Hide the last level of a hierarchy in bex

HI experts,
In a query I use a hierarchy based on 0account (characteristic based hierarchy, every node is also an account...)only leaves have figures in the cube (meaning no direct posting on nodes).
This hierarchy doesn't have flat / equal levels, and final accounts are sometimes located on level X, sometimes on level X+1 etc...therefore, I can't use the standard fonctionnality "expand to level X"
see below a simple exemple
(in fact my hierarchy contain more than 10 levels):
..node 1-1     
.........|.node 1-2 ("R"account)
..node 2-1 ("R"account)
My users want to be able to simply navigate in the hierarchy on specific nodes(which have specific properties through the usage of an navigational attribute used on my 0account characteristic), whitout having to expand to the last level: example the "R" level wich is the level before. Again, this R level resides in different levels of my hierarchy.
So I have to find a way to stop the expand of the hierarchy to this specific level, hide the levels below(account), but include the amount of the lower levels in this specific specified level ("R").
If you have any ideas/clues or suggestions on how to resolve this issue (navigational attribute, exits, restricted key figures, hidden columns...)...this would really be much appreciated.
thanks a lot!
Ps: I work on BW 3.5
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Hi Agathe LE LAMER
I know this thread is a little old now, but I would be interested to know if you had found a way of doing this. I am also trying to supress the lowest level in a hierarchy which are not all the same levels.

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    Abhiiiiiii wrote:
    Navigation is also a problem here since the column is coming coming runtime(after drill).What i told u is to use the navigation option insted of drill. So you need to create five reports each one for the particular hierarchy. and set the navigartion target as next level report in the hierarchy. Yes it is not the optiumum solution. But if you dont want the other two solutions given above you need to go with this only.

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          Check the below possibilities.
    1. You can do that in a workbook.
    2. Create a copy of the same hierarchy and for the 0CUSTOMER object and nodes give tech names as text also.

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    @ubuntupenguin Thanx for your prompt reply.
    I am currently able to store all the necessary symbols in an array. But, How do I query for multiple symbols in the SQL Query ?
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  • Get only last level in SQL Hierarchy Query

    How to get only the last level in Oracle SQL Hierarchy Query?

    1007372 wrote:
    How to get only the last level in Oracle SQL Hierarchy Query?Depending on your requirements:
    I hope this answers your question.
    If not, post a little sample data (CREATE TABLE and INSERT statements, relevant columns only), and also post the results you want from that data.
    Explain, using specific examples, how you get those results from that data.
    If you can show what you want to do using commonly available tables (such as scott.emp, which contains a hierarchy), then you don't need to post any sample data; just the results and the explanation.
    Always say which version of Oracle you're using (e.g., This is always important, but especially so with CONNECT BY queries, because every version since Oracle 7 has had significant improvements in this area.
    See the forum FAQ {message:id=9360002}

  • How to Restrict the node level in account hierarchy

    Hi experts,
    I want to restrict the node level in account hierarchy. I attached one example. in that if i click 6000 node again it want to show error message. for one parent node i want to create only two child node. Further if i create means it want to show error msgs and not allow to create the node..

