Error: No entry/entries in the table (WCCI)

Hello friends
I am trying to implement WCM to my client
when trying to change WCD i am getting the following error
No entry/entries in the table (WCCI)
    Message no. I4702    &
Error when executing function module (WCFC_PRINT_FORMAT_GET)
     Message no. I4804
     Contact SAP.
i am not able to resolve the issue.  Please help me in this regard

I have attached the screen shot.

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  • Error during cumulation, No entry found in the table T54C1

    I got the following error message since correcting personal area for retro period
    Error text - "Error during cumulation, No entry found in the table T54C1 Key 03 75 K 2008 01"
    For a personnel number, there was an incorrect org assignment for the  period of May 2009 to June last year.

    Go ahead and generate payroll period for that payroll area and verify control record with payday rule. Thats missing. Use the table number mentioned in msg to crack issue.

  • Entry missing in the table

    Hi all,
          I am simply entering values in the table every 100ms.
    For first 10 mins the entries comes at constant speed i.e 10 values per sec. but after that the values starts decreasing,
    though slowly.every 10 mins the no of samples goes down by one.
    I have attached a vi, In it a table is given which is not connected to anything, In that i have generated the output.
    I think the loop execution time in increasing , can u help me in that?
    My only aim is that, to get reading in the table every 100ms exact.
    Go to Solution.
    Untitled ‏92 KB

    Hi shrek,
    2 points:
    1) at the moment you don't get values exactly every 100ms as the attachment shows (simply changed format for timestring)
    2) to maintain exact timing you shouldn't build big arrays as you do with your table! The bigger the table the more LabView has to copy from one memory block the the next...
    Message Edited by GerdW on 08-24-2009 03:27 PM
    Best regards,
    CLAD, using 2009SP1 + LV2011SP1 + LV2014SP1 on WinXP+Win7+cRIO
    Kudos are welcome
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  • Entry not in the table MBEWH

    What is the importance of table MBEWH,how the entries will get updated in the table?
    For year 2008 we have entries in the table but for 2009 we don't have have entries in the table MBEWH.
    MBEW is having the entry.
    Kindly suggest me how to maiontain the entry in the table MBEWH?
    thank you.

    Hi Chinni,
    MBEW stores the current valuation price, while MBEWH stores the previous or historical value. In your material master go to accounting-1 view you can click on previous preiod/year & view the historical values.
    Hope the above answers your query.
    If helpful award points

  • Why compilation error--when trying to access the table from itcsi schema

    when querying the table from iam able to see the data but used in proc saying invalid table name. Whats the problem
    when declared p_app_i_old app.app_i%type----It is throwing pls-00201 error
    1 Create or replace procedure Test_insert(p_app_i_old integer,
    2 p_app_i_new integer,
    3 p_APP_ISAC_CPT_I varchar2)
    4 is
    5 cursor c1 is
    6 select distinct table_name,owner
    7 from all_tab_columns
    8 where owner = 'ITCSI' and column_name='APP_I';
    9 t_tablename varchar2(25);
    10 t_string varchar2(300);
    11 t_num number;
    12 Begin
    13 For c2 in c1 loop
    14 t_num := 0;
    15 t_string := 'SELECT count(*) FROM ' || c2.owner ||'.'||c2.table_name||' WHERE APP_I = '||p_
    16 execute immediate t_string into t_num;
    17 if t_num > 0 then
    18 -- dbms_output.put_line('The table name is '||c1_rec.table_name);
    19 if c2.Table_name = 'APP' Then
    20 INSERT INTO itcsi.App
    21 SELECT p_app_i_new,
    22 app_acrnym_c,
    23 app_x,
    24 app_desc_t,
    25 app_ipads_t,
    26 app_prdcn_stat_t,
    27 app_prdcn_stat_d,
    28 app_isd_tier_c,
    29 app_bus_cont_c,
    30 app_extnl_cstm_c,
    31 app-ecrpt_lvl_c,
    32 app_isac_cpt_i,
    33 dsw_gpn_i,
    34 ed_cntnt_srce_t,
    35 usr_upd_uunm_i,
    36 ed_upd_m
    37 FROM itcsi.APP
    38 WHERE app_i = p_app_i_old;
    39 elsif c2.Table_name = 'APP_CETRN' Then
    40 Insert into itcsi.APP_CETRN
    41 select p_app_i_new,
    42 app_cetrn_i,
    43 app-curr_cmplnc_t,
    44 app_rqr_cmplnc_t,
    45 dsw_gpn_i,
    46 ed_cntnt_srce_t,
    47 usr_upd_uunm_i,
    48 ed_upd_m
    49 FROM itcsi.APP_CETRN
    50 WHERE app_i = p_app_i_old;
    51 elsif c2.Table_name = 'APP_GPC' Then
    52 Insert into itcsi.APP_GPC
    53 select p_app_i_new,
    54 gpc_dpnt_x,
    55 gpc_elemy_x,
    56 pro_i,
    57 dsw_gpn_i,
    58 ed_cntnt_srce_t,
    59 usr_usr_upd_uunm
    60 FROM itcsi.APP_GPC
    61 WHERE app_i = p_app_i_old;
    62 End if;
    63 End if;
    64 End loop;
    65 --Commit;
    66* End;
    SQL> /
    Warning: Procedure created with compilation errors.
    SQL> show errors
    20/2 PL/SQL: SQL Statement ignored
    37/23 PL/SQL: ORA-00942: table or view does not exist
    40/2 PL/SQL: SQL Statement ignored

