Document number ranges in entry view and in General Ledger view

What is the difference between Document number ranges in entry view and in General Ledger view ?
We have new GL activated in our system , and  found that the  GL Document types ( SA) are assigned to document number ranges in entry view . What is the need to define document number ranges in General Ledger view ?

Document Number Range in entry view is the document numbers which are posting in your leading ledger. You cant achieve the same document number range to the general ledger view. A General ledger view can have both Leading ledger view and non leading ledger view therefore document number range should not be kept same for both ledgers as your running document number gets skipped.
That to some times you can only post documents to only Non Leading ledgers. Therefore a separate number ranges needs to be created for general ledger view
Hope u understood.
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  • Document number range - per fiscal year  and continuous

    Hi Experts,
    In document number ranges,  generally the FI dox have number ranges which start afresh every year whereas MM and SD dox have continuous number ranges over the years.  It is possible to have continuous number range for FI dox also, but not many people use this.
    Why this differenciation between FI and SD/MM? Why SD/MM also do not have fiscal year based number ranges?
    Also, where do we define that doc range will be year specific or not? or is it SAP standard that FI will be year specific and SD/MM will be continuous?
    Thanks and Regards,

    HI Sadhana
    You have the option to have document rumber ranges either on fiscal year based or upto 9999 year.
    This can be done in FBN1.
    for posting material documents also above situation applies.
    normally everybody prefer to have fiscal year based number range as FI documents are more in number.
    You can go through other forum members  solution also
    A Chandrasekaran

  • Document Number range autmatically getting updated

    I m in SAP ECC 6.0 and new GL concept is activated. I am posting a document. Document number is generated. But the update error is given. When i saw the document number range status in document number in general ledger view, the document number is updated to further 100 numbers.
    For example:
    Before document was psoted, current document status was 1800000100.
    But after the document was posted, current document status was 1800000200.
    Let me know why SAP is behaving in such a way. The above error is seen only in "Define Document Number Ranges for General Ledger View" and not in "Define Document Number Ranges for Entry View"

    Here is SAP help text on buffering field.
    Buffer flag
    This ID determines whether the number intervals are buffered for assignements and checks.
    The number interval buffer is in the Shared Memory of the application server. Each buffer is used to store the external number intervals and a certain number (subinterval) of the internal number intervals. If the numbers of an internal number interval are used up, numbers are taken from the database via the number range server. The status of the number interval in the database is increased by the number of numbers fetched to the buffer.
    When buffering number intervals, gaps may result in number assignment. Buffering is therefore not possible for applications, which require continuous number assignment.
    Try removing the buffer, reset all transaction data (OBR1) and retest postings.  If transaction data cannot be deleted, you should set the current number in SNRO to the most recent document number in BKPF/FAGLFLEXA and retest the postings.

  • Document types for Entry view Vs document type for General Ledger view

    Dear experts...
    Can you explain what is the deference between Document types for Entry view and document type for General Ledger view?

    Document Types for Entry View
    In this activity, you define your document types. Document types are used to differentiate the business transactions and to manage how document are stored.
    Document Types for General Ledger View
    You define for non-leading ledgers the document types for the documents in the General Ledger view. At the same time,  you assign for each document type a number range to be applied in the     assignment of document numbers:
        o   You do not need to make these settings for your leading ledger
            because, in the case of this ledger, the document number in the
            entry view always corresponds to the document number in the general
            ledger view.
        o   You only have to make these settings for any non-leading ledgers
            that have a fiscal year variant that differs in at least one company
            code from the fiscal year variant of the leading ledger in this
            company code. In this case, the document number in the entry view
            does not correspond to the document number in the general ledger
            view and you have to define a separate document type with document
            number assignment for the general ledger view.
            For all non-leading ledgers that, in the company code to which the
            postings are made, have a fiscal year variant corresponding to the
            fiscal year variant of the leading ledger in this company code, the
            document number in the entry view always corresponds to the document
            number in the general ledger view.
            The need to define a document type for documents in the general
            ledger view depends only on whether the fiscal year variant of the
            non-leading ledger in the company code (to which the postings are
            made) differs from the fiscal year variant of the leading ledger in
            this company code.

  • Document Number ranges

    Dear All,
    Pls help me to solve the issue reg document number ranges.
    We have defiend the document number ranged for two company codes. Now ths issue is.. this document number range is being used/shared by both the company codes. For ex.. Invoice 01, 02 and 03 is posted in the company code A and we have not posted any Invoice in the Company Code B. If we post the Invoice in the Company Code B, number for the Invoice will be 04. And the next invoice in the Company Code A will be 05. But i will required to change the configuration to split the document number ranges..
    Pls help me to do so.
    Thank you

    This thing is obvious if the document number is being shared by more than one company code then it will act the following way...
    for example :- Company code "A" is assigned with document number 01 and if you raise an entry it will take the range from document number generated will be 0000001
    Company code "B" assigned with the same document number range 01 the next entry will create the next available number that is ....0000002
    This happens b'cz its being shared by both the company codes.
    Hence you have to keep seperate document number range for both the company code to avoid this confusion.
    Please assign points.

