Editing photos and videos

No I edited the photos in camera roll only and edited photos and videos are not shown in my computer only unedited photos are displayed and iam not getting slow motion videos also in computer.
And what is this photo stream am totally unaware of it.
Please explain me in detail.
All I want is edited photos in camera roll to be displayed in same way on my computer so that I can store and share in the same edited form.
And tell me how to have slo mo videos on computer
Thanks in advance.

No I edited the photos in camera roll only and edited photos and videos are not shown in my computer only unedited photos are displayed and iam not getting slow motion videos also in computer.
And what is this photo stream am totally unaware of it.
Please explain me in detail.
All I want is edited photos in camera roll to be displayed in same way on my computer so that I can store and share in the same edited form.
And tell me how to have slo mo videos on computer
Thanks in advance.

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  • Can I send Edited Photos and Video from Lightroom 5 to Premiere 11?

    I am new to Lightroom 5 and love the product. Can I export edited Photos and Video from Lightroom to Premiere Elements 11? I need more flexibility than Lightroom offfers. I want to mix Photos then Videos with different music files and create a DVD.  Thank You...Rory...

    Also, can I load the Lightroom itself onto an external hard drive and keep all my images off my laptop? If I edit them, do the edits remain on my laptop regardless of where the originals reside. I think that's the issue that I'm running into with Aperture:  edits stay on my laptop even though originals are on an external HD.
    Your photos can be on any hard disk, internal or external or network. If they are stored on an external hard disk, then when you import them into Lightroom, you select the ADD option and the photo will remain on your external hard disk. The edits are stored in your Lightroom catalog (as opposed to "remain on my laptop"). Once you import photos into Lightroom, you no longer want to manage them (move, copy, delete) using your operating system. You do all photo management in Lightroom.
    If you transfer the photos properly, your edits, cropping, metadata, etc. will transfer to Lightroom, but I will leave the details to some expert on Aperture.
    If I could offer some advice, I don't think you want to just transfer SOME of your photos to Lightroom. In my opinion, you want ALL of your photos managed by Lightroom, and not some in application 1 and some in application 2. This makes your life much easier when trying to find your photos, you don't have to think "Is this photo in Lightroom or is this in Aperture?"  (Note: this doesn't mean you have to import all the photos from Aperture into Lightroom in one HUGE operation; you can certainly do the importing in manageable sized groups)

  • Why can't I get the same photos and videos I have taken and edited in photos or I photos when I see them in my laptop the photos are unedited in laptop I can see edited photos on in my iPhone not in laptop

    Why can't I can see edited photos and videos. On my laptop why only the original version of the photos are maintained

    Have you copied those pictures from the iPhone to the computer? 
    If PhotoStream is enabled on the iPhone and computer, they will sync between all devices with PhotoStream enabled.  And if that is the case, are you editing the photos in PhotoStream or in Camera Roll?

  • Can I not buy one plan for Photo AND Video editing? (i.e. Photosop/Lightroom and Premiere Pro/After Effects)

    I need photo and video editing...but obviously don't want to pay for 2 separate plans. Also, it looks like with the single app plan you couldn't even get Premiere/After Effects (for instance) together for $20 a month, just one or the other? I've searched around the website but could use some additional clarification please. Thanks,
    Cooper Epps

    Adobe has 2 bundles, Photography and Everything, and single programs... but no other bundles that I know about... Creative Cloud pricing and membership plans | Adobe Creative Cloud

  • Need advice on computer for photo and video editing

    I do mostly routine stuff on my home computer (word processing, e-mails, internet, etc), except for photo and video editing (hobby, not professional)
    I'm upgrading my 4 year old set up, as it has 2 GB ram, dual core vs quad core, 256mb video card, etc, etc.  Better to buy a new rig than upgrade several different components.
    Costco has a pretty nice set up in the store (HPE 257 c-b), but for an extra $200, I can order online and get the HPE 170t, which is essentially the same except for 2 upgrades:
    -Radeon HD 5770 video card vs Radeon HD 5570
    -Two 1 TB 7200 hard drives vs one 1 TB 7200 hard drive
    My question is this.....is it worth the extra $200 to get the better graphics card and the dual hard drive set up?  Will it really make that much of a difference in the performance?  I'm thinking it will, especially the ability to set up the 2nd hard drive as my scratch disk.
    For what it's worth, both systems have the i7 860, 8 GB ram, and Windows Home Premium 64 bit.

