Filter contours - PS CS5

I have a small problem with a big-generated contour in PS CS5. Sometimes my nature photos coming through art and other filters, and seeking interesting shapes, etc. So far, no problem, some filters only work in 8-bit mode, etc. But I came across a filter contour (stylization). I created from photos with this filter contour - (gray outline on a white background), all OK so far, but the problem came when I wanted to darken the contour. Any tool - curves, levels, brightness, after application darken again after saving back into its original form it is a gray outline. I also tried to duplicate the layer, darkening with blending, etc. everything is always returns after merging layers to its original color - gray. I also tried the contours of other photos and the result was always the same, but the contour is already created with it could not be any load, change it.
Someone solved a similar problem? Thanks for the advice
Progress of work: try to do it by the following procedure: a new image as jpg. Create the image contour (filter-styling-contour). There are several lines of color. I'll try to make adjustments - curves, levels, brightness (I try to highlight contours) and after flattening layers changes back to its original state. Transfer only in black and white to change after merging layers appear properly incurred and gray lines. I want them to darken as through the levels, etc. but again, the resulting graphics will become gray. There was no in foreign forums I have not found the answer, what it will be.

Are you talking about Filter>Stylize>Trace Contour?
If so, you might try running the filter again with the same settings to darken the lines.
Also, viewing an image at 100% view (actual pixels) will give the most accurate results as other views
may show different results due to the interpolation that photoshop uses at other viewing percents.

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    Where is the extract filter in photoshop cs5?  Thanks

    from an Adobe Tech Sheet:
    Photoshop CS5 can be run as a 64-bit application on Mac OS, 10.5.7 and higher. Because of the changes that were made to the application, some plug-ins are not available when you run Photoshop CS5 either as a 32-bit or a 64-bit application. To work with these plug-ins, run Photoshop CS5 as a 32-bit application, then when you are done using these plug-ins, return to working in Photoshop CS5 as a 64-bit application.
    If you copy old plug-ins from previous versions of Photoshop, or third-party plug-ins that are not compatible with Photoshop CS5, into Photoshop CS5's Plug-in folder, you may see different problems, such as errors or crashes.
    If you have set the Additional Plug-Ins Folder in the Plug-Ins preferences to a folder, deselect this option, or make sure all the plug-ins in this folder are compatible with Photoshop CS5.
    The easiest way to determine if third-party, old plug-ins, or plug-ins from previous versions of Photoshop are causing problems is to move them all into a new folder called "3rd Party plug-ins."
    If this folder is outside the Photoshop/Plug-Ins folder, you can use the Additional Plug-Ins Folder Plug-In preference to allow Photoshop to access or not access the plug-ins in this folder.
    If this folder is inside the Photoshop/Plug-Ins folder, disable the plug-ins by renaming the folder by putting a tilde (~) as the first character in the folder name.
    Plug-ins not supported by Photoshop CS5 on Mac OS, running in 64-bit mode:
    Lighting Effects
    Extract (Use Refine Mask under the Selection menu)
    Web Contact Sheet II (Web Photo Gallery)
    TWAIN support will work on some scanners
    Video Preview
    Send Video Preview to Device
    Embed / Read Watermark
    Firewire DLL
    To run Photoshop CS5 on Mac OS as a 32-bit application, select the Adobe Photoshop CS5 application file, installed by default in the Applications/Adobe Photoshop CS5 folder. Choose File > Get Info, and select Open in 32 Bit Mode. Deselect this option to run Photoshop CS5 in 64-bit mode.
    To determine if a plug-in causes an error or crash, remove all old or third-party plug-ins from the Adobe Photoshop CS5 > Plug-Ins folder, and deselect Additional Plug-ins Folder in the Photoshop > Preferences > Plug-Ins preference.

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    Extract filter is not available in Photoshop CS5...I guess..however while searching i found somthing
    Can somebody kindly confirm if this method works...if not please suggest some other alternative..thanks!!

    Check this out : hotoshop_cs5-12e7w3

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    How to upload Pixel Bender Filter to Photoshop CS5 on Mac? It installs to Utility Folder and I cant understand install from there? Haven't installed a plug in for a while!

    The link for the photoshop cs5/cs5.1 pixel bender plugin is broken on the pixel bender web page, so you probably installed the pixel bender toolkit.
    Below are the links for the photoshop cs5/cs5.1 pixel bender plugin.
    CS5 64 bit
    Here is the pixel bender plugin for the 64 bit version of photoshop cs5 on windows and mac 061711.mxp
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  • Filter Gallery in CS5 diasabled

    Filter Gallery as well as some other contents (such as Artistic) are greyed out in CS5. How do I enable it?

    What color mode is your document?
    Those filters work best if your color mode is RGB color and 8 bits/channel: Image>Mode.

  • What happened to the Extract filter? (In CS5)

    I just upgraded to PS CS5 (from CS3). Where did they move the Extract filter to?
    Does CS5 have a newer, better way to extract a subject from its background than CS3's extract filter?

    The Extract filter was eliminated as it has been made utterly obsolete by the new selection techniques in CS5.
    Watch this video, for instance: hop-cs5/
    Wo Tai Lao Le

  • Can't access 'Filter Gallery' in CS5

    Cannot access the Filter Gallery at all in CS5 (its grayed out) and my image mode is on 8bit/channel :/ i have no idea what to do! Help? Much appreciated.

    What color mode is your document?
    Those filters work best if your color mode is RGB color and 8 bits/channel: Image>Mode.

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    I recently downloaded the Droste filter. Whenever I try to use it, it crashes AE cs5 immediately with the error message: After Effects error: crash occurred while invoking effect plug-in “Droste”.
    Does anyone know how to fix this? Thank you.

