Experiences with replacing iPhoto 08 with iPhoto 06 ?

Hi there,
I have tried to live with iPhoto '08 for three months but this relationship is not working out. I would like to replace it with iPhoto '06 or move to Lightroom as my primary image library.
My question: Will iPhoto 06 be able to interface with other iLife 08 apps (especially iDVD and iWeb) or must I remove iLife 08 entirely and go back to iLife 06?
Thanks for your help.

You can go back as Thomas Wolf once said. (Actually he said you can't go home again). The organizational files, i.e. database files, of V7 is different from V6. All you can do is create a new iPhoto 6 library and import the Originals folder from the current library. iPhoto 6 should be able to interface with the newer iApps.
What problems have you been having with V7 and have you sought help for them here in the forum before?
TIP: For insurance against the iPhoto database corruption that many users have experienced I recommend making a backup copy of the Library6.iPhoto database file and keep it current. If problems crop up where iPhoto suddenly can't see any photos or thinks there are no photos in the library, replacing the working Library6.iPhoto file with the backup will often get the library back. By keeping it current I mean backup after each import and/or any serious editing or work on books, slideshows, calendars, cards, etc. That insures that if a problem pops up and you do need to replace the database file, you'll retain all those efforts. It doesn't take long to make the backup and it's good insurance.
I've created an Automator workflow application (requires Tiger), iPhoto dB File Backup, that will copy the selected Library6.iPhoto file from your iPhoto Library folder to the Pictures folder, replacing any previous version of it. It's compatible with iPhoto 08 libraries and Leopard. iPhoto does not have to be closed to run the application, just idle. You can download it at Toad's Cellar. Be sure to read the Read Me pdf file.

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  • How to completely replace iPhoto with Aperture

    I would love to use Aperture for all my image-handling, but it seems iPhoto is hard-coded into the OS X workflow. For instance, when right-clicking images on the web, there's the possibility to save to iPhoto. Same thing thing when doing a slideshow in Preview, there's an option to add pictures directly to iPhoto.
    Does anyone here know how to completely replace iPhoto with Aperture?
    (ps: did search in the forum here, but couldn't find anything about this)

    I would love to use Aperture for all my
    image-handling, but it seems iPhoto is hard-coded
    into the OS X workflow. For instance, when
    right-clicking images on the web, there's the
    possibility to save to iPhoto. Same thing thing when
    doing a slideshow in Preview, there's an option to
    add pictures directly to iPhoto.
    Does anyone here know how to completely replace
    iPhoto with Aperture?
    (ps: did search in the forum here, but couldn't find
    anything about this)
    Hi, you seem to be right, although I've never used that myself, it made me go off and test it myself.
    However, you can use the 'save image to <my-downloads-folder>' feature, and then import the images into Aperture. Which is what I've been doing anyway. It's a two step process for sure, but it'll work.
    I'm very much like you, and trying to swap from iPhoto to Aperture. I have to say that I haven't actually run iPhoto since I got Aperture though.
    PowerMac G5 DP 1.8   Mac OS X (10.4.8)   2.5GB RAM, Formac Gallery

  • Miserable experience with replacement LG Fathom, that replaced defective TP2

    It does freeze.
    Alarms don't work right
    I use the alarms & those didn't work right. I had set 1 for 9:30 pm & 1 for 10 pm,  The 10 pm one got up to 12 alarms--even though only 1 was set. Tech support wanted me to do a hard reboot but wasn't very thrilled about that as I would then have to reinstall software & re-set up linking & set up email all over again.
    After awhile I turned off the alarms. But they still went off. I did check--they were turned off. & then it got so the 9:30 one would freeze the whole phone. I couldn't activate the buttons to make it stop or snooze---they didn't respond & the whole phone was frozen so I would have to reset.
    Finally I deleted both alarms & set them up again. Working better, but again the 9:30 one has about 6 alarms that go off so I have to stop each one. I think one time I stopped all & the 10 pm one didn't go off. They are supposed to help remind me to start windiing down--the 9:30 one & then to seriously shut down the computer & get ready for bed.
    Sometimes they don't seem to go off or accidentally get turned off.
    Volume buttons can get bumped & turn to silen so calls missed
    Another issue is that the volume up down buttons can get bumped. A while ago I was trying to set up a drs appt I think it was & was waiting for a call back. I finally called them back when I hadn't heard. I think they said they had tried to call. Later I saw that they had--4x but I discovered the volume was turned off so I missed those important calls.  Not good.
    The keyboard is not very nice.
    Downgrade replacement for defective TP2
    This was a replacement for my defective Touch Pro 2. I had paid for that top of the line phone, & in CA we have to pay sales tax on the full list price!  Someone (obviously going by the specs, not actual usage) raved about how this phone was supposed to be so super. NOT.  The list price was about half that of the TP2. It doesn't have the digital voice recorder the TP2 did, nor a lot of the HTC features that I liked & used like the automatic vibrate for appts that were listed as busy. & I really miss the way that I was able to set several cities up in world clock & then I could easily see what time it was & what the weather was. Nice when friends were in those ciities.
    The keyboard on this is smaller & I keep getting periods in the middle of the sentence when typing emails which then makes the next letter a capital &makes it hard to read. It has 1 less row in the keyboard. The phone is smaller than the TP2, so easier to carry, but harder to see.
    Someone called me on Thanksgiving & I didn't recognize the area code, but I was trying to answer & must have accidentally used the wrong slider so the call disappeared. Then there was some icon at the top, but it was so small I couldn't really tell that it was a voice mail indicator, so I didn't check until way late at night.
    Verizon called this an upgrade--even though it was actually a replacement for a top of the line phone (the TP2 was a cool phone, if only it had worked well but it got so that it would randomly change orientation while I was trying to read an email, & it got so the backlight wouldn't always come on & sometimes even after pressing it multiple times) but I would call this a downgrade. While the processor is about 2x as fast as the TP2, it doesn't really work noticeably faster. I guess that's the winmob OS.
    Win mobile issues
    & of course then Microsoft did a # on users of WinMob 6.5 when they came out with Windows phone 7 which is totally incompatible. So phones that ran 6.5 can't run 7 & the software is incompatible. I had gotten it for busines where we had aps that needed 6.5.
    It has been a miserable experience with both of these phones, when I bought the TP2 I went for the premium phone, planning to keep it for over 2 years. Instead it had multiple issues its 1st year which I put up with for months. Finally got the replacement Fathom, which again, Verizon kept calling an upgrade but its really a downgrade.  I had paid for a top of the line phone, & got an inferior phone, smaller keyboard, & screen, less features & it doesn't work so well.
    Are smart phones less reliable than regular cell phones?
    I don't know if smart phones in general are less relaible than regular cell phones or what, but my experience has been very frustrating all the way. These are supposed to be productivity enhancers. Instead I've had way too many issues, & often tech support, while usually nice & trying to help, they didn't always know what they were talking about.
    Want a reliable smart phone that does what it is supposed to do--feel ripped off
    So I'm frustrated with this not very reliable phone & want to get a reliable phone. But I sure wasn't planning to have to buy a new phone this soon. My previous phone was a basic LG flip phone with speaker & no camera & that thing just worked so I kept it for about 5 years until I needed the win mob phone for biz. I no longer need it for that, & it isn't working very well, but I don't really want to spend the $ for a new phone right now.
    Really frustrated with the bad experiences with both phones.  I feel like I didn't get what I paid for & again I went for a top of the line phone, intending to keep it for several years, not expecting all the problems I've had with both phones. btw, the Fathom retail price was about half that of the TP2, even though the 2 yr agreement price was the same. but in CA we pay sales tax on the full retail.
    I would like to be able to get another smart phone that is really reliable like an iPhone, but really wasn't planning on buying a new phone this soon.

