First I am not new to Adobe I have had it for over 10 years.  My last pdf was created about 2 months

First I am not a new user of Adobe.  I have had it for over 10 years.  Up to two months ago I have not had a problem scanning my documents in and creating pdfs.  Now it scans but I when I go to read the file there is an error message.  What is going on?  When I first scanned I could read the file and when I tried to send the file an error accured.  On my second try I could not even open the file to read it.  What is up?

We would be sad to see you leave the Verizon Wireless family after so many years! We love your loyalty and hope to continue to being your provider for many more years to come. When are you able to upgrade? You can always check by dialing #UPG from your Verizon Wireless device.
When the phone freezes is it random or when you are doing one certain function on the phone? Have you been able to test the device out in Safe Mode for a few hours to see if that will still continue the freezing issues? You can find the steps on how to place the phone into safe mode by following this link: Please keep us posted.
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