Get data from SOAP Header in udf

I want to get value of a SOAP header Runtime Field and use it in udf.
The field I need is <SAP:EOReferenceInbound type="TID">. I think I need to use function getTransformationParameters() but I don't know how to use it.
Can you help me to retrieve this value of SOAP Header in a mapping ?
Thank you.

Check this blog: /people/
Make sure that your message structure is defined properly so that it even includes the header fields...otherwise it will throw an error....once you get the value in the field then transfer it as you like using the mapping.
From the above blog:
The SOAP sender communication channel gives us an option to send the complete SOAP XML, including the header. Then, we just
need to construct a message type in the Enterprise Service Repository (ESR) or Integration Repository (IR) to represent the XML.
With that, message mapping can be performed.

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    Is it possible to get these data with XSLT-Mapping or Java-Mapping? Are there blogs about it?
    I need these data of the MAIN-Section inside the condition of the receiver determination.
    Thank you all.

    Do you wnat to access the Sender Service details in your mapping using java or XSL mapping? this is possible.
    Check this link,
    Or do you want to access the SOAP header itself?

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  • How can I get SessionID from SOAP Header in MessageMapping

    Hello experts,
    I've got a Abap Proxy --> PI --> WebService scenario. I do the call to the web service and it returns me the data and a SessionID in the SOAP header. I've got a message mapping for the response, and in this message mapping I need to get this sessionID because I have to use it later.
    I have tried with a UDF with this code:
    String headerField = "";
      String key="SessionID";
      java.util.Map map;
      // get runtime constant map
      map = container.getTransformationParameters();
      // get value of header field by using variable key
      headerField = (String) map.get(key);
    catch(Exception e){}
        headerField = "";
    return headerField;
    But it returns me nothing.
    In sxmb_moni I can see the sessionID (see attached file), so It should be possible to access it.
    How can I do to get this data????
    Many thanks.

    Thanks Indrajit.
    I have found a solution. I have to use the option: Do Not Use SOAP Envelope in my communication channel.
    But as I am using web services I have to create the SOAP Envelope in my mapping (in request and in response).
    I have created 2 xslt mapping files: one for request and one for response. The xslt mapping for the request it is placed in second position in my operation mapping. This xslt maping just move the fields and add the soap envelope (header and body, and inside the body places the data from 1st mapping).
    The response xslt mapping it is placed directly in my operation mapping (in response area). It transforms the SOAP response into my Message Type.
    Here you can find my xslt for request (sessionID, in0, in1 and in2 are fields from my source message type):
    <xsl:stylesheet version="1.0" xmlns:xsl="">
      <xsl:template match="/">
        <SOAP:Envelope xmlns:SOAP="">
         <ses:sessionIDHeader xmlns:ses="">
                 <sessionID><xsl:value-of select="*/sessionID"/></sessionID>
          <ser:invokeService xmlns:ser="">
             <in0><xsl:value-of select="*/in0"/></in0>
             <in1><xsl:value-of select="*/in1"/></in1>
             <in2><xsl:value-of select="*/in2"/></in2>
    Here is xslt for response (invokeServiceReturn,sessionIDare fields from my target message type):
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <xsl:stylesheet version="1.0" xmlns:xsl="">
      <xsl:template match="/">
        <ns1:MT_invokeServiceResponse xmlns:ns1="">
            <invokeServiceReturn><xsl:value-of select="/*/*/*/invokeServiceReturn"/></invokeServiceReturn>
            <sessionID><xsl:value-of select="*/*/*/sessionID"/></sessionID>
    Kind Regards.

  • Data from SOAP response not getting into Flex object

    I'm trying to get data from an ALM application we use(Collabnet TeamForge) using a SOAP webservice, and am running into a problem.  I should mention that I am new to both Flex, and webservices.
    I used the "Import Web Services" option in Flex Builder 3, and had it generate code for all operations in the WSDL.  Some of them work just fine.  However, there are several where the data from the SOAP response does not get into the Flex object. The senario that doesn't work is when the response contains a data type that extends another datatype.  In TeamForge, they have a type called TrackerSoapRow.  It extends FolderSoapRow, adding 3 fields.  The problem seems to be that in the response from TeamForge, the 3 fields defined in TrackerSoapRow are in the middle of the fields defined in FolderSoapRow.  I've debugged into it, and the problem occures in mx.rpc.xml.XMLDecoder.getApplicableValues( starting at line 2204 of  As I read the code, the only way a match can be found is if the fields in the response are in the exact same order as in the definintion.  When its processing the extended data type(  by a call to XMLDecoder.decodeComplexExtension ) at some point, one of the derived type's fields is encountered, and the process stops.
    I have called the service using soapui and verified that all the data I expect is in the response.
    As I mentioned, I'm new to web services.  So, I suppose its possible that the format of the data being returned from TeamForge is incorrect.  That they are not supposed to intermingle base and derived fields.  If thats the case, then I need to report this as a bug to Collabnet.
    All help is appreciated.
    Marc Robertson

    Not knowing any of the details about how you call a web service from OAF myself - I'd suggest you post on the proper forum for OA Framework questions: {forum:id=210}

  • How get data from Web Service with token?