    how do i check the grant?
    if am in my own schema,how do i connect to itcsi
    schema?if you are using a schema other than the ITCSI schema, you need to login as ITCSI. or if you have dba user account you can grant a privilege of
      GRANT ALL on ITCSI.APPS to <other SCHEMA>;

  • Stale Data Error in Last Page of the Table

    we are getting stale data error if we are performing any action in the Last Page of the Table.....
    It is working fine when we are performing an action on any other page... but when we are performing action on the Last Page of the Table we are encountering this Error
    Can someone please help me out of this Issue??

    if i click the next row's show hide then its shows the same result as ist row, and i try to use show/hide link more thann three times then it throws stale data error given below.
    >>> Seems like your VO linking is not proper. Does your VO have primary keys defined? Do you have any custom code on these VO?

  • InfoView - Error in File ...The table could not be found

    When I run the a report out of Crystal Reports 2008 Developer using a 32 bit ODBC data source Microsoft Visual FOxPro Driver, the report runs fine.   All of my reports run fine in the Crystal Developer
    But when I run the same report in Java SAP BusinessObjects InfoView Enterprixe XI, the same report would get an error:  The Table could not be found.   Other errors I would get:  Encapsulating page failed.  None of the reports work in InfoView, but they would work in the Crystal Developer.
    Our environment is Windows Server 2008 R2 on a 64-bit Dell PowerEdge Server.

    If you create the System DSN on the Server and test the connection does it work? If it does then BOE either can't find the DBF file or it doesn't have access to the folder.
    Check the permissions on the folder where the database files reside, if they are not local then map the driver where they do exist.

  • IDM with SQL server Error: Cannot find columns for the table...

    Hi all,
    I am Configuring IDM with SQL Server repository and ran into this error.
    'Cannot find columns for the table 'object'
    .....jdbc...[SQL Server]Invalid object name 'object'
    Can anybody please help me!!

    Yes, permissions are very important. I ran into a similar problem because I didn't have the correct permissions. Make sure the user has the following permissions:
    Also, make sure there is enough space in the default tablespace of that user.

  • JDBC receiver error: field not exist in the table

    But the field does exist.
    Columns  Name Data Type Size Scale Not NULL Default Value
    The Database is Oracle.
    Message processing failed. Cause: Error processing request in sax parser: Error when executing statement for table/stored proc. 'emp' (structure 'Statement1'): java.sql.SQLException: FATAL ERROR: Column 'flag' does not exist in table 'emp'.

    Does it have the field flag?? XI is case sensitive!!Check you have the correct spelling and case.
    Even if not workig use this same thread JDBC Problem Part III (SQL error?)
    Edited by: Dharamveer Gaur on Oct 10, 2008 7:56 AM

  • Error while adding space to the table space

    HI Gurus
    Can you please put some light on the error which i encountered while adding space to a tablespace
    ERROR at line 1:
    ORA-01119: error in creating database file '+DATA2'
    ORA-17502: ksfdcre:4 Failed to create file +DATA2
    ORA-15041: diskgroup space exhausted
    Any suggestion is highly apprciated .