    In very general terms, the requirements for Video will exceed those for Photoshop (PS). If you are looking at PrPro CS5, then the video card WILL make a difference, and PS CS5 now takes advantage of the video card, than before.
    For PS, the minimum HDD setup would be a 2x system with physical (not partitions) HDD's. Video has more requirements in this area, and I would say that a 3x setup is the minimum. Do read Harm's linked article, as it is the best that I have ever run across.
    For the PS setup, just locate the Scratch Disks for PS on your extra HDD's, the ones with your Project and PrPro Scratch Disks.
    Enjoy the new computer, and welcome to the forum,

  • I have an Apple I Phone 4S which is great but, can someone help me how to get the photos and videos to my PC which runs on MS XP. I would like to be able to edit and copy to a DVD.

    I have an Apple I Phone 4S which is great but, can someone help me how to get the photos and videos to my PC which runs on MS XP. I would like to be able to edit and copy photos and videos to a DVD.

    Connect your iPhone to your computer. Tp your pc should recognize your iPhone as a camera. Use what ever application you have on the pc to transfer files from a camera to your computer.

  • What computer do you recommend for music production, photo and video editing?

    I'm looking to buy a computer mainly for music production with native instruments and photo and video editing with adobe elements. I'd like a crisp image, good sound and also runs as smooth as possible. I am planning on using external hard drives for most  of my storage so space isn't an issue for me. I don't mind buying a refurbished computer. I am looking to spend around $3000 to $3500 on the computer itself. What computer do you recommend?

    Please do not double post; it gets too confusing for us - the volunteers - if there is more than one.
    the new iMac - just introduced - sounds like it'd be the right thing; I'd upgrade to an SSD and the fastest processor offered. You can also add RAM, but I'd do that later as it'll be less expensive and it's very easy to do yourself.
    Good luck.

  • I need to know how to download all photos AND videos from 2 "libraries" within Adobe Revel. Please help.

    I was quite angered last night when I posted the first time, so lets try this again:
    Here is my setup:  I have adobe Revel on my Mac and iOS devices and it has worked quite well to be honest until I recently realized my photos and videos are basically trapped within the software. There is no way (that I am aware) to export all photos/videos or any kind of tool to pull the raw data out of the app and put it into say iPhoto or Lightroom.
    Since I am not a fan of this sort of lock-in, (something I despise and encourage companies never to do), I am sadly going to cancel my Revel account once I get this sorted and store my photos elsewhere. This is a huge missed opportunity for Adobe, as the money is not an issue - its simply that the quality of service I need just doesn't seem to be there for this product.
    So here is what I am trying to achieve:  I simply want every one of my photos and videos to store on my hard drive like the old days.  I don't care about folders or hirarcy or any kind of organization - I can do that with the metadata later. I simply want all of my things. 
    My hang up is in that I have already tried methods like "Show package contents" in the photos/adobe revel route and that works to an extent, but is incredibly cumbersome as I have to sift through all of the many folders.  If that were the worst of it, I might be ok.  But what is truly alarming and making this difficult is that I don't know where on earth the videos in Revel are actually stored.  They show up in the application and I could export them one by one but I literally have hundreds.  I can't find the actual files on my Mac anywhere.
    Is there anyone at all who can help with this?  The goal is to make this transition fairly easy and I feel that Adobe has very intentionally made it very difficult to consider leaving. I spend >$50/month on Adobe services and I am a little in shock this application seems so poorly designed for anything other than just dropping your photos into it.  Please, please help if you can.  I would be so grateful as Adobe customer service doesn't seem to know or care much about supporting this product.