    Greetings caatkins4,
    When your phone is the lifeline to your job, it would be most frustrating to experience issues such as the ones you've described, especially if you do not have a back up in place for when things go wrong. All of our phones are tested to make sure they meet the manufacturer’s specifications before being sent out. It is regretful to hear that the refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 3 you received may not have met these specifications once it was in your hands.
    I was able to review your services when I located your Geek Squad Protection plan with the email address you registered with the forum. Unfortunately, at this time we would only be able to provide you with another replacement. It appears we've already created the service order necessary, and presently, it appears that a tracking number has been created for your replacement phone. It should ship soon if it hasn't already, as it sometimes takes up to 24 hours for UPS to update their shipping information.
    I apologize if this is of any inconvenience to you. If you should have any questions, please feel welcome to reach out to me.
    Tasha|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
     Private Message

  • Your heat experiences with the MBP 13 2012

    Looking to buy a new machine, actually I already picked one, I'm going for a MPB 13.3inch i7 (2012).
    Even though, I read a lot of people saying around the internet, that this machine tends to heat a LOT.
    I want to know your personal experience with the mbp13 (2012 please, i7 experience would be even better). All kind of people welcome to share, from web-browsing like facebook, to word processing and even video edition or gamers (if you managed to play something on this ).

    Good, because I have the Mid 2012 MacBook Pro 13-inch Non-Retina. I would say this computer really doesn't get hot at all. With your average Internet browsing with nothing else opened this computer is relatively cool and the fan is quiet. If you have multiple applications opened such as Safari, iTunes, Notes, and iPhoto for example, it gets a little warm but the fan is still just as quiet. Now video editing/gaming. When I am editing a YouTube video or playing a game (depending on how graphic intensive/big the game is) alone with nothing else opened, the computer gets fairly warm and the fan is louder. Now if I am editing a video/gaming and have other applications opened the fan can get really loud and the computer can get really hot. When I say 'really hot' I mean REALLY hot, because this is made out of aluminum the outside surface of the MacBook Pro can get even more hot then the inside. Keep in mind that the heat is different depending on what surface I'm on because on my pants, bed, couch, etc. it would be hotter but on a table it would be substantially cooler.
    Hope this helps,
    - Daniel 

