Firefox 6.0 is not Displaying Symbols Correctly

Okay, ever since I updated to Firefox 6.0, it has not been displaying symbols correctly. It '''doesn't''' matter what site I'm on (I just used my twitter account as an example), as I'm having the same issue everywhere.
Example on Firefox:
And if I open up Internet Explorer and view it, I see the symbols like I should be. This is what it looks like in Internet Explorer:
So can anyone lend a hand as to why I'm not seeing symbols correctly in Firefox? And what is the way to fix this? I was having absolutely NO problems prior to the Firefox 6.0 update.
I am also using Windows 7 for my operating system if that helps any!

I honestly have no idea. It's what ever font family Twitter uses and I'm unsure of what they use.
Does anyone know what font settings I should have on Firefox? Or if I'm missing an installed font? I just don't understand why the symbols work perfectly fine on Internet Explorer but not on Firefox. D:

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  • Firefox 3.6 does not display pages correctly

    I recently upgraded to 3.5 beta 4 and it worked ok. 2 weeks ago it stopped displaying pages correctly. Uninsalling and reinstalling did not cure problem. I unistalled and installed v3.6. Same problem.
    I could provide a screenshot of Mozilla home page. Backgrounds, table borders and some inages to not display. I have disabled all plugins and "load images automatically" is checked.
    The images and background of this page do not display. I checked with K-meleon and IE.

    If you have increased the minimum font size then try the default setting "none" as a (too) high value can cause issues.
    *Tools > Options > Content : Fonts & Colors > Advanced > Minimum Font Size (none)
    Make sure that you allow websites to choose their fonts.
    *Tools > Options > Content : Fonts & Colors > Advanced > [X] "Allow pages to choose their own fonts, instead of my selections above"
    It is better not to increase the minimum font size, but use an extension to set the default page zoom to prevent issues with overlapping text.
    *Default FullZoom Level:
    On other platforms instead of Tools > Options use:
    *Mac: Firefox > Preferences
    *Linux: Edit > Preferences
    *Windows: Firefox > Options
    <i>Press F10 if the menu bar is hidden on Windows and Linux or use "Firefox > Options/Preferences"</i>

  • Firefox is not displaying the correct font color on my blog, but other browsers are.

    I have a web designer issue. Firefox is not displaying the correct font color on the header in my blog. Explorer, Chrome, and Safari have no problems. The page is in css but this particular section has html code o designate color. The code is as follows:
    <font face="helvetica" color="FF9966" size="1">blog</font>
    Though all other browsers display the light orange color designated, Firefox displays white. Strangely, if if retype the code by spelling out a color, Firefox displays it correctly. i.e.
    <font face="helvetica" color="black" size="1">blog</font>
    ... will give me black. You can see the effect by viewing the link below and looking at the word "blog" in the header, which should be light orange but is not in Firefox.

    Actually it also seems to work in the current Firefox 4 beta as it is.
    The code is not right though - the correct syntax for the color attribute with hex values is with a # at the start, so:
    It might work in Firefox 3.x if you change that.

  • Firefox page images do not display only text and links

    New desktop (not this one) with windows 8.1 Pro, Firefox 29, Norton Internet security. When I go to many of the Firefox pages images do not display, only text and links. This is true for the "get add-ons" page. I can search for add-ons, but when I try to install one, the installation fails. Is there a security setting in windows or NIS that is blocking Firefox images and installations? The Firefox installation went smoothly without error. Other sites do not have this problem.

    Wow! I never would have thought of that! My time settings were incorrect when I set up the PC, and I thought I set them. I did have the day, date, and time set correctly. But I did not have AM/PM set right. So, I was off by 12 hours. I corrected it and, voila, all works well.
    I'm so happy now, because I can now get all the security extensions I've grown to love:
    - NoScript
    - Ghostery
    - Better Privacy
    - Adblock Plus
    You guys are great! Thank you so much for your help.

  • I have just updated to ISO 8 and my app icons are not displaying the correct icon but just a generic icon. Anyone had a similar problem?

    I have just updated to ISO 8 and my app icons are not displaying the correct icon but just a generic icon. Anyone had a similar problem?

