Enhancing the workflow to call the existing the invoice

Our client is in NA(north america) and EU(europe).
NA following the COA(chart of authority), EU will adopt the NA u201CChart of Authorityu201D approval solution for Non-PO Invoices in ECC, thereby ensuring a common approval solution.
Here are the functional details:
1.The existing EU Invoice Custom Workflow shall be enhanced to:
          a.Call the existing NA Invoice u201CChart of Authorityu201D based Approval solution
          b.Accept the multiple approvers, as returned
2.The NA u201CChart of Authorityu201D tables and associated Release Strategy config shall be updated to include the EU requirements
3.The EU Approvers shall then be returned to the custom workflow for approval routing
4.The EU Workflow ID may need to be enhanced to support the calling of the NA Approval Solution.
how we can we do this by technically.

Technically you can hire a workflow consultant who can do this for you.
This is not a class room/ training room forum, start brainstorming and ask the questions where you really stuck.

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  • The workflow could not check out the list item.

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    I have a workflow enabled on document library and it needs to started manually.
    Whenever user starts workflow manually, gets following error:
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    Any clue on this?
    Thanks, Nilesh

    maybe check out for editing documents setting is turned on so wokrflow needs doc to ce cheked out before proceding and user might not have permission to do that.
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    Please mark as answer if you find it useful else vote for it if it is close to answer..happy sharepointing

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  • How to count the number of calls that traversed the DB lookup node successfully

    Hi All,
    I need to obtain the number of calls that successfully traversed the DB  lookup node.
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    Hi Nirmala,
    I hope you are looking for how many calls passed the DBLookupnode in script.
    In DBLookup node you have a Right Branch and Wrong Branch.
    1) After the right branch, set an unused peripheral variable and store the Value "Success"
    2) For the wrong branch, set the same variable with the Value "Failure".
    You can execute a query against the HDS and have the numbers.
    Else you can setup a CallType as well before and after the node.

  • How to find the workflow for Change Request for the PO's

    Hi All,
    We have a PO which is pending and we can't receipt it again nor make payment on this. After checking the Approval history for that PO we found that the change request has been made. The change request was to change the amount to be paid to R39196 instead of R58237.00. We don't know where to check the workflow for the change request to identify the cause.
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    Thanks in advance

    For run this query to determine the keys to search on:
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    Then use the keys returned by the query to look up the Workflow in
    Workflow Administrator Web Applications / Administrator Workflow / Status Monitor
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    after 3 weeks of calls they accepted the POS back as faulty
    they "repaired it" - less hot and now has creak on the case
    came back exactly the same
    phoned again, they said engineers said it was within spec (screen buzz and left whine)

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    My personal preference is to double click the contact to open the Skype chat window, and then click "Call" from there. Which is obviously an option, provided I don't accidentally click in the minefield that is the Status column in the contacts list.

    Hover and single click call is horrible UI design. Which explains why it was adopted by the Skype developers.

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  • Payroll area locked.How to Stop the workflow during this period ?

    Dear experts,
    In the travel workflows, after all the approvals, there is a standard task(Custom) with a custom method(BUS2089 Enhanced).
    This method updates the infotype 2002 (Attendances). This works fine for the whole month except during the  payroll run which will be for 3-4 days after 20th of every month.
    We have maintained the exception for this when the control record is in the status '1' or '4', by passing a temporary error to the workflow.
    SELECT SINGLE * FROM t569v WHERE abkrs = 'Z0'.
    IF sy-subrc EQ 0 AND ( t569v-state EQ '1' OR
                           t569v-state EQ '4' ).
      return-message_v1 = 'Employee Master data locked for Payroll'.
      exit_return 1001 return-message_v1 return-message_v2
                       return-message_v3 return-message_v4.
    As i understand the workflows can be restarted after solving the temporary errors.But this Temp error will only be solved after the payroll record is becomes 'Exit Payroll'.
    The system attempts for 3 times in the period of 30 minutes and then the tempoarry error becomes a permanent error and this way the workflows goes into a permanent error which cannot be restarted even after the payroll is exit.Due to this may workflows are unable to update the Infotyp 2002 however their trips are approved at all levels.
    This counter of 3 times and 30 minutes, I belive the system is taking from the error monitoring program (RSWWERRE / SWWERRE) in SWU3.
    I am thinking of putting the workflow into 'Wait' state till the period when the Payroll is locked. This way , we can avoid the workflow even from going into temporary error.
    Can anyone help in this regard ? Do we need to add a WAIT step in the WF Definition or control in the method code itself ?
    Does WAIT UNTIL (ABAP Keyword) works for 3-4 days of payroll run if we implement in the method code itself?
    Edited by: Sameer Anwar on Aug 20, 2011 9:44 AM
    Edited by: Sameer Anwar on Aug 20, 2011 9:45 AM