    Hi ,
    The component is bp_hier, and method is onnew_node.
    IF lv_tree->is_locked( ) = abap_false.
         lv_tree->lock( ).
       CHECK lv_tree->is_locked( ) = abap_true.
       lv_index = typed_context->accounthierarchy->selected_index.
       lv_tree_node = typed_context->accounthierarchy->get_node_by_index( lv_index ).
    *key = lv_tree_node->node_key.
      CALL METHOD lv_api->get_node_parent
           iv_node_key        = key
           ev_parent_node_key = lv_paent_key
    *      ev_tree_guid       =
    *   lv_parent = lv_tree_node->parent_entity.
    *    typed_context->accounthierarchy->parent_entity.
    CALL METHOD lv_tree_node->get_children
         rt_children = rt_child.
       CHECK lv_tree_node IS BOUND.
       lv_tree_node->is_leaf = abap_false.
           lv_proxy_node ?= lv_tree_node.
               lv_object ?= lv_proxy_node->bo.
             CATCH cx_sy_move_cast_error.
               lv_mixed_node ?= lv_proxy_node->bo.
               lv_object ?= lv_mixed_node->if_bsp_wd_ext_property_access~get_model_node( ).
           lv_object_name = lv_object->get_name( ).
           IF lv_object_name = 'BuilHierarchyNode'.
             lv_relation_name = 'BuilHNodeRel'.
           ELSEIF lv_object_name = 'BuilHierarchyHeader'.
             lv_relation_name = 'BuilHeaderNodeRel'.
           lv_tree_node->get_children( ).
           lv_object = lv_object->create_related_entity( lv_relation_name ).
           lv_child_node = lv_proxy_node->node_factory->get_proxy(
               iv_bo = lv_object
               iv_proxy_type = 'CL_BP_HIER_HIERARCHYTREEV_CN05'
               iv_parent_proxy = lv_tree_node ).
           lv_tree_node->expand_node( ).
           typed_context->accounthierarchy->refresh( ).
           typed_context->accounthierarchy->deselect_all( ).
           lv_child_node->selected = abap_true.
           lv_child_node->is_leaf  = abap_true.
    *      selectedhierarchynode
           lv_col_wrap = typed_context->selectedhierarchynode->get_collection_wrapper( ).
           lv_col_wrap->clear( ).
    This is the code.
    i wrote . but its not getting.

  • How to know the parent material in BOM  if we know the last level material

    Dear all,
    We have around 40000 material codes with 18 digits. We can't remember all these. If we know the material code, we can easily find out sublevel or downlevel material by CS03,CS11 ,.....
    But if we know the material code , how to find upper level material code in BOM ?
    How to know the parent material in BOM  if we know the last level material ?
    Pl' answer.

    Hi Kishore,
    Have u tried with report CS15.  Give last Level Material  ->goto nect Screen->select "Multi level " check box then excute.
    it will give All Parent material of Last material, u can indentify with BOM level NO.

  • Change an attribute value in the last level of a tree

    I'm using jdev
    I have a tree composed of 5 VO. Each VO represent a level of the tree. I made an "executeWithParam" in my VO level 1 to pass some parameters.
    I would like to make a "setAttribute" on my VO level 5. I'm working with a tree, so i can't do : "getMyVo.getCurrentRow.setAttribute..."
    How can i do?
    ideas :
    - Today, i use bind variable to pass parameters from first level VO to last level VO : can i put the bind variable value in an attribute value?
    - Is there a method to override in the viewRowImpl.java to catch the "setAttributeInternal" made by ADF? so i could change the value of this attribute
    - Is there a method to override in the viewImpl.java which can help me?
    I try a lot of think without success... hope someone can help me
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Frank,
    Thanks for your help.
    My need is to initialize all the rows of my VO level 5. Not only the selected ones. But i keep your solution for later :)
    Today, that is what i'm doing :
    - First, i use "executeWithParam" to complete a bind parameter of the first VO.
        public void executeWithParamTreeNiv1() {
            VoLvl1ViewImpl view =
                (VoLvl1ViewImpl) getLvl1View ();
            VoSourceId rowSrc =
                (VoSourceIdRowImpl) getVoSourceIdView().getCurrentRow();
            if (rowSrc != null) {
        }- Then, i use the method "createViewLinkAccessorRS" of the viewImpl, to pass bindParmeters between VOs.
            protected ViewRowSetImpl createViewLinkAccessorRS(AssociationDefImpl assocDef, ViewObjectImpl accessorVO,
                                                          Row masterRow, Object[] values) {
            ViewRowSetImpl v = super.createViewLinkAccessorRS(assocDef, accessorVO, masterRow, values);
            Number fkId = (Number)((ViewRowImpl)masterRow).getViewObject().getNamedWhereClauseParam("FkId");
            accessorVO.setNamedWhereClauseParam("FkId", fkId );
            v.setNamedWhereClauseParam("FkId", fkId );- Finally, i use the method "isAttributeUpdateable" of my VO level 5, to get the bind parameter and make a setAttribute.
        public boolean isAttributeUpdateable(int i) {
            Number fkId= (Number)this.getViewObject().getNamedWhereClauseParam("FkId");
            if (fkId!= null) {
        }What do you think about this method?

