Finder freezes with WD My Book Studio drive

About 14 months ago, I bought a 1TB Western Disk Digital My Book Studio external disk drive to use with Time Machine and it works fine. Two months ago, I bought a 750GB Western Digital My Book Studio disk drive to store my photos and other files. It does not work fine.
About a month ago, my PowerPC G5 with Mac OS X 10.5.2 started to freeze up inexplicably. I let it run 24x7 and just go into sleep mode when I am not using it. I frequently access this Mac via my AirPort Extreme Base Station to off-load photos to the 750GB drive from my MacBook Pro. This was working fine for about a month, then for unknown reasons, the G5's Finder just stops.
If I click on an item in the Dock, nothing happens. I ran Disk Utility and Disk Warrior against all the disk drives. All came out fine, except for some problems with the 750 WD drive, which were repaired. Yet the freezing continues. It will freeze after two or three hours of idle time.
I tried turning off Time Machine. No good. Both WD drives are connected via a powered USB hub. My printer on the same hub works fine and so does the 1TB WD drive. I tried switching USB ports. I tried a different USB cable. All those things made no difference.
Yet, if my G5 is frozen and I yank the power cable from the back of the WD 750GB drive, the warning window about improperly disconnected USB drive pops up and my Mac springs back to life. I also have Disk Warrior's disk monitoring feature installed, but it finds nothing wrong with anything. I tried looking at the console, but no errors show there that relate to this disk drive issue.
I also upgraded from 10.5.2 to 10.5.3. No difference in terms of this disk drive problem.
If anyone has any suggestions on how to fix this problem, please let me know. I tried submitting a problem report on Western Digital's web site a few minutes ago, but it hangs when I click the submit button using my MacBook Pro and Safari.

A Western Digital My Book Studio may not be the best of choices for use with a PPC Mac. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but see
Western Digital “My Book” drives   !!  AVOID  !!
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    After updating OS X Yosemite on my iMac, and restarting it. I found that the icon on my Desktop for WD MY BOOK STUDIO had disappeared. It had also gone in Finder. When I tried to backup my computer. I got the message "Backup Disc Not Available" Try backing up again when My Book Studio is available. I then went to WD Drive Utilities and tried to use the diagnostics. I couldn't use them. I just got the message "Attach a supported WD Drive". I then went to system preferences to check the drive. When I went to reattach the drive. The only buttons available to me where CANCEL and REMOVE THE DRIVE. If the drive was not attached, why is there a button to remove it? What has gone wrong, and how can it be remedied, without losing my existing data?

    Hi there, my external hard drive appears to be working now, on Yosemite. My iMac took a long time to recognise it after my update of the OS X System. Everything is running a lot slower, after the update. I've tested it, with both the WD utility, and that of the iMac. In both cases, it has stated that it is working properly. That is the external hard drive, and the internal on the Mac. I'm intending to increase the RAM, from 4gb to 16gb. I'm hoping this will speed up my computer. I still have a case number with support, but they say they will keep it open, until I've run a test of my hard drive, on someone else's iMac.Maybe you could find out if your external hard drive is functioning properly, by attaching it to someone else's iMac. Hopefully a moderator will get in touch with you, whose more knowledgeable on these issues. Wishing you all the best.