    Hi Sameer,
    But , Can you pls put some more information on why we need to avoid WAIT UNTIL in Tthe ABAP ?
    Wait Steps are only used where you have 1 event which the workflow would expect ...moreover this would require more effort in terms of implementation...( you will have to create an event manually after your payroll is open).
    I would suggest create an virtual attrubute of the BO  which will populate a whetherr the Payroll is locked or unlocked... then use this attribute as a start condition in the conditions tab of your step. this would stop the workflow until the payrol is open...
    Edited by: gautam maini on Aug 20, 2011 2:34 PM
    Edited by: gautam maini on Aug 20, 2011 2:35 PM

  • How to use the method for field-exit to trigger the workflow?

    Dear all,
         I want the workflow to trigger , when ever the check box for DELIVERY COMPLETED is checked in ME22N .
         I have developed a method in SE18 for the corresponding field and defined function module SWE_EVENT_CREATE with BOR bus2012 and event CHANGED.
        Now how to use this method to make my workflow to trigger?Shall I create an event in delegated bus2012 and can I call this method?
    Thanks and regards,

    You want to place your method which is defined for particular filed.right?
    For that you can go for BADI. First you check whether any badi is getting called form that tcode ME22N. Then to place your method, implement that BADI.  So whenever that BADI is getting called, it will call your event. Through Event workflow will be getting triggered.

  • I want to learn about workflow any one can provide the guidence for me

    i want to learn about workflow any one can provide the guidance for me

    SAP Business Workflow can be used to define business processes that are not yet mapped in the R/3 System. These may be simple release or approval procedures, or more complex business processes such as creating a material master and the associated coordination of the departments involved. SAP Business Workflow is particularly suitable for situations in which work processes have to be run through repeatedly, or situations in which the business process requires the involvement of a large number of agents in a specific sequence.
    SAP Business Workflow provides a number of tools for defining and analyzing workflows as well as for monitoring operation.
    The Workflow Builder is for displaying and making changes to workflows. You can make small extensions directly to the original workflows supplied by SAP, such as carrying out your own agent assignments or changing deadline monitoring.
    There are several Workflow Wizards to support you in the definition of workflows, with which you can create specific parts of a workflow. The Workflow Wizard Explorer gives you an overview of the existing Workflow Wizards.
    In order to make the functions of the R/3 Systems available to a workflow, you use business objects, which you can define and analyze in the Business Object Builder. These business objects are made available to the workflow in reusable tasks. The Business Wizard Explorer gives you an overview of all existing tasks.
    You can also use SAP Business Workflow to respond to errors and exceptions in other, existing business processes. You can start a workflow when predefined events occur, for example an event can be triggered if particular errors are found during an automatic check.
    Please follow the links,
    A good tutorial
    a good book
    Check the following PDF

  • Create a Skype Video Call button on the desktop in Snow Leopard

    Hi There,
    I'm having trouble working out how to create a script that will allow my 70+ year old mother in law make a video call in Skype from a button on the desktop.
    I found a discussion from 2007 on the forums but the steps don't seem to apply to the Snow Leopard version of Automator.
    Any suggestions would be most welcome.

