Equation not showing properly in word 2013

I have a problem with my MS Word 2013. It seems that when i want to use the equation, under the design ribbon at the equation tools, there's few options for the structures (eg: fractions, script etc.). If you can see there's drop down button for each of
the options. For instance if you click the fraction drop down, it will have a few kind of fraction to choose but in my case when i click the drop down button, nothing is shown. The slot for each type is there but it does not show the picture so it is hard
for me to use it. But when I use MS PowerPoint 2013, it seems to be working. It is really weird.
I tried a few things to solve this but nothing solve this problem for me. Here are a few things that I already tried:
Repair MS Office 2013 in the installation setup
Uninstall MS Office 2013 and re-install
Install Office Compatibility Pack
None of the above solve the problem. Can anybody help me solve this please? I have no idea what to do anymore.
See attached picture to see what I explained about and understand my problem better.

If the Building Blocks template file that comes with Microsoft Word is corrupt, it may cause Equations to not work correctly. To resolve this problem, move the damaged copy of the Building Blocks template out of the user data folder. After you do this,
Word creates a new Building  Blocks template by using the default content. 
To do this, please follow:
1. Exit all Office programs.
2. Open the file explorer and navigate to:
C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Document Building Blocks\1033\15
Note: 1033 is the locale identification (LCID) number for English U.S version of Microsoft Office. For a list of locale ID numbers, see
Locale identification numbers for language-specific files.
3. Rename the Built-In Building Blocks.dotx
file to Built-In Building Blocks.old.
4. Then, navigate to
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office15\Document Parts\1033\15
5. Rename the Built-In Building Blocks.dotx file to
Built-In Building Blocks.old.
6. Close both folders.
7. Now, click Start, click Run, type
appwiz.cpl, and the click OK.
8. In the Currently installed programs list, right-click the version of the Office that is installed on the computer, click
Change, click Repair, and then click Continue.
9. Restart Word to check the result.
Steve Fan
TechNet Community Support
It's recommended to download and install
Configuration Analyzer Tool (OffCAT), which is developed by Microsoft Support teams. Once the tool is installed, you can run it at any time to scan for hundreds of known issues in Office

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    100 columns is a lot of columns. I understand why you are having this issue. I think you have two options here:
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    your x-axis custom XML would look something like:
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    your x-axis custom XML would look something like:
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    Edited by: AustinJ on Feb 11, 2011 11:13 AM - fixed typos

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    SQL server 2012 enteprise with service pack 2
    SharePoint 2013 (no service pack) with integrated mode on the report service 
    Visual Studio 2010 development tools
    I'm very appreciate for anyone can provide any solution to solve this issue.
    Thank you so much,
    P.S.: I attached the preview of the report in both browsers (IE & Chrome) and its preview in Visual Studio.
    An update: ... due to the setting space on"snap to grid" default to 20 and I've made the 2nd matrix table overlaps the 1st one, therefore the it showed overlaps when export to PDF file ... it's solved.
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    The PDF's export has been solved due to the 2nd matrix table overlaps on the 1st table. 
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    matrix table ... and the summation showed correct (it's so weird)
    For the "Indent" issue showed in IE on both drill down of the 1st table and 2nd table which cannot be fixed, and the end user used only IE.
    Could someone can enlighten me please?
    Many thanks.

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    Yes, I have the most current version of AA9. I exported the document from InDesign using the PDF exporter. That is what I have used for years and it has worked fine. I just installed CS4 yesterday.
    I think I realized what the problem is but I don't know how to fix it properly. I actually went back to the preferences in AA9 to the document color options in accessibility and changed it back to its original state (which, I believe, is where nothing is checked). I had originally changed it because I was trying to experiment with the background of the program. It's black and when I open a PDF, I can't see the black border. But I mistakenly changed the document color. Which brings me to the question of: how do you change the background color of the page so that I can see the black border on the document? I sell advertising so I need to be sure that when people send me their ads, they have black borders. And I can't tell when it has the background behind the document so dark. Acrobat Reader has a white background.
    Additionally, can I still install the latest Acrobat Reader and use that instead of AA9 if I want to? It seems easier.

