Epson 9800 laying down WAY too much ink

I use a MacBook Pro to print to an Epson 9800 roll printer -- been doing this for years with no problem.
All of a sudden, the Epson is laying down huge quantities of ink, especially when I print onto film (for screen printing). It puts down so much ink, the ink dribbles down the film and drips off the printer, pooling on the floor, until I leap up and cancel the job. What's more, the printer is printing a light-colored background to images that had no background to begin with.
Here's the catch: *this only happens in Photoshop.* (I'm using CS 5.1.) If I take the same image file, place it in Illustrator, and print it, it comes out just fine. So the problem lies in Photoshop's print options. Somehow, something got changed in the last couple weeks, and I have no idea what.
Here's what Epson support has to say about it:
Unfortunately we don't know what is causing the issue. We have seen an increase in calls with people having issues with CS5 but we can't do anything about it as we do not make Photoshop. Everyone is able to print from other programs just like you are, so it is narrowed down to the Photoshop program...
I'm hoping that someone here will be familiar with this *particular* printing problem, and what the *specific* Photoshop printing option might be that is causing this.
Thanks in advance for your help!

rule out the obvious that you are printing on the correct side of the paper
that you have at least deleted the printer, ran all OS-Photoshop-Printer updates and added the printer back and rebooted
next post screeshots of File> Print
and File> Print> Print Settings...> Printer Settings
dialogs (see below examples)

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    Join the club Robert.
    My huge annoyance is how Preview converts ai, .eps and .ps files to .pdf files.
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    Apple must have received hundreds of bug reports (I diligently sent one every time Preview crashed) and several feedbacks detailing the problem, to the point I believe persecuting Designers and ruining their work has become a NEXT programmers secret objective.
    Except for a couple of minor bug fixes to do with drag & drop in Preview, I am puzzled where the so-called improvements in Snow Leopard really benefit user.

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    While puttering around after posting this I think I found my personal solution here: ation.htm
    I'm just going to move my home folder to my 2nd internal 1TB hard drive to solve my problem.
    But my question remains, how can we minimize the amount of local space iCloud Drive ***** up?  I wanted to get the rumored new macbook air that might come out next year but this is a big turn off if iCloud drive is going to overwhelm the SSD in the AIr.

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    since upgrading my phone to 6.0.1, I'm using way too much data. I believe it's the podcast app that's not loading shows while I'm connected to wifi. I have the 3g turned off for podcasts??? also after a phone call or an alert it starts playing a podcast?

    I've also had the same issues, after upgrading to IOS 6.0, the apps in my iPhone 4 were crashing and the battery life run out very fast.
    The only solution worked for me was to remove all mail accounts (Exchange/Gmail) from my iPhone (in settings) and then add them back.
    The crashing were stopped! also the battery was back to normal.
    I found the solution by first looking at the crash logs (in IOS 6). you can find them at Settings -> General -> About (at the bottom of the About menu you will find the option that opens the logs).
    There i saw many logs about Low Memory crash. 99% of the logs were pointed that the largest process (use the most memory) during the crashes is "dataaccessd".
    I search in the web and found that this process is a deamon process that reponsible the Mail accounts (like Exchange/Gmail) and contancts list.
    I've installed the app "System Status - activity monitor" which shows important system info like CPU usage, Memory usage and running processes.
    Before apply my solution (deleting the mail accounts) i saw that the CPU usage was very high which consume the battery very fast. Also i saw that the memory (RAM) was run out.. which probably what cause the crashing..
    After deleting the mail accounts (at Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars) i check again with the System Status app, and saw that the memory and CPU were back to normal.
    Adding the mail accounts back, still everything work ok
    Hope this solution will help you too,

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    In Safari, my iMac sometimes zooms way too much and will not zoom back.  I have a wireless mouse set to zoom in and out on double tap, but the excessive zooms happen with no taps.  A page zooms in so less than 1/4 of the page is visible and nothing I do will zoom back out, command minus doesn't do it, double tap on mouse does not zoom out, and the window will not scroll to show any of the rest of the page.  reloading the page does not help.  Loading a different page gives me a normal view again.

