Gc cr block busy

Hi all,
I am wondering if anyone can help me with an explanation as to why 'gc cr block busy' event in an RAC environment requires a log flush? The requesting node is requesting a read-only block so this should not require a log flush to be carried out by the remote node.
I would appreciate a simple explanation as to why a log flush is required?
Many thanks

Hope this helps.

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    I have a problem regarding, block business partner for local purchase organization.
    R/3: Transaction MK05, block vendor for ONE purc. org.
    SRM: Transaction BBPUPDVD.
    If I activate transaction BP, and look into the purchasing data, the bp is only blockt for my SAP purc. org.
    If I activate transaction BBP_UPDATA_PORG, tape in the local purc. org. and the SAP purc. org, run the transaction, nothing happens. It is NOT possible to mark the block indicator for the local purc. org.
    BR. Kim

    <b>Please go through the following SAP OSS Notes -></b>
    Note 805467 - BBPUPDVD/BBP_VENDOR_SYNC: purch. org. view deletion indicato
    Note 613182 - BBP-GP: New field: Purchasing block
    Note 805468 - BBPUPDVD/BBP_VENDOR_SYNC: Deletion indicator in POrg view
    Note 563677 - Purchasing documents: No message when partner blocked
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    Do let me know.
    - Atul

  • Is there are BAPI to release the blocked business parter ?

    Is there are BAPI to release the blocked business parter . ?
    thanks ,
    naval Bhatt

    Then create a subtype of that BO.
    Write a custom method. In that method use a BDC program.
    First develop the BDC program and save it as a FM.
    Then call this FM in your custom method and pass the data from workflow.
    Make this method as background processing.
    I think this should do the rest job.

  • GC current block busy

    Hi ,
    I have two node Oracle RAC.Version is
    When i do an online inquire transaction for higher load, I am observing 'gc current block busy' in AWR as one of the top events.GV$SESSION_WAIT
    doesnt show anything as below.
    Kindly let me know how to tune it.
    AWR top events.
    DB CPU   32   64.34  
    log file sync 5,972 9 2 18.36 Commit
    gc current block busy 2,448 7 23 13.32 Cluster
    gc current block 2-way 4,665 3 1 5.41 Cluster
    gc current grant busy 2,446 1 0 2.20 Cluster
      EVENT IN ('buffer busy global cr', 'global cache busy',
                'buffer busy global cache');
      2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9   10   11
    no rows selectedThanks

    user10698496 wrote:
    I have two node Oracle RAC.Version is
    When i do an online inquire transaction for higher lRoad, I am observing 'gc current block busy' in AWR as one of the top events.GV$SESSION_WAIT
    doesnt show anything as below.
    Kindly let me know how to tune it.(Note: Your query against v$session_Wait doesn't seem to match the events listed in the AWR.)
    (Note 2: Your snapshot seems to be for a very short time - which doesn't really give an idea of how serious the problem may be in the bigger picture.)
    There are many GC events that you won't see in v$session_wait because the session doesn't know the event consuming the time until after the wait has completed - so when you check v$session_wait you will often see "gc cr request", or "gc current request" (I think I may have the names wrong, but I don't have an instance in front of me right now) - these are known as "placeholders" to Oracle and may change to things like "gc current block 2-way" or "gc current block 3-way".
    You've looked at the ADDM (so you're licensed for the diagnostic), and seen the top object. Had you not done so I would have suggested looking at the "Segments by .." sections of the AWR report, checking the two sections on CR and CUR traffic; then check the "SQL ordered by ...." sections for the sections on global cache time. If your offenders are insert statements that match primary key indexes then you probably need to stop the instances from inserting into the same index leaf block at the same time.
    A key question to ask is whether the primary key is a meaningless value generated by an Oracle sequence; if so have you set the sequence cache size to a large enough value (in the order of thousands or tens of thousands). This is the first step in resolving sequence-based RAC issues. (There are other strategies - but we need more information to determine best action.)
    Jonathan Lewis
    P.S. The best place on the Internet for information about details of how RAC works and the interpretation of RAC events is probably Riyaj Shamsudeen's blog at: http://orainternals.wordpress.com/
    Edited by: Jonathan Lewis on May 14, 2012 8:24 AM

  • RAC, event gc cr block busy & log file switch

    hello everybody,
    i would like to know if there is any dependencies between gc cr block busy and log switch in the one node of the rac cluster.
    i had a select and its completion time lasted 12 secs instead of 1, the start time of the select is the start time of the log switch on the node.
    But when i looked into the active session history the session which was standing for that select had been waiting gc cr block busy instead log file switch completion.
    While looking to the Google resources i ve noticed that "The gc current block busy and gc cr block busy wait events indicate that the
    remote instance received the block after a remote instance processing delay.
    In most cases, this is due to a log flush".
    I would be really greatfull if anybody would be able to locate the initial dependancy i ve mantioned and explain the cause of the issue as i can not quite get why the selection took so long.
    Thank you in advance!

