How can i easy to publish multiple enterprise services

Hi All,
I'm trying to use an enterprise service at multiple clients.
Now, When create a new enterprise service, I create end point and publish service all the time.
If we'd like to use multiple enterprise services at multiple clients,
Do I have to create end point & publish services to each of multiple enterprise services?
(For instance, 3 clients * 10 enterprise services = 30 creates and publishes ??)
Could you tell me an easy way to it.

We can achieve multiple enterprise services publishing by configuring Service registry between client server and esr.
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    Mutual Authentication for Web Services: A Live Example
    XML and Web Services Security
    JAAS Authentication Tutorial
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    OpenESB : Project Open ESB Starter Kit
    AppServer : Sun Java Systems Application Server 9.0 PE
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    I don't assume to use SSL (if It's necessary I will try).
    User information is stored in a LDAP Server.

    I read this resource.
    Then I think [non-ssl and ssl/tls and so on] securing by basic authentication is ongoing feature at this time.
    But I can't see well why this page comments 'HTTP over SSL, TLS'.
    HTTP/SOAP Binding Component Overview
    Does BC support only "SSL server authentication" ?
    Doesn't BC support "SSL client authentication" by username/password ?

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    But, when I compile the script of publicreportserviceclient.callRunReport - the script running the report -, I get some errors in PL/SQL compiler

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