External number range for Billing Document

Hi Gurus,
Can you please let me know how to get the external number for the invoices? I know there is no standard way but if there is a way around to determine it. And the external number should be first 2 places are alphanumeric and dynamic and the next 2 places are also alphanumeric but constant and the rest of the digits should be a serial number of length 7. So, the total length of the number range should be 11. Please let me know if there is way to determine it this way.
AB + HY + 1000001
CD + HY + 1000002
Like wise.....
Thanks in advance.

hello, friend.
you can define your number ranges using VN01.  in here, you can set up alpha numeric ranges and specify external.
technically, you can assign this set to the billing type using VOFA. 
however, it is not best practice to assign external number ranges to billing types, as it is possible to 'jump' the sequence of the numbering.  you do want to keep track of the sequence of billing docs.
a possible exception is if you have an external billing software which generates a number, which you will then capture in SAP.  barring exceptions, it is best to retain internal assignment.

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  • External Number Range for Billing Documents

    Hi Friends,
    Can any pls tell me how to create external number ranges for billing documents. We are trying to Map the Invoice nos from POS system to create and match the billing nos in both the systems. Pls help on how can I do this.

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    G. Lakshmipathi

  • External number range for billing document (Invoices)

    Hi guys,
    I have a requirement from one of client to implement external number range for billing documents.
    I can only see a provision for internal number range in customising for Billing document type.
    Please can you assist me with detailson how to set up external number range for billing documents (Invoices).
    Thanks, Felix

    Hi Felix
    I think the similar requirement is in Venezuela also.
    So pl. check the SAP Note 849438 . As per the note :-
    The solution is delivered in the indicated support packages. In case you can not implement the correspondin support package for your release immediately, please follow the procedure described below:
    1. In the Data Dictionary Editor (transaction SE11) please open the definition of domain J_1AOFFNREL, go to the fixed values and add value 'P' with description 'Number Assingment using Prenumbered Forms' in a position so that the possible values remain sorted alphabetically.
    2. In the Message Editor (transaction SE91) please go to message class ICC_CN and add the new message 837 with text '&1: Official doc. numbering is not available for delivery documents!'.
    3. If you are implementing the note in release 4.6C, please create the following function modules:
    o     OFF_NUMBER_LOCAL_ASSIGN_VE in function group FIN2, and then copy the interface (all parameters and exceptions) of the function module OFF_NUMBER_LOCAL_ASSIGN_TW
    o     OFF_NUMBER_LOCAL_NUMBERING_VE in function group FIN2, and then copy the interface (all parameters and exceptions) of the function module OFF_NUMBER_LOCAL_NUMBERING_TW
    o     XBLNR_BUILD_AND_SPLIT_VE in function group IDSDCNUTIL, and then copy the interface (all parameters and exceptions) of the function module XBLNR_BUILD_AND_SPLIT_PECL
    4. Implement the source code corrections as shown below.
    The following customizing actions should be also executed when the solution by delivered by the corresponding support package. If you applied the solution manually, then please use the IMG activities listed in the section Cross-Application Components -> General Application Functions -> Cross-Application Document Numbering -> Taiwan as a reference. After the installation of the corresponding support package the customizing node for Venezuela can be used.
    1. Enable the use of business place for country Venezuela as described in the OSS Note 726537.
    2. Define the necessary document classes and configure the document types you would like to get an official document number as relevant for official document numbering in the desired mode. Please check the OSS Note 571376 for some explanations about the meaning of the different settings.
    3. Define the necessary number ranges and intervals and assign them to the combination of company code, business place, document class and validity period. If you use the customizing activity for Taiwan, then please leave the prefix field empty.

  • External Number Range for Billing documents in CRM

    In CRM, billing document external number range can only be numeric or alpha, but NOT alphanumeric. Is this a bug or is there some legitimate reason to have this limitation.
    This question stems from a data conversion where the legacy system invoice numbers are alphanumeric. So when we try to convert those invoice numbers, CRM cannot handle the external alphanumeric number.

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    G. Lakshmipathi

  • External number range for GR document

    1.  Is it technically possible to create external number range for GR document (material document) - Note, PO is also having ext number range
    2.  Is it adviseable to create ext num range for material docs?

    1. it is possible to create external number ranges for GR document.
    in spro config settings:  use transaction OMBT and in that enter a number range and check that external number range check box.
    2. it is not advisable to have external number range for material docs --> because for every movement of the material end user has to giva an entry for material document.
    hope this may help you,

  • External number range for Sales Document

        I have a requirement to generate external number range for sales document. I tried this user exit (MV45AFZZ) to generate external number.
    between these form and enform i written my logic and passing to US_RANGE_INTERN. But can one suggest where to write to generate external number range.
    Can any one help me out.
    Thanks and regards,

    Here you can assign a different number range for your sales order.
    The number range is linked to the order type (field VBAK-AUART), this link is done in customizing.
    It usually uses this routine if it can't assign the range in customzing because (for example) for different sales area it need have different number ranges for the same order type.
    So you should create an external range by trx SNRO and then assign the number before entering in the main screen of va01 or saving the document.
    When you need to assign the number depends on how you want to manage your range.
    If you assign the number in entering you has to make sure to not assign the same number document to severals order to be created in the same time by several useers.

  • How to determine number range for billing document based on company code ..

    Hi Friends!!
    can anybody tell me how to determine number range for billing document based on company code & tax departure country if required??
    Amit...plz help me!!

