Custom metadata for Adobe comments

We use Acrobat for Review comments. Is there a way to tag a comment with a custom category / categories?. how to achieve this using Acrobat SDK? Any higher level steps?

You should start by downloading the Acrobat SDK and building the sample plugins.  This is C/C++, there is no support for .NET.
Next you will need to read the relevant section of ISO 32000-1:2008 (the PDF standard) or a book such as “Developing with PDF” (from O’Reilly).  This is required to understand how the PDF file format and objects work.
Finally, you can then start looking at the SDK documentation around the Cos and PD layers to apply to what you need to do.

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  • Custom metadata for review comments

    My users are using Acrobat and reader to review documents. There are tons of comments posted during this review process. Currently, once comments are included in the review, we don't have a way to custom tag the comments. Which can be used to further sort and classify the documents. The only categories that I can sort the comments on are by "type", "Page", "Status", "Author" etc. I want to be able to include custom categories. Also, there is a possibility that a single comment can fall into multiple categories. Any way to achieve this in Adobe Acrobat and Reader?

    Maybe try the Acrobat SDK forum.

  • Restrict custom metadata for DAM assets

    Can we restrict custom metadata to appear only for a few DAM assets? For eg, I have assets under two folders, myProject1 and myProject2 in DAM. Suppose I want the custom metadata fields to show up only for the assets under myProject1, can that be done? If yes, how?
    This is with respet to the details in

    Hey Sham,
    I have customized the granite interface to have the additional metadata field.
    I have even  overlayed /apps/dam/gui/content/assets/metadataeditor/items/content/col2/image/items to add an additional metadata node , to be present in the granite interface, but i see that it works fine for "projectA", ie. both png and jpeg files have the sample metadata in the granite interface, but the .png files of projects, other than "projectA"  eg geometrixx have the sample metadata field, while the jpg files dont, after using the function: function(f, r, p) { if (p.indexOf("/content/dam/project/providers") != 0) { f.hide(); } return true;.
    Kindly suggest where i have gone wrong.

  • Custom Metadata for Microsoft Word

    Since Microsoft Word has a limited property/metadata fields and there is no budget to purchase a document management system, I am thinking of storing custom metadata fields in a XML file or a database.
    Can Ultra Search be configured to search the Word documents by full-text and metadata fields? If so, how?

    You should start by downloading the Acrobat SDK and building the sample plugins.  This is C/C++, there is no support for .NET.
    Next you will need to read the relevant section of ISO 32000-1:2008 (the PDF standard) or a book such as “Developing with PDF” (from O’Reilly).  This is required to understand how the PDF file format and objects work.
    Finally, you can then start looking at the SDK documentation around the Cos and PD layers to apply to what you need to do.

  • How could the customer support for Adobe LR be any less adequate - impossible to get person on phone, no response to chat.  Unbelievably shoddy and customer-hostile.

    I can't download my ordered LR because my order is still being "processed".  There are a thousand places to purchase things on the web where one's order is essentially processed at the time it is entered.  I've never had something like this wait for "processing" happen before, anywhere.  Could something be wrong?  Is a third party doing something to me?
    Why is there no way to talk to a person at Adobe?

    Thanks Henry to report this problem.  We will look into this.
    At the same time, it sounds you got the activation code now by arbitrary selecting a US state.
    I hope the activation code works out for you and you successfully register and activate the service.

  • Adobe CQ5.5 Digital Asset - Delete default metadata and how to create custom metadata

    I am trying to create custom metadata for all format of assets (PDF, DOC, TXT, etc.,). I have created the dam folder under apps node as below:-
    Step 1:  /apps/dam/content/asseteditors/formitems
    Step 2:  Included the four property as textfield and selection according to our requirement under formitems
    Step 3:  I changed the cq:allowedTemplates from /content/dam/jcr:content
    Step 4:  I tried to upload the asset, I could get the custom metadata for Txt, Doc, PPT, XLSX
    Step 5:  But for JPG, PNG and PDF I am getting the default metadata which is huge list.
    How to control this one? I want my custom metadata only displayed for creation assets. Find the attached.
    CRX - Custom Template Configured
    CRX - Custom Metadata populated for ZIP format
    CRX - Custom Metadata not populated for PDF format

    If you read the description under section New Metadata Property for Assets you will find yout the format for images and its different format stores at different location. So to deal with image metadata plz try below
    1. Create a "image" node under "/apps/dam/content/asseteditors" as sling folder and configure it similar to "/apps/dam/content/asseteditors"
    2. under this folder again copy paste the "/libs/dam/content/asseteditors/formitems" and customize it accordingly
    Above will help you to manage with all types of images. Now if you want to have separate group of property for different image types then similar to above you have to create format node inside image folder for example jpg file type create a node with name "jpeg" under "image" node & configure similarly as you did for image.
    I hope it will help you to proceed. Please let me know for more information.

