRADINGLOCATIONPROFILEID" schemeAgencyID="XREF">2d323735363933313339333732353537</corecom:ID><corecom:ApplicationObjectKey><corecom:ID schemeID="VENDOR_NUMBER" schemeAgencyID="MULTISYS">0000001</corecom:ID></corecom:ApplicationObjectKey></corecom:Identification><ebo:PrimaryIndicator>true</ebo:PrimaryIndicator><ebo:FreightTermsCode/><ebo:HoldReasonCode/><ebo:InvoiceCurrencyCode/><ebo:PaymentCurrencyCode/><ebo:PaymentPriorityCode>99</ebo:PaymentPriorityCode><ebo:TermsDateBasisCode/><ebo:VATTaxCode>SY25VAT</ebo:VATTaxCode><ebo:VATRegistrationNumber/><ebo:ExcludeFreightFromDiscountIndicator>false</ebo:ExcludeFreightFromDiscountIndicator><ebo:PurchasingEnabledIndicator>false</ebo:PurchasingEnabledIndicator><ebo:RFQOnlyIndicator>false</ebo:RFQOnlyIndicator><corecom:PaymentTerm xmlns:corecom="http://xmlns.oracle.com/EnterpriseObjects/Core/Common/V2"><corecom:Code>6 DAYS</corecom:Code></corecom:PaymentTerm><ebo:TradingLocationProfileAddress><corecom:Address xmlns:corecom="http://xmlns.oracle.com/EnterpriseObjects/Core/Common/V2"><corecom:LineOne>Hillev?gsv 24</corecom:LineOne><corecom:LineTwo>Hillev?gsv 24</corecom:LineTwo><corecom:CityName>STAVANGER</corecom:CityName><corecom:PostalCode>4016</corecom:PostalCode></corecom:Address></ebo:TradingLocationProfileAddress></ebo:SupplierPartyTradingLocationProfile></ebo:SyncSupplierPartyList></DataArea>
    And my assign is
    bpws:getVariableData('CreateSupplierPartyListReqMsg','CreateSupplierPartyListEBM','/WL5G3N2ebo:CreateSupplierPartyListEBM/WL5G3N2ebo:DataArea/WL5G3N2ebo:CreateSupplierPartyList/WL5G3N2ebo:SupplierPartyTradingLocationProfile/corecom:PaymentTerm/corecom:Code') to an 'invoke_InputVariable/termid'

  • Error while clearing Customer open items

    When I am trying to clear the Customer open items via F-30 I am getting following error -
    +Profit center 9000/SEA001 does not exist for 08.04.2011
        Message no. KM026
        The desired profit center SEA001 is not in the master data table for the specified date.
        Check your entry.
        Note: The profit center is usually derived from the original account assignment object (cost center, order, and so on) or other information (such as the material number).
        If necessary, create the desired profit center for the appropriate time
    First of all SEA001 is not a Profit Center. It's a material. Correct PC is attached to this material SEA001 and I also checked the validity period of the PC and it's OK.
    Can someone please advice how to nail down this issue?

    Found the reason.
    Actually there was a substitution to fill the PC from XREF3 for document splitting and SD module was passing the material in XREF3 hence the system was thowing the error.
    Gaurav - thanks for your input. Your reply pointed out towards substitution.
    Infact thanks everyone for the inputs.

  • Problem while populating a field on process form- Values truncated

    I am facing a strange problem.
    I have a requirement to populate Country field on AD process form based on the value of country code on the same process form which should eventually go to 'co' attribute in AD. So for eg. if the Country Code has value- 'US' then the Country field should be populated with 'United States'. This value is picked from lookup- Lookup.Locations.Country.
    My adapter code works perfectly fine (checked using sysouts) it gets the proper values from the lookup but the country filed gets populated only with partial value. So instead of United States it only shows 'UNIT'. Same is for any country having more than 4 charatcters. It truncates the rest of the string and populates the field with only first 4 characters. I tried manually populating the Country field with complete country name on the process form and it works fine and the same value goes to AD also but when I run the adapter it only populates it with 4 charactetrs.
    This is strange and I have no clue what could be stopping it. Any idea/experiences?
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Abhi,
    Can you tell me how you have implemented populating an UDF based on Prepopulation of another UDF. I have a similar kind of requirement. It would be great if you share your code or relevant part of it.
    Sunny Ajmera

  • Problem While Uploading Customer Requirements To Scheduling Agreement

    I have received a ticket from client which is as below .
    As itu2019s new issue for me , I am not able to fix the issue . It goes like this u2026u2026.
    Customer  scheduling agreement. 30000000
    Part 300.F
    The customer  862u2019s have been coming in during the mid morning hours (8or 8:30AM)
    The customer  830u2019s and 862u2019s arrive once a week, on Fridays. 862 adds 5 addition firm order onto the end of the remaining firm orders.
    This is what happened this morning.
    7AM, VL10A due to ship today correctly shows 425pc.
    7AM we created todays delivery for 425pc. Delivery 80005515. this removed the 425 from the open quantity on the scheduling agreement.
    After the delivery was created for todayu2019s shipment, the new 862u2019s arrived, from customer , and populated the scheduling agreement.
    Todayu2019s shipment was PGIed.
    The scheduling agreement below shows 425pc due to ship today after we made todayu2019s shipment.
    The problem seems to happen when todayu2019s delivery is already set up and THEN the new 862u2019s arrive and populates the scheduling agreement.
    Is there any way of resolving this issue?
    We know that the customer  scheduling agreement is set up differently to receive 862u2019s.
    This customer  adds new firm orders each Friday.
    So , could I request you to help me out in this case where I have to check up and how can I fix the issue .
    Thanks in advance .

    Hi Friends
    Could I request you to help me out on this aspect

  • Problem while creating Customer

    Hi All,
    I want to create a customer with TCode: XD01. In screen: Sales area data, I can't add number in partner functions. The error is: Customer 7 is not defined for function SP (table TPAKD). I have configured for Account group-Partner function. Pls help me!

    In order for you to overcome this problem,
    1st check the Customer account group for the particular customer.
    I think the best way is go to :
    SPRO -> SD -> Basic Function -> Partner determination -> Setup partner determination -> select "customer master data.
    At the Partner determination procedure -> WE - Ship to party
    On the left panel, select Account groups - function assignment. From there make sure the customer account group tie to the correct partner function (SH,BP,PY,SP).
    If dont have you make the copy of it, then you will  not face this error again.
    Hope this will help. Thank you.
    Kah Fei

  • Problem while activating Custom Include

    My requirement is to make a copy of standard include (V50R_ON_OUTPUT) into ZV50R_ON_OUTPUT.
    And to add this custom include in another copy of the main program ZRVV50R10C (copied from RVV50R10C).
    But am facing problem when activating the custom main program ZRVV50R10C.
    Can anyone faced similar issue(as it contains many enhancements, may be the cause)?
    Pls help!

    Hi Thomas,
    Thanks for ur response.
    I totally understood the upgrade issue, but unfortunately that's my need now.
    The issue am facing is when activating it getting error as "Data not defined". like   ( t_prof1  = %_p_prof1_%_app_%-text.) of the statndard include.
    do i need to add anything in declaration part also?

Maybe you are looking for

  • Function not returning value in Discoverer report

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