    Can I get data from Web Service made with Java?
    This WS has a Token.
    Any ideas o reference?
    Fran Díaz | twitter: @frandiaz_ | Blog: {} | Communities: {} & {}

    We've now added this ability to Web.Contents. You can say something like
    Web.Contents("http://my.web.service/1", [Headers=[#"The-Token"="0a0138ef2d"]])
    and it will pass a header with the key "The-Token" and the value "0a0138ef2d" as part of the HTTP request. For security reasons, this will only work for anonymous web requests.
    The December preview can be downloaded from

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    or jus say is it possible to read whats in a web page into a jsp page?
    thanks in advance for any help , assistance or redirection to a source where i can find help.

    sorry for a poorly framed question.
    this is what i m trying to do.
    i call google with a header generated.
    now i want to read back the content in the google search result page onto my jsp page.
    first.jsp calls google. i m using redirect (url)
    the url is modified based on user input
    now i want the links in the google page to be put up in my page itself. so i want to read the links there...
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    Have you register the workflow against your site ?
    If not register it and check the "Authorization header"
    Register-SPWorkflowService -SPSite 'https://myhost/mysite' -WorkflowHostUri 'https://workflowhost:12990' -AllowOAuthHttp -Force
    Register SPWorkflowService
    Murugesa Pandian| MCPD | MCTS |SharePoint 2010

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    Can we get data from business views  in CR 2008/XI?
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    Thank you,
    Krishna Pingali

    Hi Krishna,
    Crystal Reports/BusinessObjects Enterprise ( BOE ) Business Views can only be created using the BV build which comes with BOE and installed using the Work Station installer for BOE. for both XI and 2008.
    You cannot mix these two versions on the same PC not can one talk to the other, the BV designer must match the same version as BOE. XI ( version 11.0 ) is no longer available but if you mean XI R2 ( version 11.5 ) then it still is.
    It's not completely clear which Business View you are referring to? BOE has a Business View Designer so not sure if this is just a naming problem or not? If you are referring to the BOE Business View Designer then the above is true. If your reference is about some other BV designer or data source then you need to clarify.
    Contact our Sales department for pricing and availability.
    Thank you

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    Hey Richard.....Thanks for the reply to my question about my wife's dead iMac.....
    Her iMac had been acting up lately, mostly to do with her Outlook Express freezing up in OS9. I dunno if OS9 was freezing or if the application was failing. Regardless, I would have to quit OS9, restart Outlook which at the same time restarted OS9. All would be fine for a while, a day or two and then the scene would repeat itself. But I think that issue is separate from the iMac being "dead". Often we have power outages in the area, more than we should. I had the iMac plugged into a battery backup, some APS product I think it is. I believe it is only good for less than an hour as we have other devices drawing on it too. Most of our power outages are of short duration, just enough to be aggravating, sometimes having to reset clocks, etc...And a couple times, I would have to reset the time and date on the iMac so this told me that the PRAM battery was below minimum voltage. But the iMac would ALWAYS restart, even with the low battery. But the most recent outage, about one hour duration, did in the iMac, somehow or other. I do believe the battery backup basically fully discharged. So I removed the battery, could not find a new battery locally so I drove to the big city and paid the local Apple service dealer a visit. I got ripped big time price wise, embarrassed to say. So I get home, put the battery in the holder, depressed the CMU reset, the powerbutton illuminated as did a green LED by the memory modules for less than three seconds and then quit. I also heard the HD trying to spin up and a high voltage THUMP which I assume is the CRT trying to ignite. If I unplugged the iMac, removed the battery, plug in the power again and hit the power button, the iMac would repeat the same short on period and then quit. So it did not seem to make any difference if there was a battery in place. I read somewhere to pull the battery, pull the AC cord, hold down the power button to dump any current (?) and let the unit sit for 24hrs. After that length of time, I was supposed to replace the battery, depress the CMU reset, wait ten seconds and then feed it AC. Well, when I pressed the power button, I heard life for maybe five seconds, maybe a second longer, then a beep and then it shut down. I pulled the AC cord, pulled the battery, re-inserted the battery, depressed the CMU reset, waited a few seconds, plugged in the AC cord, depressed the power button and I am back at the under three seconds of "power-up" and then nothing, dead, no beep, nothing. I think maybe it is a waste of time trying to mess with this unit, looking for a newer iMac on eBay, the snowball series with the 17" LCD, might be time better spent. Hate throwing stuff away, that's why I am up to my ears in junk, maybe u know that scenario. The wife likes my 19" ACER LCD screen, hooked up to this old dual 800mhz, though she dislikes the noise and the tower. But we both agree the large LCD screen is much easier on our aging eyes than the old iMac CRT. Anyway, I appreciate your help, always GREAT to correspond with an Apple fan.....John Bauer

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    Hello all,
    I am working on funds management cubes (0PU_C02 and 0PU_C03). These two cubes get data from like 7 or 8 ODS. Can someone tell me which are the ODS which feed to respective cubes. I have the mappings done but i am getting very confused.
    In the ods 0PU_O44 there is RLDNR for Ledger and I can see that data in ODS but when i run load to cube I dont see the ledger data (its direct mapping there are no routines or rules).
    Is there any sequence with wihic we have to load the data?
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    Hi Raj,
    I was going thru the forums who has knowledge in Public sector when i came accross ur forum.Can i get your email id..i have some questions to ask regarding student administration.