  • Time Machine errors with WD My Book Studio

    I upgraded the OS on my 1.66 GHz Mac Mini to 10.6 in January and purchased a 1TB WD My Book Studio external drive, to replace an older WD drive. The new drive was connected to the Mac via FireWire and reformatted for Mac OS extended before I copied my iPhoto and iTunes libraries from the older drive. I then set up Time Machine to backup to the new drive (a temporary arrangement until I'm able to purchase a new Mac later this year) without issue.
    Aside from the virtual CD occasionally popping up on my desktop, the drive worked fine for a couple of months.
    In March, the hard drive on the Mac crashed but was brought back to life at the Genius Bar at my local Apple Store. After they reinstalled the OS, I restored my system from the most recent Time Machine backup and was back in business. It was not until I attempted to add songs in iTunes that I realized there were now permissions issues with the external drive -- which I (even with an administrator account) could not unlock. Disk Utility was unable to verify or repair the disk, though it did indicate problems with the drive.
    Support at WD was not helpful, so I had no choice but to erase and reformat the WD drive and start from scratch. The permissions issue was resolved, but every attempt at backing up via Time Machine failed (and subsequently froze my machine) after about 75 percent of the files had been copied. Furthermore, I could not successfully update the firmware OR software for the drive.
    I have since erased and reformatted (both in GUID at Apple Partition with both one and two partitions) the drive several times, and I have yet to back-up successfully. I was finally able to update the firmware/software and shut-off the WD SmartWare, even though it still appeared to be running; I eventually just uninstalled it completely.
    Right now, I am on my third attempt today to complete my initial Time Machine backup. Currently, the WD drive has an Apple Partition map scheme with two partitions and SmartWare uninstalled; it has taken me about 90 minutes to get 50 percent through an 80 GB backup, with nothing else running but this browser window.
    I've seen plenty of references to this sort of issue with WD drives across the Internet, but few resolutions -- and nothing that has helped me so far. Does anyone have some insight?

    johnolore wrote:
    Right now, I am on my third attempt today to complete my initial Time Machine backup. Currently, the WD drive has an Apple Partition map scheme with two partitions and SmartWare uninstalled; it has taken me about 90 minutes to get 50 percent through an 80 GB backup, with nothing else running but this browser window.
    I've seen plenty of references to this sort of issue with WD drives across the Internet, but few resolutions -- and nothing that has helped me so far. Does anyone have some insight?
    Hi, and welcome to the forums.
    40 GB in 90 minutes isn't too bad, assuming it's F/W 400, not F/W 800. The speed may vary quite a bit during a backup, as a number of things have to be done for each file. When Applications and System folders are being backed-up, for example, the rate will be slower, since those folders consist of a huge number of mostly very small files.
    You might try the things in #D2 of Time Machine - Troubleshooting (or use the link in *User Tips* at the top of this forum).
    You might also want to see #A1 there; the +Time Machine Buddy+ widget may provide a clue.
    And yes, there are a lot of folks unhappy with WD drives, but also a number who swear by them.

  • Finder freezes with Lion 10.7.4

    I've had my macbook pro with Lion 10.7.4 for only about 4 or 5 months now and since I installed a 2 TB Seagate external HD Finder has been crashing periodically. I've been keeping an eye on the Activity Monitor when this happens and it doesn't look like there are any processes that are taking a lot of %CPU. I've already run a disk repair from the Lion recovery partition which seemed to solve the problem temporarily, but now its back. It only seems to happen when I have the external HD plugged in and Time Machine starts to run a backup.
    I've been reading a lot of forum postings regarding this issue and I haven't had any luck solving it so I thought I would repost a new discussion in case someone was able to come up with a solution to this problem. Any help would be much appreciated.
    Thank you

    Well, if you are running too many concurrent applications and, if you don't have sufficient free space on your hard drive, then this will be a regular occurrence.
    Try booting into Safe Mode then restarting normally.
    I would also use a utility such as Mountain Lion Cache Cleaner 7.0 to clear all user, system, and font caches to be sure there isn't a problem with a corrupted cache.
    If you still cannot resolve the problem, then I suggest erasing the drive and reinstalling OS X:
    Install or Reinstall Lion/Mountain Lion from Scratch
    If possible backup your files to an external drive or second internal drive.
    Boot to the Recovery HD:
    Restart the computer and after the chime press and hold down the COMMAND and R keys until the menu screen appears. Alternatively, restart the computer and after the chime press and hold down the OPTION key until the boot manager screen appears. Select the Recovery HD and click on the downward pointing arrow button.
    Erase the hard drive:
    Select Disk Utility from the main menu and click on the Continue button.
    After DU loads select your startup volume (usually Macintosh HD) from the left side list. Click on the Erase tab in the DU main window.
    Set the format type to Mac OS Extended (Journaled.) Click on the Erase button and wait until the process has completed.
    Quit DU and return to the main menu.
    Reinstall Lion: Select Reinstall Lion/Mountain Lion and click on the Install button.
    Note: You will need an active Internet connection. I suggest using Ethernet if possible because it is three times faster than wireless.