    That happened to me for a short period of time after I updated. It didn't do it with all apps, but it did it with a few here and there. Try a few basic standard troubleshooting steps. Close all apps and reset the iPad.
    In order to close apps, you have to drag the app up from the multitasking display. Double tap the home button and you will see apps lined up going left to right across the screen. Swipe to get to the app that you want to close and then swipe "up" on the app preview thumbnail to close it.
    Reset the iPad by holding down on the sleep and home buttons at the same time for about 10-15 seconds until the Apple Logo appears - ignore the red slider if it appears on the screen - let go of the buttons. Let the iPad start up.
    You can also try resetting all settings. You will not lose any data, but most of the device settings will have to be entered in the settings app again. Settings>General>Reset>Reset all Settings.
    Hopefully it will be something simple, but don't rule out restoring the iOS software, if nothing else works, but start with this easy stuff first.

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    My Calendar application is not displaying numbers correctly, I have tried validating my fonts and found nothing there, so not sure what the problem is...

    Have yopu gone to Font Book
    Font Book is located in the Applications folder (in the Finder, choose Go > Applications). To manage or view fonts, open Font Book, or double-click a font file.
    High Light all the fonts    ( Shift and click 1st one  Shift and click last one) and
    then select File/Falidate Fonts
    Then making sure all the fonts get a green tick box.

  • Why is Preview not displaying fonts correctly?

    Since the last Snow Leopard upgrade, Preview is not displaying some fonts correctly. I checked to see if the fonts were embedded in the PDF (by resorting to Adobe Acrobat 5... which is not displaying them correctly either) and they are True Type with Windows encoding which as far as I know Preview OS X should be able to handle.
    I tried deleting the Preview preferences in User/Library/Prefeerences and restarting but this made no difference. The same PDF works perfectly though on an old iMac that is running OS X Tiger!!!

    Well I found a few minor font problems which seem to have cropped up since the last system upgrade, but none of those were the font in question. Also, as I understand it, the whole point of PDF documents is that the fonts are embedded in the document so you do not have to have the fonts installed on your computer to view the PDF properly. I use a lot of special fonts and when I save documents as a PDF I can send them to anyone on the internet and they can usually see everything as it is meant to be.

  • Design Window is not displaying the correct view

    For some reason the Design View on my CS3 is not displaying
    the correct view.
    It used to show how the web page would look but it is simply
    showing up the wording and pictures surrounded by dotted black
    I am using a template as a bases for all the pages and all
    the pages are showing like this.
    My other sites are showing up OK though.
    When I Preview in Browser, it all shows up OK.
    Can anyone help?

    VIEW | Style Rendering > Display Styles
    Murray --- ICQ 71997575
    Adobe Community Expert
    (If you *MUST* email me, don't LAUGH when you do so!)
    - DW FAQs, Tutorials & Resources - DW FAQs,
    Tutorials & Resources
    "Bezz333" <[email protected]> wrote in
    news:fttdsr$394$[email protected]..
    > Hi
    > For some reason the Design View on my CS3 is not
    displaying the correct
    > view.
    > It used to show how the web page would look but it is
    simply showing up
    > the
    > wording and pictures surrounded by dotted black lines.
    > I am using a template as a bases for all the pages and
    all the pages are
    > showing like this.
    > My other sites are showing up OK though.
    > When I Preview in Browser, it all shows up OK.
    > Can anyone help?
    > Bezz

  • The padlock icon shown when entering secure sites using Firefox 3.x is not displayed using Firefox 4. How can this be restored? Is it indicating another problem?

    The padlock icon shown when entering secure sites using Firefox 3.x is not displayed using Firefox 4.

    It has been changed. Please read this article:
    You can use this add-on to get the classic icon back:

  • Server Admin not displaying groups correctly

    Server 10.5.8, Mac Pro 4 core 2.66, 56 GB RAM.
    Had a crash yesterday, all back to normal now except:
    Server Admin's "show users and groups" is not displaying groups correctly" "users" is missng, and any new groups I created in WM are missing. Even if I sort by GID, they don't show up. And yet, if I type "staff" in the search bar, it shows up with GID 20. Also shared folders are showing up as groups

    Surely someone can at least point me in the right direction? I tried rebuilding the LDAP database, but that didn't fix it.