  • Share my experiences with the B520 Model

    I have purchased the Lenovo All-In-One desktop computer model B520 on Nov 15th. It arrived in my office on Nov 21st.  It’s been a month now after using it, I would like to share my thoughts about it.
    Saves space, this is the biggest advantage of AIO desktop; this is the primary reason that why I have switched.  Computers with a case and a separated monitor is a big issue for me. I never liked these cables for mouse, keyboard, speakers, …etc. it causes a huge mess under the desk. Now, with the All-in-one style, everything is simplified.  The only cable I need for this B520 Lenovo desktop is for the power source.  It’s designed with different wireless technologies. Mouse and Keyboard are connected through Bluetooth; The system has build-in with the latest 802.11b.g.n WiFi wireless technology.  It also has the enhanced integrated 5.0 speakers system that supports SRS Premium Sound Audio.
    High Performance,  out of all the All-In-One desktop models out there in the market, this machine has the highest hardware specifications. Quad Core Intel 2nd Generation CPU i72600 with Hyper Thread Technology.  This is a really powerful CPU, it gives its best performance when it comes with Video Rendering and image processing.  Word processing and gaming is a piece of cake for the it to handle. I do a lot of video editing so I will only chose this model of CPU.
    The B520 model also comes wit a Nvidia Geforce GT555M.  This is a middle class close to a high end video card.  It handles most of the 3D games in an acceptable setting, but will not be able to run games like BF3 or Crysis kind of games in high settings.  This machine is not for serious gamers, because All-in-one desktops has the performance bottleneck with the video card. Computer manufacturing have to keep down the power it consumes to prevent the machine from over heating.  High end video cards all have a very high demand for powers, at same time produces huge amount of heat.  This is why there are a lot of people start to customize their own computer cases with water cooling system. It is more sophisticated and comes with a lot of trouble.  If you want to have something easy, well organized, and just simply works, go for All-In-One.  You will love it.
    The Lenovo B520 comes with a Touch Screen, which I don’t usually use that often. If there are kids in the family, it will be a fun toy for them to play with. What I like better, is the Bluetooth mouse. The unique part about this mouse is that it has a build in gravitational sensor, means, this mouse is functional in the middle of nowhere, even hanging in the air.  You can imagine using it like a Wii game controller.Just move the mouse and wave it in the air and you will see the cursor on the screen goes where ever you are pointing. How accurate is it? very accurate!! it’s is more sensitive and feels better than using a Wii controller.  Lenovo has pre-install some games that can be played interactively with the mouse. The screen is 23″, so it would be a fun experience. I don’t have any kids in the house, so I uninstalled them all to save some disk spaces and speed up the system a little bit.
    The keyboard and mouse are both connected by Bluetooth; I also noticed that every time when I start the computer, it takes about 2-3 seconds for them to become effective. I assume Lenovo has designed it with a “sleep feature” for this two devices; it helps to save battery and extend the replacement cycle.
    The computer also comes with a 3D glasses. The touch screen has a very high refreshing rate(120Mhz) which is better for the eyes. The screen works interactively with the 3D glasses. When the computer is playing a movie in 3D format, when I wear the 3D glasses and facing the screen, it automatically turns on and I am in 3D mode!!! It supports a lot of 3D games too!!  The feeling in a racing car 3D game is UNBELIEVABLY REAL!!  I love it so much!  It’s a TOTALLY NEW LEVEL of gaming experience!
    Also, Lenovo has designed 4 slots for memory modules.  they have installed 8GB onto two slots and there are another 2 slots available to use.  This is very useful for people like me demands for more rams.  It also provides four USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0 port; more than any other All-in-one desktops on the market. The 5 in-one card reader is convenient for uploading photos from cameras.  two HDMI ports, I can also connect my PS3 or Xbox360 to it if I want to use it’s 3D touch screen. It has a building TV tuner, so watching TV on it is another feature.
    Even the computer is very well designed, as a high end user I found there are still a couple places that Lenovo can improve.
    1. Lenovo has researched and developed this RapidDrive technology; I see this is an option on the Spec-sheet for the product, but I never had the chance to upgrade it.  I demand for a high disk performance; I was a little disappointed when I found out that I wasn’t able to install another SSD high performance disk into the computer. I had to take out the 2TB standard disk drive and replace it with the SSD. It would be really nice if I can have the high performance SSD installed as the system drive, and the HD installed as the storage drive.  The RapidDrive technology may become failing out now, because it was from those years that SSD weren’t popularly used.  Compare to the present, SSD is getting more and more popular, the SSD is improving it’s performance and lowering it’s cost.  In the next one or two years, the RapidDrive technology will likely become a history.
    2. I have opened the B520 model to see the inside modules. I see there are still plenty of spaces that Lenovo engineer can use to expand the upgrade capacities. I can use some simple tools to modify the inside body a little bit to fit another hard drive, but it stopped me from doing it because there is not another power cord connector. Those extra mSata connectors are sitting there and watching me could do anything about it;  = (
    3. Lenovo technical support did not have a most updated tech sheet for their system.  Again, I am a tech kind of guy. I was looking for a manual to better understanding the B520 motherboard.(so I can modify it and add some extra hardware to it)  I have called their technical support, talked to people, went through their online data base,  they weren’t able to provide me this manual.  The lastest information they have is for the previous model. The B520 Model I have a the newest I believe. Lenovo should keep up with their technical support, and be prepare for experienced users.
    I am satisfied with it. I feel I have made a great purchase.  Would be nice it I can install an additional SSD in there.  Would nice if they can put a high end video card in there.  Good for home offices, and home entertainments. Not recommended for hardcore gamer.
    Price: 4.5 / 5
    Performance: 4.5 / 5
    Exterior Design: 5 / 5
    Interior Design: 3.5 / 5
    Customer Service: 4.5 / 5
    Time from order to receive the product: QUICKLY
    Other thoughts:
    When I was doing my research on All-In-One, here are the reasons that why I have chosen Lenovo:
    1.Sony has a well designed for their product, but the price is high. Most importantly, the video card they have is Nvidia Geforce 540M GT, and it only supports 8GB of ram, not 16 GB.
    2. Toshiba has terrible customer services for technical support. I had a very bad experience with them. I believe they have out sourced it to India base companies.  When the computer is out of warranty after 1 year, they charge a $35(or $30)dollars troubleshooting fee.  I think this is ridiculous to charge the consumer to talk over the phone to find what is the problem with their product.
    3. Dell has better customer service than Toshiba; They do not charge for talking and providing the technical support after warranty, but when it comes with parts replacement, that is something we have to pay which is understandable.  However, one thing I really don’t like Dell computers is that they install a LOT of junks onto your machine when you buy it.  It’s fully loaded with all these third party softwares who pays Dell for more users.  It not only slows down the system, but also generate a lot of garbage uses a lot of disk space.  I will reconsider to buy Dell if they give me a clean & Junk-free windows.
    4. iMac is also a good choice because it’s well designed too. but I did not chose it because it has very limited expansion ports and they charge insanely more for hard-wares upgrade.  They have extreme control over their product from customer modification. They don’t even allow the consumer to replace the hard drive themselves.
    5. HP also has wonderful All-In-Ones, but their hardware specs seems weak. Never dealt with HP customer service before, so I will not say anything about their customer services. Hopefully it’s better than Toshiba.  = )
    also been posted on my personal blog

    Thank you for replying.
    Where I can buy a seperate RapidDrive?
    I couldn't find it on the marcket, or on shop.lenovo.com  /  http://www.lenovospareparts.com/
    With the mSata power splitter, there is a problem.
    The data portion and the power portion shares the same connector I belive. I have thought of it but don't know how to make it possible.  any suggestions?
    the only thing I can find is this :  http://www.microcenter.com/single_product_results.phtml?product_id=0317944   
    but I still need to convert the power connector because it's 4 pin molex;. I guess it should work if I use another 6" Molex to SATA Power Cable Adapter.  
    Also, I couldn't find which is the SATA 3.0 and Which is the SATA 6.0 connector.  SSD will have a huge difference in performace with a SATA 6.0 connector.   This is confusing because on the B520 Spec sheet it stated both.  I was looking for it's manual to identify, but no one can provides it. Last time when I called, they forwarded my call to Intel.  LOL!  I was like, **bleep**?  It's a board you used and you dont have a manual for it?
    Thanks  again!