  • Illustrator freezes with Yosemite and new Wacom driver

    I have a Wacom Intuos3 and have removed all the old software and preferences and installed the latest driver.  It took two conversations
    with the Wacom Helpline and three instal/uninstals with restarts, but I finally got the tablet preferences to work.  Then Illustrator kept freezing up and acting wierd.
    I've uninstalled the tablet software, but am sure missing my tablet.  Any ideas?

    Was just on with tech support. I had a second monitor connected. when I disconnected it the problem went away. its a known issue with the resent Apple 10.10 update. they are getting a fix but no ETA. they had me uninstall and use a direct install link (Adobe CC 2014 Direct Download Links: Creative Cloud 2014 Release | ProDesignTools) ) to fall back to a earlier update of illustrator.

  • My Book Studio won't spin back up

    I just bought a 1gb WDC My Book Studio drive. It has the same power-management features as another drive I have; after a few minutes of idle time, it spins down. When you access it again, it spins up.
    The only problem is, it hangs Finder when it powers down. If I try to open the disk, it spins up fine (I can hear it), but Finder just sits there and beachballs. It never recovers. If I unplug the drive, Finder throws me an error about not putting ejecting the disk. If I then plug it back in, it does not show up; I must power the drive down and back up for it to be recognized again.
    The drive is quad-interface, and the problem occurs when connected by USB or FireWire 800. I haven’t plugged it in to the FW400 port, and I don’t have an eSATA port.
    Any thoughts? This worked fine with my previous drive, a 300gb Buffalo. Is this an issue with my laptop, or a problem with the drive?
    I’m sort of leaning towards a problem with the drive.

    I talked to a WD rep on the phone and he told me to download a program that would disable the spindown "feature". The only thing is it's only made for windows (found here I saw when I was first looking that someone had come up with the idea of using crontab to execute the command "touch" on a hidden file on the drive every five minutes (found here When I tried to do this I was met with resistance as I found out that since Tiger, Mac OS X no longer uses crontab, it uses LaunchD. So I gave a shot at editing a LaunchD file for this and had no luck...then someone turned me on to Lingon (free which is supposed to make this east to do. I could not figure out for the live of me what I was doing wrong, but here I sit watching this drive spin up and down day in and day out...I know you can here me mybook...your probably plotting your revenge to die on me once I download 600 gigs worth of data...not on my watch you won't...NOT ON MY WATCH! MUHAHAHAHAha cough ahem...anyway...can someone figure this out so we don't have to endure this external drive torture?

  • Finder freeze in Column View

    Since recent updates, Finder freezes with the spinning beach ball when selecting items in column view. It can takes a few minutes each time before I can progress.
    I checked for answer here, but found nothing.
    I have repaired disc errors, restarted, relaunched Finder, repaired permissions etc - but the problem is still there.
    Any ideas or solutions?