    The "diskgroup space exhausted" is key.
    Try creating smaller files or adding disk space.
    ASM Disk Group Unbalanced :
    Best Regards

  • Problem with the XI-Audit log entries in the table "XI_AF_MSG_AUDIT"

    I have an async-szenarios for PO:
    We send Idoc's from SAP ERP to a WebService via SOAP. And we take Ack's. We use Integrationsprocess with deadline block to catche the errors after the retrying (three times) and to send they via e-mail.
    Our problem is, the number of the audit logs in the table "XI_AF_MSG_AUDIT":
    In the RTW only we see one audit log (with three retries) in an error case. But in the table XI_AF_MSG_AUDIT there are about 76 entries for the same audit log in the error case and about 20 entries in the case of the succuessfull processing.
    This number of the entries in the table causes problem with the size of the redo log file and delete job of cours the large size of the table and therefore problem on the data base. The table can not be controlled. The delete job can not run and cancels every time due this redo log problems
    What can cause that?
    How can it be prevented, that so much entries are not be made in the  table "XI_AF_MSG_AUDIT".
    Best regards

    Hi Gueltekin,
    I am only aware of the general property auditLogEnabled of J2EE Engine Service SAP XI AF Core, which controls in general (default = true) that entries in the AF Message Audit log are written at all.
    (see [|])
    I assume that your scenarios in the error case is sending up to three messages and for each message the number of audit log infos are created. You might want to check the detailed entries in the log and see from where they are comming, you might use customer modules etc. as well.
    Best regards,

  • How to get the count of the entries in the table view

    Hello experts,
             I have got a requirement where i need to display the total number of entries present in the table view, since the result comprises of several pages. This requirement is even applicable for the filter options in the table view i.e., if i use a filter it should count the total number of entries that satisfy the filter criteria.
    Thanks in advance,

    its simple,just place an input field in the layout and display the cpunt in that field.
    for that do as below,
    first in the layout of the page where you are giving tableview tab,in the next line give
    <b><htmlb:inputField id="Count"
                      disabled = 'X'/></b>
    to display the count in that input field which is disabled.
    and if i am mot wrong in the Initialization event, you are writing select query right to populate internal table.
    after that write,
    <b>describe table it_mara lines ln.</b>
    and define this ln in page attributes as type i.
    do award points f it helps u,
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            sowjanya s

  • KIND_OF_ENTRY field in the table CRMD_PARTNER is not getting populated

    Hi Friends,
    Iam working in CRM 5.0.
    In GUI, when i open an Oppurtunity and in the Sales Team tab, if i change the Partner value, then the entry 'KIND_OF_ENTRY' in the table CRMD_PARTNER is updated as 'C' for that particular line item in the header level. The value 'C' in KIND_OF_ENTRY field says 'Entered Manually'.
    But when I do the same operation in PCUI, the value is not getting updated. The KIND_OF_ENTRY field is blank in case of PCUI.
    Can anyone please tell me is this a configuration issue, or do I need to manually call the CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN function module to meet this requirement. Or Is there anyother way to solve this.
    Thanks & Regards,

    We are facing the same problem. How did you solve it?
    Thanks in advance

  • Another User Modified the table

    I have a user defined form, which is bound to Master-Data UDO.
    I have matrices in the form which is bound to its child objects.
    Following problem happens once in a while:
    When I press update button, I get the error message 'Another User Modified the table'.
    This is not consistent, but happens once in a while.
    My SBO version is 2007.
    In what situations you will get the error - "Another User Modified the table" ?
    Please help me with this.
    I'll appreciate your help.

    Hi Mahendra,
    Thanks for your reply.
    In my case, I take back-up of the database from client site and bringing into our in-house.
    If clients complained about record# 25, then the same record# has the 'Another user' issue in in-house also. (By record# I mean the Master UDO DocEntry#).
    So, I think the locking is stored in the database, rather than in a PC specific place.
    Please tell me any ideas you get in this angle.

  • Error message 'No entry in the table T589A for P 2'

    Hi all,
    I am updating the field of an infotype using the function module 'HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION'. But the function module is not updating the field. Instead the return key of the function module has the message
    'No entry in the table T589A for P2'. The function module is called as follows:
        infty                  = '9900'
        number                 = wf_pernr
        SUBTYPE                = P9900-SUBTY
      OBJECTID               =
      LOCKINDICATOR          =
        VALIDITYEND            = P9900-ENDDA
        VALIDITYBEGIN          = P9900-BEGDA
      RECORDNUMBER           =
        record                 = p9900
        operation              = 'MOD'
      TCLAS                  = 'A'
       DIALOG_MODE            = '0'
       NOCOMMIT               =
      VIEW_IDENTIFIER        =
      SECONDARY_RECORD       =
       RETURN                 = wf_return
       KEY                    = wf_key
    Please suggest.

    The table T589A is a configuration table pertaining to the pf status of the infotype. I changed the pf status of the infotype i.e. added my own buttons on application tool bar. May be cos of that it is giving error. Not sure.......

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