  • My experience with iPhone 4

    Hey ,
    Thought it may be useful for some on my own personal experience with the new iPhone 4.
    Bought the iPhone 4 last Friday , was please upon my purchase, excited to upgrade from my iPhone 3G to all the nice new features.
    Firstly I was quite pleased with the new sleek design and the feeling of a quality product in the grasp of my hand. I proceeded to turn on the phone and was greeted by a new display with nice clarity and detail. The first thing in my mind to do was to check out the new camera and video capabilities, I was quite impressed... That is until I took a photo with a White background which then revealed orange spots.
    As soon as I seen the orange spots on the screen my first reaction was to search the Internet to see what the he'll they were, upon my search I disciscovered it was the bonding agent and that it should disappear within a couple of days. Not being too happy with paying a premium price for a premium product and receiving sub standard quality my intention was to bring the phone back to the apple store for a replacement the following day.
    Before I made a return to the apple store I thought I would see what other users were experiencing if anything , as always with new products introduced on the market there could be some teething problems. I wasn't disappointed, I found that there is a major issue with the antena and dropped calls as well as the proximity sensor issue, both of which I had been experincing.
    The antena issue was only a concern when I indeed held the phone in my left hand and not the right, however like many I wasn't satisfied that the phone could only be held in a certain way so that it was useable, this disappointed me further and made my mind up that bringing the phone back was the correct decision.
    The proximity señor issue might I add was quite frankly irritating as my face would end calls.
    Upon my arrival (Sunday) I was met by quite an arrogant sales rep who I explained my issues to, he insisted that he couldn't help and that I would need to make a genius bar appointment to see one of the many highly trained , military style technical wizards. All I wanted was a replacement but no an appointment need to be made and the only slot available was the following Thursday. Now usually my experience with faulty products is bring it back and get it replace there and then, not through appointment, however I appreciated the fact that the phone was in much demand and there wasn't much I could do until my appointment.
    On the Thursday I arrived at my appointment at the genius bar and explained my issues to the technical guy who was much more helpful than the previous sales rep. He replaced my iPhone 4 merely for the fact of the proximity sensor and not orange blobs or antena issues. As a result of the replacement the orange blobs and proximity sensor issues have been resolved, however the antena issue still remains.
    My situation at the moment is quite confusing, do I bring the phone back and get a full refund in mind of maybe having the phone on a lengthy contract while it actually can't make calls or drops calls if held in a certain way, or do I wait and see if the apple software fix resolves the problems. Idealy the software fix will come within the time frame were I have the ability to bring the phone back for a refund. I think many are in the same :position as myself.
    Posted from my iphone

    i am having sort of the same issue. as of now, i already have to send my phone back after one day of usage because i can hardly hear the other person on the other end of the phone. when i make or receive calls, have to turn up the volume to it's highest to hear anything at all. And from what i hear, it sounds like the person is a 100 yards away. my hands don't even touch the outside black line. and i still can hardly hear them. are you having this same issue?

  • My experience with the Z2

    Hi there!
    I decided to register on this forum as to be able to share my personal experience with the Sony Xperia Z2 thus far.
    To start i want to make it clear that i personally believed this phone offered a rather good experience at first, unfortunately like some other users i too started to notice the phone had its issues which needless to say take away from this 'great' experience it has to offer.
    So lets begin.
    The first Sony Xperia Z2 i received had a lot of issues, this one was a 14w20 version:
    - The device had quite a few scratches on the sides OUT of the box, which nearly made it impossible for me to return it .......
    - The MicroSD flap was not leveled and would stick out very noticeably
    - The Camera lens was not centered
    - The phone had gaps in the upper right corner and the lower left corner which were also very noticeable
    - The phone would not record 4k longer than 2 minutes before it would heat up ( tried multiple times )
    - The pictures would have a very strange colour to them, sort of neon'ish
    - Charging was extremely slow, i specifically used your standard usb cable and i used the Z2 dock, neither had effect
    - The back side would make a very annoying squeeking sound when pressed, even slight pressure would do so
    - The WiFi would be terrible, since i travel a bit i tried it on different networks with pretty much the same results at home and at the office, my other devices have no issues whatsoever nor have they ever had any issues like this device
    - The call quality was rather mediocre, quite a few contacts noticed during calls that they had to concentrate more in comparison to my other devices as to understand what i was saying
    - The 'close cover message' which pops up once you open your flaps would appear out of nowhere, whilst my flaps were closed properly
    To be honest with you there were other issues as well but i think the upper list is rather enough to understand the interest for a replacement.
    And so i did, i had this one replaced for another one, i was barely able to convince my supplier to replace this one due to the scratches it had which they would not believe were present on the device out of the box.
    The second Sony Xperia Z2 was also a 14w20 and.. unfortunately.. it too has issues :
    - The gap issue is present on this one as well, same locations as aforementioned but a tad smaller
    - Recording in 4k now has increased up to 4 minutes before it stops recording, i find this unacceptable
    - The mechanism for open flaps is a good idea were it not for the fact that this device also keeps saying the flaps are open. When they are not I could configure it to stop notifying me but what if some day i go swimming and i believe the flaps are closed since the device does not say they are open and i take a dive? I find this very inconvenient ..
    - Call quality has not improved, my contacts say it sounds muffled and after asking my partner to switch our phones and try calling i totally agree it sounds muffled and one has to concentrate as to understand what the other side is saying ....
    - The WiFi issue is present on this device as well, now i noticed that i have to shut it down and power it back on again as to 'fix' the issue with streaming, i experience it on YouTube, Netflix, Facebook videos and others.
    I also noticed that it d/c's often than not, i tried downloading a 10gb file as to see what happens and it literally stopped
    more than i can count. My other devices do not have this issue... tried this at home and at the office as well.
    - The battery charging issue continues on this one as well, to be sure that it is not related to the electricity at home i took the dock with me everywhere i went and charged it where i could, needless to say it did not matter at all
    I encourage people to test their phones and decide for themselves and not just buy into what i am saying, remember this is my experience with it and yours can be different.
    For me, unfortunately.. i will be returning this one as well and will consider purchasing something else but nowadays it seems personally that quality is hard to find..

