Fast Company Uses Adobe Edge in Digital Publications | Digital Publishing Suite Customer Showcase | Adobe TV

Noah Robischon from Fast Company and Joe Zeff from Joe Zeff Design show how Fast Company uses Adobe Edge to create an engaging HTML5 content that seamlessly integrates with Digital Publishing Suite.

I think it would be better to delete this video and do it all over again in a more fluent way. The guys on stage are hard to follow (low volume), they never heard of "Reflection" (a simple app to put the iPad's screen on the big presentation display through AirPlay), and the previewing is cumbersome (could be up and running within 2 seconds in stead of 5 minutes).

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    Oakley, a designer of sunglasses, ski goggles and other innovative sports accessories, uses Adobe Digital Publishing Suite to create a merchandising app with inspiring editorial about sponsored athletes. Check out the app of the week video to see some creative applications of DPS overlays. Scroll through the editorial that seemingly appears from behind a mountain. Use the 360 degree overlay to control a snowboarder's rotations through the air.

    I've been trying to find this app but can not find it, do you can help please?

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    These are awesome examples. But aren't they all created using HTML5? I didn't catch any that are native DPS.

  • I would like to learn more about using the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite.

    I would like to learn more about using the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. I really don't know much about it nor do I know anyone who uses it yet. Is it specifically for creating apps for tablets? What about smart phones? We sometimes produce PDF publications that are posted to our website. Can DPS be used to produce more interactive online publications? What is a .folio application? What platforms are .folio apps used on?

    DPS currently supports iPads, iPhones, and Large and XLarge Android devices. You can start here to get basic information and watch a few videos: 00.html
    If you have an iPad or other mobile device, you can download and play with any of these apps created with DPS tools:

  • Pinch-to-zoom in Adobe Edge for the digital publishing suite

    Hey Guys,
    i have a quetsion about adobe edge animation.
    I use Edge to create animations for the digital publishing suite. I will presentate my magazine on the ipad.
    Is it impossbile to make a pinch-to-zoom animation for the ipad? I dont want to us the overlay tools from indesign. Can somebody help me?
    Thanks for your response.


  • Is there a way of using remoteupdatemanager to install the Digital Publishing suite to Adobe inDesign?

    Is there a way of using remoteupdatemanager to install the Digital Publishing suite to Adobe inDesign, if not how do I install it to Macs running Adobe CC 2014? I need to do this remotely and silently using ARD to over 100 Macs.

    It's alo what mine looks like as well because I've not added anything At first I didn't know and no one would tell me. Then I just go used Tools menu. It far more complex to learn if you go to it Cold Turkey from using Menu bars which are vastly easier. It’s a shock to your system. But you learn to use tools menu evn though it takes far more time. You waste time clicking heading to find sub topics and sometimes items that should be grouped together are spread all over.  But, Hey Change is supposed to be good whether we want it or not.

  • Using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, Professional Edition

    Hello to everyone,
    I'm intrested of using the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite in my work and i have a few questions.
    First of all, I want to make some newsstand application for apple and then for android. I got about 5-6 different magazines that each one maybe can publish 5-12 issues annualy.
    In which license can i use the software for as many as magazines i want (that means e.g. 10 apps, each one for each magazine)?
    What is the cost for that?
    I appreciate your time,
    Thanks in advance,

    You can either purchase DPS professional or enterprise edition. In both edition you can create ios including newssatand and android apps.
    Professional Edition is available as an annual agreement or a month-to-month subscription.
    Professional Monthly subscription purchased through the Adobe store will cost US$495.
    Professional Edition Annual subscription purchased through Digital Publishing Suite Channel Reseller Partner and the Adobe store will cost you US$5,940
    Enterprise Edition is available through a custom quote based on platform, service, and support fees.
    Below are the links you can compare features in editions:

  • ANN: MEI Portico Version 2.0 for Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Now Available

    Jenkintown, PA (November 28, 2012) — Managing Editor Inc. (MEI) today announced MEI Portico™ version 2.0, the latest in the premier Adobe® development partner's lineup of solutions for publishers. The new version of MEI's custom storefront software for tablets was built to empower Adobe Digital Publishing Suite™ customers and is now available for purchase.
    MEI Portico lets publishers create custom branded UIs for their mobile and tablet apps on Apple, Google Android, and Amazon Kindle Fire platforms. Custom storefronts enable multiple gateways for showcasing user-targeted tablet content within the app. App administrators can enable search capabilities and organize their DPS folios as they see fit, so that navigation is easy and readers can effortlessly find the issues they want or are entitled to. Portico allows publishers to override in-app purchases for authenticated subscribers, and enables restricted distribution capabilities for corporate and educational institutions using Adobe DPS as part of their digital communications strategy.                       
    MEI Portico 2.0 introduces custom canvases to the original Portico toolbox. Rather than having to rely on templates for their storefront’s landing view, designers can now create their own HTML designs to incorporate into an MEI Portico-driven interface. Using web design skills, designers have full control over every aspect of their app’s look and feel — from storefront layout to images, login pages to RSS or social media feeds, subscriber views to featured folios. And because administrators can launch canvases at a moment’s notice, implementing new features into your app can be completed without a time consuming app update.
    "Custom canvases mean that DPS apps can take advantage of Portico’s robust feature set without compromising their brand’s look and feel," said Brett Kizner, MEI's director of new product marketing. "Portico 2.0 has delivered greater flexibility with the ability for our customers to design their own app experience on their app landing page."
    To see a sample of MEI Portico 2.0 in action, visit Adweek's new app at:
    About MEI Portico
    MEI Portico works with the Enterprise edition of the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite to build custom storefronts for your digital brand. For publishers who want to enhance their tablet output with functionality beyond the standard template, MEI’s creative services team can help develop specialized Porticos with custom features. For more details and purchasing information, contact an MEI sales representative at 215-886-5662 or [email protected] To learn more about Portico, visit
    About MEI
    Managing Editor Inc., an Adobe premier development partner, specializes in quality, proven publishing solutions. MEI provides tools that manage content for any output medium — print, online, tablets such as the iPad, mobile devices such as the iPhone and other digital formats. Visit for more information. Nervous Pixel is the registered trademark of Managing Editor Inc. All rights reserved.

