Downloading LR5 on iMac without DVD ROM

Just bought a new iMac and Lr5 (on DVD) but realized that iMac has no DVD ROM. How do I install this without buying DVD rom ? Does Adobe allow download if I can produce the serial #?

The updates listed are all full versions of the software.
Just click on Lightroom 5.7.1 and download the software.
Install then enter your serial number.

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  • How to install final cut pro 5.1 which is on dvd disk's on macbook without dvd rom?

    how to install final cut pro 5.1 which is on dvd disk's on macbook without dvd rom?

    Are the images just on the desktop, or are they actually opened?
    See this:,251129,251160
    That's how I did it and it works for me.
    Good luck.

  • My iMac's DVD Rom Stuck! I can't insert any Disk.

    My iMac's DVD rom is not accepting any disk.
    If I try to insert a Disk, it only goes half way. Something is BLOCKING the disk from going in.
    The last time I used the DVD rom was last week, it ejected the disk so hard, the DVD Disk actually fell on the floor...after that, It's been stuck until now.
    Is the DVD rom broken?
    My iMac is Core 2 Duo 2.4 [2007-2008 model]
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    {quote:}Is the DVD rom broken?{quote}
    Yes, your DVD drive is busted.
    Contact your Local Apple Service Provider and make an appointment to have is serviced.
    It will be covered if you have Apple Care, if not call around and get some estimates.

  • Install elements 10 without dvd-rom?

    I have a new hp ultrabook without a dvd-rom drive. I purchased photoshop elements 10, can I install it on-line? If not, how can I get it installed?

    Download a trial version available on and then while installing the application , Enter your Serial Number which you got while purchasing the application.
    Download link as follows. JDVC      For Windows
    Hope It Helps

  • What can I do? Trying to install cs4 indesign on on iMac without DVD drive.

    I copied InDesign onto a USB stick from the CD. I want to install InDesign on my new iMac (I will soon ditch the computer that now has InDesign installed).
    I have to install InDesign from a USB stick as the iMac has no DVD drive.
    When I clicked on 'Setup' this message came up.
    "Setup has encountered an error and cannot continue. Contact Adobe Customer Support for assistance."
    There was no error number.
    Is there any chance of my being able to actually talk to Customer Support to solve this problem?

    It is not likely that customer support will support you in this due to it being an older product.  What you should do instead of trying to use the USB stick is to download the installation files and install those.  Then use the serial number from your DVD to activate the installation.
    CS4 -
    You can also download the trial version of the software thru the page linked below and then use your current serial number to activate it.
    Be sure to follow the steps outlined in the Note: Very Important Instructions section on the download pages at this site and have cookies enabled in your browser or else the download will not work properly.
    CS3 and CS4:

  • Can you download Adobe photoshop CS6 without DVD?

    I dont have a DVD drive on my Mac, I received an Adobe photoshop CS6 from school and need to install it by Friday.. Help! I have the PIN number. Thanks

    It's a common question for Macs with no DVD drive.
    Download the CS6 trial version from
    You must follow the Very Important Instructions on that page first otherwise the download links will not work.
    Once you've installed the trial, enter your serial number to license it.

  • Installing Final cut studio on a new iMac without dvd reader

    How do I install Final cut pro studio on my shining new imac. There is no place to put in the disks...
    Atle Kold Hansen

    Use an external optical drive or click here and follow the instructions.

  • Satellite 2800-500 DVD doesn't play video DVD-ROM SD-R2002

    My DVD doesn't play videos . CD rom works fine. but when I put DVD it makes a sound as if it would play , the drive's light would stay on but the DVD would not play. I live in Europe and the regional settings is at 2 which is ok.The DVDs play on another PC. I am running Windows ME. Any suggestions please? Is there anywhere to download the driver for Toshiba DVD-ROM SD-R2002.
    thanks all.

    Hi tammy,
    did you installed a DVD Softwareplayer like WinDVD or something else?
    If yes, which is it? Does it play DVDs in the past without problems?
    Do you want to play original DVDs or backup copies?
    BYE Campino

  • IMac g3 dvd drive not responding

    I just installed a 4X dvd drive in my iMac g3 600 mhz. The drive is one that was taken out of an older iMac g3 so it's the matushita drive. I took out the cdrw drive, installed the dvd drive and booted up. Everything booted up fine, but when I put in a disk, it sounded like it is reading it, then it made more of the "reading" noises and after about a minute it spits out the disk. The sytem profiler recognizes the drive, so i'm a little confused on why it isn't reading the disks I put in. If anyone can help I would appreciate it. Thanks.

    Are you attempting to read DVD-R and/or DVD+R disks? You may need to change the brand of media that you're using in the other computer(s) burning these disks. Some drives are very temperamental when it comes to reading disks. I bought some of Best Buy's inexpensive Dynex blank DVD media and my B&W G3's Pioneer DVD±RW burner will complete the burn with verification. I can re-insert the disk minutes later and get the same result that you're hearing - spinning up and then down and then up etc. - as it attempts to make heads or tails of the same disk that it burned. If you buy a better brand of media - like Verbatim, you may have better luck. If the iMac's DVD-ROM drive works better with the +R media, then avoid using the -R media (and vice versa).
    If you're having this problem with commercially-produced DVDs, then the drive itself may have a hardware problem. I'm assuming that you purchased a used DVD-ROM drive, as opposed to having swapped it from another iMac that you've always owned. Used drives can be a problem, particularly when you don't know how much usage they've had prior to being pulled and sold.