  • Editing Autofill List for Custom Metadata Fields

    I have 13,000+ photographs cataloged in Aperture 2.1 In an effort to better manage these photographs, I have added custom metadata for my own use. The fields let me know whether I have printed for my portfolio, watermarked, added to my web site, status of release, etc. All of this data is manually entered and at times my fingers don't always hit the correct keys on the keyboard so I end up with autofill data that is incorrect. I have been unable to find a way to edit the autofill data for custom metadata fields. Selecting 'Edit Autofill List' does not give me access to my custom field autofill information. Am I missing something? Is this an oversight on my part or on the part of the application?

    Unfortunately I'm not using presets to do this. I don't think presets will help me with this, but it could be just that I don't understand presets that well. I use presets for entering Metadata from a shoot as I 'import' the raw files into Aperture. Maybe I'm trying to do something that Aperture was never intended to do, yet I need to have as few locations where I track
    As an example, as I print a photograph for my portfolio I mark one of the custom fields labelled 'Printed' as 'Yes'. Later I can locate those 4 or 5 star photographs that haven't been printed and decide if I want to print them. I use the same type of arrangement for my website with an 'Added to web' indicator as 'Yes'. I may also mark that 'Printed' field as 'N/A'. The reason follows. For watermarking photographs before adding them to my site via iWeb, I export and the photographs and then reimport the watermarked photographs into a separate project but since these photographs are at a lower resolution, have a different color profile and are jpegs, I never print them for my portfolio so I mark them 'N/A' in the 'Printed' field. Well my fingers do slip on the keys and before I realize it the nifty autofill now requires that I type not just the 'N' to get an 'N/A', but I must type it all, because one time I typed 'N and a space' or some such and that is what autofills. It even happens with 'Yes'. I suppose the real answer is to be more careful as I type, but that is not my reality.
    So, all I'm looking for is a way to have access to the autofill list that is created for my custom metadata fields so that I can delete the erroneous autofill entry. I've thought about deleting the field entirely and recreating it, but that would remove all those indicators or flags that I have already entered for my photographs.
    Alternatively I could find an IPTC field that I am not using and find a way to use it, (because those fields have autofill lists that can be edited). However my record keeping would be exported with the photograph. Some of the information that I collect is private and should not be included in the metadata while other information should be; that is why I've settled on custom metadata fields.
    I hope there is a simple answer to this that I'm overlooking.
    If someone else has another way of tracking this same information that is better than the custom metadata fields, I would like to hear about it. However, it would mean reworking all my photographs that Aperture currently manages.

  • Custom metadata fields used in file name?

    Is it possible to add to the list of meta data fields that are used as tokens for file names?
    I've been using Rob Cole's excellent custom meta data in the library module and now I want to use these fields to name the file during export...
    While at it, is it possible to add the same custom meta data fields to the info view overlay in develop mode?

    1.  Its possible an export filter (post-process action) could be defined that supports the custom metadata for export filenaming (Lightroom itself does not have any other hooks I'm aware of) - dunno if anyone's done that, yet.
    2.  I think not (see PM).

  • Retrieve a list of different values of custom metadata field of an UCM connection

    I am planning to create a custom search document functionality for my UCM and Portal integration. Basically, I am planing to create CMIS queries dynamically. In order to create the CMIS query, I need the possible values of custom metadata for the user to select from and through a backing bean construct the cmis query based on this selection.
    I have created a custom metadata field (lets say, 'KindOf'). So I want to show the user a list of all possible 'KindOf' values, so user selects the values he wants and I use those values to build the cmis query and show the results.
    What is the easiest, best practices, how would you do it, way of achieving this?
    I have little experience with UCM.