  • Document Number Range problem

    Dear All,
       Previously Document number range(FBN1) for Invoice was External, then i have changed to Internal number, now the problem is that in Counter it shows 1800000126 but system is showing document number 1800000136. Pls help on this & when i am changing from Internal to External system is showing error as "Lower limit can only be changed during Initial Entry".
    Pls pls help on this.

    Dear ranjith,
    If you want to change number ranges from external to internal no ranges,
    from T-code FBN1 you can for the changes first go to ,<change status button> and make you counter no as 0 and save the intervals,
    and come to change intervals button and change the no ranges according to ur requirement.
    Assign points.

  • Document number range object

    Please tell document number range object . T-code :FBN1

    A number range must be assigned to each document type in the SAP System. Via the document types, you distinguish the postings according to the different business transactions, for example customer payment, vendor credit memo, and so on. To store documents separately according to document types, you must assign a separate number range to each document type, for example to invoices or to credit memos.
    In the following activities:
    You define your document number ranges.
    You can determine which intervals of document number ranges are to be copied from one company code into another.
    You can determine which intervals of document number ranges are to be copied from one fiscal year into another.
    Define Document Number Ranges
    In this IMG activity you create number ranges for documents. For each number range you specify (among other things):
    a number interval from which document numbers are selected
    the type of number assignment (internal or external)
    You assign one or more document types to each number range. The number range becomes effective via the document type specified in document entry and posting.
    You can use one number range for several document types. This means you can differentiate documents by document type but combine them again for filing the original documents, provided you store your original documents under the EDP document number.
    The type of number assignment is of special importance. For each document type you should check whether a separate number range must be used and which type of number assignment is most appropriate.
    One example of a case where external number assignment would be suitable is when you transfer documents into your SAP system from a non-SAP system. The numbers must be unique. The number range is not displayed with external numbers. You must therefore ensure that you do not skip any numbers when entering numbers manually (for organizational reasons).
    You should use internal number assignment if the original documents do not have a unique document number. This is the case, for example, with vendor invoices.
    Number ranges for documents are company code-dependent. You must therefore create your number ranges for each company code in which the document type is used, namely with the same number range key.
    The number intervals must not overlap. If you use year-dependent number ranges, you can specify the same interval with the same key several times for different to- fiscal years  (the limit up to which a number range is still valid). If you want to define number ranges which are independent of the to-fiscal year, enter 9999 in the to- fiscal year field.
    For sample documents, use a number range with key X2, for recurring entry documents with key X1. These keys may not be used for other number ranges.
    Store your original documents (paper documents) under the EDP number of the SAP System. You should write the EDP document number on the original document. In this way, the original document for a business transaction can be found at any time.
    1. Determine how document filing is to be carried out in your company codes.
    2. Define your number ranges accordingly.
    3. Make sure that the number ranges are assigned to the corresponding document types.
    Copy to Company Code
    In this activity, you can copy intervals of document number ranges from one company code to other company codes. To do this, you have to store the following information:
    Intervals which are copied
    To fiscal year(s) (validity limit up until which the number range is valid)
    Company code from which you copy (source company code)
    Company code(s) into which you copy (target company code(s))
    Make all necessary specifications for copying the number ranges.
    The number ranges are only copied into a target company code if no number ranges exist there within the selected "To fiscal year" interval.
    Notes on transporting
    The documentation for the step "Define document number ranges" describes how to transport document number ranges.
    Copy to Fiscal Year
    In this activity, you can determine which intervals of document number ranges are to be copied from one fiscal year into another per company code. To do this, you have to define the following information:
    Company code(s) within which you copy
    Number range number(s) which are copied
    Fiscal year from which you copy (source fiscal year)
    Fiscal year into which you copy (target fiscal year)
    Make all necessary specifications for copying the fiscal years.
    The number ranges are only copied per company code into the target fiscal year if no intervals exist there for this fiscal year.
    *assign points if useful

  • Document Number range restart

    Dear Experts,
    Our FY is from Jan-Dec. therefore, we will be starting New FY Jan 2010.
    Please help me and let me please know, whether to start a New FY with restarting FI document number range.
    I check in SPRO settings for most of the document number range interval ID the year against it, is mentioned as 9999.
    is it fine if i copy FY 9999 to FY 2010, i hope it will not overlap while posting any documents.
    please help me.

        The Year is always a TO-Year.
    What you should have done is either:-(While no one else in the system to avoid inconsistencies)
        a)  Create a new line with Year 2009 and the current values of 9999, then set 9999 to initial values.
             This way the numbering is reset to initial from 2010 onwards, and old year postings continue to use the non-initial range.
    or b) New Line 2009 like above, delete 9999 entry. Then before each year starts run the above mentioned copy year function.
             This way each year will start initial.
    Kind regards

  • Define document number ranges

    Hi ,
    i have problem with document number ranges .we have more company codes and each we specify the same ranges. e.g 19...for KR document for each company but there is a mistake with one of them.
    i customise no 12  year 2010 from number 1900000 but
    it should be no 19  year 2010 from number 190000
    it effects our reports because it doesn't give 19000 for KR documents,i customised no 19  from number 26000 it gives 26000..for KR documents
    may i change the ranges if we had an accounting entry?thanks your advices

    You can change he number range, and it will not generate any posting.
    But also it will not affect any existing entry, (Also take care to keep the current number status of the document number range correct, as no document can have same number.)