  • I just purchased a license for LR 5 (received via reseller, DVD in Box) and wanted to use the serial on the downloaded LR5 version through Creative Cloud.  System sais "The serial number you entered is invalid. Please try again. If problem persists contac

    I just purchased a license for LR 5 (received via reseller, DVD in Box) and wanted to use the serial on the downloaded LR5 version through Creative Cloud.
    System sais "The serial number you entered is invalid. Please try again. If problem persists contact Customer support".
    I have tried several times, without success. Internet connection is working.
    Thanks for your help.

    If you have a DVD version then you have to use the serial number that is associated with the DVD version.  A Cloud subscription number has no relationship to a DVD serial number.

  • How to install latest mac OS x on iMac without original dvd

    hi. I have imac Intel based and early 2008 model. I used Yosemite in it... I erased the Whole HDD.. Now it shows flashing folder icon with question mark..i don't have original DVD or internet connection.. My friend has mac book pro running Yosemite... He also got dmg files of Yosemite and other versions... He created usb bootable disk and it was working with his computer.... Can I use the same USB drive to clean install Yosemite on my computer? If not what are my options... Please help me..i kept iMac without any OS for two weeks... Thanks in advance...

    No. You cannot install software downloaded by someone else from the App Store. You can use a USB flash drive to install Yosemite, but only the one you have. Since you did not keep yours, I assume, then you cannot create a flash drive installer. You need the Snow Leopard retail DVD.
    You can purchase Snow Leopard through the Apple Store: Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard - Apple Store (U.S.). The price is $19.99 plus tax. You will be sent physical media by mail after placing your order.
    After you install Snow Leopard you will have to download and install the Mac OS X 10.6.8 Update Combo v1.1 to update Snow Leopard to 10.6.8 and give you access to the App Store.
    Or you can purchase replacement discs from Apple if they still have them:
    Apple Store Customer Service at 1-800-676-2775 or visit online Help for more information.
    To contact product and tech support: Contacting Apple for support and service - this includes
    international calling numbers..

  • Extern DVD ROM for iMac Mavericks

    i am Thinking about a extern DVD ROM - it must only read DVD/CD.
    1. only Plug at Play.
    2. without an Trafo. for High Volt.
    I use the latest Mavericks Version, my iMac didnt have an DVD Rom.
    Can someone give an Tipp what i can take.
    thanx a lot.

    Hi Alberto,
    thx a lot for your Info.
    I looked about it. Its quiet good and i take it.
    Have a good new 2014.
    All is answered.

  • Installing an app from DVD-ROM on an iMac, over the network, to an iBook G4

    I have a rather broad question: my in-laws want to install Office 2008 onto an iBook G4. Unfortunately, the G4 only has a CD-ROM drive (ie, read-only), and the Office 2008 install media is DVD-ROM.
    They have a new iMac (onto which Office 2008 has already been successfully installed), and my suspicion is that you can share the install disk over the network, but I can't seem to find any detailed instructions on how to do so. I am (unfortunately) Mac-less at the moment, so I can't experiment myself, and my in-laws are about 2,000 miles away, so I can't just pop over and play around until something works.
    Anyone have any guidance on how to use the DVD drive on one machine as a way to install on another over the network?
    The iMac has Leopard installed, the iBook G4 has the latest version of Tiger.
    Don't worry, no licensing issues as it's the Student/Home edition of Office 2008; you're entitled to install it on up to three machines.

    Go to System Preferences/Sharing and make sure that DVD or CD Sharing is checked. Ensure both Macs are connected to the same network. Insert the Office 2008 DVD into the Mac with the DVD drive. Open a finder window on the Mac without the DVD drive connect to the other machine. You should see the Office 2008 DVD in the finder window and you can install from here.

  • Download adobe element / premiere 10 buy 5 DVD, on new computer 10' without DVD ?

    Hi, (sorry english is not my mother tongue) I have bought a legal pack ADOBE PHOTOSHOP ELEMENT and PREMIERE 10 with serial numbers, 5 DVD . I have set them up on my computer without problem. I would want now install them on an another and new little computer 10' without DVD reader (?). Can i download them on this new computer with my serial numbers ? How ? Thank you for your help.

    Use the method described here:
    Direct Download Links for Adobe Software

  • I was given an iMac without iPhoto. Have updated to OS to 10.6.8. How do I get a version of iPhoto that will the updates will work with? Downloaded 9.2.1 and it looked for 9.1; downloaded 9.1 and it looked for 9.0??

    I was given an iMac without iPhoto. Have updated to OS to 10.6.8. How do I get a version of iPhoto that will the updates will work with? Downloaded 9.2.1 and it looked for 9.1; downloaded 9.1 and it looked for 9.0??

    You can Purchase iPhoto in the Apps Store...

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