    Did you told "log file switch"?
    you mean log file switch (checkpoint incomplete) or log file switch (archiving needed) or log file switch/archive or log file switch (clearing log file) or log file switch completion or log switch/archive
    however a instance can wait ... if you find high values about waiting, you may tune your database.
    please show us
    - Top 5 Wait Events
    SQL> alter session set nls_date_format='YYYY/MM/DD HH24:MI:SS';
    SQL> select name, completion_time from V$ARCHIVED_LOG order by completion_time ;
    Check How often do you switch logfile to archive log? ... Every switch log file... you may find "log file switch" waiting
    I see... you no high DML activitiy.
    But Please check High segment + object and query on AWR report... (example: Segments by Physical Writes )
    just investigate
    Good Luck

  • Blocking business partner

    i need to block business partner in transaction FMCAC2 so that no transaction will be done for that business partner. there is a requirement for abap to do that. transaction XD05 is not meeting the requirent because its not in SD but in TRM which is specifically for Revenue Authority. What do i need to do

    i need to block business partner in transaction FMCAC2 so that no transaction will be done for that business partner. there is a requirement for abap to do that. transaction XD05 is not meeting the requirent because its not in SD but in TRM which is specifically for Revenue Authority. What do i need to do

  • Block Business Partner to move in

    I want to block a list of  Business Partner to move in.
    is there a standart way to do it?
    what do you recommend ?

    I don't know about how to block the business partner.
    but we can set deleation flag to these Business partners by executing this t-code  BUPA_PRE_DA.
    While createing move-in we can check this flag by enhancements.

  • Blocked Business Partner List

    can anyone help me to find how this blocked list updated?
    1. Some of the business partner updated automatically in this blocke list
    2.  Some business partners added into blocked list after SPL screening.
    Also please confirm the below questions
    1. when ever a customer/document blocked in SPL screening then BP will be automatically added into blocked list.
    2. If yes then after releasing document in SPL screening, i have to release BP also from Blocked list to avoid feature blocking?
    Thanks in advance

    it would be helpful if u can you provide the answer for that
    thank you

  • Can we block the business partner master data for embargo reason?

       Do you know if we can add the embargo block on business partner master data in GTS just like SPL checking?

    Embargo checking in SAP GTS can be enforced using any combination of the following:
    country-to-country, country group to country, or all countries to country.
    The check is based on the combination of the country of departure and the country of destination (or groups of countries).
    If the system detects an embargo situation, the document is blocked for further processing.
    IF you want to block Business partner for embargo reason,
    you may have to do some code enhancement(abap coding based) for the same.

  • CRM 7.0 / IS-U: adding custom fields to Business agreement for replication

    Hello Experts!
    We're working on replication of custom fields from IS-U to CRM 7.0.
    Can you help me with clarification of my understanding of these questions..?
    1) CRM/IS-U mapping tables for buag_main:
    Business Agreement(BUAG_MAIN) is a BO in CRM that corresponds to CRM table CRMM_BUAG and to Contract account in IS-U table FKKVKP.
    Table FKKVKP were enhanced with some z-fields,
    so we are going to enhance corresponding CRM table CRMM_BUAG (or CRMM_BUAG_H) with that new fields..
    But we see that these CRM and IS-U tables have far not the same field structures..
    So, the question: Which crm and is-u tables i should look, enhance and replicate for Business agreement?
    2) Access to Business agreement with possibility to add custom field:
    I couldn't find in Web UI where i can directly edit profile of Business Agreement..
    I've found just access to assignment block "Business agreement" on Account's profile overview page..(Role ServicePRO; Account details).
    There I used AET to add custom field..but I faced with problem when the 1st popup appeared: there was no enhanced object "Business Agreement"..
    Also in role "Utilities IC Agent" i've found "business agreement" profile but there I don't see buttons for adding custom fields..
    So, the question is: Where I can access Business agreement profile to enhance it with custom fields for replication with IS-U?
    3) CRM/IS-U data exchange functions:
    I tend to use tcode CRMC_BUT_CALL_FU:
    for CRM inbound event of BUAG object  - FM CRM_BUAG_MWX_PROCESS_EXT_STRUC..(as template).
    Question: Am I right that it fits my requirement to replicate custom fields from IS-U to CRM?
    Please tell me if you need more information..
    Looking forward to your answers.
    Thank you a lot in advance!
    Kind regards,

    Hi Gobi,
    Thank you for advice. But:
    I've created fields not by using AET - I used documentation that Nicolas suggested me above.
    I've enhanced tables and structures that were mentioned there with my z-fields for both sides (CRM and ERP).
    Also I looked CRMC_BUT_CALL_FU for CRM Inbound BUAG_MAIN - corresponding standard FMs are marked for call.
    Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance.