  • Powerpivot Error on Refresh -- "We couldn't get data from the data model..."

    I'm using Excel 2013 and Windows 8.1.  I have a spreadsheet I've been using for over a year, and I've just started getting this error message when I try to refresh the data.
    "We couldn't get data from the Data Model.  Here's the error message we got:
    The 'attributeRelationship' with 'AttributeID' - 'PuttDistCat9' doesn't exist in the collection"
    Any idea how I can fix this problem?  I haven't changed anything related to that particular attribute.  All the data is contained in separate sheets in the workbook, so there are no external sources of data.

    Thanks for all the suggestions.
    I found a slightly older version of the spreadsheet that still refreshes properly, so I don't think I have any issues with the version of Excel or Power Query.  (I've had this same error before, and I believe I applied the hotfix at that time.)
    I think this problem started after I updated a number of the date filters in the pivot tables.  I haven't made any changes to the data model, and the only updates I've made were to add data (which I do all the time), and to change the date filters on
    the pivot tables.
    As suggested, I added a new pivot table querying one table (the table with the attribute that shows up in the error message), and it worked fine.  I can also refresh this pivot table.
    Then I tried adding a pivot table which went against several tables in the data model (including the table in question).  The pivot table seemed to return that data properly.  However, when I tried to refresh it, I got the same error message ("we
    couldn't get data from the data model..."). 
    Dany also suggested running the queries one at a time to see which one is in error.  Without checking all the pivot tables, it appears that any which use the table "HolePlayedStrokes" generate the error (this is the table with the attribute
    mentioned in the error message).  Pivot Tables without that particular table seem to refresh OK.  Unfortunately, that is the main table in my data model, so most of the pivot tables use it.
    Any other suggestions?  I'd be happy to send a copy of the spreadsheet.
    Thanks for all the help.

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    Local machine time zone= +2
    Oracle time zone= +1
    I set date to Oracle using java.sql.Date.
    From application I save date at 00:30 clock and send e.g. 28.06.2002, but in Oracle date is save as 27.06.2002 01:00 (hour=01 , I suppose that is because java.sql.Date hasn't time the Oracle set it time = time zone=+1) And when I get date from Oracle I get incorrect date. In SQL I don't use date masks. Maybe solution is to use java.sql.Timestamp object (when save date to Oracle) instead of java.sql.Date?
    But if I save date at e.g. 01:00 clock and send e.g. 28:06.2002 in Oracle, date is save as 28.06.2002 01:00 and when I read from Oracle I get correct date.
    Thank you.

    Local machine time zone= +2
    Oracle time zone= +1
    I set date to Oracle using java.sql.Date.
    From application I save date at 00:30 clock and send
    e.g. 28.06.2002, but in Oracle date is save as
    27.06.2002 01:00 (hour=01 , I suppose that is because
    java.sql.Date hasn't time the Oracle set it time =
    time zone=+1) Presumably you are using setTimestamp() to store the value. If you are explicitly using a varchar (string) then you will have to correct the timezone your self.
    And when I get date from Oracle I get
    incorrect date. In SQL I don't use date masks. Maybe
    solution is to use java.sql.Timestamp object (when
    save date to Oracle) instead of java.sql.Date?The method setDate/getDate store a 'date' which is not the same as a 'date and time' for which setTimestamp/getTimestamp are used.
    But if I save date at e.g. 01:00 clock and send e.g.
    28:06.2002 in Oracle, date is save as 28.06.2002
    01:00 and when I read from Oracle I get correct date.
    Thank you.

  • Get date from Calendar Promt

    Hi Experts,
    Is it possible to get date from Calendar Prompt when operator is "greater then or equal to". In this setting I can not set presentation variable for prompt, why? There is other way to get selected date?
    Thanks in advance for any suggestion

    Eskarina wrote:
    Hi Experts,
    Is it possible to get date from Calendar Prompt when operator is "greater then or equal to". In this setting I can not set presentation variable for prompt, why? There is other way to get selected date?
    Thanks in advance for any suggestion
    EskThe reason the Set Variable piece disappears is because a presentation variable cannot contain multiple values. If you want to perform a calculation on a date to filter your report, do this:
    1) Keep the Operator as "is equal to/is in."
    2) Now set your PV to what you want.
    3) In your report, build a CASE statement or use the TIMESTAMPADD function to make whatever calculation you want.
    Example: Let's suppose you wanted to filter your report for all Sales Dates "greater than or equal to" the prompt selection. You would set the date prompt to "equal" a date a user selects and then save it to your Presentation Variable, say pv_SalesDate.
    Now in your report on your Sales Date column, put a filter like this:
    tablename."Sales Date" >= '@{pv_SalesDate}'
    This will achieve what you are looking for.

Maybe you are looking for

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