    Hi KDT
    Yeah. I agree, if you are used to a situation where "it's on the cloud AND synced down to your hard disk where you can get it" Revel is not exactly that. There were legacy decisions behind that - most not as sinister as you might think but I won't bore you with those details.  AND yes you are correct. We currently don't have any way for you to wholesale download everything at once. So you aren't missing anything. Until we provide that mechanism I can provide some guidance.
    I'm going to assume you have the current version of Revel on your Mac which is 2.0.
    The easiest thing for you to do will be to export your files manually. You can actually select a range of files and export. So it's not a one by one thing.
    You'll have to decide how best to perform the selection based on your photography habits. If you tend to take batches of files surrounding specific dates. You could do it by date. In the date view (In the applications upper right "Showing: Dates"). If you look at the end of a date row you'll see a small grid. If you click that grid you are taking into a grid view of just that date. If you select all and file>export you'll export the contents of that date.
    The other option is remaining in Grid view (In the applications upper right "Showing:Grid") and perform a shift+selection where you select your first file, move down the desired range and while holding shift you select a second file (standard multi-select stuff).
    One thing to keep in mind as you do this. You'll notice when you export you can export original or 'current version'. Export original does just that. Exports unedited original versions of your images as they were uploaded to us. When you export the current version of an image we'll export a rendition of the edited image. This "current version" image is not the original and in most cases will be a rendition that is not the same size as the original. So keep that in mind as you proceed.
    Not ideal, I fully realize, but I do hope it gets you closer to having your images back on your hard disk as you desire.
    As for your subscription. Assure you have checked your iOS Appstore subscription settings and set Revel to not auto-renew. Unfortunately for a pro-rated refund on the subscription balance you no longer desire you'll need to work with Apple as they hold the purse strings for Appstore purchases. Refunds haven't been a problem in the past so you should have no issue.
    Hope this helps.

  • Help needed for a new Mac user with his photo and video librarys

    after swopping my Ericson for an iphone a year ago. then taking delivery of an iPad on launch day. I have finally taken the plunge and swopped my windows pc for a lovely 27" iMac... what have I been doing all these years using windows? using the Mac is a joy.
    As I get more involved with their products I am constantly fascinated (and frustrated) by Apples way of doing things. this situation is no exception and I need Apple people with Apple experience to help me make a decision. 
    I am looking at software to organise my photos and videos. I have approximately 7000 photos residing on a windows home server. in addition to that there are some 200 or so HD videos taken with either my Sanyo Xacti camcorder or Sony DSC W300 camera. both cameras I think produce MPEG format
    my first experience was iPhoto. great for the `price' but not very flexible. single libraries, poor editing facilities. and because I have files referenced and not copied to my iPhoto library, if I deleted from the library its not deleted from the server (and vice versa). this leads to images being displayed in the library that don't exist etc.
    then I downloaded the Aperture 3 trial. great until I came across the `Unsupported file format' situation with the MPEG videos that strangely enough, iPhoto will recognise and play (the Apple way of doing things).
    1. should I put the photos on the Mac instead of the server?
    2. Is there a better way of managing the images for deletions etc
    3. should I stick with Aperture because of the editing
    4. is there a better software or way of managing the videos
    sorry for the ramble but its all new to me