    If you haven't worked this out yet, sounds like you're having the same exact issue I was, solved here:

  • Another finder annoyance (with spaces)

    I am using spaces with the config that if I click on a application in the dock which has an open window in another space, it does not throw me into that space, but just stays in the space where I am and activates the app. I get that behavior by deactivating the last option in the spaces preferences. I mucho like it that way because with that setup I get the following: If an application window is open on my current space, clicking once on the application icon activates that window (and brings it into the foreground when I am not seeing it), but when no window of the app is open on the space, it does not throw me away, it just activates the app and I get the chance to open a new window of that app by hand.
    This setup works perfectly for all application I use...except finder. When I have a finder window open in space 1 and I am currently on space 2 and I click on the finder icon and no finder window is present in space 2 I get thrown all the way to space 1. It annoys me quite a bit because it is an inconsistency in the user interface.
    I already searched the forum database. I found one topic where a user describes exactly the same behavior I am experiencing. No solution provided though.
    So is that a bug or a feature (which I would not understand)?
    I can reproduce that behavior on three different machines (but all running 10.6.2).
    Kind Regards

    Here I have the same issues! Latest build of 10.4. with and without the last Security Update and iChat Update (so this is not the reason). Permissions seems right. I can redo the freeze when starting Dashboard. It stayes ever on opening the widgets …
    Have also the same issue when login as Admin without running any additional sofware (where no additional Widgets are running - simply the 4 default ones) - finder Freezes with spinning beachball
    Whats wrong on these systems??
    4x2.5 GhZ G5 Quad Mac OS X (10.4.8)

  • Finder freezes/stucks

    Usually when i try to open a new window of the finder (checking my USB, files, etc..) the finder freezes (with a beachball) or crashes, so i have to reset it.
    I have OSX Lion with all his updates (10.7.1), all apps from store also updated, so i think is related to Lion because in Snow Leopard i never experienced this. My system is a Macbook Pro 2010 15'' Core i7 2.66ghz, 8GB ram and a 128GB ssd (Samsung 470). I dont think is related to low ram or performance because i have like 4-5gb ram free except when i work with Photoshop, VM or Starcraft 2.
    Seriously they need to resolve some bugs with the system because in SL i never had this type of problems, and usually the boot/shut downs take a lot to load (white screen and like a minute waiting to turn off, only a comment: i almost never use reopen windows when i shut down.

    Only a HD, but not ever, usually only when i want to load some photos from my Canon or downloading (my SSD is very tiny for all the big files).
    Right now i dont have my HD so i dont think is related to it, because succeeds almost all the time.

  • Another Finder Freeze

    Uggh. Happened again, another Finder freeze -- this time in the middle of work. A spinning beach ball simply appeared and at that point the Finder refused to respond. Could not quit any open applications. Could not interact with a terminal window. Could not force quit any applications. No way to restart Finder. After a few minutes of waiting and fussing, it was obvious that nothing was going to resolve this, so I held the power button down to shut the machine down. Then restarted. No crash log. Same as last time. Was it the last Airport Extreme update? Bad RAM? The machine doesn't feel particularly hot. Warm on top, but not hot. This is bumming me out.

    Here I have the same issues! Latest build of 10.4. with and without the last Security Update and iChat Update (so this is not the reason). Permissions seems right. I can redo the freeze when starting Dashboard. It stayes ever on opening the widgets …
    Have also the same issue when login as Admin without running any additional sofware (where no additional Widgets are running - simply the 4 default ones) - finder Freezes with spinning beachball
    Whats wrong on these systems??
    4x2.5 GhZ G5 Quad Mac OS X (10.4.8)

  • Is a WD My Book Studio Desktop 3TB Hard Drive - FW 400/800, USB 2.0, Apple Time Machine Ready external hard drive bootable with my Powerbook G4 12" PPC 10.5.8?