    I'm far from impressed with mine. Very similar issues and also a cracked bezel. Unless my issues are resolved I'll be going back to an iPhone. At least if there is a hw problem they swap it out there and then. None of this sending away and being without you phone rubbish.

  • My In Store Experience With Droid Razr Battery Life

    I have a Droid Razr. I took it into a local store because my battery life is HORRIBLE. The phone had been off the charger for 1h40m minutes and it was already at 60%. The CSR told me it would take 40 minutes. When I came back he told me the test said the battery "was fine", and he went on to explain that it had only gone down 10% in the 40 minutes which is pretty bad. I left and checked the phone and it was at 40%. I thought I could get the battery replaced or possibly get a new phone but he just gave me the information and walked away. I had to track him down to ask him another unrelated question.
    the battery has been on the charger the past few days more then i have been using it. i can't make a full day on a 100% charge, not even a half day. I charge at least once during the day, and around when im going to bed.

        Hi there Sas1983!
    Having a battery that will last is definitely important! I'm so sorry for the less than super experience with your phone and at the store location. I would be delighted to provide some information and suggestions.
    4G LTE Smartphones run a different radio so battery life is a little bit different. As you already know you can't remove the battery from your Razr so we absolutely want to ensure it's good! 
    You can manage your phone by using Smart Actions on your phone. Here's some information: http://search.verizonwireless.com/?q=smart actions razr&x1=t1&q1=support
    You can also close running applications easily by "double tapping" the Home Key and then swiping the open applications to the right to close them.
    Let me know how these additional steps help!
    Follow us on Twitter @vzwsupport

  • 5300 RAM showing up as 3200 in Quad, any experience with this problem?

    Hello, just received a 2 gig kit for my G5 Quad (2 - 1 gig sticks from Crucial). System Profiler shows it's speed at 3200, lower than the original 512 RAM which is 4200. Crucial says it will only reach 4200, but why is the new RAM showing up at 3200? Tried removing original RAM and only using the new, same speed displayed - 3200.
    Has anyone had any experience with this oddity? Any idea if the RAM is not performing or the Mac is not giving accurate speed data?
    Thanks, Steve

    Memory identified as PC2600 in MDD
    Apple Hardware Test identifies the computer's memory as "PC2600" rather than "PC2700".
    Products affected
    * Power Mac G4 (Mirrored Drive Doors)
    * Apple Hardware Test version 1.2.6
    There is nothing wrong with your computer's memory. This issue is addressed in Apple Hardware Test 1.2.7. If you have version 1.2.6 and are experiencing this issue, contact AppleCare for a replacement disc.
    Apple is aware of that. It first showed up in 10.3.0 and has been there ever since. The issue with the above DDR2 is I think different and unique.
    With the MDD, Apple used Micron in the system I got, and I added Crucial. Both show up as '2600.'

  • Very unhappy experience with iTunes Store

    Hi I'm writing this piece to share my unpleasant experience with Apple.
    Before this event, I'm a keen supporter of apple products especially its iTunes Store. Instead of buying music album CDs from music publishing companies, I prefer to purchase songs from iTunes Store. My reason is if my songs are bought from the iTunes Store, they will be in the Apple's cloud. So whenever any of my devices does not have a song, I can easily download it from the cloud.  I can also play the song from the cloud via Apple TV without the hassle of turning on other devices like ipad, iPhone or my computer.  It was a wonderful concept and a great experience.
    However, all these good experience crushed to ground zero after this event happened.  I purchased a music album from iTunes Store a year plus ago.  Recently, I found this album was not available for me anymore. I could not download the songs in the album from iTunes Store. Finding this a bit strange, I went to check the iTunes Store. I found that the music album was still available but the cover was slightly different from the one that I had purchased before. However, the album's title, the songs, the names of the songs and the artist are still the same in this album. But this album was not under 'Purchased' in my account anymore.
    I called the Apple support. They said the current one in iTunes Store was a 'modified' album. The 'old' album that I purchased was not available anymore. Although the songs are the same, there was no way I could access the 'old' album which I had purchased. If I wanted to access the songs again, I had to purchase this 'modified' album again!  They could not tell me the reasons why a 'modified' album had replaced an 'old' album despite the songs, the album's title and the artist are the same. They said I should be responsible to back up the soft copy of the songs in my computer when I purchased the songs last time.  Next, they gave me links that point to the legal policies of iTunes Store. The support also said I could not escalate this issue any further. He said there was no one to escalate after him.
    After this event, I think through and come up with my own conclusion.  There is no more attraction  for me in buying a music album from iTunes Store over buying a music album cd. If I buy from iTunes Store, I need to store the soft copy in my local computer. If I buy a music album CD, I also need to rip it and save a soft copy too. Worse is, although I purchase it in iTunes Store, my access to it in iTunes Store may be taken away any time. However if I buy a music album cd, assuming I have not done anything illegal with the songs, I don't think, on any day, a music publishing company will knock on my door and ask me to return the CD back with no refund.
    In that case, buying a CD has more advantages. I can rip the songs and store them in my devices for my own enjoyment. I have the lyrics of the songs which most albums from iTunes Store don't have. I have nice physically wonderful music covers that i can ask the artists to autograph on them.  Some CDs also have DVDs attached. And one last thing, music companies will not take back my CDs!
    I'm not sure any Apple management staff will ever read this but that is ok. I just hope my friends are aware of this.
    One last last thing, I think this is:
    "A small back leap for me but a big back leap for cloud business."
    An ex fan of iTunes Store
    14 May 2014

    There has never been any guarantee that anything will be available in the future.
    You should never rely on this for your backup.  You should always keep everything on your computer and always back up your computer.
    You seem to be over reacting a bit.

