Error: DVD drive won't read or write discs. TS-L633R CD-DVD drive. HP DV6-3120US notebook. Win 7.

Product Name and Number: 
HP Pavillion dv6-3120us
Windows 7, Home Premium. 64-bit.
Error Message
"Insert a Disc; Please insert a disc into E: drive."
Pre-installed Windows 7 system on computer recognized CD/DVD ROM drive for about 3 months. Malware corrupted the OS. I re-installed the OS from the recovery drive's partition. CD/DVD ROM drive failed to read or write, and I cannot restore old files or back-up current configuration via CD/DVD ROM drive. All updates for Windows 7 and hardware drivers seem to be installed and up-to-date as of 10/4/2011. 
Troubleshooting Steps
1. Tried to read audio CD. Same error message.
2. Tried to read data CD-ROM. Same error message. 
3. Tried to read data DVD-ROM. Same error message. 
4. Writing to DVD ROM failed. Same error message.
5. Re-loaded OS 2nd time. No change. Same error message.
6. Checked with HP Support Assistant. DVD drive is recognized, but not media. No change. 
7. Checked Device Manager. DVD drive is recognized as TS-L633R. 
8. Driver is cdrom.sys version 6.1.7600.16385. Clicked Update Driver, no change. 
9. Tried uninstalling and re-installing the driver. No change.
10. Checked BIOS. AMD Turion II P540 Dual Core processor 2.4Ghz. BIOS appears to be up-to-date, version F.27. 
11. BIOS lists CD/DVD ROM drive as bootable. Re-ordered drive to boot first and used Knoppix Linux boot disc, no change. Windows booted instead. 
12. Reviewed registry for "upper filter" and "lower filter" entries.  Checked registry 4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318. No upper filter or lower filter entries present. No change. 
13. Ran "Hardware and Devices Troubleshooter"; it cannot detect the cd/dvd. No change. 
The drive has power, spins, is recognized by Windows 7 and the BIOS. However, it will not read or write CD ROM or DVD ROM discs.
I'm out of options.  What else can I do to make the cd/dvd rom drive read and write cds?
Thanks for your help.  Matt
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I chatted online with Ben S. at HP tech support via the HP Support Assistant. Helpful guy. Thank you, Ben. He worked through it and his counterpart Alan is sending me a new DVD/CD drive. Ben S checked the following:
1. Confirmed that I had tried multiple discs to check different formats: DVD-R, CD-RW, audio CD, video DVD, software data CD. None were recognized.
2. CD/DVD icon appears in My Computer. Confirmed.
3. Checked Device Manager for yellow exclamation marks. None present.
4. Opened below Device Manager and checked for yellow exclamation marks. HP CDDVDW TS-L633R ATA device listed correctly. Redundant, but I understand; it's a good check.
5. Confimed the Model and Serial Number. 
6. Asked whether I had done a System Recovery.  I had. Twice. First time it didn't restore the drive, so I thought I'd try it again. Second time also did not restore the drive. 
7. Ben S. concluded that the drive has a hardware malfunction, and offered drive replacement under warranty since I purchased in April. I should have it by Oct 17, and then I have 15 days to return the broken drive or I'm charged $80. 
Alan offered an additional year of warranty service for about $100. Ben's guess on the root cause was a bad lens from stress on the DVD tray. I don't recall any stress events. I've had this laptop since April, 2011, and the drive failed at the end of September.  7 months. This surprised me considering I've got other notebook computers with drives that have lasted years and still haven't failed. 
I'll check in when I get the replacement drive.

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    Like I said, just a WAG.
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    When installing Windows XP using VMWareFusion you need to remember to click in the VMFusion window to make it active so that you can select the option to install from the CD.
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    Hi Peeps
    I had exactly the same problem with my Macbook, again from the UK. Really weird though as would intermittantly read DVD film's which worked fine previously.
    Well.... Took it to my local Apple store and saw a genius and anyway they replaced the super drive and logic board (surprised about the logic board!).
    But just got it back today and the DVD drive is completely fubard so is being returned tomorrow to get this sorted!
    Moral of the story, sounds like a drive or board problem. Will keep you updated when I get mine back
    Macbook 2Ghz, 512Mb, 60Gb, Superdrive   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  

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    You can try resetting the SMC Intel-based Macs: Resetting the System Management Controller (SMC) - Apple Support
    and PRAM How to Reset NVRAM on your Mac - Apple Support
    If that doesn't help you can try a cleaning disc or a quick shot of canned air. It's likely though that your drive has failed, it' not all that uncommon. It that is the case you can either replace it or have it replaced but it's far cheaper just to buy a usb external drive....just not Apples because it won't work with macs with a built in drive working or not. .

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    do you have the win 7 cd handy, try to boot into the discs and see whether that works, this will tell you whether that is software or hardware problem. Such failures do occur, due to ageing of laser. 
    Jin Li
    May this year, be the year of 'DO'!
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    do you have the win 7 cd handy, try to boot into the discs and see whether that works, this will tell you whether that is software or hardware problem. Such failures do occur, due to ageing of laser. 
    Jin Li
    May this year, be the year of 'DO'!
    I am a volunteer, and not a paid staff of Lenovo or Microsoft

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    When I say 'not recognised' I mean that if you look in the cd-rom file with a music disc inserted it thinks the drive is empty. The drive spins the disc a few times and then gives up. As only music cd's affected I suspect this is something to do with the itunes software. I've tried the various troubleshooting tips on itunes help but no joy....has anyone else had this problem / anyone know of a possible solution?