    As rightly pointed out by jiri machotka, you want that option list .
    if you create a option list metadata, you have to publish schema to get the values. You can do it by two ways:
    1) Wait for the event which publish the schema automatically.
    2)Select "Publish schema" in the options menu of the Configuration Manager.
    Some good implementation info about searching can be found at - Students at Oracle: UCM: Creating search and check-in profiles with custom metadata
    Otherwise if you want faceted search or something near to enterprise searching capabilities, then go for enterprise search engines.
    I have recently worked on Enterprise Search Engines on various CMS products for better,intuitive and relevant search results.
    Hope, above information can help you out.

  • Metadata for file

    How to create a custom metadata for a file/document to be uploaded to KM and use just that metadata in search.

    I defined some new metadata but it doesn't show up in the advanced TREX search. The properties are marked as indexable and the search index was reindexed.
    Where should I enter this search query? In the "Filter by Custom Properties" in the Advanced Search screen or is there some dropdown list to choose from? When I enter the string in the "Filter by Custom Properties" field no results are found...
    We didn't define a bundle file yet, the properties still use their technical key (e.g. company_division), could this be the problem?
    I use the technical key in the "Filter by Custom Properties" or should I find the properties in the "Filter by Predefined Properties" dropdown box (if so, why don't they show up)?

  • Some comments on Adobe 'Custom Panels for XMP File Info' document

    In developing a couple of Photoshop/Bridge custom metadata panels for cataloguing my photo collection, I noticed one or two things that look like possible errors in the above document. These comments relate to the version of the document dated April 2005.
    P10, description of 'cat_container_edit_text' widget type: surely this should also list custom variable 'container_type', which is needed to specify whether the metadata array is a bag, seq or whatever.
    P25, details of 'cat_container_edit_text': same comment applies.
    P8 et seq: the requirements for use of the 'name' variable appear contradictory. The summary descriptions of various widgets such as 'edit_text' contain the statement that 'You must provide name, xmp_namespace and xmp_path values for this widget to supply a dynamic
    value', but the description of 'name' on P16 says that it 'Applies only to fixed-text widgets. Do not use this variable to change the value or text of the widget at run time.'

    Joe, here is the Adobe link that I could not find yesterday when I put up the link to the (suspect) archive site:
    I have not looked into these panels for years and I am not sure what has changed in CS4.
    Yes, the free software mentioned previously was limited in the amount of fields, however correct me if I am wrong - the output was just XMP text data and one could simply open it in a text editor and copy/paste/edit extra fields and resave, as the limitation was with the GUI frontend and not with XMP.
    Obviously the computer reading the file needs the custom info panel installed to see the panel in it's full glory, otherwise the metadata is "hidden" away in one of the other metadata listings (I can't remember where). I also had problems picking up the custom metadata when searching via catalogue applications that could read other common metadata such as IPTC.
    It was a bit of a mixed bag if I recall, showing promise however it was not really ready for the average user to use.
    Anyway, it sounds as if my very limited knowlege on this area is being exhausted...
    While on the topic, some other links that may help: ssion_criteria/metadata_fields ssion_criteria/resource_center/xmp_custom_panel (perhaps you look at the source code for ideas)
    iView Media Pro software also had a custom panel for Photoshop that may also give you ideas.
    Stephen Marsh

  • Editing and sharing custom metadata/keywords through Adobe Drive in Adobe Bridge

    I am part of a four-person video production unit operating within a local governmental entity. We are currently using four licenses of Adobe Master Collection CS5, and are about to get access to dedicated SAN storage.
    We would like each user to have the ability to assign specific keywords to any given video clip (or remove keywords from clips) within Adobe Bridge, and have the three other users see the same results. I've noticed that Bridge alone will allow for keywords to be added or removed, but this list is specific to each user. Importing one list into other users' profiles is a start, but would no longer work, once keywords are added or taken away.
    The overview page for Adobe Drive 3 says that it, "allows users to edit and view custom metadata/properties through Adobe Drive in Adobe Bridge," but I haven't found any explanation in either the website, forums, or user's guides that delves any farther into this area. If we incorporate Adobe Drive/Bridge into our workflow, will we be able to share/sync keywords between users? Is there some other (affordable) solution that would let us do this?
    Thanks for any insight you might be able to offer.