    Hi Amit,
    1. Define different Billing Document number ranges in  SPRO -> Sales & Dist -> Billing -> Define number ranges for billing docs. (VN01). Make sure that all are internal number ranges.
    NO.  From number To Number    Current number  Ext
    A1   0930000000    0930999999
    A2   0940000000    0940999999
    A3   0950000000    0950999999
    2. Define a Ztable ZNUMB_RANGE as follows
    Comp. Code | Tax departure country | Billing Doc Type | Number Range
    100                IN                               F2                      A1
    200                IN                               F2                      A2
    200                US                              F2                     A3
    3. In user exit RV60AFZZ (USEREXIT_NUMBER_RANGE)
    Read table ZNUMB_RANGE for Number Range with Comp. Code, Tax country and Billing Doc.
    If found pass this number range value to us_range_intern.
    us_range_intern is a standard SAP variable which tells program which number range use to create the current document which is under process.
    Let me know if you are clear.

  • Number range for billing document..its urgent!!

    Hi Friends!!
    can anybody tell me how to determine number range for billing document based on company code & tax departure country if required??

    Look at object RV_BELEG in t.code snro. It  is the number range object for SD Documents. Click on Number Ranges and then Intervals to view the different number ranges and associated intervals.
    Now look at t.code 0vlk, which is Define Delivery Type. If you double-click on a delivery type BV it goes to more detail. See the field: "NR int. assgt.". This is the number range for delivery type BV.
    This number range will be used in any company code or tax departure country that this delivery type is used in.

  • Number ranges for billing documents

    Our client has got 130 plants (105 are depots and 25 manufacturing plants) ) from which sales transactions are handled.
    There is a legal requirement that billing documents should have separate number ranges for a particular depot / plant. We have adopted the following method: -
    -  SAP standard number range object (transaction VN01),
    -  Customized table wherein we mapped billing document types, plant and number range object,
    -  User exit RV60AFZZ (Form Userexit_Number_range) to determine the number range during invoicing.
    We have consumed almost all of the possible number range object combinations (starting from AA to ZZ and 01 to 99) due to the huge number of plants.
    For the new depots, how to set up the number range objects for billing documents (example: is there any way by which this object can be made as three digits)?
    With best regards,
    S Viji

    We have not done such thing.
    But you can change it from 2 digit to 3 digit using access key. Which should be the last option.
    Look for option like creating customized number range object (instaed of using RV_BELEG which you are currently using). RV_BELEG is used for number ranges for Order, delivery in addition to billing. So the new number range object should also be able to provide number range for that.
    Also try make the current number = 0 of "consumed" no range and then delete the number range and recreate it (using VN01 or SNRO object RV_BELEG)

  • External number range for Billing type

    In standard we can only enter internal number range. Is it possible to enter external number and assign it to billing type.

    Please reward the points if you feel this answer help ful for you.
    Go to transaction snro.  in that maintain number ranges what eve you want and mark as extenernal in that after that go to vofa in that select the tab as number range inter assingmeent in that assingn your number range what you assign in that.
    Please reward help ful
    Thanks & Regards

  • Number Range for billing document

    I would like to know, how to check field length of FORMNUMBER and TONUMBER column in J1AB t-code?
    Why it allows me to put only 8 digits of number for local invoice numbering?
    Please kindly advise. Thank you very much.

    Goto the Table in SE16 for the FROM NUMBER and check the DATA ELEMENT for the Length of the field
    It is 20
    and it is same for TONUMBER also
    If you want to check your self, then goto the tranasction cod J1AB and press F1 on the FROM NUMBER Field and then check the technical details for the field and the Data element.
    Hope it is help ful


    Dear Gurus,
    Plz tell me how do we put external number range for billing documents.
    this option is not there in VOFA.

    Hi Anil,
    Number Ranges are maintained in T.Code: SM30.
    Provide the Table/ View, say Bill_Num for example.
    In Tab: Restrict data Range, Click Radio button: No restrictions and Click Tab: Maintain.
    In new window, maintain all the combinations for Columns: Sales Org, dist. Channel & Bill type and no values in IntNR.
    Save the data.
    I hope this will work.

  • External Number Range in SD Document

    I have created a external number range for SD documents & also updated the same in Std order type OR. But when I create any sales order system is not picking the no. from this Ext. No. Range Grp.
    Plz help me out in thie matter.

    Dear Mahavir Patil,
    For this create the number range in VN01 with the number range object.
    Go to VOV8  select your order type and give the number range object to No. rage wxt assignment. save it.
    Go to va01 and give the number manually according to the range what you have created in VN01(starts with first number in the no.range)
    Please check and revert

  • External number range for rebate agreement

    hi experts !!!
    can we give
    external number range for rebate agreement
    e.g . ab0039
    this number i want give for one of rebate agerrment
    please guide
    and is it possible the customer no and rebate agreement no are same
    ponts will be reward

    thanks friend
    i already did this by creating external number range AAA  -
    and system allow me to give no like AB0056 
    and if  now i create new record by VBO1
    IF  i give external no system accept
    AND  if i don't give system generate his own no
    can u tell me exactly where i have to assign this number
    but there is no number object LIKE in t.code VNO1 there is no  01 or 18 so that i can mention in sales document type
    so how and where i have to assign
    points will reward

  • Number ranges for material document (migo) and inventory  documents

    Hi Gurus,
    We need a different number ranges for goods receipt documents  and inventory documents because we have different company merged in to one box.Can any body tell me on what basis we differenciate the number ranges how to configure it.
    If we take PO, we have different doc types and we assign number ranges to those documents. in case of Miro , it  is the single transaction code used by different companies and how to give different number ranges.

    I think number ranges of inventory documents are on client level not on company code wise . because even though  your creating new document and assigned different number ranges for the documents but  these while assigning  ranges to T codes (MIGO or MIRO) you dont have option like company codes ( tcode OMBA) so number ranges for inventory documents are at client level  not at company code level.

Maybe you are looking for

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