  • Why does Firefox not display symbols and diacritic marks correctly in html pages

    I reset my profile because of a problem displaying a particular web page.
    I am now using the reset profile. Using this profile Firefox does NOT correctly display symbols and diacritic marks in my html pages. Such pages were correctly displayed in my old profile. They are pages containing text in French and Spanish.
    Examples: é «
    Why aren't the symbols and marks displaying correctly in a brand new profile when they displayed correctly in my old profile.

    What is View > Character Encoding set to? In my installation it's set to UTF-8.

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    See here

  • Firefox 3.6.6 Not Displaying Gmail Contacts & Calendar and at least 1 other website correctly after using Microsoft Windows Easy Transfer

    == Issue
    I have another kind of problem with Firefox
    == Description
    In migrating from an XP PC to a new Win 7 PC, I downloaded Firefox to the new PC and it worked fine - got my Gmail contacts, calendar, etc. Later I used Micros Soft's Windows Easy Transfer to move data, profiles, etc to the new PC. Then could log onto Gmail but it would not show Contacts or Calendar. I then uninstalled Firefox and reinstalled it - nohelp, then I did a system to Restore to before I did the Windows Easy Transfer - no help, then I manually moved my Firefox Profile from the XP machine - no help. BTW at least one other website does not display correctly: NOTE - through all this Internet Explorer has shown these sites correctly.
    == This happened
    Every time Firefox opened
    == Used Microsoft Windows Easy Transfer
    == Troubleshooting information
    Troubleshooting Information
    This page contains technical information that might be useful when you're
    trying to solve a problem. If you are looking for answers to common questions
    about Firefox, check out our support web site.
    Copy all to clipboard
    Application Basics
    Profile Directory
    Open Containing Folder
    Installed Plugins
    Build Configuration
    Flashblock 1.5.13 true {3d7eb24f-2740-49df-8937-200b1cc08f8a}
    Google Notebook false [email protected]
    Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant 1.2.1 true {20a82645-c095-46ed-80e3-08825760534b}
    PDF Download false {37E4D8EA-8BDA-4831-8EA1-89053939A250}
    Java Console 6.0.20 true
    McAfee SiteAdvisor 3.0 true
    Modified Preferences
    accessibility.typeaheadfind.flashBar 0
    browser.history_expire_days 20
    browser.history_expire_days.mirror 20
    browser.places.importBookmarksHTML false
    browser.places.importDefaults false
    browser.places.leftPaneFolderId -1
    browser.places.migratePostDataAnnotations false
    browser.places.smartBookmarksVersion 2
    browser.places.updateRecentTagsUri false
    browser.startup.homepage_override.mstone rv:
    browser.tabs.loadInBackground false
    dom.disable_window_move_resize true
    dom.event.contextmenu.enabled false
    extensions.lastAppVersion 3.6.3
    general.useragent.extra.microsoftdotnet ( .NET CLR 3.5.30729)
    network.cookie.lifetimePolicy 1
    network.cookie.prefsMigrated true
    network.image.imageBehavior 0
    places.last_vacuum 1273287748
    print.print_printer HP Photosmart C7100 series
    print.printer_HP_OfficeJet_Pro_1170Cse.print_bgcolor false
    print.printer_HP_OfficeJet_Pro_1170Cse.print_bgimages false
    print.printer_HP_OfficeJet_Pro_1170Cse.print_downloadfonts false
    print.printer_HP_OfficeJet_Pro_1170Cse.print_evenpages true
    print.printer_HP_OfficeJet_Pro_1170Cse.print_footerleft &PT
    print.printer_HP_OfficeJet_Pro_1170Cse.print_footerright &D
    print.printer_HP_OfficeJet_Pro_1170Cse.print_headerleft &T
    print.printer_HP_OfficeJet_Pro_1170Cse.print_headerright &U
    print.printer_HP_OfficeJet_Pro_1170Cse.print_in_color true
    print.printer_HP_OfficeJet_Pro_1170Cse.print_margin_bottom 0.3
    print.printer_HP_OfficeJet_Pro_1170Cse.print_margin_left 0.5
    print.printer_HP_OfficeJet_Pro_1170Cse.print_margin_right 0.3
    print.printer_HP_OfficeJet_Pro_1170Cse.print_margin_top 0.3
    print.printer_HP_OfficeJet_Pro_1170Cse.print_oddpages true
    print.printer_HP_OfficeJet_Pro_1170Cse.print_orientation 0
    print.printer_HP_OfficeJet_Pro_1170Cse.print_pagedelay 500
    print.printer_HP_OfficeJet_Pro_1170Cse.print_paper_data 1
    print.printer_HP_OfficeJet_Pro_1170Cse.print_paper_height 11.00
    print.printer_HP_OfficeJet_Pro_1170Cse.print_paper_size 1634485807
    print.printer_HP_OfficeJet_Pro_1170Cse.print_paper_size_type 0
    print.printer_HP_OfficeJet_Pro_1170Cse.print_paper_size_unit 0
    print.printer_HP_OfficeJet_Pro_1170Cse.print_paper_width 8.50
    print.printer_HP_OfficeJet_Pro_1170Cse.print_printer HP OfficeJet Pro 1170Cse
    print.printer_HP_OfficeJet_Pro_1170Cse.print_reversed false
    print.printer_HP_OfficeJet_Pro_1170Cse.print_scaling 1.00
    print.printer_HP_OfficeJet_Pro_1170Cse.print_shrink_to_fit true