  • External Document Number Range

    Dear Forum,
    We have an issue with the Document Number Range that has been defined in the system, according to which the document numbering is automatic. When the users post the entries for audit adjustments in the back date, the numbers jump, which becomes an audit issue. However, to resolve this the users want the externally controlled document number range, so that they have the option to chose the manual numbers. Another problem is that we are using the ledgers 0L as well as 1L, while   the entries are posted in the leading ledger 0L, the same get replicated in the non leading ledger 1L and we want the external document number range in the  non leading ledger 1L also.
    Your prompt help would be highly appreciated as to how can we resolve the same.

    Hi Dianne,
    Your advice is quite helpful. I have one more confusion. The fiscal year for the leading ledger 0L is calender year and for the non leading ledger 1L is the year from April to March. Thus period 03 for 0L corresponds to period 12 of 1L. Therefore, to keep the 'external document numbers' same in 0L and 1L, would the following be corect way, say for year 2010 -
    0L Year 2010 (Calender Year Jan to Dec) - External Doc nos. From 01 to 1000
    1L Year 2009 (April'09 to Mar'10) - External Document nos. From 01 to 1000
    Thus if the audit adjustmnets are posted on 31 March, 2010 with document no with 001 in 0L, it would appear with same document no. 001 in 1L on 31 March, 2010. In ledger 0L it will be in period 3, but in ledger 1L it will be in period 12.
    Would really appreciate your help.

  • AFAB:AA776 "Create document number range ## using internal number assignmen

    Good afternoon
    I ask for your guidance to see if anyone knows me that is generating errors in the transaction AFAB AA776 "Create document number range ## using internal number assignment", the peculiarity of this is that I'm in an environment that is proving to migrate V5 to V6 ranges in environment QAS is marked as external and no problems to run on v6 change in SAP itself. Test by removing the flag marking for external control and run, causing an alarm is that it does not work as in my QAS v 5 and that I should remove this flag is removed and remove it in all the years this range of numbers is that it can hurt if you make this change.
    Can anyone guide me please.
    Thanks for the support.
    good day

    Hello ,
    Kindly have a look at the below  notes that will help you resolve the
    issue :
    890976 - Converting closing report to internal doc number assgnmnt
    If note 890976 has been applied in your system already (package
    level is = or > SAPKH60005), so what you need to check is the
    following :
    In transaction FBN1, in your company code  you should see that the
    period and number range in question is ticked as external.
    Please untick the indicator for "External" and press enter. If this
    box happens to be uneditable then untick the number range for the
    previous year and press enter. All other entries will update
    Here is a brief explaination to why this change has been made:
    Before ERP2005(RAPOST2000 exists as of release 4.70)the number usage
    was external, because RAPOST2000 internally managed the document number
    handling. As this was not possible any more with the New General Ledger
    functionality, and as the usage of internal number ranges is much
    simpler and more efficient, we changed the number range management
    inside RAPOST2000 (and by the way also the new periodic posting report
    Please kindly check the attached notes 683313 for your reference.
    I hope this provides some clarification.

  • Incorrect document number range assigned to Credit Memo in FB65

    In our SAP system, a Credit memo's document number always starts with 17 and invoice's document number always start from 19. Our user has somehow parked a credit memo in SAP system with doc# starting with 19.... while recording through FB65.
    Document type and double entry of the parked documen is correct, i.e, KG...
    Please advise...

    goto SNUM and seletc the object BELEG and seletc the number range 1000 to 2000n make the number bufferning by 10 there..
    you will get your soloution..
    Reward if it helps

  • BDAI for document number range

    Whether there is a badi for document number range entry view.
    Sachin Patil

    This may happen when you try to create a purchase requisition but then abandon it half way through before saving. In this scenario, the number range is incremented but the document is not saved.  The next time you will see a gap of 1 number.

  • Number range of billing doc and accounting doc to be same

    Hi Gurus,
    Can any one help me out to make the number ranges of billing doc and accounting doc same every time.
    Even though the invoice is cancelled the same no range should come for cancellation accounting doc.
    Thanks in advance

    Create or change the same interval for the BILLING DOCUMENTS & ACCOUNTING DOCUMENTS in VN01 and FBN1*
    For BILLING DOCUMENTS assign this Number range in the VOFA transaction code for the Billing document tyes*
    For ACCOUNTING DOCUMENTS assign this Number range in the FBN1 for your company code and fiscal year*
    activate the External Field [] . this is mandtry
    please check and revert back.
    Anup Shukla

  • Document number range not creating in Ecc 6.0

    I have tried creating document number range in 6.0, but the change interval buttion is in display mode and not in the change mode, so not able to cretae number range. Any input.
    Urgent please help.

    Hi Sidhu,
    It could be the limit of the authorization.
    So try to check whether you have an authorizatin to change the interval or not.
    Hope it helps.

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