  • Any experience with coolbook?

    Does anyone have any experience with coolbook on the Macbook unibody? I am constantly running mine with one proc full out for hours on end and noticed that the CPU is at 80 C and the fans are at about 2.5k, so I figure if I could under volt a little I could get the CPU temp down a little. Pushing the fans up seems like a bad idea to me because that ages them faster.
    Also, the idea of being able to keep the processor's speed down when I am not plugged in sounds good to be because I am almost never doing anything that I care to do quickly.
    Also, does anyone have an experience with coolbook and apple care? i.e. getting heck from Apple b/c it was installed?

    Hi Paul Bailey,
    I just bought Coolbook for my 15' Macbook Pro Unibody (2.4ghz) yesterday. I recently asked your very question about Coolbook and warranty / AppleCare and the response I received from iVmichael was that it would be fine (thread visible here: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?messageID=10132068&#10132068 ). I read the Coolbook instructions yesterday and it said that Coolbook couldn't damage your processor. I did some experimenting with it and even putting the highest speed at the lowest voltage it would let me use on Coolbook only resulted in a kernel panic which just told me to turn the computer off, which I did. When I turned it back on, there were no problems at all so I don't think you'll run into problems with Coolbook or at the very least, that's been my experience.
    I played around with the voltages a bit however I found that for most things I do, it didn't make a noticeable difference. I mostly just use my Macbook Pro for web browsing and email, which are already very well handled at cool temperatures by Apple.
    I think the one thing to keep in mind is that even if by lowering the processor speed you're able to use less power through undervolting, you'll then end up with the processor working more time (eg. 2.4ghz processor will finish an encoding job much faster than a 1.8ghz processor) and that higher speed processor might actually end up being a better fit because once it finishes the demanding tasks, it'll underclock itself while the slower Coolbook-enabled processor is still working at most likely a higher frequency + voltage.
    From what I've read, everyone's Macbook Pro will have different results with Coolbook, as some of the Intel chips are willing to run (and be stable) at lower voltages than others, so some people will get more (or less) benefit than I experienced. I was able to get mine to run at 2.4ghz while using 1.0625 volts instead of the default of 1.1375 volts, so my CPU is running about 7% more power efficiently now. I had similar power efficiency improvements experimenting with different speed/voltage combinations. One thing to watch when lowering voltages is that some people have experienced a Core getting disabled (because not enough power is flowing to keep both enabled). If lowering the voltage causes this, you might find your Macbook Pro getting hotter instead of cooler, especially if doing anything that on one CPU causes it to constantly work at it's maximum performance.
    I'm not sure how much of a difference +7% CPU power efficiency would make in battery life, however mine seems to run about 2-3 degrees Celsius cooler which is nice, although it wasn't bothering me at the higher temperature. What I've heard mentioned in other threads on the Apple Discussion forums is that a cooler running Macbook Pro's battery should be able to go through more charging cycles than a warmer running one because of the effect heat has on the duration of a battery's life, so that's another definite plus.
    For battery life, you should get a pretty good extension (better than Coolbook) by lowering the Macbook Pro's LCD/LED brightness to the minimum or as low as you can tolerate if you aren't doing that already. I've heard that even not having the keys backlit when on battery power can add about 45 minutes to battery life as well. For the $10 Coolbook costs, it's worth it in my opinion.
    As for experimenting with fan speed, I definitely think it's a bad idea to have the fan running at max speed or ramping it up substantially over the default Apple settings. Like you said, it'll make the fan age faster and I've heard replacement fans aren't all that cheap (especially when you factor in labor). I really wouldn't know the answer to this, so I'm just speculating, however I personally would see fan failure resultant from smcfancontrol (or another fan speed program) as the Macbook Pro owner's fault and clearly not the fault of Apple if the fan were to fail because it's being used for extended periods of time at substantially higher speeds than it was intended to run at. I've seen some people say it wouldn't affect the warranty, however I think it's best that you contact AppleCare directly and ask just to be safe if this is something you're considering doing -- I haven't managed to come across an official answer from Apple.
    What I think is a good idea would be to increase the minimum fan speed a bit. My Macbook Pro fans usually run at around 2000rpm, so by increasing the fan speed to 2200rpm, I make it run a bit cooler while presumably not doing much to shorten fan lifespan. I may perhaps even be increasing fan lifespan as it now takes longer before the fans need to run at a higher rpm because they're doing a better job at keeping the Macbook Pro running within it's designed thermal envelope.

  • Any experiences with editing 50+ MB files.

    I'm thinking about getting a new camera later this year which outputs file sizes of 50-100 MB. This would mean that I also have to upgrade my Mac since I feel that my 2008 C2D (8MB ram and SSD) has reached it's limit at 25MB (16 MP) raw files.
    Does anyone have experience with such large files? What Mac do you use and what would you recommend in terms of performance? I'd love to have a MacBook Air but it might not be powerful enough. Not sure about that. How big is the practical difference in performance between the MBA, MBP, Mini, iMac?
    Thanks for any advice...