  • OBIEE 10g: BI Publisher page not showing properly

    Hello all,
    I have installed OBIEE 10g on a VM with operating system: XP, service pack 3.
    Analytics and Admin tool (I was able to create a new repository) are showing properly but when i try to login to the BI Publisher I just see two folder available "Shared folders"
    and "My Folders" and all the other functionalities are missing. Also in the Preferences tab I just see "General Preferences"
    and nothing else. I have logged in as an Administrator user but i think the problem is that this user doesn't actually have admin rights when it comes to BI Publisher module.
    I tried to give some more permissions through Analytics>Settings>Manage Privilleges but there was no progress.
    Can you please give me some guidance on that issue?
    Thanks in advance,

    i got exactly the same pb. Word 2007 32 bits + Oracle BI Publisher Desktop for 32 bit Office on Windows (244 MB)
    I can see the BIP Menu in Word,
    but the sub menus are : menu2007.logon, menu2007.load_xml_dat ... and of course are not working !
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    please help me how can i add in Preferences setting

    1) First i install Ms Office after then i install Acrobat 9.0 and update 9.2.0
    2) that time also Word to pdf Conversion display same error
    3) and 3 times i reinstall acrobat but not change .
    4) this error my System only show, but same config for other system is not show
    how can i solve, plz help me.

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    Reinstalling Office is a bit extreme. All you needed to do was click on the Office button and view add-ins.
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    Normally it works, but sometimes it doesn't? You'll have to track that down to reproducible cases for us to find out what's going on and propose solutions...

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    when exporting pdf into a word doc the text does not show up on new doc. what to do?

    Hi hamsa142,
    Is this problem specific to one file, or does it happen with any file that you convert to PDF? How was the PDF created (using what application)?
    For starters you may want to disable OCR as described in this document: How to disable Optical Character Recognition (O... | Adobe Community.
    Please let us know how it goes.

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    I'm using Illustrator CS4 to make still images like backgrounds and other stuff for my videos. I export them as JPG using the "Use artboard" export option in Illustrator and select "All" so all the artboards export at once.
    I end up in this case two differents backgrounds named "image clip-01.jpg" and "image clip-02.jpg".
    When I import them into Premiere, I can see my two differents images in the Project and Source Panel, but if I drag them into my sequence, those two images become the same. I mean the image number 01 looks like the image number 02. So even if I have two different images with two differents names, the first one preview is not showing in the sequence. I'v double check , re-exporting etc, same thing. Rename the files. Same thing.
    The only way I can have my images to properly show is when I export them one by one in Illustrator. It's ok for two images, but when I have several of them, it's pretty annoying.
    Any ideas how to fix that?

    What happens if you Open those JPEG's in Photoshop, then just Save them, and Import. Do they now show the proper Image?
    Are you using PrPro CS 5, or 5.5? There was a Bug in CS 5, where Still Images did not show correctly, and the little trip through Photoshop solved the issue. I believe that CS 5.5 fixed that.
    Good luck,

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    If you visit www.emilseres.com from a cellphone (let's say iPhone), why doesn't the width of the site show properly? On your right there will be a white stripe.
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    Other improvements would also be appreciated 
    Thank you for your time.
    Kind regards,

    Hi Nephor
    Please check if there is any empty text frame or rectangle placed on right side of the page as it will cause the page to stretch thus space will appear.

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    I have few reports where I am using Fiscal Year /Period as filter.
    I have created a Universe on the top of a SAP BI Query and did not do any customization.
    Then I created a WebI report. In this report I created various filters beside Fiscal Year / Period. When I run report, filter window opens. I can select all other filters but when it comes to Fiscal Year / Period it does not show me the values I want to see. It shows AUG 0001, APR 0025 etc. I want to see AUG 2010, MAR 2009 etc so that I can select them and get the data of the required Fiscal Year / Period. In Cube I have the required data. If I select MAR 0010 etc I donu2019t get any data.
    On the other hand if I put fiscal Year / Period in columns or rows it shows the right value.
    If also run SAP BI Query and Fiscal Year / Period in Variable then on variable screen I can see the right value from where I can select and get the required result.
    Do I have to do any step at Universe level or something else?
    It seems that Fiscal Year / Period is compounding.
    Is there any help?
    Bashir Awan

    for thanks for igniting my thoughts in this regards.
    Yes these values do exist in SAP BW.
    It is some how compunding the values at filter level.
    It does not let me see the whole value when filter screen popup in BOBJ.
    In SAP whole value shows when variable screen popup, I see three columns Fiscal Year / Period. Text, Posting Period Key, and Posting Year Key.
    Fiscal year / Period Text which shows Aug 2009, Posting Period Key which shows our period 1 to 16, and Fiscal year key which shows 2009 etc.
    Is there any setting in BOBJ which compunds the year for variable screen so that we may see the whole values for filters?

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    Dear  Jagdish,
    In MMBE in unrestricted use column there is total 16.979 stock position is there and again for posting ( PGI ) after delivery for selecting batch determination Available Qty is showing 9,999,999,999.000
    How I will correct it could not understand.

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