    had a good session on all three of the recommended programs and now have a better understanding of the excellent advice I have been given.
    great `free' program that is easy to use but somewhat limited on features. think I would always be looking to upgrade from here (feels a bit boring)
    really enjoyed using this but at £170! a hefty price tag considering its limited file support. fortunately its only my camera video clips (MPEG) that it wont view. my camcorder files (MP4) are fine so this is looking better as a one stop solution.
    much more than just a image touch up. considering what it can do.. very good value at around £60. teamed with iPhoto it becomes even more attractive.
    My issue still remains with the masters file location.
    I would prefer to keep all my media on the external server to ensure I have a fail safe recovery option. its a 4TB 5 disk affair which contains all the family music, video images and DVD's etc (likely to change to a Mac server in the future!)
    one feature that I cant find, (even in Aperture which surprises me), is the ability to automatically manage deletions from referenced locations? i.e. delete a file from the server and when aperture opens up the thumbnails are updated. or, delete a referenced master in Aperture and an option comes up to delete the referenced file on the external drive.
    how would a professional photographer or studio using Aperture manage this process (or would they use something else?)
    forgot to mention that through our student facilities i can get a discounted copy of Photoshop CS5 for around £175 which is close to Aperture. is this a worthwhile option or overkill
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  • My iPhone library says library rebuilding I cant fix this I am trying to recover my photos and video please help.

    My grandfather recently passed away. I have photos of our last moments together and i went to upload them to computer and Iphone says library rebuilding. I cant see the photos on the harddrive or anything. I am really nervous I lost these i had a video and everything I am really lost for words.....if anyone can give me any help on how to fix this i read something saying get the Iphone browers but it wont install.

    Image Capture will only import photos and videos from the camera roll, not from photo stream.  In order to import them with Image Capture, you would first need to save the photo steam photos to his camera roll by opening his my photo stream album, tapping Edit, tap all the photos, tap Share, tap Save to Camera Roll.  You can then import them with Image Capture.  After doing so, delete them from his camera roll by opening his camera roll, tap Edit, tap the photos you want to delete, then tap Delete.
    If you did this carefully, he would never know.  The risk is that you accidently left one or more photo stream photos in his camera roll and he noticed it.
    Before doing this, check to see if the photo stream photos are already in his camera roll.  The may be as all photo stream photos originate from the camera roll.  Unless he subsequently deleted them, they would still be there and could be imported with Image Capture without needing to change anything on his phone.

  • I can't download photos and videos from my iphone

    I have iPhone 4 with iOS 5. Can't download photos and videos from my iphone because my PC doesn't see it. Also my camera roll doesn't show right thumbnails and when i open a photo it shows it in low resolution. Only after i start editing it shows the photo itself in original resolution. iTunes recognises my phone but freezes on back up. When i updated my phone to ios 5 everything was wiped clear and i lost all of data that was in it. Please help me, i do not want to lose my data again.
    I plugged it in to another pc (win7) but no files in DCIM.

    appears to be one of the bugs associated with ios 5 that need to be worked out.  (i had a problem where I had music on my phone, the phone didn't recognize the music but the computer could find it)
    While I don't know how to fix the immediate problem, I have a workaround that will get you past this if you are willing...
    My suggestion is to turn on icloud and photostream on your iphone, and download and install the icloud control panel on your pc found here
    take a "picture" (quickly press the home button and lock button at the same time) of each picture on your device so they show up in your camera roll and will sync to your photostream cloud.  This will in turn cause your pc to download the photos from your photostream cloud via the icloud control panel.  Your photos will be on your computer, and you will never have to sync your phone to get photos off your iphone again.

  • HT201317 don't see all of my picture, see in usage 6000 photos and videos but in photo see recently added

    don't see all of my picture, see in usage 6000 photos and videos but in photo see recently added 576 and 1486 videos
    what am i doing!?