    print.printer_HP_OfficeJet_Pro_1170Cse.print_to_file false
    print.printer_HP_Photosmart_C7100_series.print_bgcolor false
    print.printer_HP_Photosmart_C7100_series.print_bgimages false
    print.printer_HP_Photosmart_C7100_series.print_downloadfonts false
    print.printer_HP_Photosmart_C7100_series.print_edge_bottom 0
    print.printer_HP_Photosmart_C7100_series.print_edge_left 0
    print.printer_HP_Photosmart_C7100_series.print_edge_right 0
    print.printer_HP_Photosmart_C7100_series.print_edge_top 0
    print.printer_HP_Photosmart_C7100_series.print_evenpages true
    print.printer_HP_Photosmart_C7100_series.print_footerleft &PT
    print.printer_HP_Photosmart_C7100_series.print_footerright &D
    print.printer_HP_Photosmart_C7100_series.print_headerleft &T
    print.printer_HP_Photosmart_C7100_series.print_headerright &U
    print.printer_HP_Photosmart_C7100_series.print_in_color true
    print.printer_HP_Photosmart_C7100_series.print_margin_bottom 0.300000011920929
    print.printer_HP_Photosmart_C7100_series.print_margin_left 0.5
    print.printer_HP_Photosmart_C7100_series.print_margin_right 0.300000011920929
    print.printer_HP_Photosmart_C7100_series.print_margin_top 0.300000011920929
    print.printer_HP_Photosmart_C7100_series.print_oddpages true
    print.printer_HP_Photosmart_C7100_series.print_orientation 0
    print.printer_HP_Photosmart_C7100_series.print_pagedelay 500
    print.printer_HP_Photosmart_C7100_series.print_paper_data 1
    print.printer_HP_Photosmart_C7100_series.print_paper_height 11.00
    print.printer_HP_Photosmart_C7100_series.print_paper_size 1634485807
    print.printer_HP_Photosmart_C7100_series.print_paper_size_type 0
    print.printer_HP_Photosmart_C7100_series.print_paper_size_unit 0
    print.printer_HP_Photosmart_C7100_series.print_paper_width 8.50
    print.printer_HP_Photosmart_C7100_series.print_reversed false
    print.printer_HP_Photosmart_C7100_series.print_scaling 0.80
    print.printer_HP_Photosmart_C7100_series.print_shrink_to_fit false
    print.printer_HP_Photosmart_C7100_series.print_to_file false
    print.printer_HP_Photosmart_C7100_series.print_unwriteable_margin_bottom 0
    print.printer_HP_Photosmart_C7100_series.print_unwriteable_margin_left 0
    print.printer_HP_Photosmart_C7100_series.print_unwriteable_margin_right 0
    print.printer_HP_Photosmart_C7100_series.print_unwriteable_margin_top 0
    print.printer_hp_psc_1200_series.print_bgcolor false
    print.printer_hp_psc_1200_series.print_bgimages false
    print.printer_hp_psc_1200_series.print_downloadfonts false
    print.printer_hp_psc_1200_series.print_evenpages true
    print.printer_hp_psc_1200_series.print_footerleft &PT
    print.printer_hp_psc_1200_series.print_footerright &D
    print.printer_hp_psc_1200_series.print_headerleft &T
    print.printer_hp_psc_1200_series.print_headerright &U
    print.printer_hp_psc_1200_series.print_in_color true
    print.printer_hp_psc_1200_series.print_margin_bottom 0.3
    print.printer_hp_psc_1200_series.print_margin_left 0.5
    print.printer_hp_psc_1200_series.print_margin_right 0.3
    print.printer_hp_psc_1200_series.print_margin_top 0.3
    print.printer_hp_psc_1200_series.print_oddpages true
    print.printer_hp_psc_1200_series.print_orientation 0
    print.printer_hp_psc_1200_series.print_pagedelay 500
    print.printer_hp_psc_1200_series.print_paper_data 1
    print.printer_hp_psc_1200_series.print_paper_height 11.00
    print.printer_hp_psc_1200_series.print_paper_size 1634485807
    print.printer_hp_psc_1200_series.print_paper_size_type 0
    print.printer_hp_psc_1200_series.print_paper_size_unit 0
    print.printer_hp_psc_1200_series.print_paper_width 8.50
    print.printer_hp_psc_1200_series.print_reversed false
    print.printer_hp_psc_1200_series.print_scaling 1.00
    print.printer_hp_psc_1200_series.print_shrink_to_fit true
    print.printer_hp_psc_1200_series.print_to_file false
    privacy.clearOnShutdown.cookies false
    privacy.clearOnShutdown.downloads false
    privacy.clearOnShutdown.formdata false
    privacy.clearOnShutdown.history false
    privacy.clearOnShutdown.passwords true
    privacy.cpd.cookies false
    privacy.cpd.downloads false
    privacy.cpd.formdata false
    privacy.cpd.history false
    privacy.item.downloads false
    privacy.item.formdata false
    privacy.item.history false
    privacy.item.passwords true
    privacy.sanitize.migrateFx3Prefs true
    privacy.sanitize.promptOnSanitize false
    privacy.sanitize.sanitizeOnShutdown true
    security.warn_viewing_mixed false
    == Firefox version
    == Operating system
    Windows 7
    == User Agent
    Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20100401 Firefox/3.6.3 ( .NET CLR 3.5.30729)
    == Plugins installed
    *-Default Plug-in
    *NPRuntime Script Plug-in Library for Java(TM) Deploy
    *Shockwave Flash 10.0 r45
    *McAfee Virtual Technician plugin for Mozilla (Gecko Version: 1.8b1)
    *Next Generation Java Plug-in 1.6.0_20 for Mozilla browsers
    *Adobe PDF Plug-In For Firefox and Netscape