    We do not know specifics of how Aperture utilizes discrete graphics cards but in the past solid graphics were a necessity. E.g. Apple's strongest G5 tower would not run Aperture until an upgraded  graphics card was installed. Boxes that rely only on integrated graphics like MBAs and Minis are not recommended.
    Usually a good general feeling of relative graphics performance can be obtained by diligently perusing the tests at barefeats.com. Note that Aperture-specific testing is IMO only marginally relevant, but overall graphics app performance is IMO very relevant.
    I use a 17" i7 MBP with SSD and 16 GB RAM. It works well as a desktop-replacement box, but my RAW files are only 20-30 MB size. My Aperture/Photoshop workflow was paging out at 8 GB RAM before I upgraded to 16 GB RAM. Odds are that 16 GB will work fine with your big files but if I was moving to a MF DSLR I would be a bit concerned about only having 16 GB RAM as the maximum available.
    Personally to obtain mobility I would sacrifice the ability to to exceed 16 GB RAM but I would only do it with Apple's strongest mobile GPU available at purchase time. I.e., the top MBP.
    If you do choose to give up mobility plan on a 32-GB box when price comparing. Personally I would go with a cylindrical Mac Pro not an iMac because the stock Mac Pro graphics are far stronger and the Mac Pro is upgradable.
    All the good choices (MP, top MBP, top iMac) all have more than enough CPU. IMO in 2014 we can mostly ignore CPU as regards purchase decision making on the top boxes.
    512 GB SSD for boot is IMO a mandatory minimum for any new Aperture box in 2014. Note also that if you do create a RAM-intensive workflow that does page out 16 GB RAM the deleterious effects of paging out are substantially ameliorated by SSD.
    My 02.

  • Any kind of integration experience with Weblogic JMS and Oracle AQ?

    In my company I work with java developers who believe in some kind of "holly" database independence I don't understand and as a result my life as a database developer is hell on earth.. Yesterday we again started to discuss, this time where to log, they believe database is slow and prefer logging to filesystem, after some hours finally I could convince them for some operational and reporting needs to use the database and will do this in an asyncronous way whiich they won't get slow. After all I believe the reason for a database is data, this is the place where data lives, and with the correct desing and implementation logging to database would perform better.
    I love Oracle features, and know that we paid a lot for this software, so today I started investigating this promised solution. And quickly I found AQ and JMS topics in the documentation :)
    After this introduction here is my problem; my company use BEA Weblogic as application server and the java guys want AQ to automatically (but of course with some delay) take their JMS log requests into database tables. Does any one have similar application experience, or any kind of integration experience with Weblogic JMS and Oracle AQ?
    Any comments, references, documentation, sample code, url will be most welcomed :)
    Thank you very much!
    [email protected]
    References I found upto now;
    Oracle® Streams Advanced Queuing Java API Reference 10g Release 2 (10.2) http://download-uk.oracle.com/docs/cd/B19306_01/server.102/b14291/toc.htm
    (Packages; javax.jms & oracle.jms)
    Oracle® Streams Advanced Queuing User's Guide and Reference 10g Release 2 (10.2) http://download-uk.oracle.com/docs/cd/B19306_01/server.102/b14257/toc.htm
    Part IV
    Using Oracle JMS and Oracle Streams AQPart V describes how to use Oracle JMS and Oracle Streams Advanced Queuing (AQ).
    Chapter 11, "Introducing Oracle JMS"
    Chapter 12, "Oracle JMS Basic Operations"
    Chapter 13, "Oracle JMS Point-to-Point"
    Chapter 14, "Oracle JMS Publish/Subscribe"
    Chapter 15, "Oracle JMS Shared Interfaces"
    Chapter 16, "Oracle JMS Types Examples"
    A Sample Code from Otn

    I wouldn't go as far to say Oracle AQ is out-dated today. However, it is indeed a proprietary technology that did not found much main-stream adoption in the earlier years after its introduction. The advent of JMS made it somewhat more useful (or should I say intriguing, because more people are trying to tie it together with other J2EE technologies), but the Oracle's JMS wrapper classes in aqapi.jar were not feature complete for a long while, so using it outside Oracle's application server was painful, if not impossible. I do agree that the info at the dev2dev's JMS newsgroup or in this forum is highly fragmented, as neither Oracle nor BEA provides an official solution to integrate AQ with WebLogic, so people like us have to learn the technology through experimentation and in a piecemeal fashion.
    3 years ago I was literally "playing around" - we had a polling mechanism set up to use triggers to write Oracle data changes into an event table, and had a Java-based daemon to scan that table and publish events as JMS messages to the WebLogic JMS server. This continues to work reliably till today, but I was looking for a solution that has few parts - I wanted to hook up my WebLogic MDB directly to AQ as a foreign JMS provider. Although I was able to get it to work (including XA), there were a few hoops I had to jump through, such as decompiling the Oracle AQjms classes to make them bind to the WebLogic JNDI tree.
    One year after that Diptanshu Parui took what I did a giant step further - he extended the Oracle AQjms classes to allow them to be bound to the WebLogic JNDI tree naturally, and he figured out how to use WebLogic JMS messging bridge to re-send single-threaded AQ JMS messages to clustered JMS queues, which allow concurrent message assumption by multiple instances of MDB's. My impression is that he is using that setup in a production environment.
    I am sure you are aware of it but I would like to make it clear - in order to use AQ as a foreign JMS provider to WebLogic-hosted MDB's, you don't need to update your database to Oracle 10g - Oracle 8i is good enough (although I recommend at least 9i Release 2). It is not the database engine, but rather the aqapi.jar JMS wrapper on top of AQ that matters. I do recommend that you use aqapi.jar from Oracle Application Server 10.0.3 or up for better XA support, among other things. Again, you don't have to replace WebLogic with Oracle AS - you only need a single jar file from it and put it in your WebLogic's classpath. However, I don't know what this means from a licensing point of view if you ever go to production - do you have to pay the full price of OracleAS or OC4J just to use the aqapi.jar?
    In the coming days I will test the latest aqapi.jar to see how much progress Oracle has made in terms of making their J2EE products more spec-compliant :-).
    Hope the above gives you a different perspective.