    Hi Tom,  The custom button functionality of DPS is restricted to DPS Enterprise. I'd love to discuss your needs to see if there is a way for us to assist you. I'll PM you my contact info.  Best, Brett

  • A software update is required to use Digital Publishing Suite

    Hi when I enter to my folio builder it says "A software update is required to use Digital Publishing Suite. Please go to the Help menu and select Updates to get the required software" But nothing happend !!!! What I should do ?????

    Try clicking a link on this page to manually install the DPS tools update: tml

  • Adobe Updates "Supressed By the Administrator" - Digital Publishing Suite / InDesign, Enabling Root

    I read: Adobe Updates "Supressed By the Administrator" - Digital Publishing Suite / InDesign (, but enabling root is not working either. I´m running Maverick and InDesign CC. Update tab is dimmed and tried doing everything that is posted on the forums. Can someone help please?

    Then the next step would be to remove all currently installed Adobe software using the available uninstallers.  I would then utilize the CC Cleaner tool available at Use the CC Cleaner Tool to solve installation problems | CC, CS3-CS6 - to insure complete removal.
    You should be able to then install InDesign successfully and apply the updates.
    If you continue to face difficulties then please uninstall all Adobe software and rename the /Library/Application Support/Adobe folder.

  • Pull Out Sliders and Trays | Learn Digital Publishing Suite: Enterprise Edition | Adobe TV

    Create a scrolling frame that slides in and out of a page, revealing more information when the reader pulls on a tab. This is useful when you want to provide a little more information for your reader, but you don't want it to interrupt the full design of the page.Download Bob Bringhurst's Tips App to read a tutorial on scrolling frames: =8

    Actually the original message was meant for Colin not Bob
    I did find the answer to my own question... The Video Is OUTDATED and should be removed to avoid future confusion.
    The new feature is "Scrollable Frame", located on the bottom of the Folio Overlay panel which allows for an effective slide out tray.
    Colin's more recent video covers this. mes-and-pan-zoom-v19/
    Colin if you do read this— thanks for producing some fantastic tutorials and being so supportive.

  • Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Single Edition For Other Countries

    Hi, What would be the best way to buy the Single Edition to other countries ?
    My client sits in a country where DPS is still not available ! Can I buy the subscription on his behalf ? Are there any consequences ?
    Is their any restriction on buying the Single Edition from the US store  from another country ? For example, can my client make the purchase directly from the US store or does he need a US Credit Card / Address, etc ?
    Can someone please clarify 

    DPS SE is now available to Creative Cloud members.
    See these articles for more information:
    Members can learn more about using DPS SE here:
    Many common questions are addressed in the DPS SE FAQ found here:
    DPS has its own forum for questions and assistance here:

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    Adobe updates the components of the Digital Publishing Suite about every six weeks. Some users have been confused about which updates to install and when to do this. Adobe Digital Publishing Evangelist Colin Fleming helps clear up this confusion.The two major components are the Folio Builder and Folio Producer Tools downloads. This video discusses these and other components, when one should install these updates, and when one should wait to install them.

    In Scenario 2. When updating DPS APP. Am I correct in understanding that you use the VIEWER BUILDER to build a new APP and submit for approval and THEN load the new Folio Producer Tools. What I am confused over is how can you build your app if the content has not been structured using the new toolset yet? Are the App markets simply approving the architecture of the document/viewer versioning and NOT the content per se?

  • Adobe Adobe Digital publishing Suite, Magazine

    I am in a special project in my college, to create a magazine for architecture department. So, what is the best plan for me to use Adobe digital publishing suite? which options have I?

    Single Edition comes part of Creative Cloud ($49.99), you can build unlimited Single Edition apps but the draw back is you can only publish on iPad. Single Edition apps need to be highly inactive in order to get past Apple's Approval process. Single Edition apps also include unlimited downloads since these are hosted by Apple.
    Pro is an annual cost ($4800) which enables you to build for Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows. You get more bells and Whistles like Push Notifications, Analytics. With Pro, Apple hosts your app container and Adobe hosts your folios.
    Good luck!

  • How do I create a web streaming app using digital publishing suite?

    Hello, and thank you in advance. I'm looking for tutorials and guides on how to create a web streaming version of an app using digital publishing suite. Can anyone point me in the right direction.

    Please tell us what you mean by "web streaming." Are you referring to a version of the content that can be viewed in a web browser?

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