    If it were a tweaked setting, it should happen less randomly.  And there should be no settings that could override the zoom setting in unversal Access and the Mouse zoom preferences. 
    In addition, this only happens in Safari 6, and seems to happen more fredquently on some websites and not on others.  That suggests some sort of conflict in the site code with Safari and Apple wireless mouse code.  It does not happen in Mail, Word, Excel, Photoshop, Illustrator, or other software as far as I can tell.

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    No problem!  There are many people for whom videos are a much easier way to learn things than trying to read written instructions or explanations.  You should always use whatever works best for you.   If these is something youtube cannot help you with, feel free to come back and join the huge number of users in these forums.

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    I can't get an answer to this. I have a 120 gb iPod. Way too much to put my music on my iPhone. Is there a way to just put some of my music on my iPhone?

    Playlists on the iPhone are the same as on the iPod. Just connect the iPhone and go to the iPhone Music tab in iTunes. You can check the playlists you want on the iPhone.
    One "trick" is to create a new playlist and just drag all of the music you want on the iPhone to this playlist, then sync only that playlist.
    Another option is to use the "Convert higher bit rate songs to 128kbps AAC" on the iphone Summary page in iTunes. This will compress the music and you will lose some quality, but unless you are using $500 headphones you won't notice.
    The manual is in Safari on your phone; its a predefined bookmark. You can also download a PDF:
    iPhone User Guide (For iOS 6.1 Software)

  • Recording gives way too much distort

    Hello everybody!
    I'm trying to record my guitar on the comp by placing a mic (which is plugged into the mic-in) near the amp but the quality of the recording is horrible, it sounds way too much distorted. It used to sound ok on my old comp which had an onboard sound card (AC97).
    I don't know what to do.. any thoughts?

    I think you would get better results my plugging the guitar into a preamp and the line-level from the preamp into the Line-in of your soundcard. If you search the forum for "guitar," you'll find lots of posts. This thread seems to cover using a SoundBlaster for guitar recording well, especially jutapa's posts.

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    The fan on my MacBook goes on way too much when I'm on the internet using Safari or Netscape. Why does this happen? It's cranking up right now while I typing old Mac never did this.
    MacBook   Mac OS X (10.4.9)  

    Check your activity monitor and see if there is anything running in the back ground you don't know about. You could also try resetting the PRAM and PMU
    SMC/PMU Reset
    PRAM Reset

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    Your post wins the truth and most funny award!  Who on earth "actually" reads terms of use all the way through?  We scan to the bottom, and click agree.  I figure one of these days, someone's going to knock on my door and tell me I have move out of my fully paid for home.  When I ask why they think I should do this, they'll whip out some user agreement I clicked agree and there, buried on page XX will be the statement that after 12.7 years, they have the right to take my house. 

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    Why is there too much extra info attached to my photo cd, when I simply burnt only 6 pictures on it?
    This has been happening for several months now.
    It used to work correctly.
    For example:
    I burnt a photo file of 25 pictures from my iphoto collection.
    When I went to the store to print them, the computer indicated there were 155 photos on it.
    All were cropped versions of my 25 pictures.
    Then when I only burnt 6 pictures today onto a cd, I took the disc to a Print Shop.
    Sure enough, the disc had other data and files associated with photos on it.
    Yes, my 6 were on it, but the Print Shop had to spend extra time searching for them.
    What's uP?

    For what it's worth, you posted this in 2011, and here in 2014 I am still having this same issue. Over the last two days, I have had to unlock my apple account 8 times. I didn't get any new devices. I haven't initiated a password reset. I didn't forget my password. I set up two factor authentication and have been able to do the unlocking with the key and using a code sent to one of my devices. 
    That all works.
    It's this having to unlock my account every time I go to use any of my devices. And I have many: iMac, iPad, iPad2, iPad mini, iPhone 5s, iPod touch (daughter), and my old iPhone 4 being used as an ipod touch now.  They are all synced, and all was working just fine.
    I have initiated an incident with Apple (again) but I know they are just going to suggest I change my Apple ID. It's a simple one, and one that I am sure others think is theirs. I don't want to change it. I shouldn't have to. Apple should be able to tell me who is trying to use it, or at least from where.
    Thanks for listening,

  • My macbook pro broke down way too many times!