    You're not alone. The same thing is happening to me. This is what happened: First, my computer had too many photos on iPhoto, and I couldn't download anymore, (I have a G5 and lots of memory too but it didn't matter since I have tons of pictures)and my computer would say my start-up disk was full. I tried to delete some images to no avail. So I decided to buy another hard drive. I wanted to use that one for my photo library rather than the first hard drive, so I had enough room to work with.
    I still couldn't download photos to it, since iPhoto was still on my first hard drive. So, I tried moving iPhoto to my second hard drive by dragging it and placing it there. It asked where my library was, so I directed it to the location I thought it was in my Pictures folder.
    This is when things started getting mixed up. It no longer was backing up my iPhoto library to my Pictures folder. Whenever it would ask me to update my thumbnail cache, it started substituing dashed lines instead of my photos in its place. Little by little, this was happening. I could still download new photos into my iPhoto Library, but some photos from the past were getting corrupted and I couldn't salvage them or see them in any way, other than the dashed lines.
    Recently, I have had two weddings to edit, and I cannot see the photos for the reception of one of them after I updated the thumbnail cache again. I thought it would bring my photos back, but rahter it made them so I can't see them!
    I have read the other posts about this same issue, and I am about to just take my computer into MacDocs, but rather I'd like assistance here if possible since I need this taken care of, and I pay $100 every year for MacPro, and noone was available there to help me!!!
    Please... any help would be appreciated. I too nervous to move anything else, and I would like some REAL help to this issue.
    Thank you in advance!
    G5   Mac OS X (10.4.6)   firefox

  • When iPhoto '11 crashes after importing photos and videos, they are gone. How can I retrieve them?

    iPhoto '11 randomly crashes after importing/editing/organizing photos and videos. When it does, photos and videos that I've been working on are gone. Pictures taken with iOS devices can be retrieved if they are still in Photo Stream, but videos are gone. Is there anyway I can retrieve photos and pictures that are not saved before iPhoto crashes? Also, is there anyway to prevent it from crashing? It seems iPhoto '11 is doing this since the day 1 I started using it. Thank you.

    Back up your iPhoto library, Depress and hold the option (alt) and command keys and launch iPhoto - rebuild your iPhoto library
    this should help with the crashes - it may or may not help with the missing videos

  • Aperture to Lightroom move, super large number of photos and videos

    Hi everyone. I am moving my photo and video collection from Aperture libraries to Lightroom. Editing is so much better in lightroom, but with image organization I run in into tons of problems. The biggest one is size. I have around 500,000 photos and videos. I have only imported 7,000 and preview catalogs are getting huge, 16Gbs right now. Would love suggestions on large photo/video storage management.

    Just one thing for now: preview data size is controlled by automatically expiring 1:1 previews (or manually deleting them), and making sure standard previews are no larger than necessary - they can be medium or "low" (not that low) quality, and do not need to be larger than your monitor size (and can be substantially smaller, if preview storage is a primary concern). Also, note: previews can be relocated to another disk if the one where the catalog has to be isn't big enough - just make a link in the catalog folder to where the previews will actually be - not recommended except as a last resort: generally better to get a bigger drive (or relocate entire catalog folder) if possible..
    PS - Don't make 1:1 previews upon import unless you really need them.

  • Imported files from my camera, a mixture of photos and videos, the videos (mp4 format on my Canon SX60 HS) always appear at the start of my library view.  What am I missing here?

    Even though I select sorting by capture time, the videos do not intersperse with the photos in chronological order.  What am I missing here?
    I have tried both putting them in a collection and viewing all pictures etc. to no avail.
    In Windows Explorer, I have them sorted by time taken successfully.  They all import into folders by date in "My Pictures", both photos and videos when I import them.
    I am running Windows 7 Pro 64 bit and LR5 CC edition.

    LR's handling of video metadata (e.g. capture time) is incomplete and buggy.  Please add your opinion and vote to these threads in the official Adobe feedback forum:
    Lightroom: Still inconsistent capture date/time for videos
    Lightroom: Metadata applied to videos in Lightroom isn't available in other applications

Maybe you are looking for

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    There was an error trying to download a free trial of Ps... Error said "This application cannot be installed because this installer has been mis-configured. Please contact the application author for assistance." I tried downloading on a MacBook Air M

  • Is this an issue with Windows 8.1 Enterprise Main theme or with my Laptop Screen??!!

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