  • HR Business Group Based Security

    Hi All,
    We have implemented the EBS and OBIEE integration without any security enabled.
    We have tried to implement the Business Group Org Based Security.
    When we have enabled that initialization block and saved it.
    SQL used in intialization block is
    It is retuning error.
    +[nQSError: 13011] Query for Initialization Block 'Business Groups' has failed.+
    +[nQSError: 17001] Oracle Error code: 932, message: ORA-00932: inconsistent datatypes: expected CHAR got NUMBER+
    at OCI call OCIStmtExecute.
    Do any one have idea about how to reslove this issue ?
    Thanks & Regards

    the first thing I can think of is: have you integrated eBS with OBIEE?
    I know this initblock just works fine, but when I look to you error... I really don't have a clue...
    But it must be the RESPONSIBILITY_ID or the RESPONSIBILITY_APPLICATION_ID.. but both are numbers already...

  • Re:Issue with Sales Order block

    Hello Everyone,
    In my company they have some materials for which they are custom coded in a way that when the sales order is created with these materials  it immediately creates a production order for that particular material.
    These are high value materials for which they have credit block (Business asked for these particular materials) so manually needed to release the credit block.
    But when there is a credit block it is manually checking the production order flag to delete and also when the block is released it is re-creating a new production order for the material (duplication is being done) and also if a change is made in the sales order then the production order is getting affected.
    Can anyone help me with a solution.
    Thank you!

    Check in t.code OVB8, whether any routine is assigned under column RNo. If assigned, then remove and assign routine 5 under SyRoutine. Then test again by creating a new sales order.

  • SAP CRM 2007 Business role assignment

    Hi all,
    We are using CRM 2007. and we are trying to assign Business roles to users using the PFCG ROLE ID attribute.
    1- We create a PFCG role : "pfcgrole1"
    2- We create a Business Role "Businessrole1" and put PFCG Role id = "pfcgrole1"
    3- assign the user to the PFCG role "pfcgrole1"
    We have two cases :
    CASE 1:The user is assigned to a position in Org management but the position does not have any Business roles assigned.
    RESULT : The user logs in  to CRM, the user gets error message  "Logon is not possible because you have not been assigned a business role"
    CASE 2:The user is not assigned to any  position in Org management.
    RESULT : The user logs in to CRM, everything works fine
    my interpretation : org management has precedence over business role assignment using PFCG roles and blocks Business role assignment even if the position has no Business roles assigned
    Anyone has any idea how to assign business roles using PFCG ROle ID even if the user is assigned to a position without any business roles
    Thanks in advance.

    Please review these old threads first:
    Re: Reg: Business Role
    Assignment pfcg-role to user and assignment pfcg-role to business role
    There is a lot of technical background on how business role to PFCG role assignment works.
    Thank you,
    CRM Forum Moderator

  • Display Blocked BPs-Can we see all detailed analyses in a one step process?

    Before releasing any BPs blocked by the system our compliance users check the details of the blocks.
    Currently it is a 2 step process (after they are in the detailed screen of the Display Blocked Business Partners menu):
    1 u2013 Double click on the name of the blocked BPs.
    2 u2013 Click on icon u201CDisplay All Detailed Analysesu201D to show detailed analysis of all hits.
    Is there any way we can make it a one step process and see all details analysis immediately after selecting the blocked BPs?
    SAP Compliance Management -> Sanctioned Party List Screening -> Monitoring -> Business Partner -> Display Blocked Business Partners.

    We can go to the SPL BP blocked list from the path you have mentioned. In the list select a line item and at the header there is partner. If you click on that you can see detailed analysis in there. Just click on it and it would be one step for you. But from here you can't release.

  • Stock Transfer of Blocked Stock Plant-to-Plant

    I have an issue regarding Stock Transfer of blocked stock from one Plant-to-Plant.
    I realize that blocked stock cannot be transfered directly.
    But the issue here is that if we cannot transfer the blocked stock directly, that means we have to do transfer posting from blocked stock to unrest use then stock transfer using mov type: 301. Then in the destination plant, we transfer again to blocked stock.
    If this is applied, then it will potentially raise other issues related to incorrect stock transfer by the other users once the material is released to unrest. use.
    So, in short, that's why we need to have direct stock transfer scenario for this issue.
    Kindly have your assistance
    Thanks in advance

    Hello Albert,
    You are correct. We can not transfer blocked stock from one plant to another and you have to follow the same steps which you already mentioned.
    As per the business logc, We can not move "Blocked" (Business term: Rejected/scrapped/spoiled) material out of our business unit except Retrun to Vendor or Scrap it. so it is also not logical to move "THAT kind of Stock" to another plant.
    Hope this helps.
    Arif Mansuri
    Reward if answer is helpful.

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