How can I delete multiple contacts at a time.

I need to clean up my contacts, I was wondering how to do multiple contacts instead of one by one. 

You can't from the phone.
If they are iCloud contacts you can sign into with Your Apple ID from a web browser on your computer. Click Contacts, select the contacts you want to delete, click the gear icon on the bottom left then delete.

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  • How can I delete multiple contacts at one time?

    I want to delete multiple contacts at once and I can't figure out how to do it.  Can someone help please?

    Login to
    Goto contacts
    Delete the ones you wish to remove

  • I synced with iMac itunes and got many more contacts than I want on the iPhone. How can I delete multiple contacts rather than having to do so one at a time?

    I synced my iPhone with itunes and iMac and got many more contacts than I wanted on my iPhone. How can I delete quite a few of them at one time as opposed to deleting one at a time?

    iTunes does not handle the import of photos/videos from the iPhone's Camera Roll.
    If this is not the computer you sync your iPhone with, you should have been provided a warning message that your iPhone is associated with an iTunes library on another computer and when trying to transfer any iTunes content from a different computer, a warning message is provided indicating that all iTunes content on the iPhone will be erased first.
    When connecting an iPhone to iTunes on another computer, none of the options under the various tabs for the iPhone sync preferences with iTunes are selected automatically. This means you had to select Sync Contacts under the Info tab for your iPhone sync preferences with iTunes on your wife's computer.
    Assuming you are syncing contacts with a supported address book app on your computer, connect your iPhone to Tunes on your computer and without syncing, under the Info tab for your iPhone sync preferences below the Advanced section, select Contacts for replace info on this iPhone followed by a sync.
    For importing photos/videos from the Camera Roll which can be done with a computer that is not used for syncing the iPhone since syncing with iTunes is not involved.

  • How can I delete multiple playlists at one time?

    For some reason I have hundreds of random playlists? How can I delete them all at once, is it possible?

    Here are two ways I would try:
    You can hold down your shift key while selecting playlists. This allows you to select multiple items. However, it does not allow you to skip over a playlist. All contiguous lists will be selected using this method. Once you have all the playlists selected, right click on the selection and choose delete.
    If method one won't work because you want to pick and choose lists to delete, I'd make a folder and pull all of the lists I don't want into this folder. Then you can delete the whole folder. Once you have all of the playlists you no longer want in the folder, just right click on the folder and choose delete.

  • How can I delete multiple files at a time from "Finder"

    I can't possible delete the thousands of junk files that showed up in Finder once I downloaded Maverick.  I can't delete more than one at a time now.  Why won't the highlighting stay in place on more than one file that I want to delete?

    How are you trying to select multiple files?
    What makes you think that "thousands of junk files [...] showed up in Finder once I downloaded Maverick" (or even installed it)?

  • How can I delete multiple contacts quickly? I want to clean up my contacts and not take forever to do it.

    I would like to clean up my contacts - probably remove 10 - 20% of them. Is there an easy way to do this? Or do I need to go into every one and hit delete contact?

    I've split up my iPhoto library and now I want to clean up (as iPhot crashes around every 5 minutes and I suspect that's due to too many photos in the library).
    crashes are rarely caused by too many photos - I have never seen that happen, unless your hard drive has not enough space left for the operating system to work.
    The usual causes for crashes are rather inconsistencies in your iPhoto library, importing unreadable or  incompatible media (videos, photos), installing incompatible software.
    So you'd better find out, what is causing the crashes in this case. Did you install new software, before the trouble started? Or import new photos or videos? Move your iPhoto library to a different location? Run "CleanMyMac" or something similar?
    But to answer your question:
    Therefore, I want to delete photos from the default library. Of course, I do get a security pop up that reminds me some of my photos have been uploaded to flickr and that these will be deleted as well when I delete the photo from my library.
    Is there any way to avoid this?
    Sign out of your Flickr account in iPhoto's preferences, before you delete the photos from your main library. Then the uploaded Flickr albums should be safe.
    Select your Flickr account and press the minus sign to disable it.

  • How can I delete multiple emails in the mailbox in one time?

    How can I delete multiple emails in one time in the mailbox?

    When inside a folder, listing your emails, tap the Edit button, then select as many emails as you want to then tap trash.