    Thanks for sharing your case.
    The keywords you mentioned is XMP metadata, if all your digital assets are managed by ADEP CQ DAM service, you can use AD3 with built-in ADEP connector to communicate with the DAM server, then, I think it can meet your requirement, it means, the keywords can be set by one user through metadata panel in Bridge, and can be viewed by other users.
    for custom properites, it's different from XMP metadata, it refers to the properties of one asset which is managed by a Content Management service. users have to use another UI to edit/view them in Br after AD3 is installed.
    here are some requirements to use it.
    1) CMIS 1.0 compiliant server should be used to manage all your digital assets
    2) use the built-in CMIS with AD3 to connect to the server.
    if other kind of servers are used, you should develope a custom connector through AD SDK to enable custom properties feature as well as some other handler required by AD SDK

  • Rich Text Editor Option for Custom Metadata

    We have created custom profiles for our clients. In one such profile which was created for news updates, client wants to have rich text editor in case of certain custom metadata fields such as description similar to comments.
    As far i as i understand this can be achieved by creating region defintion which gives the option to create a web asset which can edited using site studio api. But is it possible to bring in rich text editor features for custom metadata fields in profiles ?
    Boopathy P

    I'd suggest looking into the profile rule's "Use custom include" option.
    You need to build the new control on your own, but you'll be able to plug it in via the "Use custom include" profile rule option. It's on the "Edit Rule Field" page.
    You can also override the template, but I believe that's a lil' too hardcoded for best practices. This way, you can create a ckeditor textarea and apply it to any metadata you wish (of course, it's up to you to make sure the datatypes match).
    Let us know if this helps!

  • Custom command for custom XMP metadata

    I'm trying to create a custom command for setting and getting custom XMP metadata using InDesign CS3 SDK with Xcode.
    I think I got the step 1) to 3) ok. But not so sure about step 4).
    Please take a look and tell me if I have got anything wrong.
    1) Create 2 classes and 1 interface
    2) Define class definitions in the resource file
    /** Boss class for kMyCustomMetadataBoss */
    IID_IMYCUSTOMMETADATA, kMyCustomMetadataImpl,
    /** Boss class for kMyCustomMetadataSetCmdBoss */
    IID_ICOMMAND, kIQAdTicketMetaDataSetCmdImpl,
    IID_IMYCUSTOMMETADATA, kMyCustomMetadataImpl,
    3) Define functions for setting and getting values in MyCustomMetadata
    Within these functions, use IMetadataAccess interface to set/get values.
    4) Create Do() function in MyCustomMetadataSetCmd
    ??? I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do here ???
    Any help would be really appreciated.

    m41miller42 wrote:
    I am attempting to create a custom RSS file (.mrss) that references XMP metadata from Premiere.
    I was basing the move on this statement. This was posted in the Adobe Connect forums.

  • User's custom field for metadata entrance

    It would be wonderful if the user could add a series of metadata custom fields.
    I'm thinking in a situation where you might be photographing for a national museum or an art gallery where you could enter a custom field for the artist's name, date of birth & death, nationality, restoration details (who did what & when?), etc..

    I second that one, too. It would be immensely useful. After all, LR is a database, so adding custom fields shouldn't be too difficult, should it?
    I'd be happy for these to be internal only, not exportable.

Maybe you are looking for

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  • NFL Redzone, can I stream/hook  it to my TV?

    I have an Iphone 4s and I have the NFL redzone and am wondering if there is a way to hook it up to my HDTV. I have not bought an adapter yet and do not want to unless someone else has had luck with NFL redzone. I have seen that netflix works.

  • VO not saving

    Hi, I seem to have a problem with Virtual Office saving when I login to the interface as ADMIN. I make changes to Netstorage and 'click' on OK. I logout and log back in and the original setting is back again and the new setting dismissed. If I login

  • Force usage of sql profile

    Is there anyway to force the optimizer to use a sql profile that was created? SQL Tuning advisor has recommended to create a sql profile and after creating it, i can see that the explain plan is still not the profile. Environment is Oracle 10g on Win

  • Help with windowClosing event

    I'm getting an error and I'm not sure how to fix it. When I compile, I get this: C:\Program Files\Xinox Software\JCreator LE\MyProjects\OctagonDrag\ OctagonDrag.CloseWindow is not abstract and does not override abstract method win