  • How to hide the Target Levels and Segmentation Catalogs ..?

    Hi Team,
    we tried to hide the out of box segmentation catalogs as we have designed our own customized Segmentation catalogs. But even after disabling Everyone option it is showing up in the target level.
    Similarly we tried to hide the Default Account andn Asset Target Level but in vain.
    Kindly provide the insight into this.

    Hi Team,
    I have moved the question to Siebel Marketing...

  • The Windows XP links tool bar at the bottom of the screen now hides the last line or lines of the browser screen. Why? (V3.6.16)

    I use V 3.6.16 and since a recent update, it looked as if I'd lost a line or two at the bottom of the screen. What happened is that the Windows task bar showing quick launch icons, links to running programs (tabs) and the clock, etc., now obscures the last few lines of the browser display. This is since approximately a week. I assume it's due to FF updates rather than to WinXP but of course I don't know. I don't see a problem with other programs. In particular, IE doesn't do it which makes me think it's an issue with FF and it's new. I looked for something under options I could change but couldn't find one. Anyone have an idea?
    System is working fine -- Windows XP SP/3 with all updates. Avira antivirus. Thanks!

    Oops... sorry! Problem was that the window was not full screen! Darn, I'm a dummy. It was almost full screen so I didn't bother to check. Issue solved. Sorry for the false alarm.

  • How to hide the Last date Update in the Excution of a report

    Dear All,
    When we execute a query in EP, the Out Result will contain the following Options
    1) Save As
    2) Open
    3) Export Excel
    4) Information
    5 ) Comments
    6) Filters
    7) Settings
    8) Last data update
    Can anyone plese tell me how to give the authorisation in BI for the above options.so that we can give restrictions for some users.
    hope everything is crear.
    Please give me the hint atleast

    You also have to test the value:
    REPORT ztest MESSAGE-ID 00.
            f1 TYPE i,
            f2 TYPE i,
            f3 TYPE i,
            f4 TYPE i,
          END OF itab.
    DATA: sel_field(20),
          value TYPE i.
    DO 5 TIMES.
      itab-f1 = sy-index.
      itab-f2 = sy-index + 10.
      itab-f3 = sy-index + 20.
      itab-f4 = sy-index + 30.
      APPEND itab.
    LOOP AT itab.
      WRITE: /001 itab-f1, itab-f2, itab-f3, itab-f4.
      HIDE itab.
      CLEAR itab.
      CLEAR: sel_field,
      GET CURSOR FIELD sel_field.
      IF sy-subrc = 0.
        CASE sel_field.
          WHEN 'ITAB-F1'.
            value = itab-f1.
          WHEN 'ITAB-F2'.
            value = itab-f2.
          WHEN 'ITAB-F3'.
            value = itab-f3.
          WHEN 'ITAB-F4'.
            value = itab-f4.
        MESSAGE s001 WITH 'Value of' sel_field 'is' value.
        MESSAGE s001 WITH 'Invalid field selected'.

  • How to switch a user to the correct level of a hierarchy?

    Hi experts,
    I've a dimenson called Salesgroup_DIM. This Dimension has multiple Level. Every User who loggin to OBI is an owner of a salesgroup and is allowed to see his salesgroup and all salesgroup below his sg.
    A user can be the owner of a sg on any level of the hierarchy. How can I set up the report, that the user see his SG, and can now drill down?
    Is this an security issue or Drill-Path thing. I dont know.
    Thanks in advance and regards,

    For me more a security issue.
    Go to the security Manager (AdminTool > Manage > Security). Select your group or your user, click on the permission button and add a filter on the filter tab.