  • How can you delete multiple copies of the same songs without deleting one at a time?

    I have multiple copies of most of the songes in Itunes. How can I delete multiple copies without doing it one at a time?

    Select/highlight more than one at a time followed by selecting Delete.

  • How can I delete duplicate contacts on my Iphone?

    I am using outlook and syncing contacts with my I phone.  A number of contacts have come up duplicated onmy I phone.
    How can I delete a contact or re-sync to eliminate duplicates ?

    Thank you randers4 for answer above. I highly recommend using the info. in the two apple links below:
    Archive or make copies of your iCloud data - Apple Support  and
    If you see duplicate contacts after setting up iCloud Contacts - Apple Support

  • HT5500 How can i delete all contacts on both iphone 4 and ipad mini 2

    How can I delete all contacts on an iphone 4 or ipad mini 2

    Open a contact.  Click "Edit".  Scroll to the bottom.  Choose "Delete contact".  Repeat.

  • In Elements 7.0, how can I delete multiple photos at the same time?

    In Adobe Photoshop Elements 7.0, how can I delete multiple photos at the same time?   Please be a little specific so I can follow your instructions as I'm not real smart at computers; I'm an intermediate user.  Thank you.

    Shift-click the photos or Ctrl-click them to select them, then right-click one of them and choose Delete from Catalog. They will all go together.

  • TS3899 How can i delete multiple e-mails from my iphone 4S. There are indicated more than 1500 e., but when i open the file there is indicated: no e-mail.

    How can i delete multiple e.mails from my iPhone 4 S. ? It shows the presence of more than 1500 e-mails. But when I try to open the account it shows that there a no e-mails. So i cannot delete them.

    I would disconnect the email on your phone...
    And reconnect again and if it still does that go on an actual computer, log on and delete the mails with ease...
    Hope this may just need to be refreshed...

  • How can I add multiple contacts to a text message on a droid bionic

    How can I add multiple contacts to a text message on a droid bionic?

    I was thinking that if he wanted to create multiple keyframes he might be creating a repeated effect rather than manipulating values that are shot specific - like creating an oscillation or some repeated step effect.  If he was creating keyframes specific to his content he'd probably not look for a way to do it "quickly" since each keyframe would require manipulation of specific values. 
    So my thought was to generate the series of keyframes on a dummy clip created for this specific purpose, copy the clip, paste attributes (maybe turn off "Scale Attribute Times") and add bunches of keyframes at once. 
    Still, you're right, it's tough to divine the intent of someone very new to FCP.  His question could be based on a misunderstanding about the use of keyframes.

  • How can I delete multiple emails on my Samsung Stratosphere at once?

    How can I delete multiple emails on my Samsung Stratosphere at once? I use AOL and when I delete the emails off of my computer, they do not delete from my phone. So I have hundreds of unwanted messages showing on my phone but I have not found an option to delete all messages, only individually. I would also like to be able to clear the messages from my phone without them deleting from my computer. This was super easy with my blackberry and I have not found anything similar on this phone.

    When I go to the trash folder on my Stratosphere, I can check individual emails and then hit "Menu" and "Delete", but if I hit the "Menu" button before selecting any e-mails, then I see the "Delete all" button, but it's greyed out, so I cannot select it.  There's also a "Restore All" button next to the "Delete all" button, and it's also greyed out.  So, currently the only way I can delete the 100's of e-mails in my trash is to put a check mark next to each one, which is painful.  Anybody else have this problem or know of a solution?

  • HT5465 how can i delete a contact ( or all contacts ) from i phone ios7 ?

    how can i delete a contact ( or all contacts ) from i phone - ios7.0.2  ?

    The fact that those internal contacts lists aren't editable is an irritation to many. I've submitted feedback to Apple several times on this, asking that in a future OS release they should either
    Provide a way to directly access that list of 'Recent Addressees' and Delete unwanted ones, or
    If not that, then at least mode it so that addressses selected from that list bubble up to the top, therefore over time moving the unused ones down out of sight.
    Other have added their own ideas, and the more they hear on this topic the more likely a future fix will become. If you feel that you would like the change, then put together your best case for it and make your wishes known directly to apple via their established Feedback links:

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