    I had the same problem and I contacted a support team. They suggested that I upgrade my computer's power supply and I did. I had a 250W drive and now I have a 350W drive and it reads the CDs perfectly; except for one certain CD.

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    I have a two year old G5 mac that suddenly won't read or burn CD's but the DVD burner/read is working fine. It just spits out CD's. The drive is a Sony DVD RW-DW U12A; revision AADB.
    I just got ilife 08 (worked fine on DVD) but have a CD of iwork 08 that I can't use! Help!!

    Based on past user reports/problems with the Sony drive, when problems such as yours occur, it's time for a new drive. DVD and CD are separate lens', so one can fail while the other continues to function. The Sony drive has been prone to problems, and early failures (based on posts in these forums, and others).
    You may attempt cleaning, as it is possible that the CD lens is blocked by dust, or dirty. But, when commercial discs/install discs can't be read, it doesn't bode well for the drive.
    Comparing the cost of a quality cleaning kit, and the cost of a new 18x Pioneer DVR-112 ($30), you may just opt for the Pioneer.
    Review of DVR-112:
    If you opt for the Pioneer, the drive has native support in Tiger, though it needs Patchburn for iApp's support (all drives, other than Apple OEM, require such):

  • TouchSmart 300 Dvd Player won't read or burn DVD

    My dvd player is not working correctly.  I am able read and burn CDs, but the player won't read or write DVDs.  I have a touchsmart 300 running Windows 7.  I was trying to burn some home movies in WMA format.  Movie Maker recognizes a blank DVD, and attempts to burn the DVD, but once it finishes, the disk is blank.  I then tried to just burn a MPG file using another software program and it failed at the validation stage.  Finally, I put a dvd movie in the drive and it wont recognize the disk.  These functions used to work fine.  The computer is only 15 months old, of course I only had a one year warranty.
    Is there anyway this could be related to software or is it a hardware problem?

    First, try the automated fixit from Microsoft on the link below.
    Windows 7
    If it still isn't working, try the following.
    Next, from the Start Menu, open the Control Panel and click on Device Manager.  Next click to open DVD/CD-ROM Drives.  Right click the drive and select uninstall.  Do not delete drivers if asked.  When the device has uninstalled click on the 'Scan for Hardware Changes' icon ( usually just below Help on the toolbar ).  Let windows reinstall the drive and see if it now works.
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    The iMac supports the following CD types if it is one of these types and still won't read then it sounds like a CD hardware or software driver problem. If you re-load the software driver and it still doesn't work then I would then suggest you take it to an Apple store for repair.

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    Hey, I'm having problems with the Toshiba ODD-DVD SD-R1412 optical drive on my eMac 1GHZ where it won't read or burn 90% of CDs or DVDs. The problems started happening after the 10.4.9 update. I've tried a laser lens cleaner and it didn't work. I'd upgrade the burner but it's gonna be a royal pain to have to crack this thing open. Any suggestions to get the drives mounting again? It shows up in Apple System Profiler.

    Did you upgrade to 10.4.9 via Software Update or by downloading and running the stand-alone OS X Update Combo 10.4.9 (PPC)? if the former, try the later --- while not as consistiently useful a trick as in 10.2/10.3 days, running the full Combo updater has been known to help with various oddities that crop up after an OS update. Similarly, running Disk utility -> Repair permissions on the hard drive isn't really needed after running Apple updates, but it can't hurt, and if you've ever run a third-party installer that asked for an administrative password, you definitely want to run Repair Permissions.
    How old are the blank discs you're trying to burn? How were the blanks stored? Refer to the NIST's Care and Handling of CDs and DVDs (people have reported in the past storing blank CDs on top of a radiator under a window getting direct sunlight; you may want to try a few blank discs from a different spindle (say by trading blank discs with friends or co-workers).

  • Cant get my hp dvd model 1170e to read or write

    my dvd hp model 1170e read or write xp says it working and I am running nero 7 and there are no up dates for the drivers hp saya to run the intallaiton software cd that came with it but i dont have mine any more  can any one help because hp wont

    It would have been useful to know how it was solved...

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    My 10.6.8 macbook pro's DVD player won't play a movie from Netflix.  The DVD does play on a 10.5 mb pro.  So DVD is ok.  Message says "not permitted" when I click play.  Is there a compatibility issue? Or something else?

    This is not an area I have much experience in......I rarely insert DVDs and I have never had a similar problem.
    When the DVD is in the drive (and DVD players is open) click on File>get disk info.

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    In this case, I'm talking about movies on DVDs. Please tell me there's a way to solve this without sending the computer to customer service...
    I'd hate to think it broke down just days after the expiration date of the warranty.

    Well, you can try to remove the drive form the device manger.
    After new reboot the drive should be recognized again. Check then if its possible to read the DVD-R CD.
    But the issue sounds as a lens calibration error. If you use different media the lens must be calibrated again. But if this procedure fails, the drive is not able to read or write the DVD for example.
    Unfortunately, in such cases only the drive replacement will solve this issue.

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