    We can't know. you have not provided any system information or otehr details. Since PixelBender uses hardware acceleration, the bog standard answer would be that your graphics hardware is incompatible or at least you need to update your drivers.

  • Distort filter missing in cs5

    cs3 had distort filter  i could turn a photo into a bowling ball. how can i replace it or the whole filters menu?

    It wasn't in the menu, so I took them from a saved program and added the
    plug ins to the filter file and it worked. Thank you for your help I do
    appreciate it.

  • Vanishing Point Filter Always Crashes Photoshop CS5 - Anyone else have this problem?

    19 out of 20 times I use the vanishing point filter in PS CS5, it ends up crashing the program. This usually happens when I try to adjust the angle of a new plane. Does anyone else have this problem? I need to use this feature for my job. Are there any alternative filters or programs I could use instead, or could I somehow fix the plugin?

    Someone reported this way back around when PS CS5 was first released I think.  I don't find the thread but as I recall the advice at the time was to update the display driver on the system...  Visit the web site of the maker of your video card (e.g. or and download/install the latest driver release that matches your hardware and operating system.

  • CS5 and Lighting Effects filter

    I'm very used to using the Lighting Effects Filter which I can't seem to use with files that have gone through Nik software plug-ins.  Can anyone point to any video tutorial or other educational material which I can use to find a way to emulate the lighting effects filter?  I'm using CS5 V12.1 x64.  I'm not a professional so upgrading to CS6 is not feasible.

    Your reply prompted me to check bit depths of my files.  It appears the lighting effects filter only works (CS5 64-bit on a PC) on 8-bit files.  I generally manage my files through LR3.6 and when they are brought into CS5 they are 16-bit.  The older files I used the lighting effects filter on must have been brought directly into CS5 as those files seem to come in as 8-bit. So, not at all a Nik issue.  It doesn't solve the problem of not having access to that filter on the files I just finished editiing since they're all 16-bit but at least now I know what to look out and plan for.

  • Vingette, from distortion filter lens correction

    Lens correction, and therefore vingette does not apper in my distort filter drop down menu in cs5????? can I put this in to this filter or is it somewhere else.
    thaanks Denise

    The Lens Correction adjustment appears right below the "filter gallery" in your filter menu in CS5. You can use the keyboard shortcut "Shift+Cmd/Control+R". You can also opt to open your image up in camera raw, and access the lens correction options from there.

  • 3d filter

    I cannot find the 3d filter in photoshop cs5. How come? Should it be installed separately?
    Best regards

    I have CS 5 as a download and I do not see the 3d Function.
    According to what I read on the internet there should be a function somewhere to this effect: Filter > Render > 3D Transform.

  • Photo dimension more than 4000x4000 pixel

    Hello , I have a question to the employees of the Pixel Bender Photoshop PlugIn . Is there a real chance for the near future  to make Pixel Bender Photoshop PlugIn able to work with filters on photos wich have more than 4000x4000 pixel-dimension . Most of the semiprofessional or professional DSLR today make photos with higher dimensions .
    I will buy the new Sony A65 - and there will be photos with the following dimensions :
    Still Image Size 16:9 :    L size: 6000 x 3376 (20M)M size: 4240 x 2400 (10M)S size: 3008 x1688 (5.1M)
    Still Image Size 3:2  :    L size: 6000 x 4000 (24M)M size: 4240 x 2832 (12M)S size: 3008 x 2000 (6M)
    I think that it can't be the solution for all users of such a modern DSLR to take photos only in 'S size' or reducing the image dimensions in Photoshop to max.4000pixel . I buyed me the Pixel Bender Filter 'PSKiss Edge Gear' for sharpen my photos (over the GPU from the graphic-card) but it works only on photos with max. 4000 pixel ( I tested this on photos with different dimensions ). I had Email-contact with an employee of PSKiss and he said that it is because of the restrictions from the Pixel Bender PlugIn to max. picture dimensions of 4000x4000 pixel.
    The hardware (CPU,GPU,RAM,VRAM) of todays computers has no problems to handle bigger photos in graphic-software like photoshop but I think too the
    'bottle-neck' for this problem are the dimension-restrictions  from the Pixel Bender Photoshop PlugIn. I would be great if you have a solution for this in near future.

    Thank you for your prompt answer to my question. Your informations are very interesting and very helpful for me.I heard  here for the first time from the 128MB textur size limit and your right - this is a much more better solution than the 4000x4000 pixel limit for the most users. I just tryed to work with my 'PSKiss EdgeGear'-Pixel Bender Filter in Photoshop CS5 v.12.0.4x64 to big pictures of my friends Sony A850 (they have 6048x4032 pixel and are 45-65MB as 8-bit .Tif) and it works fine. From the internet I downloaded testfotos taken with the new Sony A77 (it has the same picture size as the Sony A65 I will buy - 6000x4000 pixel ). I converted the 24,6MB (*.arw)-Raw to 8-bit .Tif (68,6MB)
    and here also the EdgeGear-Filter works fine. Finally I can say - thank you for your work and this 128MB limit in Photoshop CS5. I can good live with it . OK - we cannot work on 16-bit .Tif  taken with a Sony A850/A900 or the new Sony A65/A77 because they have more than 128MB (about 166MB or 137MB) but because of your answer I'm hopefully waiting for the next release of your Pixel Bender Photoshop-PlugIn .Good luck for testing - and may the limits fall.

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    I see the new lens correction filter in PS CS5, although it looks a bit different than it does in some of the pre-release videos that I saw, but I cannot find it when I open up the ACR window?
    This is all that I can find and it does not have the new features in it???

    The lens correction solution is not part of the Camera Raw 6.0 plug-in. It will be included in the Camera Raw 6.1 update.

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