    Oops - for some reason, this problem now seems to have gone away. May have had something to do with Flash. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

  • Firefox does not display websites correctly. Images are missing or out of position.

    Too much white space. How do I downgrade back to 3.6.3? I have another computer running that version that displays everything correctly. Text is also placed incorrectly. Even this Mozilla page has no images. Only white space with a fuzzy 'mozilla' in the upper left-hand corner.

    The Fonts & Colours option worked wonderfully for me and now my pages are displaying the colour and images I expected to see. So very simple in the end. Is it related to the current upgrad? At least I will not have to trouble with attempting to revert to an earlier version.

  • Safari 4.0.3 not displaying text correctly

    Hi all, I recently upgraded to Snow Leopard (along with everyone else) and ever since certain code will NOT display correctly.
    This is what is displayed by safari when viewing text from a "code" tag.
    This is what is supposed to be displayed: (as viewed on firefox)
    I have tried troubleshooting and fixing this problem by reinstalling both Safari 4, and Snow leopard to no avail, I have also verified and repaired permissions.
    Note that not ALL text is displayed incorrectly, this is the rest of the page as displayed by Safari:
    Please help

    I searched the forums and found our solution here:
    Basically, go to your Applications and open Font Book. If this is the case, you have two sets of Courier running. Scroll down to where Courier is and click the drop down triangle to see it's different styles. I then sort of just guessed and checked this next move but it did the trick. Find the Courier Regular that does NOT give a sample display of our beloved ABCs. Right click that "bad" version of Courier Regular and choose the Remove or Delete Option and verify with an OK. It should get rid of all the bad versions and the warning triangles. Try out a page in Safari and it should look as good as any other browser now.

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