  • Hierarchy authorization details show only last level

    I am facing on a hierarchy problem displayed on the Bex: The hierarchy has 9 levels, e.g. the organisation structure of the company from level 1 to level 9.
    I made from the transaction RSSM :
    Authorization from the hierarchy i entered for each level from 1 to 9 :
    Type of authorisation : 1 (subtree below node)
    Hierarchy level       : blank
    Validity period       : blank
    Node variable default value : blank
    I made from the transaction PFCG :
    Created a role for the user with the authorization :
    Sap Business information warehouse - reporting (RSR)
    value : 8055 (company code)
    Unique ID for authorization : level_3
    I need to authorize the user to execute a querry of his level (exemple level 3) and all the level below him (to the 9th level)
    When the query is generated,(the query is using a variable hierarchy ) I get the lowest level displayed and shows only 2 key figures and values.
    Any ideas ?
    You assistance will be appreciated.
    Thong VANNAXAY

    1007372 wrote:
    How to get only the last level in Oracle SQL Hierarchy Query?Depending on your requirements:
    I hope this answers your question.
    If not, post a little sample data (CREATE TABLE and INSERT statements, relevant columns only), and also post the results you want from that data.
    Explain, using specific examples, how you get those results from that data.
    If you can show what you want to do using commonly available tables (such as scott.emp, which contains a hierarchy), then you don't need to post any sample data; just the results and the explanation.
    Always say which version of Oracle you're using (e.g., This is always important, but especially so with CONNECT BY queries, because every version since Oracle 7 has had significant improvements in this area.
    See the forum FAQ {message:id=9360002}

  • Hierarchy drill down issue at the lowest level

    In OBIEE I face an issue with drill down to lowest level of presentation hierarchy (expanded by "+" in report). It happens only for combination of 2 dimensions presentation hierarchies in analytics report (parent-child organizational structure + level based product categorization). Aggregated date comes from OLAP but lowest level product information comes from relational database and this details are not displayed.
    First I drill to particular sales rep in organizational structure. Then for that sales rep I need to drill down product hierarchy and it works except lowest level of details. At the lowest level of product hierarchy, query sent to database (I have it from logs) return proper results (checked directly in db) but report behaves the way like there are no details at the lowest level and product details are not displayed.
    Both (Organizational structure, Product) dimension presentation hierarchies works ok at all levels when used separately. Also product hierarchy works well at all levels (including OLAP->relational drill) when used togather with other level-based hierarchies in subject area.
    I am wondering what I could have done wrong...
    Advices are very welcome!

    Hierarchy keys are set properly and "use for display" is checked.
    Dimension presentation hierarchies does not work only when I use particular two hierarchies togather in one report table. When each of hierarchies is displayed separately it works ok.

  • Finding the "last node" in a hierarchical query?

    I'm presented with an issue - find all parent records for which the "last node" in a hierarchy is not set to some value.
    Table structure:
    child_id number
    parent_id number
    type_id number
    So, I need to find all parents whose eventual last "children" (could be several levels deep, it varies) do not have a type_id of 29.
    I can find the hierarchy easily using connect by prior but I'm stuck on that "last node" bit. Any help out there?

    user9937402 wrote:
    I'm finding that the CONNECT_BY_ISLEAF is showing all leaves set to 0, even if they themselves are parents (i.e. not the last node in the tree).
    Post your code.
    I'm not following the 2nd example. Where are you getting those values? This is a really large table, so if that is actual data ... that won't work.Since you did not post data sample, SBH cooked up one on-the-fly using subquery factoring clause - WITH. Below is example on existing table, so I don't need to use WITH:
    SQL> select  lpad(' ',level*2) || ename ename,
      2          connect_by_isleaf
      3    from  emp
      4    start with mgr is null
      5    connect by mgr = prior empno
      6  /
    ENAME                                                                CONNECT_BY_ISLEAF
      KING                                                                               0
        JONES                                                                            0
          SCOTT                                                                          0
            ADAMS                                                                        1
          FORD                                                                           0
            SMITH                                                                        1
        BLAKE                                                                            0
          ALLEN                                                                          1
    ENAME                                                                CONNECT_BY_ISLEAF
          WARD                                                                           1
          MARTIN                                                                         1
          TURNER                                                                         1
          JAMES                                                                          1
        CLARK                                                                            0
          MILLER                                                                         1
    14 rows selected.
    SQL> As you can see CONNECT_BY_ISLEAF works as expected.

Maybe you are looking for

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