How can I eliminate the weird orange AURA that encompass the sun on my sunrise photos??

how can I eliminate the distracting orangish AURA that encompass the sun on my sunrise photos

Are you shooting raw?   With what camera?  And what version of Photoshop are you using to convert your images?
Seems to me Camera Raw got a LOT better about developing images without that unnatural "aura" around the time they embraced a full floating point internal workflow...  As I recall that was Camera Raw version 7 (with Photoshop CS6).
Assuming you're shooting raw and not using Camera Raw version 7 or newer, do you have a raw file you can put online somewhere?  I'll be happy to run it through the mill...

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    Thanks for the excellent advice, all! I started with BitPim, and have hit a bit of a deadend with the application not being able to detect the phone - I can manually set the port location to the phone (and it shows up as an LG device), but then get a "false" and no connection. So I suspect that's something on the phone end blocking access from a computer via USB... I'll dig around on that a bit.
    Thanks, also, for the suggestion to buy a BlueTooth adapter - that's my next step in this... although after reading the link/review about Verizon's attitude toward open file transfer, I may be severing my ties with them. I've been happy with the phone service, but this is really annoying.
    This is what happens when you assume that Mac people exist in the rest of the corporate sphere..! To think that I would assume that a phone/camera with a USB cable would actually be capable of connecting to a computer and transferring files!
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    You can use the doc.addWatermarkFromText() method as a JavaScript step in an Action.
    for example
    var dt = new Date();
    var stoday = (dt.getMonth() + 1) + '-' + dt.getDate() + '-' + dt.getFullYear();
    cText: "Deposit\r" + stoday,
    nTextAlign: app.constants.align.right,
    nHorizAlign: app.constants.align.right,
    nHorizValue: -72, nVertValue: -72
    See the SDK Help files for information on what all the parameters do.

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    Just add a variable in compositionReady
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    You want to disable the spell check in forms (e.g., data entry controls like the one I'm typing in right now)? You can do this using the about:config preferences editor.
    (1) In a new tab, type or paste '''about:config''' in the address bar and press Enter. Click the button promising to be careful.
    (2) In the filter box, type or paste '''spell''' and pause while the list is filtered
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    You're done, you can close that tab.
    The change should take effect the next time you reload the form.

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    It sounds like you are using an East Asian font and unless you are issuing invitations in Chinese, Japanese, or Korean that doesn't sound like a good idea.

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    How can I eliminate the bottom strip of icons from my ios7 4s iphone so I can the whole picture I've used as a wallpaper?

    You cannot remove the Dock. You can move the app icons off the dock, move others onto the dock and keep the dock empty but you cannot remove the dock.

  • How can I eliminate the four digit password I set for my iOS7?

    How can I eliminate the four digit password I set for my iOS7 wqhen activating the software?

    Your message was helpful, but I stumbled onto a missing step.  Settings>General>Passcode Lock>type in passcode #>OFF.
    I couldn't get to the off until I typed in my passcode Worked!  Thank you

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    How can I eliminate the space Pages inserts after an apostrophe?

    egret wrote:
    Never mind.........I found out it was the font I was using (Song).
    Yes, best not to use Chinese fonts for other languages as sometimes the characters are especially wide or otherwise inappropriate.

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