Currently, I have 5 iPads used for the same purpose. Since similar data /application is shared among all of them, is it alright for me "Backup" only 1 iPad. And in which case, if anything happens to any of the other iPads I can still recover the data

Currently, I have 5 iPads used for the same purpose. Since the same data /application is shared among all of these iPads, is it alright for me "Backup" only 1 iPad instead of all 5?  And if anything happens to any my iPads which I have not backed up, I can restore it from the iPad where I have save the Backup. I am hoping by doing so, I will also be able to save some icloud storage space. Let me know if my question is still not so clear to you guys.  Thanks.

Hello PeachY1234,
If I understand correctly you'd like to save iCloud storage space by only backing up 1 of the 5 iPads to your account since they are all going to have very similar data and usage. You certainly can do that, but I do have to warn you that any unique data between them would be lost if you had to restore from that one backup made on another iPad so just keep that in mind. If you do need to restore in the future you can use this article to restore that iCloud backup:
iCloud: Restore or set up your iOS device from iCloud
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