    OK, have done some digging around and have come up with an Automator workflow that will not only start a video chat, but will speak to my mother in law so that during pauses (like when Skype starts up) she knows what's going on.
    There is practically no info online about how to do this so these instructions are for my reference just incase I forget - but others may find it useful.
    It looks like a lot of work but in reality it only took me 5mins to put together (I promise) and just makes it easier for people who have limited computer experience to call you.
    This works in both Leopard and Snow Leopard and may work in older versions too.
    1. Open Automator
    Open Automator at: /Applications/Automator
    The Automator starting point window will appear
    If you're using Leopard, choose "Custom" and and click the "Choose" button in the bottom right
    If you're using Snow Leopard, choose "Workflow" and click the "Choose" button in the bottom right
    Now you will have a blank workflow document open
    2. Create the Automator workflow
    In the Workflow document window, ensure the "Library" icon in the first list on the far left is selected so all variables are available
    Just above the lists you'll see a little search box, type "hide" into it
    The list will now show the "Hide All Applications" variable
    Click and drag the variable from the list and drop it into the main workflow section on the right
    Type "launch" into the search box and drag the "Launch Application" variable onto the workflow so it is under "Hide All Applications"
    Select "Skype" from the application drop-down menu
    Type "get text" into the search box and drag "Get Specified Text" into the workflow so it's under "Launch Application"
    Type "Now starting Skype, please wait a few moments." into the text box
    Type "speak" in the search box and drag "Speak Text" into the workflow under "Get Specified Text"
    Leave the voice on the default text of "Alex" - he's the easiest to understand bar far
    Type "pause" into the search box and drag "Pause" into the workflow under "Speak Text"
    Set it for 5 seconds. This will allow Skype time to sign-in. Depending on your connection speed, you may need to make it longer
    Shift click on the previous "Get Specified Text" & "Speak Text" variables in the workflow area
    Both should now have blue borders around them
    Hold down the option key and drag both items to duplicate them and drop them under the "Pause" variable
    Now you should have a copy of the "Get Specified Text" & "Speak Text" variables under the "Pause" variable
    If not, just manually add both items again by searching and dragging the variables into the workflow pane one by one as per above
    Replace the text in the new "Get Specified Text" box to: "Now checking to see if <name> is online"
    Where <name> is the person you would like to contact and removing the - I just used the first name
    Option drag the previous "Pause" variable above and drag it so it's under the last "Speak Text" variable
    Leave it at 5 seconds. Again, you may need to allow more time depending on your connection speed
    Type "run applescript" into the search box and drag "Run Applescript" so it's under the last "Pause" variable
    Now you should have an AppleScript window that will show some placeholder AppleScript
    3. Inserting the AppleScript
    Select and delete the placeholder AppleScript
    Copy the following script and paste it into the AppleScript box
    on SkypeCall(login)
    set AppleScript's text item delimiters to " "
    tell application "Skype"
    set foo to send command "GET USER " & login & " ONLINESTATUS" script name "MyScript"
    set UserStatus to my GetPart(foo, 4, " ")
    if UserStatus is "ONLINE" then
    say "<skypeUserName> is online, calling her now."
    send command "CALL " & login script name "MyScript"
    say "<skypeUserName> is not online at the moment. Maybe try again later."
    end if
    end tell
    end SkypeCall
    on GetPart(s, p, d)
    set theList to every text item of s
    return (item p of theList)
    end GetPart
    4. Insert the Skype username of the person you would like to call into the script
    In the AppleScript box, locate ("<skypeUserName>") on the first line
    Change <skypeUserName> to the username of the person you would like to call removing the
    e.g. if the Skype username is johnbrown2, the first line of the script should look like:
    Do this in the two other places further down the script - remember to remove the when doing so
    These other two ares in the script tell the caller if the person is online or not
    5. Making the workflow a button on the desktop
    In Automator, choose >File >Save As
    Give your workflow a name like "Call John"
    Select "Application" from the "File Format" drop-down list
    Save it to your desktop
    NOTE: If you need to edit the workflow, you'll have to open it from Automater using >File >Open as double clicking it from the desktop will now run the workflow and call the person.
    6. Turning on Speech
    Because the older generation expect this to work like a telephone (and work instantly), I turned on Speech so the script tells them what is going on during the pauses in the script.
    Go to "System Preferences" from the Apple menu top left
    Click the "Speech" icon
    Click the "Speech Recognition" tab/button at the top if it isn't already selected
    Click the "On" radio button
    If this is the first time using Speech, you'll get a window asking you to enable access for assistive devices
    There should be a button to take you to the appropriate preference pane
    If not, just go to the "Universal Access" pane in System Preferences
    Once there (either way) check the "Enable access for assistive devices" box bottom left
    Back in the "Speech" preference pane", under the On/Off radio buttons, click the "Commands" tab/button
    Turn off all the check boxes except "Application Specific Items"
    Close System Preferences
    NOTE: Obviously if you use text to speech normally, leave these last settings alone and just ensure "Application Specific Items" is on (It's on by default normally).
    7. Hiding the Speech Microphone icon
    If you've done everything correctly, you will now have a big round microphone icon showing that can't be hidden
    I dragged mine to the bottom left corner and then further so all you can see is a little bit of the top right corner
    If anyone has a better way of disabling or hiding this big icon, sing out!
    8. Running the workflow and making a call
    Now double click your icon and the workflow will run. The script will check to see if the Skype user is online, if they're not, the script will tell them and stop running.
    If they are online, the worflow will start a video chat as long as you have "Start my video automatically" selected in your Skype preferences under "Video"
    Special thanks to SIMO HUOPIO ESPOO in Finland for the script I found on his blog here: http://huopio.fi/simo/blog/2009/03/learnin...ling-skype.html
    If you don't want the workflow to talk, don't turn on Speech in steps 6 & 7...

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