    Sirs or madams,
    Is my Powerbook G4 12” PPC 10.5.8 'bootable' with a Western Digital My Book Studio Desktop 3TB Hard Drive - FW 400/800, USB 2.0, Apple Time Machine Ready external hard drive? Western Digital says officially no, but that it MIGHT be. I primarily live in China and bought a Clearlight s400+ external hard drive enclosure with a 320GB disk drive a few years ago in China. My computer 'boots' fine from it, but since I got it in China all the paperwork, etc. is in Chinese; my Chinese isn't quite sufficient enough yet to read it. But there are references to something called "SATA", whatever that is.
    My level of computer 'under the hood' knowledge is extremely low. I've been told that SATA has some relationship as to whether or not an external hard drive will boot a computer via the Firewire connection, something relating to 'interface', which I assume is how separate electronic gadgets work, or don't work, with each other.
    I frankly don't care much for computers, the internet, or their related gadgets such as all these fancy phones. I longingly reminisce about the days when there were no such things. I use a computer & the internet because I have to, and unfortunately unlike a car where one doesn't have to have 'under the hood' knowledge to operate it, just knowledge of the steering wheel, brake, gas, etc., one seemingly must know a ridiculously great amount of 'under the hood' knowledge, including jargon, to operate computers.
    So, please try to respond accordingly; thank you.
    If this particular external hard drive won't, for certain, be bootable with my computer, can you advise as to what readily available brand/model would be in the 3TB range for a similar price, roughly $150ish??
    Thank you very much.

    Mr. BGreg,
    Thank you very much. "...under the covers...". I think you meant "under the hood", as in a car. I suppose "under the covers" would be man/woman interfacing, which I am familiar with!
    Actually, I'm back in the US now for a few months. I looked at the OWC web site, but only cusorily so far. I'll contact them; they appear knowledgeable about Apple computers.
    As to what you wrote about Western Digital's cases, I certainly wouldn't want a poor case. In China I had over time gotten 3 different external drive cases, 3 different Chinese brands, and separately bought Hitachi brand disk drives that 'simply' plugged into the cases. The drives are roughly 80GB 120GB and 320GB. The two larger ones are in cases that have Firewire plugs/jacks, which are bootable with my computer.
    So my understanding, as you wrote, has been that my Powerbook will boot from an external hard drive, provided it connects via Firewire, and the disk drive itself is 'normally' formatted with however my computer's own disk drive is formatted, (HFS OS extended (journaled) or some such??). So I was left wondering why Western Digital would indicate that even though their such-and-so external hard drive case/drive was Firewire capable, that they would then say it would not be bootable with my Apple PPC computer......
    Well, anyway, since you indicated Western Digital's case quality is suspect, then I'll try OWC and disregard Western Digital.
    Naturally, OWC should be able to address this, but your thoughts are also welcome. You mentioned the OWC cases are good with Apples. Would the disk drives OWC supplied with the cases also be of relatively dependable quality?? From my so far only cursory look at their web site they appear to have various options, including case only options where I could insert my own or their own drives. These sorts of options seem preferable, also along with quality components. 
    My Powerbook has been in use since 2004. In China I put in a 1.25 memory 'chip' in the bottom and installed the 10.5.8 operating system, which I understand are the maximum workable with my Powerbook. When I inquired with Chinese friends if my 1.33 GHz processor could be taken out and a more powerful one put in, they said it wasn't feasible because in my particular computer my processor was, as I recall them saying, soldered/'permanently' connected with the 'motherboard', that it would just be easier to get a new computer.
    I would be with them and they would nonchalantly open it completely up showing me all its tightly arranged 'innards' while at least giving it a good internal dust/dirt clean job for cheap lunch and a beer (& so much dirt/dust/lint there was!)...these are the same folks who build the things of moving hands with tiny screws flying everywhere, but everything 100% all back in place when finished.
    My Chinese friends also said that nowadays Apples are not as well built as when my Powerbook was built, that nowadays an Apple's life expectancy was considerably lower, so I fear that when I get a new computer that, though it will be more up-to-date and powerful, etc., it most probably won't last near as long as my Powerbook has. They also said that in an older computer the fan was often the first component to go bad, and if a new one couldn't be easily found, as they said was my case, then you're just left with having to get an entirely new computer.  Part of why I dislike electronic computer gadgets generally is that they are obsolete so quickly.
    So, anyway, thanks very much for your information.