  • Experience with ftd2xx.dll

    Hi all,
       as described in a different post I have been having problems that I think I've narrowed down to a dll that is used as a wrapper around another dll. The manufacturer of the hardware has suggested that I might make direct calls to the second dll, which is the ftd2xx.dll from FTDI the USB folks. I created this thread to get more eyeballs looking at it, the other one had gotten so long and had developed a low SNR at this point.
    What I'm interested in is any experience with the ftd2xx.dll, whether anyone knows whether it is considered threadsafe (the examples at FTDI are LabVIEW 7.x and the calls to the dll are configured as "Run in UI thread"). I would hate to put a ton of effort in writing wrappers around this dll to replace the calls to the "wrapper dll" we have been using, only to find that my problem was at this level (a distinct possiblity).
    Certified LabVIEW Developer
    Senior Test Engineer
    Currently using LV 6.1-LabVIEW 2012, RT8.5
    LabVIEW Champion

    It appears that the ftd2xx.dll is threadsafe, I have been running a test (mentioned in this thread) overnight without apparent problems with my calls to the dll marked "run in any thread". It is running in a thread other than the UI's as indicated by the actual user interface not having the momentary "freeze-ups" it had with the original "run in UI thread" dll calls. I won't feel 100% about it until I have put these calls into the actual program and run it continuously for a few days, but I am at the 90% comfort range at this point, high for a pessimistic test engineer.
    Certified LabVIEW Developer
    Senior Test Engineer
    Currently using LV 6.1-LabVIEW 2012, RT8.5
    LabVIEW Champion

  • Mail app is crossed out in my Time Machine back up so I can't restore any of my emails.  Does anyone have experience with this?

    I was having problems with my trackpad on my MacBook and it was also running slowly, so in addition to replacing the track pad, I had them cleanout my system.  When I went to restore using my TimeMachine back up, my Mail and Address Book didn't restore.  When I tried to access the apps through the TimeMachine backup, they are crossed out.  All my work emails and contacts are gone!  Has anyone had any experience with this?  Any and all help would be appreciated.

    Please post a screenshot that shows what you mean. Be careful not to include any private information.
    Start a reply to this message. Click the camera icon in the toolbar of the editing window and select the image file to upload it. You can also include text in the reply.

  • Horrible customer support experience with Nokia

    I have just had an extremely frustrating and unsatisfactory experience with Nokia's support / repair operation. Unless I can resolve this, I will put my 820 on Ebay and forget all about Nokia and Windows Phone 8. 
    I initially called Nokia because my 820 would very occasionally freeze when I tried to unlock it to answer an incoming call. The CSR told me to send it in for repair but refused to answer the question "what happens if you cannot duplicate this intermittent issue?".  After asking the question many times, being put on hold and then being told over and over again that Nokia's technicians are "very skilled and can repair it" I was put on with a "supervisor" who told me that Nokia has seen this before and can repair it. She said it was a settings issue but would not tell me WHAT settings.
    Even though I was pretty sure this was a software issue (and had called primarily to make Nokia aware of it) I sent it in for repair since it is still under warranty.
    After it had been in Nokia's hands for a week, I called to see what was happening. The CSR told me over and over that "it was in our facility for repair". After pressing him many times and being put on hold for a supervisor (at my request) he finally told me (I never reached a supervisor) that Nokia was "deciding whether to repair it or replace it" and that it would be returned shortly.
    An equally frustrating and lengthy call the next day revealed after MUCH pressing that Nokia had repaired a "mechanical issue" and would be sending it back.
    Just now I got an Email with a tracking number and a copy of the repair paperwork. The paperwork states that it was updated (GDR2 I assume) and tested and found to be working. No mention whatsoever of any repair efforts.
    In other words, I was lied to TWICE. Once when I was told that the freezing was a known issue and could be repaired. And then again when I was told that a mechanical issue had been repaired.
    Is this truly the kind of customer experience Nokia is comfortable with? Really? This was my first experience with Nokia and with Windows Phone and I am here to say without a shadow of a doubt that it will be my LAST unless Nokia can show me that this was an anomaly.
    I am writing this here because I don't see any other way into Nokia other than the "support" phone number...... and that didn't work out very well.  

    adrianhughes wrote:
    guys, please just persist with your local Nokia Care outlet and have your phones repaired to your satisfaction, there is no point taking out your frustration here as it does not get anyone anywhere.
    Where do I find a "local Nokia Care outlet"?  The only entry to Nokia support I find is the phone number on their web site.  If you read my original post, you will see why I found calling that number that a less than stellar experience..... many times.  I / we take our frustration out here because there is NO other place to do it.... Nokia is very well insulated from its customers.  Maybe I should open a Facebook account?  
    Since writing my original post, the phone has arrived and I find I was lied to yet again.... although that "lie" kinda cancels out an earlier one.  Contrary to the paperwork which states that the ONLY thing they did to the phone was test it, I find that upon close examination they actually seem to have replaced the screen.  I can tell because there were a couple near microscopic nicks in the screen that are now absent.  
    As for whether that actually resolved my original issue, I cannot tell yet.  That may take some time since I am in essence trying to prove a negative.  
    The repair paperwork includes the statement "Passed, software update".  Not sure what that means.... the phone as it came back to me was NOT updated to GDR2 / Amber although those updates were available prior to their receiving the phone.  The phone came back to me with the same firmware that was in it when I shipped it and I had to do the GDR2 update myself.  
    Yes, I needed to vent.  Yes, I feel (a little) better.  But based on my experience this time around, I will go buy an iPhone before I EVER deal with Nokia "support" again.  And I am DEFINITELY not an Apple fan, so take that as an indication of my level of frustration.  I actually LIKE the 820 and the concept of Windows Phone.  

Maybe you are looking for

  • Mac Mini Wifi went from really bad to impossibly slow with Mavericks

    Is there anything I can do? I really need to use WiFi given my location. My Lenovo Laptop gets about 15 MBPS with speedtest.net but my Mac Mini in the exact same location barely gets 1 MBPS and that's after timing out about 3 times. This is completel

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    Hello, I have a problem with playing a song. Everything seems fine until the song reaches about half way and then the same song starts playing ontop of the same song. First you hear the song, then you hear two songs, then three, and so on. What am I