    I bought my macbook pro in 2007 so it's been 3 years and my applecare is ready to expire.
    and within that 3 years, my macbook pro has gone to get it fixed for more than 6 times. Anything that you can imagine, broke down.
    Logic board, fans, speakers, keyboards, usb plug-ins, software issue, hard drive broke down twice, battery replaced, charger replaced, screen replaced, my screens bent due to heat, part of my comp is melted due to heat too, and etc.
    I study graphic design in university right now. and this piece of junk is hunting me everynight because these problems happen over night. I would turn my computer off ok, and when I wake up, somethings always wrong. I'm always scared and backing my stuff because I don't know when this piece of junk will break down.It's really stressing me out.
    Today, I woke up and turned my macbook pro like usually, and my screens black but everything else is running. Again, another fixing problem (heard that its due to the nvidia graphic issue)
    so I am really upset and ****** off more so. I've gone to the applestore at least 10 times already and everytime I go, they are very cold and rude to me.
    so I talked to the manager last time when my computer broke down saying, I am really upset and ****** off about your customer service and this stupid junk. I lost alot of my files and was late to submit my works due to this stupid junk. What are you going to do? and all they said was I'm sorry we understand. Clearly they dont understand. and I saw alot of my friends who got new laptops after breaking down once with similar problem as mine. but why am I not getting a new laptop? is there a way to fix this problem? or am I gonna live with this comp till i buy a new one?
    please help me.

    I would tend to agree with your points here. (Except that it is not "a piece of junk").
    My macbook pro is also from 2007 (august) and has had a number of different problems - mostly due to overheating.
    Added to these problems in Ireland is that Apple do not have an official mac store here ... so it has to go to a service provider each time. That's more than likely 1+ weeks away each time it needs to be sent away for repair.
    One time I sent it back they replaced the screen with the incorrect resolution so it was away for almost 3 weeks in total. When it got back the screen squeaked when I was opening it. I called Apple (luckily I have 3 year applecare) but they told me to deal directly with the partner service provider. I didn't feel this was acceptable because I purchased the Apple Care from Apple - not the service provider.
    I almost had to pay for shipping each time but I argued with them on the phone. I don't feel this is acceptable level of service.
    After the third time with something broken on my MBP I requested a new machine. They ignored me.
    I disagree that the MBP is "a piece of junk". It is not. But it does have problems. Overheating seems to be its biggest problem and that leads to other faults. The thing that Apple does not seem to see is that the overheating leads to long-term damage but by the time this long-term damage becomes obvious the Apple Care is gone so the customer is left to fend for themselves.
    Apple service in Ireland is a terrible setup. Apologies if I have hi-jacked your thread but I am also angry.

  • After downloading the new iTunes, the scroll wheel scrolls way too much in the column browser and skips over 4 or 5 artists/albums every time.

    Whenever I try to scroll through my artists or albums in the column browser, I suddenly feel like stuff is missing because every click of the scroll wheel brings the list down too far and it skips 4 or 5 items every time. My column browser is about 2 inches long and fits 7 items on the viewable pane at any one time. It used to work just fine, but now I'd have to have the browser more than double that size to avoid this weird problem.. and I dont really want it that big. I suppose I'll just make it that big unless there's some sort of solution, but I'd rather not have to change my personalized setup because iTunes decided to change something like that randomly. Would anyone happen to know how to fix this, or at the very least know what I'm talking about (and maybe you're experiencing it too).

    I have stated what I was able to glean from the report. If you disagree so be it.
    I will say that I heard the same comment numerous times in the past of years of usage without problems. Only to have them tell me later oh by the way I removed the code that you suggested I should remove and the performance increased.
    As I said it is your Mac and you can do with it as you wish. I am just trying to help you solve your problem.

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