  • Need more hard drive space.  Help with install WD My Book Studio 1TB EHD.

    My MacBook Pro has no more disk space.  I'm not tech savy so I'm hesitant to install Western Digital My Book Studio 1TB purchased.  I read somewhere not to install the smartware that comes with this external drive because it might cause problems when running Time Machine.  I want to move my photos on to EHD to free up space and start up Time Machine.  Is there anything I should do first before attempting this.  I have not upgraded to Lion yet should I do this after freeing up space and setting up Time Machine.  I'm wondering if it will ask me questions during process that I won't be sure to accept or not. I'd appreciate any help or tips. 

    Do not install any software from WD. Prep the drive as follows:
    Drive Preparation
    1. Open Disk Utility in your Utilities folder.
    2. After DU loads select your hard drive (this is the entry with the mfgr.'s ID and size) from the left side list. Click on the Partition tab in the DU main window.
    3. Under the Volume Scheme heading set the number of partitions from the drop down menu to one. Click on the Options button, set the partition scheme to GUID then click on the OK button. Set the format type to Mac OS Extended (Journaled.) Click on the Partition button and wait until the process has completed.
    4. Select the volume you just created (this is the sub-entry under the drive entry) from the left side list. Click on the Erase tab in the DU main window.
    5. Set the format type to Mac OS Extended (Journaled.) Click on the Security button, check the button for Zero Data and click on OK to return to the Erase window.
    6. Click on the Erase button. The format process can take up to several hours depending upon the drive size.

  • Western Digital My Book Studio II external hard drive won't mount on Mountain Lion

    I have the Western Digital My Book Studio II external hard drive.  It was working fine.  After upgrading to Mountain Lion, the disk does not mount.  I can't find any help on the Western Digital site.  Has anyone else run into this?  Is there a solution?
    Immediately, I'm more concerned about getting the data off this drive than getting it to work.  If I take it to an Apple Store with another external drive, could they transfer the data to it for me?

    Also, check the Western Digital website for software updates. They have made numerous updates recently.
    Firmware update for Mac users
    Mac release (updated 9/4/2012)
    See: c
    WD Universal Firmware Updater Release Notes 1
    WD Universal FW Updater Fixes:
    • Added additional drive support.
    WD Universal FW Updater Fixes:
    • Now works with 10.8 Mt. Lion.

  • WD My Book Studio FireWire 800 External Hard Drive & Mountain Lion

    I just recently purchase a 2 TB WD My Book Studio FireWire 800 External Hard Drive (model #WDBC3G0020HAL-NESN) to perform backups of my 1TB iMac which currently is running OS X Lion 10.7.5.  The packaging says the external hard drive is compatible with Lion, but I was curious to find out if I upgrade to Mountain Lion in the near future will that cause issues with the external drive or is it still compatible with Mountain Lion?

    That is actually the thread that I was looking at earlier that caused my concern.
    Is there any way to 100% verify with apple that there are no firewire problems with external hard drives and Mountain Lion before I hook up my new drive and possibly upgrade in the near future.
    Also, I have heard good things about both SuperDuper and Carbon Copy Cloner. 
    I basically want to be able to boot from my external hard drive partition if I have a major hard drive issue.
    Will both of those programs do that for me and will I really go wrong with either one of them?
    Thanks again for you repsonses, they have been a big help!

  • Help with using anywhere backup on WD My Book studio II

    I'm an artist, not a gook, so hardward issues can really mess with me.
    I set up a WD My Book studio II as an external hd backup for photogrpahs last Dec. I can't get it to use anywhere backup, nor can I find any info to help me... Spent 2 hours messing with this and am quite frustrated.

    I've got same disk and i don't use anywhere backup. Time Machine works with this drive. If you're a photograph you can use Aperture and it's bank features to save your photos. How ever you don't have to think about anything with Time Machine, just select the drive, and may be the repertory you don't want to save. It's done.

Maybe you are looking for